Raina Sergeyevna Mabius was born on November 17, 1979. She is the mother of Mina Erzsébet Mabius-Dracul, the wife of the late Dracula, a close friend and “former” lover of Elizabeth Blaine, the disciple of Ta-er al-Safar and the daughter of a former Soviet operative known as Cassius. Raina is the most mysterious Bride of Dracula ever. She was first sighted in the Year 2008 in Los Angeles by the House of Erebus. Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, with exotic, hard European features and eyes like a cobra, Raina has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect. Raina is coldly furious that her younger sister Stasya was raped and left for dead by a gang of Virgil's underlings, and she's intent on killing them -- every last one. Ice-cold, expert with a knife or a gun, able to change her appearance at a whim, Raina goes on a bloody rampage across town, leaving death and destruction in her wake, intent on killing the guilty and letting the innocent (if any) go free.It was in a nightclub that she caught the eye of the vampire bride Elizabeth Blaine, who fell "fatally in love". Elizabeth, upon seeing for the first time Raina’s fine brown hair and green eyes, and sensing her passion, was completely and immediately seduced not only by Raina's beauty, but also by her tragedy and human heart. Raina is shot in the chest. As she is laying on the ground, Elizabeth Blaine begs her to stay with her. Elizabeth made Raina into a vampire, her immortal companion. After receiving blood from several Vampires, including Elizabeth Blaine and Dracula, Raina's strength increases dramatically, and allows her to walk in daylight. In very few instances she derives sexual satisfaction from killing, she is a classic and quite literal femme fatale.


My Beautiful Daughter...

Mina Elizabeth, born:3-21-2012 to Dracula and Raina

My deadly friend and parnter...

Howk Vakaria


 My Khan...

Khan Noonien Singh



 Eddie Brock...





The Detective...


The Hologram Girl...


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-alto-mezzo soprano singing voice -Height: 176 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches -Eyes: Green (turns blood-red when I become hungry for blood) -Hair Color: Brown, sometimes black -has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect

Character Inventory

  • a poisoned Italian Stiletto Auto Switchblade Knife 18 Inch
  • AMT Backup

  • Glock 17

  • a suppressed Makarov PM

  • a Walther PPK/S in a thigh holster

  • a black Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1

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  • *Eddie was still down underneath the rubble and ruins, however he was not unconscious, nor dead, nor wounded, rather he was having a conversation with his symbiote Venom inside his head. Everything around them was happening so fast and quickly, yet in their conversation the time almost seemed to slow down* ''Eddie put mask on NOW!!! i am HUNGRY!!! and ANGRY!!!'' ''NO VENOM!!! Enough people know that you live inside me, i don't need to add more!!'' ''you cannot hide us forever, we are bonded together WE ARE VENOM!!!  Besides i like her... she is not only strong and fast, she is deadly and got a taste for blood herself, if i could i might even try her out for a ride if i could. Besides i can sense you like her a lot too, dare i even say...'' ''Alright you parasite shut up!!!'' ''PARASITE?!!! YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO CALL ME THAT!!!'' ''ALRIGHT SHUT UP YOU BIG PILE OF SLIME!!!'' Whats the matter Eddie? I know everything about you.. you really REALLY like her and so do i!!'' ''I said shut up!!! Ugh we got no choice, we cannot escape.... there are too many..... Alright Venom, mask is on!!'' *And with those words while the battle is going on, Eddies arm that is visible from underneath the rubble is starting to shake and change more and more, something dark, black, and slimey is morphing around his arm and deep strong hissing growl can be heard even through the fight, and before anyone can find the source of of the noise, Venom jumps out a huge black muscled beast with white eyes, sharp fangs and teeth and a long tongue and screaming  towards the soldier with a powerful voice and then a deep voice can be heard again* WE...ARE....VENOM!!!!! *Next thing you know Venom charges towards the soldiers, slamming one through the window, grabbing another and throws him through the broken window and hits the wall on the building across the street. And then out from the back of Venom an extra symbiote arm extends out and grabs onto another soldier and smashes him into the wall of the war as well*

  • Genome tech. No matter how many she evaded, how many she dealt with, they just kept coming. Like a New York Cockaroach, hard to kill, and step on one, another one takes its place. She got careless one night when she wrestled control of the Symbiote from ,Well, the Symbiote.  She reverted to her natural apperance and by bad lock got spotted on an cttv camera down he Hell’s Kitchen. She still thought that name was dumb and should be Hells armpit or toilet or something. 


    She or her “other” , tried to engage in some deal or whatever with Frank Castle aka the Punisher. That didn’t seem to go to well and she decided to say fuck it and do her own solo act like she has been. She didn’t hear from Hawkeye after the whole Ultron floating city thing and the Iron Man/  Captain America civil war thing.  So she was looking for some details on an archery range as she really  enjoyed those lessons and was grabbing some pizza from a local pizza joint when her danger sense went off. Something her suit adapted from Spiderman’s spider sense, but way more accurate. 


    She barely got to savor the pizza before she dashed out without paying. Course the owner couldn’t argue much once a grenade came through the window and exploded with a tremendous  Bang. She nearly chocked as she tried to stuff the food down her gullet while falling out the door. The noise hurt like a Bitch and she scrambled onto her feet before the bullets came rupturing into her body. 



    She yelled out at the top of her lungs  as one of the bullets hit her right in her left breast.  Panic set in and she tried to web swing away but her Symbiote was wounded by the modified sound Bang grenade. She ended up flipping an oncoming car on its side as the Symbiote partially covered her body to protect her injured left side. She didn’t stop in her running or cared about what people got hit by the flipping car or those inside it. 


    She was too busy evading the men with guns and weapons designed just for her. Mariko barreled her way into an alley and turned around to fire a massive barrage of ice spears that impaled several of the men. Most had vital parts targeted and hit by the ice spears and no doubt soon they would be dead and dying. One or two of the men got impaled to the walls of the alley like Christ on the cross.  She smacked right into a heavy garbage can when her back had turned to fire upon her attackers. He body did a 180 spinning flip and she landed hard in the back of the abandon alley way.


    Her head cracked upon the cold, piss covered pavement , where no doubt some hobo used as a toilet the night before. She could barely keep her eyes open as she heard running footsteps and saw that she missed a guy or two. Great. Just great. Either she was a goner or they were going to take her back as make her their SLAVE, once again. She swore she would die before she became the lab rat at the hands of those MEN, ever again. She coughed up blood as she stretched her right hand out as the left was covering her left breast that had the bullet wound and possibly the bullet still lodged inside. 

    “You,  humans,,,,  men. Always the same. Always treating those who are different like they .... are inferior.  Making us women.... your slaves, making us mutants,,,, your bio weapons.  “

    :: cough. Cough. Cough::

    ”A curse upon your houses you bastards. I hope my kind rises up and enslaves  yours. “

    She was losing track of her thoughts and some of what she was saying seemed more focus on the actions of men she met in the past instead of just the Genome Tech soldiers and scientist. Whatever the case, most of her life troubles had been at the hands of a man, one way or the other. This was just another example of that. 

    “Damn..... You..... alll!”

    With that she rapidly lost all strength she had left in  her petite body, her eyes shut, as the entire world went pitch black. 

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  • ☠Hello! I would love to plot! Your character is very interesting. Perhaps they meet while Astarte is working as a Detective or planning something diabolical?☠

  • (Your welcome and thanks! I have no preference she can be anywhere at anytime)

  • (Thanx for the add. Would you want to write with one of my characters )

  • [I would very much like to start a storyline with you my dear Raina. Hope you are doing well.]

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