Late twenties
High elf


【Appearance & Personality】

     The prince is tall and certainly handsome, albeit the latter in a non-traditional sense. His hair is curly and voluminous and sometimes completely out of control. His eyes are a bright golden brown with flecks of green, his jawline is sharp; yet still he describes his own face as "odd". The chiselled handsomeness is offset by plump, often flushed cheeks and deep dimples. His smile is wide and bright and his front teeth are crooked. His appearance truly depends on his expression: when neutral or serious he's solidly what anyone would call sexy. But he's giggly and good-natured, he smiles easily and often, and as soon as he does he shifts from sexy to simply adorable. With the crooked front teeth and plump pink cheeks he sometimes looks something like a bunny or a chipmunk. But even with his beauty it's his personality that truly defines him.

     He's bubbly and energetic in front of crowds, and while that's 100% genuine, it's more one of his moods than an accurate representation of his personality as a whole. There's another side to him, equally entertaining but very different. Virian may seem quite snarky and even rude once you've gotten to know him a bit personally, but he soon mellows and calms down a bit once the relationship begins to establish itself. At a younger age he was hilarious and good-hearted but sometimes brash and rude, but at a later age, when he's aged a bit and settled into who he truly is, the man he would become is pure and gentle; soft-spoken and exceptionally kind. His personality truly depends on what stage of the life he's in. 

[Special thanks and all credit goes to "badbadmovies" on Tumblr for these two paragraphs describing Prince Virian's FC, Mika. I did not write it, but it was too accurate and amazing not to use ^^]



During the high times, born as a high elf, within the high society of Esteria's elite, Virian was born into war.

His mother, Marianlei, was the leader of one of the most influential clans in the realm, and his father, Edwyrd, was the leader of a neighbouring, much smaller clan. Shortly after the union brought on by their marriage, while Marianlei was heavy with child, an uprising broke out. It soon broke out into a revolution which ripped throughout the whole land, sending all magical creatures into a state of panic and despair.

While fighting to protect their borders, Edwyrd was captured by a sorceress, Nimue, who saw potential within the silent warrior, and forced him to fall in love with her. Together they produced a son whom they named Ellsar, and a year later, when Edwyrd came back to his original family, he brought his new one with him, too.

Although Marianlei and Nimue could never tolerate one another as they shared a husband-- for a couple of years later Edwyrd married Nimue, too--, their sons, Virian and Ellsar, became excellent companions. Sharing their childhood together, the curious Virian and the calculating Ellsar grew into strapping young lads who spent their time going on thrilling adventures and pulling pranks on their fellow kin. But then, during the height of the war, an unexpected act ruined their friendship but brought the country together-- their father became king.

After years of fighting and treachery, the country began to unwind as their new ruler shut down additional plots and his family became a strong beacon of hope for the future of Esteria. There was, however, the problem with succession. He had two sons, so far, but each mother wanted her own son to become the crown prince. Inside of the newly-established palace grounds, a secret conflict raged on. Eventually, after years of debating and petty rivalry between the queens, Virian was proclaimed the rightful heir. With this decision made, Nimue banned her household, including her son's, from acknowledging themselves with Marianlei and Virian's household. And so, the boys grew apart.

Life on royal grounds was much different than life on clan soil. As Virian was treated differently, he began to notice as the years passed that the people around him weren't the same as before. If the person held no title or power, then he had no business associating with them in the first place. Instead of having time to play outside and practice magic with his friends, he was put into private lessons to be taught the traditional faith and the savvy political way of life.

Into this environment, Marianlei gave birth to a pair of twins-- a girl they named Gwendlilian and a boy given the name Theodred. As their big brother, Virian worked very hard to protect both of the twins, but especially Gwen. Born with an incurable illness, she lived throughout her early childhood in a chair, with no one but Virian to show her the pleasures of life. Often he skipped his lessons to play with her, sometimes even taking her out into their private garden grounds and teaching her how to ride on pegasuses. Through the court physicians care, Yanz, she learned to walk, meaning that the illness wasn't visible-- the pain, however, would never leave her be.

As the years grew on and the king's power began to dwindle, he began to marry off his children for alliances. First of all, he chose his only daughter to marry the oldest son of an influential lord that controlled most of the Tecumrial Waters, ruling from the undersea city of Tethrei. Deeming her too sickly and too young to be married off, Virian protested against the marriage only to be unceremoniously forced into engagement with another child of the influential lord himself instead of his sister. A mer-elf, her name was Nanai, and she was forced to leave the ocean and join Virian at the royal grounds. Both of them were only-- in a human 'age-range'-- 12.

Nanai's father, unexpectedly, began to cut off communication, and the subject of her dowry became a matter of national importance. Her dowry was almost the entire reason for the marriage, in the first place, so until that had been resolved the wedding was pushed back until further notice. Because of this, Nanai suddenly became a prisoner at her new home. Virian, too preoccupied with his own life, barely even noticed that Nanai was stuck there. Indeed, he almost forgot that they were even intended for one another. There was, however, someone else who did notice her presence and pitied her for it- Ellsar.

As seasons changed and the prince began to grow into his ears, the trade between Esteria and Earth began to grow. Humans began to arrive in Esteria, and elves went to Earth, too. During this time, peace seemed to prosper and both lands became richer with both knowledge and materials. One budding spring, a family arrived on royal lands as the husband and father was an advisor to the emperor of Japan. His daughter, with black raven hair and an adventurous spirit, caught the attention of a rebellious and stubborn prince Virian.

Du Lei-Wei ignored Virian at first, but that only made him more determined. As two teenagers with no care in the world, it seemed as though nothing mattered but them two. What they didn't know-- because they didn't care enough to notice-- was that a war was beginning to brew between the two kinds. By the time the war broke out, Virian's heart and mind belonged completely to Lei-Wei, so

[Background story is currently under construction. More will be added!]




【Life  on  Earth】

Haven arrived in the year 1378, Virian experienced a lot of our history first-hand. Because of this, he has endured much more than he'd ever admit and he has grown immensely because of that. His favourite place to stay has always been and will always be France, so that is the place he dwells within the most. But, because of troubling fact that to humans he seems quite immortal, he has to deal with the trouble of living countless different lives, eventually only to leave that area and not bother coming back for a few decades or so as a descendant of his former self. 
Through this strategy of always being a descendant, he has grown quite a powerful but secretive dynasty. Haven lived life as everything from a flamboyant court member to a reclusive artist, he has had his share of human life and enjoyments but never forgets where he comes from. Suffering greatly from being separated from his family for so long, he would leave in an instant if he could. For, you see, one day in Esteria is roughly equal to a whole month on Earth, so time moves painfully slow for Virian. He watches his friends deteriorate as he stays frozen. He has to endure the changes of time, all the while unable to know anything about the safety of his own land.
Despite the constant worry hanging over his head, Virian has long since decided to live his life on Earth to the fullest. In France, he owns multiple homes but prefers to stay at his manor just at the outskirts of Paris. He owns a few homes in the US, too, but always prefers to be at his penthouse in New York.
What job he holds simply depends on the time period and the roleplay at hand. But, whatever you do, don't expect the expected.
As a high elf, magical blood courses through Virian's royal veins. Because of this, he holds some natural powers, but is also able to learn new ones if he puts in enough effort. His natural powers, however, will always be the strongest. For example, he has the ability to conjure objects to him with a simple snap of his fingers. He also carries the ability of telekinesis, invisibility, and levitation. Powers he has put in the time to learn are photokinesis, inflammation, and astral projection.
Other than magical forces, Virian also holds quite a lot of other strengths. He is fluent in multiple languages, an avid painter, plays the flute uncommonly well, and thinks quite quickly on his feet. In fact, his ability to improvise might be his most valuable asset of all.

【Ongoing Plots】 

𝙼𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚛𝚢 𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚎 - Owe

𝙴𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚐 - Replied

𝙰𝚢𝚎𝚜𝚑𝚊 - Owe

𝙲𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚕𝚎𝚛 - Replied

𝙻𝚒𝚋𝚋𝚢 𝙱𝚕𝚞𝚎 - Sent starter

𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚊 𝙴𝚜𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚕 - Owe

𝙲𝚊𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚊 - Owe

𝚁𝚎𝚢 - Replied

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  • [ Currently I just owe Malory (who I'll reply to sometime today since I have some time), but I won't be able to come back after that and reply to anyone (if anyone replies within that time lol) until the 20th. If you have holiday, like me, then have a happy one. If not, I hope your week goes by smoothly :) ]

  • The story, for obvious reasons, was one Malory didn’t like talking about. Thankfully, though, Virian was happy to move on and not press her with any more questions. And oddly, she didn’t feel as...exposed as she thought she would feel for sharing. Something about talking to Virian just felt comfortable. At least now it did, when they were absolutely sure that no one was listening. Not a pixie innocently fluttering by the window and catching an ear-full, or a servant eavesdropping through the door. They were totally, absolutely, alone. 

    Maybe before their trip was over, Malory could do some more sharing. Like, the story of how she managed to get a gryphon as a pet. Or that one time when almost drown by mermaids. THAT was a fun one...

    Once Malory felt refreshed again, though her face and hair were still a bit damp, she moved to sit in front of Virian. With greedy hands she picked up her jar and spoon and dug right in. She was feeling hungry—unsurprisingly—and quickly finished her jar, moving back to the stream to rinse out the jar and fill it with water to drink. Actually, was this water safe? It was crystal clear, constantly moving, and didn’t have an oder. To be on the safe side, she turned to Virian with an open mouth to ask, but paused when she saw the look on his face. 

    “Giant camp?” 

    Malory, of course, had encountered giants on Earth before, but not for several years. And there was no way of knowing if the giants here were the same as back home. These to worlds had many different creatures between them. And, mammoths? “Like, actual, extinct, woolly mammoths—mammoths?” She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t interested, not just in seeing these creatures but also how the hell Virian had been able to hear/sense all that. Problem was, they had a schedule to keep. But, mammoths...Biting her lip, she gave Virian a conflicted look. “Will we still make it to the town by dinner if we go to the camp?”

  • “Oh, I didn’t. Gain their trust, that is.” Malory actually wasn’t a fan of the story of how she got her sword, but she still told it to Virian. He had asked, and, to be fair, it was interesting, but the problem was, Malory didn’t remember most of it. 

    “There was an ogre who lived by our new home, when my brothers, mom, and I had just moved. Asshole really had it out for us, our great, great uncle had written a book that the ogre wanted to get his hands on. So, one way he tried to get it, was to...kidnap me. I was in the middle of a fencing meet at school, someone came up to me while I was coming back from the restroom and blew a dark powder in my face. When I came to...” Malory paused, shuddering at the memory. “I was laying in a bed of flowers, in this fancy white and green dress, a gold crown thing on my head and this sword in my hands.” She gestured to her lovely, faithful sword. “My hair was braided and full of flowers, too. My brothers were there, and we were in this...cave system under our town. They said they had come to find me, that the dwarves has taken me, so we booked it out of there, and there was no way I wasn’t going to leave without taking a consolation prize. We actually ended up causing a cave in over the exit when we left, but we know the dwarves are fine and still active there. The exit was cleared in less than a day. I haven’t seen them since, though I know from the local hobgoblin-chatterbox that they’re going along as they usually do.” 

    Malory still got the creeps when she spoke about the story. To think of what the dwarves had planned to do with her—she had been sixteen at the time, knocked unconscious, undressed and redressed, dolled up and laid in a bed in a cave underground with essentially a bunch of short, very old men. What had been done to her without her knowledge was a thought that haunted her. Even if the dwarves hadn’t done anything more invasive than changing her clothes, she had no way of knowing. She was just thankful that they kept to themselves now and were slowly dying of old age in their caves. 

    The air had no doubt gotten awkward and tense after that, so Malory was thankful for the distractions that the forest, and Virian, provided. She observed, she listened, she asked questions, but she mostly remained contently quiet. She was happy to just walk. By the time they stopped by the water for a rest, Malory was ready to eat something. Leaning her sword against a very close tree and dumping her own pack on the ground, Malory gave her arms and back an intense stretch to ease the stiffness. “Leftover blue stew? Sounds lovely to me, Vie.” She said with a small smile towards Virian before going to the stream. She knelt by the cool water and dipped her hands in. After a moment, she leaned forward and gently splashed some of the water into her face. Walking around in a wool sweater and leather pants in the rising sun wasn’t exactly the most appropriate outfit for comfort. Easy to say Malory was already getting a bit too warm. 

  • Emerys piercing hues looked Virian over softly, energy from another being was something that she was able to feel very much strongly.. Whether they were miles away or standing right before her like Virian was now. Virian had a very gentle feel about him, his eyes were kind and his words sounded so very true & genuine.. but his actions were what Emery was looking for, would he or his master be willing to honestly help? Or was this just all a catch or facade to trick Emery in some type of way being she was a very young beautiful girl. Placing her hot cup of tea off towards the counter she brought her arms to her chest crossing them slowly " I couldnt intrude, I mean.. Whomever this man of power and land this is would be willing to let me stay here and live.. Than, possibly in return I guess I could be useful in some sort of way " Emery didn't know the power of who this man was or if he was even remotely a good person, but she had to try.. This had been the only place she knew she'd be safe for sometime wouldnt her coven mothers finding her where abouts any time soon, and Emery wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible.

    The sun beamed through the drapes while Emery chewed nervously along her lips glancing back over towards Virian, before her she watched while he spoke " A catch, well ye - -  " Emery spoke before her words than came to a close as he watched him swiftly move his dark brown curls to the side now showing off his ears to the young woman. . .  Emerys head tilted while her hues focused on the male before her, well I guess she should say elf before her. Emerys green hues looked at Virian in suprise that she couldnt sense he wasnt just human seconds ago " You.. You own this land " Emerys breath slowed nervously realzing she was standing before a very wealthy, powerful man, well a very unique one at that  " I - I am so sorry sir " Emery backed away slowly glancing down, men like him werent just wealthy but also had much power, so much power she could be in a dark cold cell in a matter of seconds especially if he had any suspitions about her although he may have been Elf, witches were looked upon as evil like most were.

    After a moment of silence Emery spoke, her voice was soft while her eyes didnt meet his any longer for sometime " I left my home a while back, there is no way I can go back.. or will go back " Her hand gripped her left arm nervously while she continued on " I will leave now, but no word will be spoken of me. Or If you allow me to stay I'm willing to help in some sort of way around your land? " At this moment Emery was willing to do anything to be able to have a roof over her head and food in her mouth for as long as she could, she's gone without it for so many years and months already at this point she wasnt just going to let what she had go that easy because of some wealthy man before her.



                                The smallest of nods would be given towards Virian as he said, 'Business, yes, of course.'  And so, with that, she was ready to get down to it, or so she thought she was, at least, with whatever reason, the real reason he had arranged to meet her here.  Upon noticing a piece of paper with printed, black and bold writing on it, the brunette took a decent moment or more to look at it.  And, read it a few times over, quite thoroughly as she examined it through and through.  Inside of her bells rang rather loudly, warning bells with what he was showing her.  'What the hell was this? How was this happening? Why was it happening? And, out of all people, why would he, someone she had met before, even just briefly so, have this?'  Swallowing ever so lightly, the brunette’s shade of green-hazel hues briefly disappeared from his view as she turned her head, even going so far as to close her eyes.  A brief sigh and rather extended though inaudible one somewhat fell from parted lips, yet the moment his words were heard once more, eyes of her opened and flickered slowly, yet swiftly into his direction at the same time.

                                With the first part of his words, she spoke nothing for the time-being, almost like she was at a loss for words.  And, perhaps she was.  Though with his second part, and that posed question, the brunette found herself nodding, and just like that, even if she didn’t want to say a word, her voice found itself one more.  This is what she spoke towards the man in the red suit (that cool, calm and collected vibe that was previously seen, or felt, as well as that confidence somewhat faded, even if she wasn’t aware of his full intentions yet, or not at all really), "I remember you, Monsieur.  And, I know exactly who you are…. —" A reasonable pause followed before she cleared her throat then continued with, "…Oh, well I thought you’d have all the applications and more to find your perfect candidate.  But the fact that you tell me, your company is still in need of a lawyer, I don’t quite understand what that has to do with me.  And/or, with that…"

                                That, she gestured to it, and it indicated to that document that lay between them both.  While awaiting his words, or explanation, the woman took a delicate sip from her glass, because the brunette needed to rid her mouth from the dry, unwelcome experience it was feeling.  Following the sip and after setting down the glass however, she realized that the water now did nothing to ease up on that feeling.  'It is what it is, or was, well in a sense.'  The brunette wasn’t born yesterday however, nor was she clueless on this matter, even if it appeared that she was acting in such a way.  The fact that he might play dirty, and the fact that he might have something in store for her, something even beyond her control, she well aware of it (due to her past, that experience and long ten years or more being a detective with the New York Police), yet until she saw it, or heard with her own two eyes, and ears, the brunette still sat back, letting him continue with what he truly wished to say, or do.  Or on both, if both would come into the equation— Her past was gone, or so she thought.  But now, he knew her past, or some part of it, which in her books, was not a good thing, not at all— Honestly, the woman simply needed to hear more.  She needed to hear so much more, perhaps even see more, and with what was truly on his mind, and what he was really doing here and now, with her plus this visit.

                                And so, his explanation, offer, ultimatum, or whatever it was he was planning to offer her, the brunette simply sat there in silence.  As much as she should leave here and now, some part of her stayed, even just a little while longer, just until she got the bigger picture painted for her somehow, well if he was planning to do that.


  • With her sword removed from ghetto branch, Malory lowered it again, but still kept it out, just in case. “So now you’re testing me, Vie?” She could f help the small smirk that formed on her lips. “I could still totally kick your ass, you know. If I wanted to. But, unfortunately, we both need to be in good condition if we’re going to rob a dragon.” The lightheartedness of the banter seemed to ease her stress a little, her shoulders relaxing slightly. 

    “Oh, it’s just the sword. Sharpest blade I know about. Handmade by some dwarves by my home. Hasn’t even dulled in a decade of use.” Malory shrugged off the compliment as they kept walking. “I think it did, yes. I try to jog daily back home, usually a few miles or so. Just...to keep in shape, or to get back into shape, after...” She trailed off, clearing her throat and letting the sentence and there. Virian knee what she was talking about. And frankly, Malory didn’t want to talk about that anymore. 

    The dim light from the moons that filtered through the trees lit their path enough for them to see where they were going, but not much beyond that. Strangely, though, Malory thought she could hear more, observing sounds she hasn’t heard before, or just hearing more than she thought was normal. Maybe it was the new shape of her ears? Yeah, that must be it. And the fact she was trying to pay closer attention. Yep, that’s it. There can be no other reason. 

  • [ Only two replies left, so I'll get to them tomorrow! I know, I know, I'm really slow >.< but I hope my replies are good despite the wait ]

  • The poof of smoke made the wolf flinch until she realised it wasn't an act of anger, but rather one of courtesy when the robe was revealed behind the dissipating smoke. Ayesha hesitated staring at the offered robe. Turning into her human form meant she was totally vulnerable and defenseless against such a powerful magical being. 

    Reluctantly the wolf shifted into her human form, standing from her crouched position to accept the bit of clothing whilst watching his covered face suspiciously for any peaking. Hurriedly shoving her arms through the holes she closed it tightly around her slim waist when his attention finally focused back on her. 

    "There's not much to talk about." The girl responded stiffly, her blonde wild hair fanning around her shoulders. Awkwardly, she folded her arms across her chest averting her gaze towards the dust covered floor. "I just needed a safe place to stay for a while." Slender shoulders shrugged whilst a hand nervously reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. "I really am sorry for intruding."

    Ayesha hated nothing more than confrontation, and being caught trespassing was deeply embarrassing and shameful, she couldn't even bring herself to look him in the eyes now.

  • Malory knew she wasn’t in the best shape anymore. The weight of her sword was already starting to be felt in her arm, so Malory had to lower it slightly and relax her hand. Thankfully, years of training as left her reflexes very sharp, and that skill wasn’t effected by her coma. She could allow herself to relax slightly since she could rely on her reflexes for now. 

    Though, to be honest, Malory didn’t feel as weak as she thought she would after being in bed for at least a week—maybe more, maybe less, Virian still hadn’t told her exactly how long. If her run in the forest the previous day was as intense as she thought it had been, then her legs should be feeling sore. But, they weren’t. Well, they were, a little, but it wasn’t as bad as it should have been. She couldn’t really explain it. She just felt...better, than she thought she should feel, considering the circumstances. 

    Malory’s eyes had been scanning around the forest, carefully observing what was going on around them. She wanted to remember, she wanted to draw it and record it when she got home. If she ever got home...She noticed Virian grab the branch and mess around with it, but she didn’t think much of it. That was, until, he spun around with the branch. Her sword was up in an instant and connected with the branch, the blade getting itself partially imbedded in the wood. 

    She had stopped walking, and frowned in confusion at Virian. “What are you doing?” 

  • The Seattle Times

    March 10th, 2019
    Downtown Seattle was in chaos when a car caught fire on the main street. The wreck happened after the car collided into another vehicle. Reports say the car was going too fast and their brakes gave out when they swerved from hitting a pedestrian that ran into the crosswalk, forcing the car to to swerve into the intersection and hit another car. The driver died in the vehicle while passengers in the other vehicle were severely injured and rushed to the hospital...

    The accident made the front page. A picture of the flaming car hood and crazy wreckage was there. Pedestrians in the background stood and watched in shock. She was one of them. A spot of blue hair and confused expressions. Her shock wasn't quite the same as others.

    March 13th, 2019
    A power surge swept across the city in the late hours of the night. Luckily, most offices were closed and businesses aren't terribly affected. Reports say the surge came from some faulty power wires. It's suspected that somehow and somewhere wires were exposed at the base and when the rains came in it hit them causing a shortage. Local authorities are still looking for the source and where the faulty wires are located.

    This article doesn't make the front page. But still cushioned between the pages of text is a picture. Electricians are scaling a pole to try and find the source. It's perilous work, going out in the rain and working on something that could shock them any minute. Again in the background, of what pedestrains are around, she's spotted. Far in the background, sipping on a coffee looking out a window, watching them as they do their work.

    March 19th, 2019
    A worker at Amazon jumped from the balcony of a building this afternoon. Depression rates are rising with the consistent cloud coverage again. Despite the turn of events and impact this employee had on the company, people gathered around to help where they could. Some people were shaken up by witnessing the act. Others came to the rescue to talk them through what they saw almost immediately. Even in our darkest times, it seems we are able to come together for a larger and better purpose than we know.

    The article is an emotional read appealing to everyone's desire to do good in the world and find light in the rainy city. With summer around the corner, it seemed almost apparent that the public should start talking about mental health and taking care of yourself. Don't forget the vitamin D supplements everyone has been having either. The front page has another picture of people consoling each other after the death in a very public space. Again, in the backdrop is the faintest hint of blue hair. This time her face is hidden, but she's there consoling a grieving person, drawn there by a force she couldn't explain.

    Each article seems to have no relevance to another. All seemingly similar examples of life continuing to go on after a series of accidents. It isn't anything to really stand out. Unless, you had a knack for finding the kind of things that go bump in the night and finding the magic in the world around you.  Each 'accident' was marked by a certain magical presence. A string of energy only other supernatural creatures would be able to point to and recognize. In a city as big as Seattle, it also wasn't uncommon for there to be more than one marker. Hers happened to be one of them.

    Present Day

    Rays of sunshine blessed the city for the approaching summer weather. In between the cloudy and rainy days, she stole every moment she could to be outside. The scent of rain and the ocean filled Seattle's air. Today was a perfect day to stroll down Pike's Market Place, across the city streets and underneath the highway to walk along the pier. Seattle's Pier Ferris Wheel rose above the long warehouse style buildings, a marker she aimed for as she walked. The buildings had long been painted red, green, and yellow. Signs hung above the entrances announcing the titles of the resturants within the buildings. They had long been converted into something more family friendly. Cars passed by and became a gentle hum to the background noise of the city. Ocean waters lapped at the concrete barriers of the pier. Seagulls cawed overhead as they flew in flocks.

    Caelestra strolled along the pier in spaces less populated and less crowded. Every once in awhile she dipped in and out of sight, weaved this way and that. Headphones filled her ears with a soft music. The volume was so low she could still hear the sounds of the city beyond the ear buds. A brown satchel hung loosely on one of her shoulders. Her fingers drummed against the fabric as she strolled again down a less populated path towards the crowded pier.

    || I hope this works. I figured I would set the stage before the chaos ensues. ^.^ Let me know if you would like me to add anything. ||

This reply was deleted.


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"He was quick to notice her eagerness to look inside of his house, which made Virian suspicious. He ended up closing the door a bit more at the sight of her trying to peer inside. That suspicion quickly turned into confusion as soon as she had mentio…"
May 6
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"The day had begun horribly. After waking up from a bad dream, Virian had found a note from his house-keeper saying that she had quit. This had been the third house-keeper he had hired over the past ten months and they had all left for different reas…"
May 5
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"After she had left, Virian had promptly made his way into the kitchen and began gathering things for omelettes. Not to toot his own horn or anything, but Virian was incredibly good at making omelettes. It wasn't the only thing he was able to make--…"
May 5
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"Watching Malory move, Virian stayed still and calm. They were incredibly lucky that this particular mammoth was such a heavy sleeper, and he noted how its nostrils let out a low whistling sound as he breathed out. Smiling, Virian slowly stroked the…"
May 5
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"[ Oh don't worry about it! I totally understand so take your time. Hope things are going well now :) ]"
May 3
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"[ Hey everyone! Due to a fire that’s spreading in my town emotions are quite tense rn and my attention will be elsewhere for a day or two. It started yesterday, and we suspect it to be over by tomorrow (or at least we hope so). Anyway, just wanted t…"
Apr 24
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"The sight of this beautiful creature brought Virian back to reality. Earth held fossils, of course, but on Esteria they were still alive. Hoarded and protected by giants, once the mammoths were tamed they provided their owners with cheese and milk.…"
Apr 23
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Apr 22
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"He didn't blame her for thinking he was too kind to be trusted. Usually, this earths inhabitants are cold and unforgiving, but Virian trusted nature's way-- as he was taught to-- and he knew that to be a thing of mastering and charity. Ayesha wasn't…"
Apr 22
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"Malory's confusion was to be expected, but the fall and the resulting act that followed it wasn't. If he had been able to speak more, Virian could've explained how ages in this realm were counted in a different way than any human would be used to, a…"
Apr 22
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""It should set us back nothing more than an hour, I say. Twenty minutes to go there, twenty to observe, twenty to get back to our path." As he spoke, Virian had closed his mason jar and packed it back into his backpack, taking one or two glances eas…"
Apr 21
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"[ Aaaand I'm back! Will be replying to everyone throughout this weekend. Hope you have a lovely holiday, if you happen to celebrate Easter ^^ ]"
Apr 20
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Apr 20
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"[ Currently I just owe Malory (who I'll reply to sometime today since I have some time), but I won't be able to come back after that and reply to anyone (if anyone replies within that time lol) until the 20th. If you have holiday, like me, then have…"
Apr 12