An NYPD detective working in Brooklyn, Meredith is a second-generation, Irish-American detective with the 78th Precinct. She achieved some level of notoriety after capturing the "Prospect Park Stalker". She was born in Midvale to her parents Jeremiah and Frankie Danvers. Since early childhood, Meredith displayed a gifted intellect and brilliant attitude towards science. As a teenager, she enrolled in Midvale Junior High, obtaining remarkable results. Despite her intelligence and academic results, Meredith began her life in a less-than-heroic fashion. After her father was murdered she was lured into a world of darkness. She was involved in many illicit and illegal activities. She used hard-partying and heavy drinking to cope with her insecurities and troubles. This escalated to the point where she began failing med school and was placed on academic probation.

But Meredith Danvers is not real!

Her life, an illusion.

She is an experimental Nexus-7 Replicant, a synthetic, biorobotic being with para-physical capabilities and designed to resemble a living, organic being. Genetically engineered being composed entirely of organic substance from an alternate 21st Century created by the Tyrell Corporation. She poses implanted memories belonging to a woman named Caitlyn. She is a blade-runner of the New York Police Department. Her duty in her timeline was to identify, hunt and kill replicants who have arrived on Earth illegally, referred to as "retiring" them. The Tyrell Corporation also gave her more than four years of life; the exact amount remaining unknown.

 Vital statistics
Created by
Tyrell Corporation
Incept date
Serial number
4 Years
Nexus-7 Replicant, levels A
Hair color
Eye color

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  • (I’m ready when you are. How shall we have our Danvers look a likes, meet?)

  • *It has been one week since Raina has met Eddie Brock in Brooklyn. The Bride of Dracula turns. She looks at the woman, sipping her coffee she got from a Starbucks store. Raina studies her for a few seconds* You must be Danvers. *Raina says at length. Damn she is a hot she thinks to herself* I am Katherine Beckett. A pleasure to meet you my dear. *The Vampire Bride offers a smile then she shakes the hand of her new Partner. She knows from Intel reports of the Dracul Order that a cult, and old foe of her ex-lover Dracula, are after this attractive woman named Meredith. What makes her special?, Raina often wonders. Why her? For Raina she seems to be just a mere mortal with a story. She lets her hand go and walks towards the police tape strung across the road *

  • [[Hello thank you for inviting me..]]

  • (thank you for the invite. I look forward to writting with you.)

  • (Thanks for the invite. Gotta say.  The Danvers name and faceclaim keeps me thinking if Alex Danvers. Whom my Kara has a little infatuation with.  :)

  • In that case Khan requires a new wife. You have been a wonderful partner. I enjoyed every second of it. And I am very sad that you chose this way. But I am glad you are still here. Interesting face-claim choice.  See you, soon.

  •  [\ Thank you for the add. I am looking forward to writing with you! /]

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