Raina Sergeyevna Mabius was born on November 17, 1979. She is the mother of Mina Erzsébet Mabius-Dracul, the wife of the late Dracula, a close friend and “former” lover of Elizabeth Blaine, the disciple of Ta-er al-Safar and the daughter of a former Soviet operative known as Cassius. Raina is the most mysterious Bride of Dracula ever. She was first sighted in the Year 2008 in Los Angeles by the House of Erebus. Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, with exotic, hard European features and eyes like a cobra, Raina has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect. Raina is coldly furious that her younger sister Stasya was raped and left for dead by a gang of Virgil's underlings, and she's intent on killing them -- every last one. Ice-cold, expert with a knife or a gun, able to change her appearance at a whim, Raina goes on a bloody rampage across town, leaving death and destruction in her wake, intent on killing the guilty and letting the innocent (if any) go free.It was in a nightclub that she caught the eye of the vampire bride Elizabeth Blaine, who fell "fatally in love". Elizabeth, upon seeing for the first time Raina’s fine brown hair and green eyes, and sensing her passion, was completely and immediately seduced not only by Raina's beauty, but also by her tragedy and human heart. Raina is shot in the chest. As she is laying on the ground, Elizabeth Blaine begs her to stay with her. Elizabeth made Raina into a vampire, her immortal companion. After receiving blood from several Vampires, including Elizabeth Blaine and Dracula, Raina's strength increases dramatically, and allows her to walk in daylight. In very few instances she derives sexual satisfaction from killing, she is a classic and quite literal femme fatale.


My Beautiful Daughter...

Mina Elizabeth, born:3-21-2012 to Dracula and Raina

My deadly friend and parnter...

Howk Vakaria

My green-blooded friend...

Samantha Brandt


My Khan...

Khan Noonien Singh







 The Shapeshifter...


The Hologram Girl...


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Raina Sergeyevna Mabius

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-alto-mezzo soprano singing voice -Height: 176 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches -Eyes: Green (turns blood-red when I become hungry for blood) -Hair Color: Brown, sometimes black -has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect

Character Inventory

  • a poisoned Italian Stiletto Auto Switchblade Knife 18 Inch
  • AMT Backup

  • Glock 17

  • a suppressed Makarov PM

  • a Walther PPK/S in a thigh holster

  • a black Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1

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  • [Long time no hear Bride of Dracula. Love your DSC character by the way my dear. I hope all is well with you. ]

  • (Think I meant to send a starter before. Think we plotted back on rolepages. Went with modern setting this time for us.  My character still a pirate or a thief. Lol.  Newly turned vampire but quite strong since Countess Carmilla was her direct sire and later  Dracula feed him her blood to cement a bond between them. 

    Thought maybe she could sense the blood of Dracula or rather his ex wife, Carmilla. Perhaps hearing rumors about the bloody Countess and maybe met a vampire or two that was sired by her and now she comes across another vampire sided by her which turns out to be a direct blood descendants of Elizabeth Bathory.  My character has been abandoned by her new mother and father. The count and Countess. Maybe she takes the fledgling under her wing?)

  • It was just a typical late night around your local jewelry store.  The store was closing for the night, the last few customers getting ready to depart. One customer in particular had been looking at the display case for recent additions with something akin to a twinkle in her eye.  The store manager had been assisting her with various questions about sizes and cuts of the gemstones within a few rings and necklaces she has her eye on.  The security in the place was standard, one cctv camera, one little night guard walking the perimeter outside on the street, one push button alarm code system for when the door was open or a window broke. 


    All in all, childs play for the likes of her.  She told the manager she would be back as she wanted to wear a certain outfit and wanted to see how one of the necklaces would look on her when she wore it. When it was closing, she would leave first and wander off to wait for the others to depart.  Once the store was locked up and that measly cop was on duty, she approached him with a cat like predatory gait.  Sliding her dark fingernails along the collar of his uniform as she pressed close to him. 


    “Ma’am, I’m on duty. I must ask that you cease and desist and go on home.  I don’t have time for games. “


    ”Ahhhh. But games are all the fun. Are you saying I’m ugly?  Do you not find me pretty? You think I’m ugly don’t you. “


    She began to fake ugly cry which made the guard a bit nervous and apprehensive. 

    “Listen. Ma’am no one is saying you are ugly. I’m sure you are a beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to have you. But I’m on duty and I’m “


    ”What married? I don’t see a ring on this finger. “

    ”Well no. But very soon I will be and I”

    She put her finger on his lips to shush him as she made him gaze into her eyes and locked his entire focus on her. Her eyes flash a bright blue and the guard became frozen in place. A little magic spell she picked up from one of daddy’s little spell books back in Transylvania.  She thought about just ripping his jugular open and draining him dry but a dead security guard was going to draw a little more attention then she wanted. So leaving him here frozen by her encanto spell would simply have to do.  


    Cassie would teleport inside with a bag already in tow. Thanks to her powers, she didn’t have issues with opening vaults or Safes or cutting glass. Not when she already knew the contents and could focus on them. When she had a clear mental image of the items she wanted, she teleported them from their casings and into her bag, bybassing any alarm systems and the ones with a weight sensor, she fixed that by doing a swap teleport. Teleport one object in place of the other, done so fast the sensors never registered any changes. Her powers gave her a tremendous unfair advantage over human criminals and it was even worse with her vampiric enhancements.  Once she had everything she need, she teleported out of the store and Into the woods. 


    She had been thinking about places to stash her loot and couldn’t help with going with the hole in the tree in a forest gag or a cave. Like some thief in medieval times. Since all trees looked the same to her, she decided to try and find a cave and lucked out when she did. A cave deep in the woods that had an odd stench to it, like death.  She did find some bones around and assumed she found some Fox or coyote den. Which she thought was perfect.  Hide her stash in the cave and if anyone came across, hopefully a hungry predator was around to play the guard dog role. Little did she realized when she placed the bag into a large rock crevice she made and covered it in an ultra thick sheen of ice, that she was hiding her stash in some Creatures cave that was not a regular animal.  Trolls, Orgres, goblins, and the like. She didn’t think any of those things existed. Hell. She didn’t think vampires and werewolves were real until she became one. 


    It would have been best to do a little more recon and research but what reason would she have? One cave seemed as good as another and it was far off the beaten path and in an area where hikers and campers didn’t go. So she figured it was safe enough that no human should in theory, have any reason or buisness to be out here.  Once her stash was secure, she would depart to go hunting. Not knowing that things were going to change for her when she got back.

  • (I would like to apologise for not having spoken before.. I wonder if you would like to plot)


    “Greetings. We thank you for wanting to meet us. “


  • I rarely listens to music these days Raina......*Eddie remains silent for a long moment but his eyes never stops looking into the eyes of Raina* But i do enjoy jazz musicians such as Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, the andrew sisters, just to mention a few. So you sing sometimes? My compliments to you Raina, i couldn't sing a clean note, not even if my life depended on it. *Eddie starts to smile more and more, this beautiful and mystic lady was so beautiful but also so mystic, but she also made him feel normal for once, even a certain amount of happiness and peace, he could not remember the last time he had felt like this. He raises his glass and looks at Raina as he clicks his glass with hers* Heres to your singing talent Raina. *He smiles at her and takes a sip of his drink enjoying the strong but ice cold feeling of the alcohol in his mouth and the burn in his throat as he swallows. Unknown to him specialized weapons are being loaded with ammo and their energy cells are being activated inside several armored vans that are driving fast through the city, and men fully covered in body armor and helmets ready to take down monsters* You say you sometimes think you were born in the wrong era, so what era would you love to have been born in? or living as an adult, i personally would have loved to be a grown up man in the mide 70's and 80's but going through the 30's 40's and 50's could also have been pretty cool.

  • No response would come from her cause she was in cryostastis. However her ship had a beacon that would activate the second a message was sent to the space pod.  It played a standard distress call, sos type of message. An automated one when the people inside of a ship couldn’t answer any hails. 

    Space travel was something she avoided for obvious reasons. No suns in space. Well not when away from a solar system that had a sun like star. Not to mention going to other planets with a red sun or no sun at all. She didn’t want to lose her powers and be as vulnerable as a human. Noooooo. She wouldn’t, couldn’t have that.  She only went to space once before when she had a lantern ring. A yellow power ring that could make artificial yellow sun rays to keep her powered and charged.  After the lost of the ring which did upset her greatly. She made sure to have a back up and managed to get lucky with obtaining a Reach Scarab that was free of Reach control.  That alien parasite armor beauty was able to replicate yellow solar energy for her, anytime that she wanted.  It was like Superboy’s Prime suit, it kept him constantly flooded with yellow sunlight and was one of the reasons he was so ungodly strong. 


    Thanks to her scarab, space trave was a viable option for her and as never had to worry about being depowered or helpless like a human, ever again.  Also I provided nice Kryptonite shielding and provided countermeasures to most types of magic. Plus plus all around.  She treasured the shit out of her Scarab like she did her power ring and treated it with better reverence then other ring bearers and Scarab users have in the past.  The Scarab was also in stasis for the time being so it couldn’t answer the hails either.  The two of them just had to hope the automated distress beacon was good enough to get the job done. 

  • (Well every Star Trek show I have seen. Seems to have at least one time travel episode. So it be easy to switch to a Modern setting, by using a time travel plot device. :p. 

    So we don’t have to be stuck to only the future setting.  Great thing about time travel in a rp story. Can change the setting to past or the future. Hehe. 


  • “Meow Meow!”

    She made a smile and sounds of delight as she moved to the two bowls and began digging in. Eating the food a bit rapidly but then trying to slow down to savor the taste.  Once she finished with the food, she began to drink and both bowls would be empty in no time at all.  She then moved over to Raina and began to nuzzle herself against her leg. 

    “Any ship sounds like fun. Where is the rest of the crew and what have you been up too?”

  • ±listening to Raina when she removes her cellphone and IPad she nods in understanding, and watches her Auntie closely, then takes the bag back and slings it over her shoulder. Standing ready she listens to Raina and only nods, hearing that they would be going to Russia and she would learn to survive in the wilderness, understanding that there would be risk. ± "I understand. I am ready."

    ±Raven spoke calmly and then walked with her Auntie to the plane, remaining relatively quiet for the entire trip. Dozing often but waking when they had finally arrived. Looking around to the barren landscapes she takes it all in before she looks to Raina, for some reason she wasn't quite feeling the cold, a little chilly yes but not cold. Nodding her head she sets her bag down when Auntie does and looks around again. Hidden threat? Looking back to Raina she smiles a little. ± "Shall I help set up the tent?"

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