Raina Sergeyevna Mabius was born on November 17, 1979. She is the mother of Mina Erzsébet Mabius-Dracul, the wife of the late Dracula, a close friend and “former” lover of Elizabeth Blaine and former disciple of Ta-er al-Safar. Raina is the most mysterious Bride of Dracula ever. She was called by the policemen “Bride of Dracula” before her transformation into a Vampire and was first sighted in the Year 2008 in Los Angeles by the House of Erebus.

Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, with exotic, hard European features and eyes like a cobra, Raina has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect. Raina was coldly furious that her younger sister Stasya was raped and left for dead by a gang of Virgil's underlings, and she was intended on killing them -- every last one. Ice-cold, expert with a knife or a gun, able to change her appearance at a whim,  Raina was on a bloody rampage across town, leaving death and destruction in her wake, intent on killing the guilty and letting the innocent (if any) go free. It was in a nightclub when Raina meet the vampire bride Elizabeth Blaine for the first time. Upon seeing for the first time Raina’s fine brown hair and green eyes, and sensing her passion, was completely and immediately seduced not only by Raina's beauty, but also by her tragedy and human heart. Later the same night, Elizabeth secretly followed Raina to Virgil’s House.  Raina was fatally wounded before she could have her vengeance.  When she is dying on the dirty ground, Elizabeth Blaine begs her to stay with her. Then she decides, without Dracula’s permission, to turn Raina into a Bride of Darkness, her immortal companion. Dracula eventually “adopted” Raina and allowed the newborn Vampire to join the sisterhood of the Dracula Brides. She even became Dracula’s wife.

After receiving blood from several Vampires, including Elizabeth Blaine and Dracula, Raina's strength increases dramatically, and allows her to walk in daylight. In very few instances she derives sexual satisfaction from killing; she is a classic and quite literal femme fatale.




My Beautiful Daughter...

Mina Elizabeth, born:3-21-2012 to Dracula and Raina

"All fear she who walks beneath the Halo of Eternal Night."


My deadly friend and parnter...

Howk Vakaria


 "Light of the West".... 

Lucy Westenra


The Count....

Count Dracula



Catriona Hartdegen


Eddie Brock and Venom...

Eddie and Venom

 The Tigress...

Faora Ul



May 31

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-alto-mezzo soprano singing voice -Height: 176 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches -Eyes: Green (turns blood-red when I become hungry for blood) -Hair Color: Brown, sometimes black -has a body that's a living sculpture: sleek, toned, and perfect

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  • a poisoned Italian Stiletto Auto Switchblade Knife 18 Inch
  • AMT Backup

  • Glock 17

  • a suppressed Makarov PM

  • a Walther PPK/S in a thigh holster

  • a black Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1

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  • (Sorry my late reply, dear Raina. Been very busy lately with life and the COVID-19 crisis. I hope your characters Mina and Raina had a wonderful Mother’s day. )

  • For a brief moment, Faora stops breathing the moment she was kissed on her check. It feels wrong and right at the same time. She pays the other Vampire Lady not much attention. Although she should pay attention as a Soldier and mind her surroundings all the time. But she can’t focus anymore. Instead Faora wonders what it would be like to be with the Bride of Dracula. To be close to her. To touch Raina. Faora is pent-up. The Tigress hadn’t actually had sex in a long time. Realizing the direction her thoughts had taken, Faora forces it from her mind. At least she tried. Faora couldn’t believe she is so attracted to a non-Kryptonian woman.

    To hell with General Zod and the Sword of Rao movement!

    It’s time for Faora to serve a woman and let her past time. Faora cuts off Raina’s flow of words by brushing her lips against hers. One time, not gently. She behaved rather aggressively.

    “If only you had been born on Krypton, Raina. What a fine member of our warrior guild you would have made.” Faora says at length after breaking the kiss. And then her hand curls around the back of Raina’s head and she kisses her again. This time she is more gently. Her soft lips molding against Raina’s lips, making Faora’s head spin. She is not sure if this was really happening or not. Faora feels that some of her anxiety is loosening.

    Then she smiles when she breaks the kiss, that beautiful mischievous smile. “There is no need to kill Zod for me. But I like your ambition.”Faora moves away from Raina, walking over to the table. She is near Alina, the other Bride of Dracula. She looks at her for a moment. She is very beautiful in Faora’s opinion. ” The General was not a God. He was just a man.”Faora turns, facing Raina.” My sword shall be yours. But don’t think for one second that I swear to live and die at your Mina’s command and become a Vampire. She is no God-Queen. We both know that.”

  • (Go for it. I think my Count has enough Brides for now, my dear. And you are the best and the finest of all them. You are the new Queen of the Brides after Elizabeth Blaine left. Have a good start in a new week. I hope to see you, soon.)

  • (My apologies I've been under an lot of stress.. Thank you for accepting, I hope we might be able to plot?)

  • {{I apologize I've been dealing with an family emergency. Would you be interested in plotting? Thank you! I'm an big fan of Rebecca. I love Stana, she was awesome in Castle :) }}



    (Perhaps sometime we may plot and write a story together. If you are a fan of horror films and such. As you can see. My character of Krueger is heavily based off of Freddy Krueger with Stephen king works added to Wes craven like Carrie White abd Firestarter. My dark Jedi. I updated her story.  As part kryptonian. Clone. Part demon maybe or demon tainted by her possession by Fredda. The face claim I settled on played a Kryptonitian from Kandor on the tragically short lived show, Kryptonite.  The lovely Nyssa Vex. Who had dealings with the House of Zod.  So she is my sake Jedi kryptonian girl. Incase you was interested in her over my slasher girl. Anyhow. Hope you are well. )



  • She accepted the glass of wine, dips a finger in the wine glass and begins to stir it. The she pulls her finger out and slowly sucks the wine off her finger and then used her heat vision to heat the wine and then gulps it down in one shot and sets the glass down carefully. 

    "Ah. Thank you for that. Ahh yes. Alex and Lena. I will admit. I do like my women a little dark. In nice fashion. Leather. With a gun or a blade. Good with both. A badass. Glad you can see why I was into her. Sadly even though she likes girls. I guess because I look exactly like her foster sister. It was too much to handle or I come on too strong. Guess I can't blame her. I am genetically identical to her sister in ever way. Except I'm her total opposite in personality. Now Lena on the other hand. I certainly go for her if she ever liked girls but again. Since I have the face of someone who betrayed her. That makes things awkward. But kinda like you said. They likely couldn't handle the appetite of a Dracula bride or a Kryptonian. They are only human and fragile.  A vampire or a Kryptonian with unbridled passion in the bedroom, could accidentally  kill a human if not careful. "

    She smiles warmly at what Raina said about her and a slight blush was in her cheeks. 

    "Why thank you. I am very huggable and yes. Naughty as fuck. Which is probably what has gotten me in trouble in the past. That and my semi loose morals. I like to do, Bad Things. Thank you for the beautiful comment. You are lovely as well. It is no wonder your daughter is as beautiful as she is. She clearly took after you in the looks department and perhaps other things as well. Oh I don't doubt she has many suitors. Sad to hear about the ones she likes that have vanish. That was a thing that puzzled me. Like if she has so many suitors. Why would she have a crush on me? I did take some pride in a goddess liking me but at first. I had to wonder why she picked little ole me.  Guess you could say I was a little self conscious. I know I look pleasing to the eyes. I just never tried to focus to much on it. Didn't want to end up vain or something.  Maybe it's do to my twin. Parts of her personality are within me. So maybe my questioning someone's desire in me might be because of how she  is. Self questioning her self and worth. I look forward to things to come with Mina. I'll be honest. I am attracted to the whole Vampire allure thing but also it's do to pragmatism. I have a very long lifespans. As do vampires. Humans lives are gone in the blink of an eye. But also. Vampires can take ... a beating. I would not have to fear about hurting my vampire lover or putting her in the hospital and I hear vampires heal real fast. So I could afford to let loose a bit and really enjoy the sexual delights without fear of bones breaking and internal bleeding if I got a little carried away. If I had a vampire lover that is. I'm sure it could be the same Vice versa for you both , right? I mean a Kryptonian like me, is very hard to injury. So like say Mina for example. She wouldn't have to be .... gentle unless she wanted to. Also. Vampires and Kryptonians, we got higher stamina then humans. So I'm sure we could go on for days and nights. Hmmmm what Fun that would be. Oh forgive me, I probably shouldn't talk such naughty things about a daughter in front of her mother. Apologies."

    She pauses for a moment to think about Faora UI. Lovely woman. Bit stubborn. Seemed fanatically loyal to Zod. Cute though. Could do without that kneel before Zod thing. 

    "Yes. That is her. Not too bad looking. Wouldn't mind a Tussel with her. I could do without her whole praising Zod thing. I think I insulted her when I made fun about him. It just. I never saw the point of the golobal dictator thing or conquering the galaxy. I mean what's the point? You become supreme leader and then what? You gotta make your subjects happy. Listen to them Bitch and moan about things. Deal with assassins who want your throne or you just off it. Having to micromanage everything and everyone. I mean me.  I like the simple pleasures. I like to dance. Sing songs, both karaoke and not. I like to fuck. Eat candy and junk food. Watch movies. Curl up with a good book. Beat up bad guys or good guys. Rob a few places. Break stuff. Go for a swim. Skinny dipping. Sex in all kinds of public places. See those guys who walk with there pants hanging off their ass and just go superspeed over to them, yank their pants down, and watch them fall flat on their face and laugh my ass off cause they should have better dress sense and not show their dirty underwear off in front of ladies. And just have better dress sense in general. And other simple pleasures. What would I get frlm world domination beside paperwork and a head ache?  She needs to ditch Zod and fly solo and not let some man boss her around and tell her what to do. I'm my own boss. I do what I want. When I want. It's great. Lonely but great. All I want in life is a partner. Someone who enjoy life simple pleasures with. I don't need riches and world  power. Just a warm body in my bed to keep me company and be by my side. That is all I truly require. I'm glad you agree. She needs to lose that damn Zod. Hell if I was him and had a lovely woman like her willing to obey my ever command like it was from Rai's lips. I would spend more of my time making her scream my name then conquering a galaxy. He is blind to not spend his time pleasing a woman like her instead of his obession over that annoying ... Kallllll - Ellll blech. Yes. Paint the town red!"


    Kara jumped up and got all excited and when Raina left and came back. Kara smiles at her as she vanished in a blink of an eye with a gust of wind and in less then a minute. Can back just as fast as she left. Dressed in a sexy one number black dress and heels, some eye shadow and some cute black glasses to give her that hot nerd / sexy geek look.

    "This is going to be great. I been needing a girls out for forever now. Your not one of those vampires that needs to be home before sunrise right? If not  then we got nothing but time on our hands. Well until whoever your hot date is, gets a hold of you. As I am sure you got one coming up sometime soon. Anyhow  what do we do first and ooohh we going in a car?  Mmm aside from ride alongs with Alex which don't count really. Since it was always work related. I can't recall the last time I rode in a car let alone drive one, that wasn't stolen that is. I'm use to just flying or running everywhere. Tho will be a pleasant change." 



  • {I love her as well. I do like him as Sir Lancelot.

    Would she know Morganna was his daughter? During Camelot times is fine with me :). Its honestly been hard with everything, I recently just lost my job because of the virus. }

  • Faroa remains silent, looking into Raina’s eyes. She offers a small smile that fades very quickly. She looks rather annoyed but it’s just a mask the Tigress of Zod is wearing. Faora has a heart and feelings. She has feelings for the Bride of Dracula but is afraid to reveal her true feelings. In her twisted mind she is still a loyal soldier of General Zod . In her twisted mind there is no place for feelings and love. Only for wars and bloodshed.

    But a single kiss from the Vampiress could change this once for all. Faora has changed. Gone is the military cut of her hair. Her hair is longer than the last time Raina saw her. She wears it loose and free.

    “The rumors you’ve heard, they're all true. I’m my own General now.” Faora explains. A General she is but without an army. Khan Noonien Singh was her last hope to become part of something greater than herself again. Faora believed that Khan had a warrior’s mind that was superior to Zod’s mind. But Khan vanished without a trace. And the Red Daughter vanished as well. And so Faora Ul is alone again.

    Why can’t Faora admit her feelings for Raina at last? This would make things so much easier for the Tigress. Finally, Faora gives Raina a cruel grin when she said she would kneel before Faora. Raina’s sexual innuendoes always amuse her. She would enjoy it to have Raina on her knees and allow her to do unspeakable things with her mouth. She would love it to dominate Dracula’s finest Bride.

    To hell with Zod and the Sword of Rao!

    At least for the time being.

    An offer from Raina? Faora’s all ears and considers for a moment. There is a puzzled look on her face.

    ”No. Now is the time. Come on now, spit it out.” Faora demands, eager to hear her offer.

  • (Now that it seems you have returned. I can thank you for accepting my friend request. I have changed my characters a few times from what I had before. One being horsewoman of Pestilence. Right now got just the two characters but I could always bring her back or one of the others but they are more of the "Bio Hazard" types. Anyhow. Lovely to meet you)




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