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The Healer


Many know the battle between Heaven and Lucifer, Raphael was on his brother Michael's side even though he was not one for violence.  With his sword in hand he slayed those that stood against his Father and his brothers.  The battle was long, but Heaven was victorious and Lucifer along with his brothers that were on his side fell.  This was the moment when the ArchAngel Raphael learned that all things come with a price. After that Raphael put his sword down and instead decided to become a healer for the new World.


He would travel the world aiding healers and giving them advice and whispering knowledge to them so that they could heal those who are ill and wounded. The ArchAngel was once called by God to appear before a man named Abraham. He was tasked to heal him and save Abraham and Lot, which he did so without question.  Raphael was no leader, although he is a warrior; he is a healer at heart.


Fallen From Grace


Raphael always considered Gods words above all else holy, he never questioned him nor defied him. But he has also grown to care about man as well. He watched them grow, he taught them wisely and fairly. He even began to love them, even if they had flaws. This had not gone unnoticed, as Gabriel would one day question him wondering who Raphael was loyal to.

Without hesitation Raphael said that he was most loyal to God, and that he made man with his own doing. Therefore he is loyal to them as well; having fate in them to know right and wrong, good and evil. This answer was unsatisfactory to Gabriel and so he drew his sword toward him. Raphael shocked and stood his ground as he asked his brother what he was doing to which he simply replied. "You have cherished them for too long, we are not suppose to interact with them; and you have broken that law."

"Gabriel, what is this you speak, you claim that I have done treason- when I have done what I have always done since Father gave us our wings." He stated as he would try to step forward to his brother but Gabriel would have none of it and pointing the blade toward Raphael's chest making him stop in his tracks. "You have chosen against your brothers and therefore you will be stripped of your wings and sent to hell!"  Hearing those words made Raphael step away, his mind slowly beginning to shaken from Gabriel's decree. " did I wrong you, do you truly plan to cast me out?" 

There was hesitation in Gabriel's movements, but then he raised his blade ready to swing it down toward his brother. "THATS ENOUGH!" Shouted from above as Michael came down from the sky  between his brothers.  "Gabriel this is madness, Raphael is not some traitor that would dare go against us! He loves you brother, he loves all of us!" Michael defended Raphael while Gabriel was unditurbed by Michael's presence. 

"Stay out of this Michael, you know this as I do- they do not deserve our love, or our strength." Gabriel spoke calmly as he started to move around only to have Michael follow his movement keeping Raphael safe. "That is not our place to judge brother." After that, the older siblings clashed which caused the sky to darken. Raphael watched on in disblief, he was watching the whole thing all over again right before his very eyes.


"ENOUGH!"  Raphael shouted running into the battle standing right between  them, but at that moment he was stabbed by Gabriel's blade who was about to stab Michael. The clouds darken as all angels watched on in horror and panic. Michael was the first to have Raphael in his arms, embracing him while  Gabriel  looked at his blade seeing the blade covered in golden ichor.  He instinctively dropped his sword and ran. he ran while Raphael was beginning to feel his golden wings blacken and the wound growing deeper.

"Why didn't you let me handle it, Raphael why didn't you trust me?"  Raphael used the last remnant of his strength to take Michael's hand and gives it a tight and loving squeeze. "Do not let my fall be your own...tell Gabriel that no matter what, I forgive him."  Those were the last words he said  to his brother, for all his brothers to hear as the light flickers out as he descends.  As he descends he did not enter Hell like intended, but in the world that he had protected for so long.




As he travelled in this new life Raphael would walk among the world, he made his way around; alone, without a purpose. All except what he has known to do for so long; to aid those ill and wounded. He found a clinic in need of staff and nurses. Some were of course skeptical to allow a stranger; not to mention one dressed in rags help out in any way. But that all changed when a child was deeply ill and close to deaths doors. 

He was the first to act, he went to her side and started to use what he could to keep her awake. He had to be thorough with making a special ointment for the fever that was present.  He took a slab of some and places it over her forehead and neck which seemed to slow down the heat. He would then look through the medication they had available and soon  takes two tablets apart mixing them together in a glass of water which the girl drank and soon started to fall asleep.  With that, the child will live, and Raphael earned his spot in the clinic where he noticed as a Doctor.





One night when Raphael was getting supplies he was suddenly met with someone he thought he would never see. But of course that was the beauty of the unexpected. He was tortured, maimed, prodded and abused. They did so much to him that he dared not rethink it. If he does he would go into shock and lose him to his inner struggle; Even an angel couldn't endure the pain that was brought to him. For three days he was tortured but after all that, it was  only the beginning of his torment.

When it was all over, he was forecfully turned into a beast. Not just any beast, a Werewolf that would have no control over his actions. Like a pet, he would be used to strike those that are deemed worthy prey, or enemies of the one that turned him.  His first test; was too kill every client and nurse that he had ever worked with. When he awakened...Raphael died inside, his mind no longer coping with reality. To many most would say it wasn't his fault--but to him...hes nothing but a monster.



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  • Great page, let me know if you would like to possibly write together sometime.



    Come to the end of the young man's meal, and his thank you, Granny nodded softly, "You're welcome Raphael."  With that, the woman saw the cash he left as she wondered if he remembered it was on the house, but rather than say a word about it, as in offer that reminder, this would go towards his accommodation, she thought to herself.  With that sorted on her part and the cash placed aside safely so, this was something she would fill him on once they were at the Bed and Breakfast.  Then and there, she cleared up his plates and cutlery as well glass in preparation to bring them to the back, but with his words which she did catch before she left him, she nodded, "I'll lead the way then.  Just one moment."  With the dishes carried out to the back, woman then informed her granddaughter and Ashley one of their wait staff she would return soon, and to please look after the place and their customers.

    A nod given towards Granny from both young women as she then met up with Raphael again.  "Follow me, young man."  With that, the woman headed towards the exit, hoping their newest arrival had stood to leave as well, to then open the door, walking on out of it, waiting on him to exit before she continued on her way.  As the place of business was next door, a building or two, the walk would not be an overly long one, and with their arrival to the front door, Granny now having unlocked to prepare for open of business hours for this establishment as well.  She entered first, to then hold that door for him as this was said, "Please enter.  We will then get you settled in."


    ⁘ ⁘ ⁘ ⁘ ⁘ ⁘ 


    Meanwhile, a short distant from Granny's, Emma Swan had driven her son to school, and was waiting outside those school grounds, until Henry was ready to enter.  The moment it was time for him to leave, she kissed his cheek, giving him a soft embrace, "Have a good day at school Henry.  Your other Mom, or one of your grandparents will be here after school to meet you okay.  Just in case I can't get off of work at that time.  Give me a call though, or the let the school call me if you need me."  He nodded at his Mom happily to then kiss his mother's cheek and give her a hug before he turned on his heel entering those school grounds.  Emma remained watching, as well as waving him off before she could not see him any longer.  "I love you so much kid, I hope you'll be okay.  I am a phone call away, don't forget it."  She would speak that to herself only as she finally turned on her heel, she leaving the school grounds' to then make her way back to the diner, and then to trusted waiting vehicle, her yellow colored beetle.  With her eventual arrival to the personal and work vehicle combined, she unlocked it while about to pull that driver's side door open.  Though as if Emma was looking for it, or while she was willing to feel it, something made its way throughout her that caused an involuntary, unwelcome shudder.  'What the hell....?'

    Inner thoughts mused while the woman unlocked her vehicle, Emma looking around, she lost to an extent.  The more she looked over her surroundings as if she was trying to find something that would bring this town to the medium or highest of alerts, she simply witnessed everything else and everyone else around her as normal as could be and nothing had changed.  So with a soft sigh of sorts to leave her lips, the woman little by little slipped into that waiting vehicle, she simply sitting there with the engine stilled for ten minutes or twenty even, in the off-chance something caught her attention.  If the feeling was just that, a feeling only and nothing came to her in those twenty minutes maximum, she would then be on her way, she would be driving herself towards the Sheriff's station.  A mini stakeout of sorts, that is what Sheriff Emma Swan allowed herself to take part in.




  • Lovely page, I would love to write some time!

  • 10454609077?profile=RESIZE_930x


    "Correction, I must bring you to your brother and as for the matter why and if you know about me then you know I cannot question Lucifer and his actions. No one is to cross Lucifer otherwise they will be dealt with swiftly. I have done so many times and paid the prices countless times and what I do wish is to not meet his wrath again." Nicholas responds in all honesty as he watches the Arch Angel circle around him, Nick's grip on the Arch Angel blade was strong as he rises it up in defense as soon as he see's the Arch Angel pointing his blade towards Nick.

    Upon hearing why he has not killed him yet when he had two chances, Nick scoffs, "don't sell yourself short. It's just this is my first time slaying an Angel and you are a worthy advasary compared to all my other vicitms. If you don't want to go to Hell and be at the mercy of your brother and buy yourself time, you will have to kill me." There is something about Nick's statement, a warning of the sort to the Arch Angel that he has to do this though there is a flicker of a warning to, a chance for the Arch Angel to get away and delay his time if he so wishes and that would be to kill Nicholas. Nick knows he will come back to life, it would buy the Arch Angel time to flee from his fate. Deep down Nick had always told Lucifer he never wanted to do anything with Angels, that he would kill anything or anyone else, but any flicker or small hope of redemption for him, killing an Angel would tarnsih that. 

    Raphael was right, Nick was hesitating though Nick is also being tested somewhat by Lucifer and the consequnces are great.

    In an instant, Nick closes the space between the two and will make his attempt if the Arch Angel does not retaliate in defense in time, taking the Arch Angel blade Nick will if he succeeds drive the Arch Angel blade through the Angel's chest in and out, that is unless the Arch Angel had listened and heeded his little messsage moments prior.



  •  f35Pjcp.png

    "You're welcome Raphael."  She was pleased to hear him use the 'Granny' title.  With his comment of: 'I'll try to not to be loud like one of those rowdy teenagers that go out party all night long,' she laughed a little with his joke, and a young man with a sense of humor, she thought to herself, a welcomed addition to their town.  She believed him too, and he already different from her granddaughter, from Ruby, who was all about partying plus more, she going through a phase sometimes where she would not help in the diner.  Thankfully though today, and this week week she had been behaving herself.  "Alright, it won't be to much longer then."  Once again she gave him a 'you're welcome, to then witness him taste the orange juice, she pleased to hear that it was delicious.

    Excusing herself as she heard a small ding, his cooked breakfast now ready.  Upon stepping out back, it was served up on a plate for him, the woman thanking her cook at the back to then return at front for him, "Enjoy Raphael."  The juice was one thing, just one small part of the meal, despite it being delicious in his eyes.  Hopefully the breakfast meal would be just the right amount of deliciousness to complete it.  Before she was able to see his reaction to the meal, or hear about it, the woman had heard Emma and Henry leave, the woman offering them a cheery wave and see you soon, before looking back to the young man.   "That is Emma Swan, she is our Sheriff here young man.  The little one is her son, Henry.  She hasn't been here as long as the rest us, she is someone who found home here after having started out like you are now once."  A brief mention of two names which he could remember if he wished to, if he needed to, before she added, "If you can promise to not be like one of those rowdy teenagers in these parts, I am sure you'll be good in her eyes, and this town's, to rarely cross paths with her."  A light, late joke offered in return, but not much more than that was said.


    As Granny had mentioned Emma was a newcomer intentionally or otherwise, or that she had been once as the woman had not been around for as long as everyone else had been, would that make Raphael curious enough to be drawn to Emma even more, like she was curious and possibly drawn to him too, and his reasons for being here, that they would seek each other to get some answers from one another? Or, Emma would simply have her own when she decided that invisible string between them should be shortened considerably, if Raphael did not ask his own? Those were possibly good questions, but just what ifs for the moment.  The reality for the others or a once reality as their memories had returned since the first curse, Granny included though she would never express it openly, no one had originally known how long they had been here, how long their had been in their professions, it almost like it had just happened one day in a blink of an eye.  One moment they were elsewhere, and the next moment they here in Storybrooke, with no memory of their beginning here, or anything at all, they just simply came to be.  Unknown to all, except for Emma and Regina, one had managed to get all of his memories back before the curse was lifted, to remember who or what he was, with Emma Swan's assistance from this unknown curse that had been placed on all of them, that being former town Sheriff Graham Humbert, but that man was no longer around, he having died unexpectedly.  A suspected heart attack.

    If Raphael was curious enough, he might find out this information.  He might seek Emma out to ask what was different about this town if his thoughts were leading him there more and more, or better yet Henry as he was the biggest believer, he knowing the full truth about his town despite before anyone else had ever known.  He was the reason why Emma had come here, so she could break this curse and also take on some final, unknown battle well into the future sometime, so everyone could remember would get their eventual happy endings.  If they crossed paths, Henry might just talk to Raphael, if he met another believer in Raphael that was.  If none of the above though, lastly Raphael might simply stumble on that fairytale book of Henry's, if it was left behind here at their once table area, or the newcomer accidentally stumbled upon its hiding place that was, to curiously look through it.  Time would tell when his first odd experience and moment came to him, a key part of him truly figuring out this town's mystery, or a part of it, meaning that the Sheriff plus everyone else here were not what they seem.  It would be a two-way street though as Emma Swan would figure out something had possibly followed him here, having her own thoughts, instincts telling her that much, but what she would first witness in that possible mystery surrounding him, only time would reveal.  With breakfast now served, Granny would leave him be to enjoy it, unless of course he preferred the company.



  • 10438402462?profile=RESIZE_930x


    10438404880?profile=RESIZE_584x"I take it you must be Raphael?" Nick asks as Raphael made his way back inside after having slain the succumbus outside that was assiting him in his capturement of Raphael. Nick's eyes would venture down to the hilt of the sword he has stashed at his side as Nick has one slightly visible himself up his sleeve, an Arch Angel blade. Nick stands up from the old creeky chair he was sitting on, this place, this abandoned building was filthy as ever though it did not mind the old Viking Vampire so much as he has lived in worse the wreak of death does sour his enhanced senses some. "I take it you know why I am here then?" he having heard the fallen Angel's mumble from outside, "it's nothing personal but its a necessary evil I must carry out, I hope you do understand." Nick takes a step forward closer to the fallen Angel. 

    In his centuries he has grown tired of being an assassin truth be told yet it was the deal he made with Lucifer to ensure he would never return to Hell and deal with the torment he had suffered for two centuries when he first served the fallen Arch Angel. And if the fallen Angel before him is to succeed in killing Nick here it would only be temperarily as Nick would come back to and only hunt his target down. "I must compliment your work with helping the humans though it is rather foolish, they are far beyond saving." Nick drops the Arch Angel blade that was carefully resting inside his inner jacket sleeve down into his right hand grasping the handle of the blade, he has never slain an Angel before, this would be something new alltogether.



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    Fangtasia, late in the evening.


    Nicholas Van Helsing was resting on his own throne on the platform overlooking his own bar called 'Fangtasia' a place where only vampires are welcome with a plus one an exception he allows in his bar they can bring any species they wish as long as they behave themselves and the rules always goes with no fighting. Fangtasia is meant to be a getaway for the vampires, to be able to feed off their plus one or to show them off to others though the plus ones are not just to be anyone they must be of great importance to the vampire who brings them as a formal way of getting to know their fellow brotherin or sister on a more personal note as vampires deep down do enjoy one anothers company and stories of their lifetime as being undead. Nicholas was alone tonight, normally his own lover would be by his side but duties called elsewhere so alas he was alone. 

    It has been a while since he did a job for his forever boss Lucifer, their history going back a little over a thousand years. Nick was glad to be out of Hell when the time came for him to get out of his demon servitutde and turned vampire however he still found himself returning to Lucifer, the Devil always having a hold of him and the two could not stop making deals with one another and another would pop up just momentarily. 

    Appearing in Hellfire flames before him was none other than Lucifer himself. It was not Lucifer's first time in Fangatasia unwelcomed and thankfully Lucifer always behaved himself in Nick's own buisness, another deal they had placed was to not affect each others place of buisness. Lucifer would never do anything to tarnish or harm Fangtasia and Nick easily will not mess with Lucifer's plans in Hell, as if the vampire would ever want to return to Hell.



    "To what do I owe this great pleasure?" Nick puts on a brave reluctant face before Lucifer.

    Lucifer walks up to Nick with an all so casual demenor though Nick knows Lucifer can go from calm to a sadistic sick torturing fuck in a blink of an eye if anything upsets the Fallen Arch Angel.


    "I have another job for you." Lucifer states, "I need you to bring me back my brother, he's turned into a filthy beast and its high time he gets to deal with me for once and come to Hell. You see, I haven't been able to touch my brothers since Michael banished me to Hell and they all had the upperhand on me but now I have a oppertunity to grasp my little brother and let him get a taste of my own medicine."

    Nick would ask why Lucifer does not do himself though he knows that would be a big mistake. "I'm assuming our previous deal is still good then?" Nick inquires about never truly dying and always coming back to life.

    "Oh yes, if Raphael kills you even with any of his Divine powers you will come back rest assured." Lucifer re-assures his college.

    "Great" Nick says with a hint of sarcastic enthusiam, "do you know where his location is?"

    Lucifer nods and suddenly a black piece of paper appears in Nick's hands, the letters were in a bright red giving him the location of where Raphael is, in Nick's hand would also appear an Arch Angel blade. "Use that to kill him and he will be sent straight to my domain. I expect to have him by the end of next week, if not well, you know what happens next." Lucifer grins and snaps his fingers as he vanishes in a blink of an eye.

    Everyone that was in Fangtasia went quiet looking over at Nick, they were not fond of the Devil himself appearing as often as he has as of late. 

    Nick gulps slightly but re-assures everyone no one is in danger. "As you were." Nick nods to everyone and then looks down at the paper, it simply stating 'Japan'. "Well at least I have the country down, now which city?" Nick sighs, hopefully its where he plans on moving to, which is Osaka - currently Nick is residing temperarily in Tokyo.



    Pongo happily accepted the petting gesture and attention that Raphael offered, his tail wagging happily to show as much.  Archie simply stood back to watch the interaction until Raphael brought his attention to Pongo's owner once more, while taking the young man's hand shaking it to bid farewell and good luck for the time-being.  "You're welcome Raphael.  Of course.  Likewise, I do hope we meet again too.  Best of luck."  With that, the man turned on his heel, Pongo willingly turning too as the two headed to his place of work and office.  Eventually he made his way to his work building and inside his office, the man preparing for his work day ahead as Pongo went to his bed, settling in too.

    ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧  


    Inside Granny's Diner, it would not take too long for Mrs. Lucas to notice their newcomer as she offered him a welcoming smile along with a nod, "Hello Raphael, I am Mrs. Lucas.  Or you can call me Granny if you'd like as everyone here does.  Nice to meet you too, and welcome to our town."  As a newcomer he might not be comfortable with the 'Granny' title, and if not, that was okay.  Not dwelling there however as she nodded, "Why yes, we do.  Not many come to Storybrooke, so we definitely have some rooms available."  It was clear to Raphael now that everyone he saw now, or had seen, which would not be many just yet all resided here.  It did not mean visitors were not welcome to their town, they just didn't get many visitors.  About to offer to show him the way to the 'Bed and Breakfast', and so she could provide him with a set of keys to his new room until she heard his other request.  The elderly kind woman remained smiling, a soft chuckle escaping as she nodded, "Your breakfast is coming right up."  She turned away from him momentarily to step out the back and kitchen area, informing whoever was on cooking duties of the new food order, it then being prepared for him soon after.  Stepping to the front once again, the woman informed him, "It is on us Raphael."

    A once off yes, but a way of welcoming him to their town.  A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice has been prepared for him too, it part of the meal, and she chose what she thought would be the most popular choice, seeing as something specific had not been requested.  "I'll show you the way to our Bed and Breakfast when you're ready young man.  Do you do wish to eat here, or in your room when the food is ready?" Either way, she could step out if the option should be takeout, and have her granddaughter stay here to ensure everyone is looked after while she showed Raphael the room, so he could could get settled in.  Or that could wait, and following breakfast, he could say the word whenever he was ready.

    From where the woman and her son sat, not once did Emma look his way as she knew what it felt like to be the new person here, the odd one out almost until you find your place in that somewhere new.  She simply kept tabs in a sense while listening in on the conversation here and there, though the time for her and Raphael to meet would not be today.  Soon yes, but more than likely after he was settled in, unless of course their paths crossed for another reason before such a moment, an example being him needing a town Sheriff or something along those lines.  Snapping her out of this moment and her thoughts was her son.  "Mom," Henry addressed her, and pointed out the time, the one in which he needed to get to school now.  Thankfully they had both finished up now, the woman nodding for Emma as well as Henry to then stand and depart the diner.  She called out to Granny as she left, "Thank you Granny, I'll see you again soon."  Smiling her way, and if Raphael had turned curiously, she would nod and smile his way too, that the extent of their exchange for now if it even occurred before she turned forward and departed the diner altogether.


  • (Sounds like a plan! Shall I send us a starter then?)

  • (I do like the second idea, Lucifer does love his pets and he will forever have that bond or prescence over Nick no matter how much he tries to escape Lucifer's grasp and his endless deals with the Devil. Perhaps that being a favor to Lucifer that Nick has to do against his will is to bring Raphael to Lucifer. Lucifer could do so himself though he wants Nick to do it? The two would not get along though as Nick does not favor werewolves (he is a halfbreed himself though only turning on a full moon). Though Nick isn't a complete monster he could spare Raphael when he finds out more about his turning into the beast and the two can become allies of the sort?)

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Whenever I get a dog, I will name them Lucifer.
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"Uuuuuuuuu….why did you say spiders…I had killed one yesterday then a bigger one appeared today…I’m…"
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Raphael had been getting more supplies after learning that he was running out in the clinic. It was…
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