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Ruby was born into a family full of secrets and lies, as well as sacrifices. She's twenty-nine years of age and will forever remain that way unless the curse she was born with gets lifted, being a demon. If the curse was to be lifted Ruby would become human. Though where it all started was a few years before she was born. Her mother made a deal with a cross roads demon for her husband which whom was also a hunter. William Rose, the Rose blood line had extended many many centuries ago and his great great aunt on his mothers side had a distinguishing feature to her that Ruby now possesses. Which also is how her mother named her who she is today.

Eyes as red as the crimson liquid that flowed through her veins gave her mother the idea of using two names. Ruby as her first, and Crimson for her middle name. What was the full meaning of her name? It's obvious that it meant Red. Why the color red though, what was the meaning of it? Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. Every trait that was associated with the color red, Ruby held. Being a demon, it was kind of looked upon as a curse, in which it was. The curse of being born as a demon was put on her upon the night she was conceived, which meant the night her mother became pregnant. The curse would stay with her until she found true love. Do you think finding true love for her would be easy, not even close. You see Ruby was a very deep feeling, emotional being. Which meant when she hurt, her rage would show just a bit. For those that were close to her, she would throw even her own life on the line for them. If she found love, she would love them hard, and whole heartily.

As Ruby became of age, her parents had passed away leaving her left alone. It wasn't until she was fifteen that she was raised by a friend of her mothers until the age of eighteen. She also soon passed when she turned twenty two. Ruby now at the age of thirty three, but looked to be twenty nine now had drove in her mind that love was non existent, it only existed in fairy tails that children read to pass away time. Ruby possessed a few powers that she at times used to her advantage telekinesis, and telepathy as well as weather manipulation. She only used them when she needed them. The more Ruby aged though, being what she was came with a high price. The addiction of her own kinds blood, demon, or anything associated with such darkness. This mean she could feed from a full demon, or hybrid of both vampire and demon or werewolf and demon. How could this be possible, if she wasn't a vampire? Simple, it was her addiction to their power. If she fed from any of them, it only meant her powers became more intense. She fed off the power of her own kind. One drop of their blood she would inherit what power they had only for a short time period before it wore off and she was back to having her one power. Her personal powers consisted of teleportation with the snap of her own fingers, weather manipulation of lightning storms, wind and rain only. This only happened in time of distress or at times in a heed of warning. She does not have the ability to possess anyone as she was born in a human vessel, which makes it her own. What if Ruby was to find True love, what happens to her when the curse is lifted? She still will feel things intensely, it was a trait that was passed down from her father and now to her. Though in order for her to fully give herself to them, she has to see her self through their eyes, and not the monster she sees herself as. So can someone change Ruby, or is she doomed to walk the earth causing mayhem?

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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I have written outside of Facebook and Myspace before for about a good ten years. Before that I been writing things offline such as fan fiction. I have experience in the Sons of Anarchy fandom as Tara, The Vampire Diaries as both Elena and Katherine, and Supernatural as both Meg, and Ruby. Although my own Ruby character is an original character of my own and have several notes put together I have saved over the years that I will share. Facebook I have found are just filled with the teenie boppers or sex addicts. Although I do not mind writing erotica aka smut or bdsm scenes as long as it's not some fifty shades of grey crap. I like playing a bdsm story line more realistic if at all possible. As far as my own writing, I am with no limits but few. No rape, incest, or harming of children. Other than that it's free game. I am looking forward to meeting other writers that have a passion in writing such as myself. I put in effort, emotion, thought, feeling, pretty much all the mix in it to make my character come to life.

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  • (Well happy to tell you, we all on here don't write just to get a good smut scene and disappear. I have several juicy storylines. I've been writing since 2008 myself. I have to warn you, I may disappear at times, but I'll always let ya know if I'm gone to long, or explain where I was when I get back. Facebook is a nightmare. I usually write at least three paragraphs every response. I hate that people on facebook barely write one complete sentence haha. You're in a good place! Make a few characters, feel it out. You'll have long term writing partners in no time :) Exactly what I did. Add Bolt, he's an admin on here, a great writer and always looking for new people. He's pretty good at pushing people's storylines along. Anywaaaay. Shall I send a starter your way? I'll throw something random out there and we can plot as we go. If you get any ideas along the way, feel free to throw them at me.)

  • (Oh newbie or not I don't care haha~ We can build off each other. I've been writing for years and still rarely put a word over three syllables into my replies LOL! My vocabulary isn't limited xD Care to plot something up or would you like to wing it and see where the story takes us? Jett currently doesn't have any plots in progress right now, which is great since it leaves him open for pretty much anything. If you'd like to wing it though, we can do that and then toss ideas at each other as we write. Since she's a demon, her and Jett should mesh quite well together.)

  • {I thank you. I need to get on my laptop soon in order to reorganize some material to make it easier to read and format. Only so much can be done on a mobile device sadly. Also adding second chapter to his story. Because demons take over the bodies of other creatures. Usually humans and animals in order to interact with the world. They are not limited to social concepts as genders or having just one body. Much like with shapeshifters.
    Chapter two. Will be the story of Esedess living life inside a female body to see how living as a human ish female is like and different then as a male. Cause why not. As a demon. Why just possess only one body or one gender? Why not try both out and take over many bodies to live many different lives which helps greatly in better understanding humans by having various points of views to draw upon. It is due to Esedess "military tactic" mind set. That makes Esedess explore every facet of humanity. Plus it keeps boredom at bay. I like your character as well and look forward to writing with you. I want to showcase how a demon can act and live a life vastly different compared to other demons. Taking over the body of an alien species instead of one on earth, is just one example. Haha. It helps to make Esedess more complicated and not so simple to figure out with having a male and female point of view on things. Which helps with Esedess dealings with humans and humanoid species like vampires and lycans, etc. }
  • (Hello and welcome! I'd love to start up a story with ya sometime.)

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