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Name: Drake Salvoter 

Codename: Redcell

☣other names: Drake, RS839, monster, The Bloodhunter, infected, Zompire

Experiment Number: RS839

Age: 25 years old, ageless

Bloodtype: A+

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5ft 10inchs

Weight: Average/Athletic 

Occupation: A hunter and assassin for Murfield, normally an actual Bioweapon experiment from them. Also, a bodyguard working at a rave club. Which is owned by a local crime lord in NYC, which Drake doesn't know about this kind of things.

Speices Type: Zompire/Infection/Human Hybrid known as Bloodhunter/Redcell virus

Speical Ability's/Skills: Rapid Healing Factor, Arms can shapeshift into claws or a long bladed weapon. Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and heightened senses such as night vision, raptor vision, and heat vision. Can hack into any computer or high-security system. Able to analyze blood type to identify any certain type of creature. When drinking blood from a creature, that creature with soon die off or get a poisonous illness which is treatable. He isn't a normal zombie so resurrecting a person into a zombie or them changing into one isn't possible. There is a special ability that he can heal a person's wounds, which is kind of unknown to Drake and the actual creator of the virus.

☣ Other Ability's: Drake is able to control infected monsters or undead ones to do his own bidding. But when an infection gets out of hand, he chooses to eliminate his followers.

☣ Heated Ground Spikes- With enough energy and blood-consuming drake can create a powerful explosion of heat spikes from underground. If it's to ward off people, protects against heavy projectiles like a shield or to kill anyone who would come across him.

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Disguise: Drake is able to take shape into any human form, when drinking their blood. Having all of their skills, voice mimcry ect. Including his original attire that he wears can shift at will into his civillan clothing. So he can able to hide his monsterous hooded appreance from regular soiceity, and away from other corporations as well. 

Aura: Deep reddish black color

Personality: Drake doesn't trust humans that much since he's been over through experiments from them. He is more overly protective, and highly aggressive if he's been threated or prevokt in any way possible. Somewhere inside him, Drake dose has a kind heart and caring personality, if he chooses to act like it. But all and all Drake as well has a sense of slight dark humor, including acting like a gentleman to the woman. acting teen rudeness like sometimes dose this because of boredom.

Sexuality: Purely Straight

Relationship Status: Single And Not Into A Full Relationship!

criminal record: murder, assault, and battery, theft, vandalism, breaking and entering.

Likes: animals, drag racing, dark creepy places, silence, reading manga, blood packs/blood, watching horror movies, rock music/Heavy Metal.

dislikes assholes, hospitals and needles, police, and FBI, Murfield, Reynolds, becoming an experiment, Loud noises which he got used to over the years.

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----> Jensen Ackles/ / Alex Mercer Prototype

Family Relationships: Scott Salvoter (Deceased) Lisa Salvoter (Deceased) Sisters/Brothers (None- Only child)

Bad Habit's: Normally Smoking, Stealing inside stores, going to drag races at night.


  • Unable to drink blood for days will make the host grow weak, and unable to control it's hunger. The host will throw up blood uncontrollably, and become it's own monster from within.
  • Iron or gold will make the host unable to use it's ability's or shapeshift.
  • Antivirus or vaccines, it will cause the host to be sedated for hours including creating a numb like paralyzed state. If given to much of the Vaccine will kill off the host and virus completely.
  • His shadow will cast a monster like appreance if he's in his normal civillian state or in disguse as well.

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Dripp. by Remarin


⒝⒜⒞⒦⒢⒭⒪⒰⒩⒟ ⒣⒤⒮⒯⒪⒭⒴

Born in a rough neighborehood, were all you had is textbooks and a family that were always working. They never think of taking care of their son, since they hired a professional nanny. Drake Salvoter, had no friends or anyone to have around but the Nanny a young 27 year old, was around she was like a mother to him. Before long years of studying to go to school, including highschool. Drakes life had became more and more difficult. Going into the wrong crowd, smoking and getting into further trouble. Him a group of friends, had overhead that people were beginning to disappere on the news. Drake and his so called friends didn't belive this, until one day. Drake had dropped out of College, which made both of his parents grew deeply pissed off. They both took the young kid age 25 into the basement of their house. Having enough of getting into trouble, they decided to go through some experiments with Drake as their early test subject. Finding out some dead bodies which were sprawled onto the floor. He soon found out that his parents were the kidnapper's and scientist's working for a company called Murfield. Being injected by a red serum named RedCell, Drake had overcome some changes. Growing a strong heavy side effect for craving warm human blood. Mr. And Mrs. Salvoter, had decided to take their son to the undergrounds of Murfield for further testing. Seeing that his DNA Strain and changed drasticlly, into a virus-like zompire, all of the employee's and his parents decided to agree into quratine Drake from others and the world.

Days including weeks had went by, Drake started to go into the processes into becoming a pure dark monster. He went on a deranged rampage,escaping through the strapes the operation bed. Drake felt the virus inside himself streagthing up, until his left arm shifted into a long blade. Having killed 20 scientist's, guards including his own parents. The young man soon was about to escape this hellish life, until Murfield agents came in with guns. One of them made Drake an offer, of starting a new life and becoming a long time assassin, for agent Reynold's. While in this new life, Drake was able to hunt feed and live his life alone without anyone to bother him in his life work.

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  1. No Killing off character or gmoding, if he dies the RP will be offically over.
  2. I'm not going to be online all the time. I do have a job and family to be with, so please be patient and leave a comment until I get back to answer it thank you.
  3. I nomrally wing my RP's but plotting and ideas are great as well.
  4. 18 to 21+ rated gore, violance etc.
  5. Drama is okay in RPing but in RL I'm not into it at all. So please don't start with the hateful crap and so on so forth. I've been there done that in RL, and I don't want it to start on here.

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  • Alright sounds wonderful :) let me know if this is okay?



    Placing on her black black heels she stood to her feet, adding only a two inches she still wasn’t to tall only coming to about 5’6 in heels. Her brown locks cascaded lightly down to her collarbones and framed the sides of her face in waves. Her full lips almost looked a satin color in a soft nude shade, while her full thick dark lashes made her honey colored eyes pop. Her skin had an olive tan with a very soft porcelain doll like complexion, with thick dark nicely shaped brows and a button nose.



    Her tiny black dress hugged her every sweet little hour glass curves  down to her mid thighs almost perfectly, it was a very sexy classy dress for this evenings party.. But this wasn’t just any party, no..  it was a friend of hers she’s known for a few decades now. Ember was there for I guess you could say to “stay in the loop” Of what was going on in the small city she lived in. Being she was a very independent to herself type of gal she only came to these events occasionally.


    Taking her hotel room card she placed it into her black velvet clutch  before leaving the room, Emebr didn’t live here.. she lived on her on a few miles up the mountain in her own cabin like home. Ember for years hadn’t had a stable home but it was something she’s grown to over the years, until she came here.. something about his place was different, it made her feel more.. alive. Downstairs she walked through the lobby while her heels clicked along the floor as she made her way out to the car outside picking her up. About 45 minutes passed as she watched her car lead her up more towards the city. Rain lightly tapped against her window .. her hues watched as the rain poured down the window as if the sky was crying; taking in a slow breath she than felt the car come to a stop as the man upfront spoke “ Ma’am we have arrived “ Ember nodded as she reached up handing him cash before stepping out of the car, before her was a large building that didn’t look nothing fancy.. It was through those metal doors and what was inside. Inside music played, many people danced while others drank talking among themselves. Ember stayed to herself for the most part while she sat at the nearest bar stool.. Many starred but many didn’t dare try an speak to Ember for many reasons.


    “ Gin and coke please .. “ Her full lips spoke, while her sharp graceful voice spoke “ Double shot! “

  • /Edena is also an assassin, a friend of mine gave a moniker for her; An Assassin with a Conscience. Her targets are more those that are hiding things, borrowing the idea from Red; she would go after the VP and Denning.. So perhaps that could work? She had an target an ran into yours?/


    (This is all I hear when reading about Drake's form changing. XD Just amazing music from Bloodborne.) 

    When the Necromancer leader would try to start a protection spell, she had to scoff at the fact he looked at her as some smal sorceress when in fact she was the last living apprentice of Merlin himself. Yet her anger faded now when she took notice of Drake's form changing rather rapidly and her pale green eyes would study the shifting man that turned into the molten beast and seemed to be in a state of awe for a moment and once again, the inner dragon that craved death and bloodshed could rest as her focus would return as quickly as it left and allowed the dark-haired woman to use her magic again to take down a few of the necromancers close by with the whips of pale gold electricity and make sure Drake had a good chance to attack the leader that so desperately wanted his demise. This also would give Deirdre the chance to stay out of Drake's way and see how he would handle it all. If anything, she would step in and put the leader down herself without any problems, but she was curious to see what would happen next.

  • |Yes, please I would like to plot. Is there any ideas you have?|

  • News had come in down at the office of some incident going down at a military base in Colorado. She had been stationed down there due to having to track her stalker, Seth, down to that state.  Course she had some other Buisness in town as she was tracking a fugitive across state lines, a possible demon suspect that the regular cops and FBI would be too ill equipped to deal with. 

    She had been using a special device that she enhanced with magic, that lets her get alerts of any unusual activity going on that was not of human origin. An attack on a military or government medical installation, were just one of the types of places she were keeping an eye  on as she knew shady things always went down in those kinds of places and she was definetly right this time. 


    Grabbing her keys, she left the office, got in her car and drove off towards the facility. Her fellow patrolmen wouldn’t know of her destination as only she got the alert of something going on. Though soon enough it will become news enough that the rest of law enforcement was going to hear about it.


    ”Alright. Time to see what is going on.”

  • |Hm I suppose.. NYC is fine for an location, I have placed Enyo there. However I cannot think, as of this moment, why Enyo would be at the club? Perhaps she was there to create a bloodbath and she views Drake killing his boss? I shall think if another idea if that one is not correct.

  • //Hmm, perhaps Ares has sent Penthesileia to track and kill Drake, but since she no longer believes in his work she helps him.. At least in a few ways that Ares would not grow suspicious..//

  • (( Yes of course! I would love to write with you!))

  • Thank you for the add! Would you like to plot and write love?

  • Deirdre would pause for a moment before running once more and with a quicker speed towards the auras she felt. She was hoping she wasn't too late and use a pale gold colored light to whip down anyone she had seen that gave off a nasty aura. Whatever these creeps were, they were up to no good. Her aura became like electricity, staticing with her heartbeat pumping her anger boiling now as she made her way closer to where she felt Drake and could hear a voice speaking of a transfusion as she stopped now, sliding into the room with another sphere of her electric-like aura pulsing in her hands to see Drake and this leader and roared out a response, "When do you think you'll pick on someone your own size?! Have you foolish mortals no shame?! No decorum to your belt anymore?!" Her pale green eyes sharpened as this dark-haired woman clearly had enough of the shenanigans going on. This was clearly not the first time the local necromancers had tried taking lives in the area and this sorceress was clearly over it all. 

    "Turn around and face me if you so dare! I can reassure you that I will be the worse one to anger in this situation." Deirdre would speak with venom dripping from every world and this seemed to be a side of her that she prayed Tessa would never see in her life. However, this woman was clearly over it and readied a spell to hit the leader with as her hands shook. It had been quite a while since the sorceress felt this much anger, but the repretitve cases of Necromancers slaying innocents in the area made her draconic blood boil. 

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