Just a Sweet Transvestite...

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Lover to everyone, in love with himself

Character Appearance

Not much of a man by the light of day... Dr. Frank-N-Furter has the ability to raise some alarm upon first appearance. A man looking to be around 30 sporting heavy make up, fishnet leggings, a garter belt, high heels, black underwear, a front laced corset, fingerless gloves, pearls, tattoos on his right shoulder and thigh, and a saucy attitude.

Character Personality

Growing up as the only child of a queen, one who gave him constant praise and adoration, Frank is unsurprisingly a brat. He demands respect and love from anyone he meets, and when he doesn't get it he's prone to fits of rage. With mood swings accompanying his need to play god he's best described as a mad scientist with a twist. While he can be rather childish he also has the ability to charm and seduce his victims to get what he wants, even able to mimic another person's voice perfectly to trick people into trusting him (though no one seems to acknowledge this is a freaking super power!). Like others of his race he doesn't understand love, sympathy, or empathy, resulting in senseless murder if he doesn't get his way. However, if he crosses someone who happens to be stronger or more dangerous than him he quickly becomes all bark and no bite, displaying cowardice and fear. Unintentionally, Frank can be rather comedic in his actions, being loud, high pitched, and attention grabbing in everything he does.

Character Likes

Frank is an egotistic son of a bitch who loves praise and admiration for everything he does. He also enjoys learning about people's sexual desires and giving it to them, whether they want it at first or not. He's a fan of horror movies, rock n roll, drug experimentation, getting between couples, abusing his staff, muscular men, and slender women.

Character Dislikes

When things don't go his way Frank is prone to outbursts of anger. Anything that's not considered a good time including clingy people, disobedient play things who sleep around behind his back, his scientist rivals, or a damn mutiny are all on his dislike list.

Character History/Story

Frank is a brilliant scientist from the planet Transexual in the galaxy Transylvania. He also happens to be the prince of his home planet, a land of eternal night with no taboos who's residents only care about the pursuit of life's pleasures. While he was highly adored and feared on his planet, Frank and his two servants left home in search for... something... on a planet called Earth. A mission which is quickly ignored and derailed when Frank begins plans to make his very own man. A decision which proves fatal, when the servants grow weary of Frank's abuse and nonsense, ending his life in a mutiny. Vampire Version (optional) Long before his trip to Earth, Frank had encountered strange creatures on a distant planet not far from his own. Being that he fears nothing right away the young doctor curiously approached one of the things in hopes of studying them further, when one of them attacked clinging to Frank and sinking a set of fangs into him. With the help of his crew Frank managed to get the creature off and flee from the clutches of the planet, forgetting the whole incident. Years later a very thrilling dark and stormy night brought Frank's life to an end at the hands of his mutinous staff. However what they didn't take into account was the virus like effect that bite had on the doctor all those years ago, laying dormant for the one day he would die. He rose from the pool not certain what had become of him, overrun with a new found craving... a need... for blood.

Character Inventory

Cigarettes and a whip.

Character Abilites

Seduction, violence, and making a man.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

I've been playing Frank in the shadowcast production for several years. As a result I try to play him as accurately as I can with some minor additions. While he shows no sign of loving anyone in the film, I'll make an exception if I think the character has the right amount of history and love for him.

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