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Name: Drake Salvoter Image result for Alex Mercer cosplay best

Codename: Redcell

☣other names: Drake, RS839, monster, The Bloodhunter, infected, Zompire

Experiment Number: RS839

Age: 25 years old, ageless

Bloodtype: A+

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5ft 10inchs

Weight: Average/Athletic 

Occupation: A hunter and assassin for Murfield, normally an actual Bioweapon experiment from them. Also, a bodyguard working at a rave club. Which is owned by a local crime lord in NYC, which Drake doesn't know about this kind of things.

Speices Type: Zompire/Infection/Human Hybrid known as Bloodhunter/Redcell virus

Speical Ability's/Skills: Rapid Healing Factor, Arms can shapeshift into claws or a long bladed weapon. Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and heightened senses such as night vision, raptor vision, and heat vision. Can hack into any computer or high-security system. Able to analyze blood type to identify any certain type of creature. When drinking blood from a creature, that creature with soon die off or get a poisonous illness which is treatable. He isn't a normal zombie so resurrecting a person into a zombie or them changing into one isn't possible. There is a special ability that he can heal a person's wounds, which is kind of unknown to Drake and the actual creator of the virus.

☣ Other Ability's: Drake is able to control infected monsters or undead ones to do his own bidding. But when an infection gets out of hand, he chooses to eliminate his followers.

☣ Heated Ground Spikes- With enough energy and blood-consuming drake can create a powerful explosion of heat spikes from underground. If it's to ward off people, protects against heavy projectiles like a shield or to kill anyone who would come across him.

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Disguise: Drake is able to take shape into any human form, when drinking their blood. Having all of their skills, voice mimcry ect. Including his original attire that he wears can shift at will into his civillan clothing. So he can able to hide his monsterous hooded appreance from regular soiceity, and away from other corporations as well. 

Aura: Deep reddish black color

Personality: Drake doesn't trust humans that much since he's been over through experiments from them. He is more overly protective, and highly aggressive if he's been threated or prevokt in any way possible. Somewhere inside him, Drake dose has a kind heart and caring personality, if he chooses to act like it. But all and all Drake as well has a sense of dark humor, including acting like a gentleman to the woman. acting teen rudeness like sometimes dose this because of boredom.

Sexuality: Purely Straight

Relationship Status: Single And Not Into A Full Relationship!

criminal record: murder, assault, and battery, theft, vandalism, breaking and entering.

Likes: animals, drag racing, dark creepy places, silence, reading manga, blood packs/blood, watching horror movies.

dislikes assholes, hospitals and needles, police, and FBI, Murfield, Reynolds, becoming an experiment, Loud noises which he got used to over the years.

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----> Jensen Ackles/ / Alex Mercer Prototype

Family Relationships: Scott Salvoter (Deceased) Lisa Salvoter (Deceased) Sisters/Brothers (None- Only child)

Bad Habit's: Normally Smoking, Stealing inside stores, going to drag races at night.


  • Unable to drink blood for days will make the host grow weak, and unable to control it's hunger. The host will throw up blood uncontrollably, and become it's own monster from within.
  • Iron or gold will make the host unable to use it's ability's or shapeshift.
  • Antivirus or vaccines, it will cause the host to be sedated for hours including creating a numb like paralyzed state. If given to much of the Vaccine will kill off the host and virus completely.
  • His shadow will cast a monster like appreance if he's in his normal civillian state or in disguse as well.

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Dripp. by Remarin


⒝⒜⒞⒦⒢⒭⒪⒰⒩⒟ ⒣⒤⒮⒯⒪⒭⒴

Born in a rough neighborehood, were all you had is textbooks and a family that were always working. They never think of taking care of their son, since they hired a professional nanny. Drake Salvoter, had no friends or anyone to have around but the Nanny a young 27 year old, was around she was like a mother to him. Before long years of studying to go to school, including highschool. Drakes life had became more and more difficult. Going into the wrong crowd, smoking and getting into further trouble. Him a group of friends, had overhead that people were beginning to disappere on the news. Drake and his so called friends didn't belive this, until one day. Drake had dropped out of College, which made both of his parents grew deeply pissed off. They both took the young kid age 25 into the basement of their house. Having enough of getting into trouble, they decided to go through some experiments with Drake as their early test subject. Finding out some dead bodies which were sprawled onto the floor. He soon found out that his parents were the kidnapper's and scientist's working for a company called Murfield. Being injected by a red serum named RedCell, Drake had overcome some changes. Growing a strong heavy side effect for craving warm human blood. Mr. And Mrs. Salvoter, had decided to take their son to the undergrounds of Murfield for further testing. Seeing that his DNA Strain and changed drasticlly, into a virus-like zompire, all of the employee's and his parents decided to agree into quratine Drake from others and the world.

Days including weeks had went by, Drake started to go into the processes into becoming a pure dark monster. He went on a deranged rampage,escaping through the strapes the operation bed. Drake felt the virus inside himself streagthing up, until his left arm shifted into a long blade. Having killed 20 scientist's, guards including his own parents. The young man soon was about to escape this hellish life, until Murfield agents came in with guns. One of them made Drake an offer, of starting a new life and becoming a long time assassin, for agent Reynold's. While in this new life, Drake was able to hunt feed and live his life alone without anyone to bother him in his life work.

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  1. No Killing off character or gmoding, if he dies the RP will be offically over.
  2. I'm not going to be online all the time. I do have a job and family to be with, so please be patient and leave a comment until I get back to answer it thank you.
  3. I nomrally wing my RP's but plotting and ideas are great as well.
  4. 18 to 21+ rated gore, violance etc.
  5. Drama is okay in RPing but in RL I'm not into it at all. So please don't start with the hateful crap and so on so forth. I've been there done that in RL, and I don't want it to start on here.

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  •              Catherine blinked a little with what could be considered a sudden departure from Drake, yet rather than question it, or rather than ask him to stay or something, the brunette simply nodded with a soft smile, “You too, I mean a friend of my sister’s.  That we will, thank you.  Are you sure you……”

                 Before having had a chance to finish that sentence, the man was good, which left Catherine puzzled.  Heather on the other, not one bit, and she smiled, waving to Drake, letting him know that they might catch up again one of these days.  Just like that, Heather went about beginning to order drinks for them, while Catherine it seemed, had other ideas.  ‘Something was off here, so very off.’  Whispering to Heather a little, she spoke these words, “I’ll be right back, sis.  Do not got anywhere, please.  I promise, I’ll be right back.”  With that, she stepped off the stool, making her way for the exit.  Not quite reaching it however, and she heard it, a fire, a gunshot going off, this causing her to pick up her pace, because whatever was going on, it wasn’t good.  Just what she would come face-to-face with however? The next few moments, or even less perhaps would reveal it.  Rushing out into the cool, crisp air of the night then, Catherine spun around a few times over, trying to see something off, something that would cause alarm bells, and then some to ring, yet it was clear, just for now, at least.  Allowing her instincts to guide her however, she moved forward, they are guiding her right towards where Drake and those men were, unbeknownst to her.

                 If she caught up with them, before lives would be lost however, or once it was just that too little, too late, that was yet to be found out.  Unknown to her as well however, Heather had decided to follow, because as of late she had become curious, or suspicious rather of where Catherine went often nowadays, without a word, and without any kind of explanation - Ever since their mother died ten years ago, it was clear Catherine had never been the same, so once and for all, Heather was going to find out what was going on, because she wanted to help Cat - In the end, hopefully Heather wouldn't become in danger as well.

  • //Thank you for accepting :) Shall we try and plot? ~ Edena//

  • (Sure. Which cop did you want me to use?  Seth or Theresa? )

  •              Both women blinked in surprised somewhat at hearing Heather’s name being spoken.  And, both simultaneously turned their heads towards where the voice came from.  Catherine, of course drawing a blank upon seeing the face, due to never having seen this man in her life.  The fact that he was the one who she met on a case two weeks prior, (which was still ongoing), and was the one who warned her to stay away from it, or else things wouldn’t end well, it wasn’t clear at all.  There was hint of recognition or anything on her behalf, luckily in that moment for him.  Heather on the other hand, immediately flashed a bright and wide smile of recognition his way, even though it had been some time. 


    "That’s true, and I had no idea you were still in New York.  But, isn’t it a small world- Life has been great, I cannot complain, and how it’s been going for you, Drake?”

                 Her friendly, bubbly personality surfaced instantly towards her old friend, yet to introduce him so her sister, she failed on that part.  As always, which had Catherine chuckling to herself a little in the background, though to herself only.  When the man however took the time to introduce him, she softly nodded, while giving him a soft, friendly smile as well, “Catherine Chandler- Nice to meet you Drake.  Sisters actually, but we are like best friends, yes.  So, you're not entirely wrong..”  She responded truthfully, while watching the man, then watching Heather, then went back to watching Drake, while both sisters awaited his next response.  If Catherine would end up sticking around for the remainder of the night, it wasn't known, yet for now, she stayed, and besides, it was good to always meet new people.  Wasn't it.

  • Whatever memories Redcell could have saw; perhaps the birth of Mr.Negative and the death of his parents. Or maybe the unspeakable sin that happened in time square, either way Mr.Negative was a man of mystery and contempt. He was amazed that someone like this virus like man was able survive such a blast like that. Those who usually take the full blast would no longer be standing. "Just what the heck are you?"

    Hearing the sound of a helicopter close by made him flinch since he knew he hasn't called in for a helicopter.  His gaze never leaving the man that stood before him only to squint from the smile on his face. He wanted to wipe it off that mug and blast him with a higher energy flow but  it was too late. He admired the movement and ease of the other as he was now atop of a building. Mr.Negative clicked his tongue before turning his attention toward  the armored vehicles and the helicopter.


    "More distractions, just what do I have to do in order to just go home and plan to kill the man that destroyed my life?" As he said he walked over to his limo while his men would pull out their weapons and began to shoot at the vehicles. Mr.Negative would open the limo door and pull out a bazooka and points it toward the helicopter and takes the shot to blast it out of the sky. 


  •              Catherine’s work day was uneventful to say the least.  That there, it wouldn’t, or it didn’t sit well with brunette, especially not when it could be the calm before the storm, in a sense.  Even if it had been uneventful, it moved along at a quick pace surprisingly, so much so, that as quick as it had started, it was over as the time on the precinct’s clock read 8:30 PM.  “Let’s hope tomorrow something at least happens.  Something more than desk duty, so it doesn’t feel like I am on some sort of suspension or something.”  Sighing to herself, while she muttered under her breath as she slowly yet surely collected all her belongings.  When they were on, or with her, the brunette said her goodbyes before exiting the precinct, and making her to, then inside her waiting vehicle.  Once it was unlocked, and she safely inside and prepared, the car’s engine would sound to life, before she slowly yet surely made her way home.

                 What would be waiting for her at home? Time would tell.  An hour later, Catherine arrives to her apartment complex, bringing the car to a stop in front of it.  Unfastening her seat belt first, to then collect all her belongings once more, before opening the door and climbing on out.  Locking the vehicle behind her, she then at a steady and relaxed pace at same time, made her way towards the lift and then inside, letting it direct her up to the fifth floor.  Upon arrival to her floor in a matter of seconds, the woman exited the lift, now walking straight towards apartment number 513.  Slipping keys into the lock, but before she got to turn the key, an excited and overbearing Heather greeted her, the door opening right before her eyes.  Clutching at her sister’s arm, Heather just talked and talked and talked, while she grabbed, the keys out of the lock before the door slammed shut behind them with a loud enough bang.  Not once, did Catherine manage to get a word in, let alone a sound, while she smiled forcefully somewhat at her sister.  ‘A night out, girl’s night only.  Karaoke.  Drinks.  Dancing.  And more drinks.’  That is what Catherine managed to get from Heather, which caused her to sigh, and even about to speak up to decline her offer, yet no would not be taken for an answer.  So, without ever realizing how it had happened or when, an hour or two later, Catherine was dressed up and ready for this so-called night out.  Heather had done it all somehow, the light natural make-up, the hair and the outfit for Catherine.  The things she did for her sister sometimes, that the last thing to cross through Catherine's mind, while the two sisters slowly headed on out for their girl’s night.

    - - 


                 Following a taxi ride, the Chandler sisters would arrive to their destination half an hour later.  Paying the fare, Cat smiled towards the driver, giving him a nod of thanks, while speaking it as well.  And then, the last thing that was left to do was exit the taxi.  That she did, with Heather once more clutching at her arm, while guiding Catherine all the way to the door, and then inside.  At that moment, Heather was already in dance mode, bopping her head to the music, or even swaying her body somewhat, which caused Catherine to laugh ever so softly.  Sometimes she questioned if they were real sisters, due to the differences of personality and more about them.  At the end of the day though, she loved her sister dearly who was more family to her than anyone else, and that was all that mattered.  In time, the two had arrived at the bar, where Catherine took a seat first.  Heather sat alongside Catherine, and to her other side, Heather was seated near a random as well, which they would later come to learn was Drake, well if the younger Chandler decided to strike up a conversation.  Or, if he decided to strike up a conversation with them.  For now, however, the two shared kept to themselves, not wanting trouble or anything along those lines, while they exchanged small chatter from time to time as they waited on one of the bartenders to serve them.

  • The words that came from the strange mans mouth did not seem to phase him. He managed to dodge the whip like blade only to get a cut. He would have lectured the other for such an action, however he was rather curious about the man when it seemed that he was speaking with someone. He wondered who would dare send someone after him, but that changed when he removed the device in his ear. He would then cross his arms while clicking his tongue.

    Seeing that the other was distracted Martin Li would soon wave his hands in a circle before he finally charged up a ball of negative energy. He would then send the negative energy straight toward Redcell, if hit he would feel a large force that would perhaps send him flying and feel  a large amount of electricity.

  • (Honestly I can see Drake and Tessa getting into lots of trouble together and Deirdre just giving them both nasty glares that moms usually give to kids in trouble. XD So that could work.)



    “Well what do we have here? Who is crazy enough to come around this psychotic , sociopathic, demoneo?”


  •              Catherine gritted her teeth once more when it seemed the odd looking man had her within his grasp.  She eyed him closely, taking heed of his warning, though he would be met with a glare through and through – He wanted her to drop this investigation? Thinking about that to herself, she instantly replied no inside of her head.  But, once she had been let go, and the man gone for good, it was his footsteps and then his words that echoed over and over inside of her head.  ‘His boss wants Catherine to survive and live a happy and good life? Why? Why, and what the hell was this? Why would some random person, and stranger want that, when someone who worked under him was trying to scare her, or worse.’  For the remainder of that night, it was clear such an odd conversation and more played over and over inside of her head.  Trying to analyse things, trying to seek information, that is what Catherine did nonstop, yet no matter what she tried to go forward on, it seemed she would come to nothing, at all.



                 A week passed, or more with no sign of danger or anything else coming her way, it would seem.  What did present itself to her door way however, or what however? A bundle of energy, that being in the form of her sister, Heather.  Without anywhere else else to stay, Heather was living with Catherine, while trying to find a job - The night life however and meeting new people, it seemed to be more on Heather's radar as of late, so every so often, the brunette would find a random in her home, whether it be someone  helping herself to the milk, or food, or just something inside of her her fridge, or pantry cupboard.  Rolling her eyes a little at this new living arrangement, and sooner rather than later, Catherine knew she would have to bring it up, and these arrangements of Heather's would have to change.  For now however, while Heather slept, Catherine sat herself upon the couch, while reading, or listening to the morning news, while having a cup of tea, or two to busy herself somewhat until it was time to get ready for work.

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