Raina Sergeyevna Mabius was born on November 17, 1979. She is the mother of Mina Erzsébet Mabius-Dracul, the wife of the late Dracula, a close friend and “former” lover of Elizabeth Blaine, the disciple of Ta-er al-Safar and the daughter of a former Soviet operative known as Cassius. Raina is the most mysterious Bride of Dracula ever. She was first sighted in the Year 2008 in Los Angeles by the House of Erebus. Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, with exotic, hard European features and eyes like a cobra, Raina has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect. Raina is coldly furious that her younger sister Stasya was raped and left for dead by a gang of Virgil's underlings, and she's intent on killing them -- every last one. Ice-cold, expert with a knife or a gun, able to change her appearance at a whim, Raina goes on a bloody rampage across town, leaving death and destruction in her wake, intent on killing the guilty and letting the innocent (if any) go free.It was in a nightclub that she caught the eye of the vampire bride Elizabeth Blaine, who fell "fatally in love". Elizabeth, upon seeing for the first time Raina’s fine brown hair and green eyes, and sensing her passion, was completely and immediately seduced not only by Raina's beauty, but also by her tragedy and human heart. Raina is shot in the chest. As she is laying on the ground, Elizabeth Blaine begs her to stay with her. Elizabeth made Raina into a vampire, her immortal companion. After receiving blood from several Vampires, including Elizabeth Blaine and Dracula, Raina's strength increases dramatically, and allows her to walk in daylight. In very few instances she derives sexual satisfaction from killing, she is a classic and quite literal femme fatale.1062097?profile=original



My Beautiful Daughter...

Mina Elizabeth, born:3-21-2012 to Dracula and Raina

"All fear she who walks beneath the Halo of Eternal Night."


My deadly friend and parnter...

Howk Vakaria



 My Khan...

Khan Noonien Singh

"Beyond the darkness, lies greatness. And beyond the human evolution...is Khan."



 Eddie Brock and Venom...

Eddie and Venom


The Tigress...

Faora Ul


The Red Daughter...


The Hologram Girl...



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-alto-mezzo soprano singing voice -Height: 176 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches -Eyes: Green (turns blood-red when I become hungry for blood) -Hair Color: Brown, sometimes black -has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect

Character Inventory

  • a poisoned Italian Stiletto Auto Switchblade Knife 18 Inch
  • AMT Backup

  • Glock 17

  • a suppressed Makarov PM

  • a Walther PPK/S in a thigh holster

  • a black Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1

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  • (I still owe you a reply right? Welcome back. When you are back. I have been gone myself. )

  • *Venom stands fully up on his feet, toweing a little bit over 3 meters tall, wide shouldered, heavy muscles with light grey slimey paterns that changes slightly as he moves, he clenches his fist and lets out a massive and powerful roar that is near deafening to the naked ear, one of the mercs raising his weapon and flips it to fully automatic, and holds the trigger in, firing a full clip of bullet into Venoms body, but the  slime like biological armor easily just absorbs the bullets and spits them out again, the man having a clear sign of fear in his eyes, and while his weapon and the noise around him overpowers his screams his wide open mouth shows that he is terrified and scared out of his mind as he fires all he has at Venom. Venom just grins at him with a wide smile before he leaps in a single jump towards him and then grabs him and lifts him easily up, next thing that happens before everyone, Venoms jaws opens up wider and wider, all of a sudden the mercs head disappears between venoms mouth and fangs and just like that, his head gets ripped off and the body is carelessly thrown away. Venom then slowly turns around seeing more mercs standing there paralyzed with fear, a wide smile returns on Venoms face as his white eye paterns stares into their very souls, or perhaps their very organs? And he calmly says* MMmmmmmm more juicy food!!! 

    *Then Venom unleashes several organic ''arms'' out of his body each of them hitting the mercs and crushes them against the wall, more mercs starting to fire at Venom but to no avail as he soon enough leaps towards them as well, biting, punches, and ripping the mercs apart one by one. But as much as Venom likes it all, he soon realizes that cops are on their way as well, and he and Eddie has spend much time trying to avoid any ''bad attention'' from the police, and so he knows he must soon escape, he helps the woman who decided to stay and fight with him, finishing off the remaining mercs. Venom then slowly turns and looks at Raina, staying silent for a few seconds before he gets that wide smile on his face again as he stares at her* Thanks for the assist fang lady, we like you a lot, good taste in human food. Good taste in boobs, I mean Booze!!! you better get out of here Raina before the cops arrives. *Fang lady, human food, Raina, clearly both Venom and Eddie was talking to her only question was, when was it Venom and when was it Eddie?*

  • “Hellloooooooooooooooooo Nurse!”



  • (When was the first time? Hehe for me. The first was during her Red K episode. Then the Nazi version. Something about her with some different makeup on and not wearing dorky old lady clothes with the glasses off and hair down and Evil take no bullshit attitude. I dunno. It like the trope. Evil is sexy. Lol 

    third time was her as red daughter. Soooo cute and innocent I wanted to hug her like a puppy or kitty. I hated what lex did. I only watched the new season for the red daughter. I wanted her to stick around and become power girl or be like a new sister to Supergirl and help her fight crime and such.


    Yes. Let’s plot. Any ideas or shall we brainstorm?)

  • [Thank you for accepting! It's an honor too meet you, I would love to write and start an adventure.. I hope we might be able to plot? Mady is unfortunately still being constructed, I'm relatively new I suppose. ]

  • Long time no see, Bride of Dracula.

  • (Hello, I honestly don't remember adding you but thank you for accepting. If you have any questions regarding Azurien here or ever want to plot/write, please don't be afriad to ask, I'm pretty open for anything.)

  • (Forgot I had posted here. Been gone for a bit. Yeah. Just recently changed y character. Had changed the history of my previous one but then got to playing on my magneto girl girl and lost interest in my Mariko.   Kinda got into a Skrull mmmm fetish, binge, something. Recently. Super Skrulls and war Skrulls are really neat. With their infiltration and special ritual that makes detecting them virtually impossible. Until Reed Richards made a special device. Of course cause he is reed. 

    With Captain Marvel movie and then X men Dark Phoenix. When I learned more about X Skrull and mutant Skrulls. I wanted to play one or two. She will have a Symbiote like my previous character did. Just different story as she is not an orphan escaped from a lab where she got bonded to a Symbiote or trained in Red Room program.  


    My new one is , well she thought she was orphan until after she hit 16 years of age, in human earth years and came across her bio moms and discovered the truth. That she is not just a mutant. But also an alien. A Skrull. It’s a big whole thing with Apocalypse. I’m still writing the story in my head and have lots of editing to do. A new story with new character will work. Since we didn’t start our last one since it ended with a starter I think and don’t think you got to Reply back. So no biggie. 


    She also went through a change in a DC crossbe fans gained access to Meta tech and some powers from that. It made a her bit unstable along with her histrionic personality disorder.  I’m rambling  

    Good to see you back. How would you like to begin?

  • [My apologies for the hiatus I took.. I had been through a lot, I hope we can plot still]

  • 439744107?profile=RESIZE_930x


    (Happy holidays)

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