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Rakib Ibn Bahat

Commander, Sword of the Arab States

The Lord of Death

Address: Unknown


Not much do I remember my previous life. I was born in the desert, lost, hungry, without guidance and the scent of my seering flesh under the heat of the arabian sun. It was when I drew my final breaths was I reborn into something otherworldly, something that could capture the hearts of the many. This desert, this land was once beautiful and I will reclaim it for my people. And to drive away the oppressors!


  • Rallying the People
  • Destruction of foreign invaders
  • Kittens
  • Mobilizing my soldiers

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Character Appearance

An male of Arabian descent with dark toned skin, rugged features and angular Jawline. Always wears a kaffiyeh around his head to obscure his face and a regular tailored made suit.

Character Personality

Cold and heartless towards his enemies yet kind and charming to his allies. He is a man of focus and religious zeal. Willing to die for a just cause and does his best to minimize casualties on both fronts.

Character Likes

Likes to see his plans come into full fruition. It usually takes months of planning so he demands his troops to follow each phase to the letter otherwise it would be for nothing

Character Dislikes

Dislikes all those who threaten his people

Character History/Story

Was once a soldier of the Israeli army against the fanatical groups that waged a 'righteous' civil war against the government. He was captured, tortured and then left in the desert to rot. It was in that desert that he partially lost his mind but gained some sort of a nirvana. He was able to think so outside of the box that when he was rescued, he quickly led the rescue force out of an ambush meant to kill them all. He rose through the ranks, squashing organization after organization until the New Arab states were formed

Character Inventory

Carries nothing but a Chrome Plated desert eagle for protection

Character Abilites

Able to lead armies in very lightning fast assaults Is an amazing shot with his desert eagle

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Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I just love writing and this is one of many characters I want to make.

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