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Hello! My name is Tessa and I am a 23-year-old college student who works a LOT. Please read these before you interact and stuff with me. ^^ Thank you!

  • Please be patient with me as I have a lot on my plate. I used to try and run five different blogs but that's too much.


  • If your character wants to be sexual with mine, please take it to the inbox and MAYBE I will consider it. I don't write smut often. To add on to this rule, please do not make sexual comments about my characters and their FC's. It's incredibly disrespectful, toxic, and I won't allow that here.


  •  Sexual jokes can be funny to some, but things about how someone has some sort of fetish of some race is incredibly nasty and I want nothing apart of it. To add to that last bit, 18+ themes are cool, but I will not accept anything that is racist, hateful, cruel, inhumane, or anything involving actual talk of murder, rape, etc. Keep stuff about murder and violence in our RPs and not in real life.


  • I do not do anything involving rape (even though there will be mentions of it) in my roleplays and never will, and I guess it's not clear to some people that talking about other cultures and fetishizing them is not okay. If you talk about how you have (for example) "yellow fever" around me, we're done (because yes, I am Asian and to be more specific: Korean! It should not matter what race I am, fetishizing races and cultures is so wrong) Unless it's about the actual illness Yellow Fever, we're fucking over and I won't have any more to say.


  • Let this be my more official and documented warning as apparently context is not enough and common sense is out the window in society.


  • I may write about things that are not kid-friendly. When I say not kid-friendly, I mean that my characters will cuss, drink, sometimes shoot guns, etc. I will not in any way bring out anything nasty or hateful. I can do kid-friendly RPs but do let me know. <3 Unless we work something out, don't get mad if you see something that is mature like violence or dark psychological topics.


  • If you want to have any type of romance with any of my characters please ask so we can plot that out. Otherwise, do not try to make unwanted advances. Please do not comment on how "sexy" or "hot" my character's FC is. That's incredibly rude and disrespectful. 


  • If you have any questions or concerns, let me know! I am a pretty chill person so just talk to me and be honest. I would rather you tell me if I am doing something that you are uncomfortable with instead of finding it out when it's too late.


  • Please note that if you add me and drop off the face of the earth, I will unfriend you after about a month or so of no contact. I don't want to just be a number to your friends list and have nothing else to do with you. As the last point states, I am always willing to talk and listen and if you are busy with real-life I am totally fine with it. I just need to have some type of warning before someone just disappears for months on end.


  • I have a LOT of issues with comprehension so please try to spell things correctly and use proper grammar if you can. I know sometimes English may not be everyone's first language so I will be more understanding there, but for those with English as their native tongue, please make an effort. Otherwise, it ruins the RP for me.


  • Please do not let me be the only one carrying the plot/rp. I do not have enough energy or patience for that and I have nothing to lose so dropping rps that are going nowhere are so easy for me. I understand if you have a lot going on, are busy, or are having a hard time coming up with stuff. That's where I refer you back to the other note of: talk to me.


If you want to contact me through other social media or whatever, just ask! I love chatting with folks. ^^ Thank you for reading!





Riko Tokemi

(Very few are allowed to call her by her first name, so she mainly goes by Tokemi)



September 12th



18 years





Titles/ Nicknames:



Hair Color:

Dark Violet


Eye Color:








Tokemi is able to feel the emotions of others around her. Already, she can sense the feelings of others, but when she touches a person she can nullify or pacify their emotions.


In turn, she takes in the emotions of the touches individual. The stronger the emotion however, the harder it is on Tokemi.


If she is not careful, she can overwhelm herself and/or accidentally strip the individual of their will and turn them into a blubbering mess of emotions.





U.A. High School as Student/ Teacher Aid


 Sexual Orientation:



Relationship Status:





Tokemi mainly is someone who keeps to herself and remains distant from people. Most believe it’s because she doesn’t have time for friends, wants to simply excel in everything and doesn’t want anything or anyone in her way, or simply because “she’s too good for friends”. While most see her as this cool and mysterious figure, Tokemi simply does her best to push people away to keep them from getting close to her due to the fact that her quirk makes it easier for her to be overwhelmed by the emotions of others.


While she had taken herself out of most social interactions, Tokemi has become skilled in observation and perception and if she had not decided to become a hero, she most likely would have been in law enforcement as a detective. She does however deep down wish to have friends and family around, but simply is too scared in fear of being overwhelmed by their emotions.


To cope with her quirk and it’s backlashes, she does tend to listen to music and absorb herself in the lyrics of different songs. To Tokemi, her quirk is simply impractical and almost useless but also a necessary evil to fulfill her obligation of being a hero. Above all else, this is why she tends to excel in all fields she can be in- from academics to physical exams.


Despite what she wants and how she feels, she simply feels it is better to push others away by any means she can without hurting someone too badly. If one understands her quirk enough and is persistent enough, they may be able to see past the outer shell Tokemi has. Mostly, she remains quiet and sarcastic but when she starts getting more overwhelmed or begins letting her vulnerability show around trusted people, a wider range of emotions can be seen. 

In truth, Tokemi can be a great and hopeful leader as she does occasionally let her more nobler traits shine. During critical situations she can provide a great source of strength and hope for those afraid and feeling alone. It seems that a lot of what holds her back are a lack of control and fear, just like everyone else.














Riko Tokemi was the youngest child of a family with two elder siblings (a boy (Toshio) and girl (Minako) ) with her mother (Aiko) and father (Hiro) and all was well in the quirk-filled home. Hiro had the ability of empathy to where he could feel the emotions of another and ease them of them if necessary as well as project his own emotions onto another. Aiko had the ability to take another person and make them appear a better version of themselves/what the person wanted to look like and in turn called this quirk "glamour". Toshio had inherited a mix of both quirks and had called it the "wish" quirk where he could feel what someone else felt and add some "glamour" to that person's life to make it better. Minako had inherited her mother's quirk of "glamour" but only to make herself appear as a better version of herself/ how she wanted to where it almost was like shifting her form.

Riko however, had inherited her father's quirk of empathy to where she can nullify or pacify one's emotions and take them in with the price being that she absorbs whatever emotion they have. The stronger the emotion, the harder it was to deal with it. When taking in those emotions though, it seems like a bit of her mother's "glamour" shines like little sparkles of light.


For ten years after Riko had been alive, all seemed to remain well until her father had been in a rescue mission with a band of close friends where a nasty accident occured and the group except one of Hiro's comrades had died and returned to the home to give the bad news. The year after, came another danger.

During a winter night at home, school had been out and a nasty blizxard had come in and no one dared travel outside of their home except a lower and lesser known villain that had broke into the home when everyone was asleep. After hearing commotion in the house, it would be Toshio and Aiko that would investigate to find the villain and try to apprehend them. Aiko did not do much to help and when trying to call police, it didn't seem to do much either. Toshio had tried using his quirk but could not get close enough to the villain to make contact and the confrontation would awaken Minako and Riko.

Minako would take Aiko and Riko to try and hide while Toshio would try to use his quirk but nothing seemed to work. Each time he would try to get close to the villain, they would step away and unknowingly would get closer to Minako, Aiko and Riko. Riko, who had looked up to heroes and the amazing talents they had, felt the fire of trying to save the day and help her brother. She would sneak away out of hiding despite her mother and sister's pleas and would go to tackle the lowly villain, trying to use her quirk. 

In the child's eyes, she believed her quirk could help save her family and for a moment, it seemed to do just that. Yet the emotions from the villain had been quite strong and little Riko had not mastered her quirk just yet, causing her to break down and lose control and accidentally overload the villain as well into a fit of rage. Aiko would come out of hiding now to try and help one last time but be killed in the blind rage. Seeing the gravity of the situation, Toshio would grab Riko away from the danger while Minako remained hidden and sneaking off to get help from their neighbors as quickly as she could.

Toshio would not last much longer as the blind rage would be turned onto him and would only last until their neighbors could make it and help apprehend the villain, dying from the savage rage while trying to reassure Riko that everything was okay.

That night, only two members of the Tokemi family would be left.


Ever since the incident involving the villain. Riko has shut down more and had become focused on becoming a hero. Despite feeling like her quirk is practically useless, she bluffs her way through school and does her best to excel in everything she does to make herself closer to becoming a professional hero. In her eyes, her quirk becomes an obligation of being a hero to pay for the mistakes made from her childhood.

For years, Riko would become distant from friends and even her elder sister that still was alive in fear of feeling their emotions and becoming overwhelmed again and focused more on her future. After scoring high on numerous tests and even scoring well int he entrance exams for U.A., Riko would begin her journey to become a hero.

Despite not having a "hero name", Riko looks at this as an advantage and for now simply keeps her name as Tokemi for almost everyone but a very few select individuals. Finding it difficult to socialize with other students, she had been given the position of "teacher's Aid" and helps out whatever teacher or office staff needs her- especially in her final year of U.A. 


Currently, Tokemi juggles as much as she can while working as a Teacher's Aid and help subtly shape the future heroes coming to U.A.



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Character Age

18 years

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

FC is Tohka Yatogami (mostly). She is 5'5" and is on the leaner side of build. 

Character Abilites

Tokemi is able to work like an empath would where she absorbs the emotions of others. She can nullify and pacify others emotions but in turn, will take them in. The stronger the emotions, the harder they are on her. If not careful, she can get overwhelmed by the emotion and/or drain the person of their will and make them a blubbering mess.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Anime, Child Friendly, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am surprised none of you are sick of me here since I pop up every once in a while but hi! I was formerly known as Story but finally found the name I liked: Tessa. I am 22 years old currently working and going into EMT classes so I am usually quite busy. I lost inspiration for my other accounts on here but will keep them around for memory sake. I also rp on Twitter with the same @QuirkinEmpath as Tokemi.

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  • Now slightly calmer due to Tokemi's quirk, the three students nod silently before sharing their quirks with her as asked.

    "I can jump really high and stick to walls. My tongue can stretch to a maximum of 20 meters. Also, I can spit up my stomach to clean it." Tsu explained. Deku would mention how he was sorry for underestimating her before explaining his own quirk.

    "I have super strength but immediately after using it, it messes me up, my quirk...its a double-edged sword."
    Looking straight ahead, Mineta would pull one of the round balls off of his head and stick it to the side of the boat. 

    "It's really sticky. If I feel good, it will stay there all day. A new one will grow in the old one's place. I'll bleed though if I take too many. They bounce off my body." Everyone fell silent for a moment until Mineta started to freak out again. It only got worse once one of the villains hit the boat hard, splitting it in half. In a panicked reaction, Mineta started to toss some of the sticky balls into the water, all for Izuku to freak out on him, asking him why he would do that.

  • The moment Aizawa lept into the middle of the crowd of villains, the fighting began. His movements were quick and agile as he dodged villains that were coming from him at all angels. His scarf was coming in handy as it was used to entangle enemies and throw them around. He couldn't miss a beat though. One wrong step or poor timing could be fatal in such a situation.

    Up in the boat, Izuku was already trying to come up with an explanation as to why and how these villains had got in the USJ. Mineta attempted to shoot down Izuku's theory by pointing out how All Might can't be stopped. That didn't last long though. Tsu chimed in, pointing out that the villains wouldn't have attacked like this if they weren't confident in their plan. They must have found a way to kill All Might.  Such a statement made the purple-haired kid start to freak out even more.

  • Villain after villain stalked out of the swirling portal until it seemed like the whole center of the USJ was full of them. The portal closed and seemed to become part of one of the villains. 

    "Thirteen and Eraser Head, is it? According to the staff schedule I received the other day, All Might is supposed to be here..." The portal villain stated. Next to him stood a lanky looking villain covered in severed hands. One such hand covered his face.

    "Where is he? We've come all this way. And brought so many playmates....All might...the symbol of he here?"  A creepy voice came from the man whose face was hidden by a severed, grey, hand. 

    Back up on the platform near the entrance, one of the students would ask Thirteen about the intruder sensors. Thirteen would confirm that the school had them but for some reason, they were not going off. Well, that was hella concerning. 

    "Thirteen! Begin evacuation and try calling the school! One of these villains must be jamming the sensors. There's a good chance one of their electric types is causing the interference. Kaminari, try using your quirk to signal for help." Aizawa instructed, staying between the villains and the students and Thirteen. He would then get ready to jump down into the center before Izuku pipped up, pointing out how there were too many villains for Aizawa's quirk to handle. 

    "No good hero is a one-trick pony," Aizawa replied, "Thirteen, Tokemi, take care of them." And before anyone could argue, Aizawa was jumping right into the fray.

  • //I'm afraid I haven't thought of Anything, do you perchance have an idea?//

  • The last time 13 and Tokemi had interacted it hadn't gone so smoothly. It was also when Aizawa had learned a bit about Tokemi's past. After the class had been finished that day 13 had confronted Aizawa, explaining why Tokemi had reacted how she did. All he had to say in response was that she would have to face her past and come to terms with it if she wanted to be a pro. His opinion hadn't changed so when he saw Tokemi avoiding 13 at first, he became annoyed. Thankfully though 13 charmed in before he had to say something and Tokemi got closer to the group.

    "And that is all! Any questions?" 13 asked the group of  students after going over the importance of controlling ones powers in crisis situations. When the students did have questions, Aizawa was about to give a new set of instructions when something down in the center of the arena caught his attention. A dark swirling mass suddenly formed and sketchy looking characters started to come out of it.

    "Huddle up and don't move! Thirteen protect the students!" Aizawa shouted, catching everyone off guard.

  • Thankfully there were no more questions. With that, Aizawa would instruct the students to either get their hero costumes on or if they were choosing to not wear them this time, to gather near the door until everyone was ready. Once everyone was ready, Ida, being the class president, would usher the other students out to the bus. Following behind them, Aizawa would glance over at Tokemi for a brief moment. 

    "Ironically All Might was suppose to help out today but he inconveniently wore himself out and couldn't make it." How much of that sentence Tokemi really understood Aizawa didn't know but as long as she got the hint that her being a teaching aid today was a good thing, that's all that mattered. 

    On the bus, most everyone was quite aside from the few students pestering Deku about his quirk. A lot of them were pointing out similarities between it and All Mights, arguing among themselves who was looking too far into it. 

  • "Tokemi is a third yeah and this semester she is working as a teachers aid. I expect you all to treat her with the same respect you would any teacher." Aizawa was quick to address the elephant in the room. 

    "She won't be the only other teacher you will have to deal with today either. We will be working along side 13 in the USJ, going over what to do in crises situations." That caused a few of the students to look even more nervous than before. A few others looked geared up and ready to go.

  • //Oh I do understand.. It's nice to speak with you again.. I'm not sure, Caesarea has an cover of being an ADA but she's an Assassin as well. She's also ancient, an Culebra Demon and Fallen Angel hybrid that was once an Shadowhunter.. Let me try to think.

  • Most everyone in the class was used to Aizawa taking his sweet ass time getting to class. Everyone but Iida. He would stand up and jab a hand toward Tokemi, his commanding voice getting everyone's attention. 

    "This is unacceptable behavior from a teacher! And who are you anyway? We were not told of a change in teachers! What is going on?" 

    And then it was the purple-haired kids turn to interrupt. "I don't mind having a female teacher! She is much better to stare at!"

    "Both of you shut up and sit down." And there he was. Just as expected, Aizawa slinked into the room, his expression tired and annoyed as always. Sliding the door shut behind him, he would make his way toward the front of the room. Right away everyone settled down and took their seats. 

  • Another semaester at the UA High and a very interesting one at that. All Might, the number one hero, had began to teach at the school. The group of students who had been tossed into 1 A were also turning out to be 'unique'. Probably one of the more interesting group of student Shota Aizawa had to deal with. Between them and All Might it was a surprise that Aizawa hadn't become drunk 24/7.

    But the obnoxious new teacher and the interesting students were just the tip of the iceberg. The other facility members had agreed to let third years be teachers aids if they so wished. Part of Aizawa found it annoying and another part of him figured it gave those soon to graduate  the chance to look at another career path other than becoming highly publicized heroes. The aids also gave Aizawa a chance to sleep more. This time though the third year who was coming in was sort of a surprise. Tokemi had gone through Aizawa's class two years ago. Her quirk was an interesting one and even though it did have its strengths, Eraser still saw it as pretty useless in hero work if Tokemi didn't hurry up and figure out how to use it better. He was interested to see how she would handle being in a class full of so many 'unique' emotions, especially since they were going to be training on crisis situations (which he failed to put in the outline given to Tokemi. Then again, she should know better than expect the whole truth from Aizawa.) He wasn't an empathy but just being around some of these students was enough to drive Aizawa to drink.


    As Tokemi was getting things ready, a few of the girls from 1A started to shuffle in. Tsu would be the first to pipe up. "Where is Mr. Aizawa?"

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