"Something inside me has always been there...but now it's awake."


Who is Rey?


Abandoned by her parents at a young age, Rey was forced into a life of struggle and hardship on the unforgiving desert planet of Jakku. Working as a Scavenger for scraps of food in exchange for parts, Rey grew up in almost complete solitude. Although she had no friends, her upbringing made her resilient, independent and strong against any danger that came her way. Rey continued to stay on Jakku until the age of 19, always hoping that her parents would return. In her heart, Rey knew that they were never coming back.


By some miraculous chance, Rey met and befriended a defected storm trooper named Finn, as well as an astromech droid called BB-8. It was this meeting that would change the course of her life forever. Not only did Rey find herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between the Resistance and the First Order, but she discovered that she is very strong with the force, an energy that flows through all living things.


Since then, Rey has had many adventures; from besting Kylo Ren in lightsaber combat, to learning the ways of the force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, to almost single-handedly saving the Resistance from total annihilation. At first, Rey was uncertain of her place in this war. Now, she knows where she belongs and who her true friends are. She will use all of her power to help defeat the First Order, and bring peace to the galaxy.



What does Rey look like?


Rey is a young woman with a fair complexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and sparse freckles across her face. She stands at 5’6” (170cm) and has a lean but strong build. Her hair is worn either in three seperate buns or held long in the back. Her outfit varies depending on her situation and circumstances.






Rey is a brave and strong-minded individual. Despite her difficult childhood, Rey is not a cold or distant person. She is friendly to almost everyone she meets, unless they give her a reason not to be. She has a strong sense of justice and will put herself at risk to help someone in need. However, she can come across as fairly naive as she is still young and has much to learn about the universe. Due to the trauma of being seperated from her parents at a young age, Rey does struggle with abandonment issues and will become withdrawn if she feels a new friend is going to leave her. She also struggles with facing her past and has even lied to herself in order to cope with her pain. Overall, Rey is a genuinely good person who would do anything for her friends and loved ones.




Skills and Abilities


Although life on Jakku was difficult, Rey had the advantage of growing up in an area that many diverse life forms would visit. As a result, Rey was able to pick up on various alien languages, including droid speech and the language of Wookiees.

As a Scavenger, Rey’s knowledge of machinery and parts is very advanced. She is also a talented pilot and gunner, especially aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Rey’s weaponry consists of a quarter-staff, blaster and a blue lightsaber. Despite having very little lightsaber experience, she can wield one fairly well. As mentioned previously, she is also strong with the force and can use it in several ways; such as bringing objects towards her, playing Jedi mind tricks and sensing the energy of others. As Rey is on the light side of the force, she will only use her powers for good.




Relationship Status (Not Canon)


Rey is currently in a relationship with a Dark Jedi named Salia. After saving Salia's life through a force-powered kiss, the Dark Jedi pledged herself to Rey and the two quickly began to develop feelings for each other. Despite coming from completely different paths, they share a strong bond and are determined to overcome any obstacle together.


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"YOU" by Us Baby Bear Bones - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehx0P7KbZeo

"It Was In Me" by Avril Lavigne - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53KT5bCn8uA


The character of Rey is owned by Disney/Lucasfilm as well as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2015), "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (Dir. Rian Johnson, 2017) and "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2019). The character is portrayed by Daisy Ridley and was created by J.J Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. No copyright intended.



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                               Catherine simply laughed softly, though sincerely as she saw Rey’s eagerness to see the car, and how it worked plus even more.  tumblr_ooz8at0bhq1twe00io4_540.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xShaking her head towards Rey as the young woman moved towards the exit, Catherine responded in a warm, sincere manner, "Nothing at all to be sorry for, Rey.  Just nothing at all, that I promise you.  Any questions, anything you want to try, if there could be anything, please feel free to let me know.  But for now, great.  I am ready," following all those words, the brunette beamed softly, and brightly, while opening the door, where she then exited the apartment with Rey close behind or at her side one could hope, well if the woman did stick as near as possible that was.

                               Upon their exit, and the apartment locked behind them, Catherine would start to lead them towards the lift.  Standing before it, she pressed the down button, then stood back to wait for the doors to open.  All too soon, those doors opened, and the two would head on inside, the doors now closing behind, the lift ride down starting soon after.




                               Within a few minutes from that moment, a lift ride had been taken down from the fifth floor to foyer/ground level, where Catherine guided Rey from the lift, and out of the entire complex.  From there, the brunette slipped her keys out from her jacket pocket to then aim it towards the car.  Thumb ran over the small buttons upon the car key, where she pressed it upon.  She had been prepared to unlock it herself, though decided to let Rey have an attempt at it, well if she wished to.  "My car is not too far at all here.  But, would you like to try to unlock it, just to see how it works here, Rey?"  From there, Catherine let Rey take it all in, while guiding herself to the car, yet extending her keys out for the younger woman to take, if she so wished.  Smiling softly, while she watched the car, the keys, and Rey, alternating a few times between the vehicle/keys and the young woman, awaiting her response and/or actions.


  • *Balkish smiles a little as he see's determination in Rey's eyes, and a building confidence as well* Thank you for your support Rey, and i am honored that you wish to follow me. I have trained several apprentices, however all of them was trained in the way of the Sith, i cannot do that with you. *Balkish crosses his arms and thinks for a moment while rubbing his chin lightly* I guess, that the answer here is that, you will be my apprentice, but i will teach you in the way of the force, but not in the dark side, nor the light side. Its interesting, i don't think that anyone has followed the path of the grey Jedi or grey Sith in thousands of years. Yet now their order will rise with you as the newest one to follow in their footsteps. 

    You are welcome to follow me to Korriban, but this battle against Darth Jadus is mine and mine alone, we will face each other in single combat, but your presence will show that i have support, while you are mostly unknown to the empire the council has heard of your strong connection to the force, and that will show them that i have unique support, not that there is not also members of the council who will support the Wrath, though not everyone, i suspect some may see advantage in supporting Jadus. This duel against him will be one against one, but he may choose to bring some followers with him to show power and status. 

    *Balkish looks into Rey's eyes and puts a hand on her shoulder* We must go at once... the longer we wait the weaker i will appear and so will the emperor. *Without saying another word Balkish walks towards the elevator of the building, quikly getting inside, he then takes his communicator and calls another Sith, a Sith named Jaesa. She bows her head and calls Balkish master and ask him what he needs* Jaesa, i am being challenged as the emperors Wrath, Darth Jadus has choosen to over play his hand, gather all of your fellow apprentices that i have trained, alongside all the soldiers, mercenaries, assassins, agents, moffs, everyone who supports the Wrath must be present at the Sith academy, this insolence but me shown to the entire empire and i will need you all to bear witnesses. *Balkish then turns off the holo and puts it back into his pocket*

  • “Balkish Maurow! That was the Sith guy name. A zabrak was his species I think.  Anyhow who is scar man? Is he some guy you got the hots for or something? Old boyfriend perhaps? Now is that Rey like R A Y  or R E Y  or maybe R E I?

     I knew a superhero who called himself, The Ray.  Funny enough his first name was Ray.  That R A Y spelling. What a silly name scheme.  Take your first name and throw the word “”The”” before it.  “


    Yeah. Kara was a few screws loose of a full deck but hanging out with Harley Quinn would do that to a dark phantasm like her.  She turned her gaze to look at her lightsaber for a real long minute or two. 

    “What will I do now. Well.  Space travel or going to a planet without a yellow sun is going to suck balls. Course not to big an issue thanks to my silent partner that I got. My ship is destroyed so I’m stuck unless I ride with you. Unless you got no ship. In which case we can just steal the ship these guys came in on.  Not like they need it anymore.  Possibly I may try to go home but dunno how to.  Maybe I will have to find a new home in this galaxy and a purpose. Reinvent myself.  I was something of a super Villian back home. 

    Dark Supergirl.  Evil Supergirl. Red K Supergirl. Red Daughter and Overgirl.  Various monikers I took for myself.  My name is Kara Zor-El II, of the house of El on my native home planet of Krypton. Which sadly went boom boom and no longer exist. Sad face.  Tell me.  Can I have a look at your lazer sword ? If not. Can you point me to the closet gift shop where I can obtain one? I’m more then happy to take it off the corpse of someone.  Not yours of course. You can relax a bit, you are safe around me. I wouldn’t harm that pretty face of yours. Not unless you try to kill me, that is.  But something tells me you are one of those do gooder types and wouldn’t try to kill me in cold blood.  “


    She looked back to the dead bodies on the ground and then to their spaceship.  

    “Question.  Why did you even come here in the first place? This doesn’t seem like a place to drop in on all willy nilly. These stormtrooper guys...I know they came here for me. By what I overheard them saying. By the way who are they and what did they want with me? Well hell if the people in this galaxy and timeline are anything like back home. I would guess they are like some government military organization? Maybe wanting to harness me as a biological weapon for them, a super soldier. That would be my guest, based on past experiences.  


    So anyhow. I want one of those lightsabers or maybe even a high frequency wave vibration vibro Sword.  I’ll settle for either. Though I like one of your weapons but red color like that Sith guy. I dig red and black. Hell you can tell by my outfit I got on. “


    She would tap a button on the side of her head to bring her mask back on and gestures to her outfit. 








  • Kara was very much the dark opposite of her twin sister.  Where as Kara wasn’t a flirty or didn’t act bad, didn’t use more force then needed, mostly were Into guys and didn’t have a mouth like a sailor, her evil twin was anything but.  Dark Kara liked using violence, she liked saying sharing she felt like, was a mega flirt, was more into girls then guys, and did not have a no kill rule.  She also wast nerdy, shy , and bashful as her twin pretended to be as her alter ego of Kara Danvers. 

    Kara was sure to say and do some things in the near future that was going to make Rey , rather uncomfortable but she wasn’t all murdery.  She did have a playful side and did have a no harming cute animals policy.  Children she simply just used tranq darts and sleeping agents to take care of them so she could avoid accidentially killing a child that pissed her off too much.  She found children to be rather annoying to begin with but didn’t mind animals so much.  She respected the purity of essence they had and lack of things like pride, ego, ID, and other things.  


    Kara slowly got up and dusted herself off as she tried to focus on Rey’s questions.  

    “Resistance? What happened to the so called Rebel Alliance I once heard about? Who are these guys that I just killed. Members if the Galactic empire? My knowledge may be off depending on what the galactic calendar year is here or I am in.  Time traveling is so confusing at times and I do believe that is part of what happened to me.  I’m rambling. Let me see.  Don’t tell me dudes with red lightsabers is some how always automatically associated with “”bad people””. I personally like red and black. My sister wears red and blue and she is a goody goody.    Anyhow. No, this guy wasn’t mmmm human looking as I think you are saying about this scar face man you are asking me about.”


    She paused to try to remember some details and then suddenly just busted out laughing in Rey’s face.


    ”The Shit Lord!  Lord of the Shits!  I remember now. No wait. Sith. Sith Lord or just Sith.  I swear you type in Sith in like my cellphone and it autocorrected to Shit.  I mean the same exact four letters, just switch H from after the S in shit and put the H at the end to spell, Sith.  I wonder if anyone else ever made that connection.  (XD) .

    This Guy was humanoid in design but he had like red skin, was bald, with horns on his head that would give someone a wicked headache if he ever headbutted them. I think his name was Stalkish Marouw, Marouw, Falkish , Bulkish Manarouw? I don’t recall. Some silly sounding name. I think I tried helping him escape my planet to go back to his own universe and timeline.  I do remember him saying he was a Sith. Whatever the hell that is. He had a lazer sword thing like you, just red in color. Also he was “”evil”” as some said. He was always going on about the Power of the Dark Side and how amazing the “”Force”” was.  Felt like quasi pseudo magic to me or more like meta humans with powers.   He is the reason I recognize your weapon and those guys in the armor matched the description of Storm Troopers that he gave me. Soemthing he said due to the armor I wore when he first met me.  Wait....... my ship!  They blew it up.!”


    She just realized it was gone and now she was stuck on whatever hellhole of a planet she was on.  She didn’t know how to get back home! Though where was home for her really? This is not the first time that Kara went dimension hopping or space voyage. But it was in her universe and not some foreign one or way into the future.  She hated the idea of space travel at first. Being on planets with no yellow sun or on a ship with no access to sunlight.  Luckily that hellish lantern power ring helped with that. Until she lost it, sad day that was but the reach Scarab she stole from another, more then made up for the lost of her fancy power ring.  She turned to look toward the ship in the distance that the troopers came in and she was thinking that this woman before her maybe had a ship of her own.  Perhaps she wasn’t stuck here after all.  


    “What did you say your name was again? My little ray of sunshine.  “ 

  • No, you do not have to answer me now, you are welcome to sleep on it, and you do not have to choose between the two directly. All though if you stay here, you  can still train, but i won't be around to help you, and other Sith may try to lure you to the dark side, it is in their nature to do so, others may see you as a threat. And even if they leave you alone, no Sith or Jedi can reach their full potential on their own. You can also still see your parents if you come with me, we will be returning to Drommund Kaas every now and then, but that also means you will be going to war against the republic and if they have Jedi assistance, you will face other jedi as well, both Padawans, knights, and maybe even masters.

    I would suggest you also talk to your parents about what they think you should do, parents often give great advice when their children are lost, at least that is what i have been told, i cannot say i got experience of my own in that matter. But it seems to be true most of the time. *Balkish is then interupted as he gets a holocall, he takes it out and activates it, one the holo a Sith Pureblood can be seen wearing dark robes* Wrath, this is servant two of the emperors hand, we have a situation that needs to be dealthed with right away.

    *Servant one stops speaking once he notices Rey and stares at her with his red eyes* Its alright servant one, she can hear this. *Balkish say and Servant one silently nods* If you say Wrath, their is a dire situation that needs to be dealt with right away. Darth Jadus of the Dark council, is openly defying your title as the emperors Wrath, he has issued a challenge against you, to meet him in a one on one duel for the right of the title and its powers. As you know no Sith can just challenge the Wrath for his title as the Wrath is always choosen personally by the emperor, but Jadus is both a council member and an influential Sith lord with thousands of followers, if we let him continue to taunt you and not respecting your title, the Emperor and his Wrath will appear weak, face his challenge, defeat him, it does not matter if he lives or dies, just make sure that he and every other Sith knows that no one challenges the emperor or his Wrath without consequences, meet him inside the dark council chambers on Korriban at the Sith academy right away, this is the emperors will! 

  • Kara groaned as the mask she wore on her face would seemingly vanish to show that face of a rather very young woman with golden blond hair and peiricing blue eyes, Arayan perfection as the Nazi version of Supergirl referred to herself as.  Kara let loose a string of profanities in her native Kryptonian tongue before she opened her eyes. 


    The wounds from the explosion, which looked bad, would soon begin to rapidly heal.  The Kryptonian material had been enough to weakened her in her almost fully powered state but she was still weak enough that sufficent force could hurt her. Such as taking an explosion point blank as she did.  Lucky for her she had absorbed enough sunlight thanks to her ship, so she survived an explosion that no normal person could have possibly survived, especially without more serious looking injuries.  In just a few minutes, Kara was fully healed and she looked at Rey straight in her face and spoke in English. 


    “Well hello beautiful.  My. Aren’t you a pretty one.  I’m going to guess you are not with the metal brigade over.....”


    She looked around and waved her hand in a wide empty gesture. 

    “Over all over I guess. I am venturing to guess since you haven’t just tried to attack me while I got knocked out over here, that mmmm oh. You was the voice that sad you meant me no harm.  Yes, yes,  I remember hearing that.  That is good to hear.  I really wouldn’t want to mess that pretty face of yours. Were those guys....... Storm Troopers and your lazer sword. That is a lightsaber! Right?! Mmm not red colored like that other guy I met before. “

  • “Yes.  What she said. Especially since I’m not from this universe.  .....”


    Came a voice out of nowhere, followed by the sound of bone crushing and armor bursting as one of the troopers let out a gasp and the rest turned to look on in shock.  Standing behind the trooper was a humanoid shape  figure, one who had their hand sticking out through the chest of the trooper, from back to front.  Kara had rammed her hand through the trooper’s back, grabbed hold of his heart, and her hand continued as it was sticking out of the front of the trooper’s chest cavity with his heart beating in her hand.  It was quite the sight to behold especially since with blaster and lightsabers, wounds tended to be all nicely cauterized and clean.  


    Kills by those weapons didn’t leave such a gory, gruesome, bloody mess.   Two troopers opened fire on her and she nearly moved the body to act as a blaster proof shield.  One thing she noticed was that blaster fire was a heck of a lot slower then bullets.  This made her think back to that Sith person she once met. How they mention that things like guns and bullets were things of the past but some had a version of them in the future and were known as Slug Throwers, often called Jedi killers.  Unlike a blaster gun, which shoots a nice pretty colored beam that is easily visible and can be parried, by Jedi and Sith using lightsabers that is.  A bullet or slug, was virtually invisible to the naked eye once fired and not so easy to reply with a lightsaber, let alone the speed of the “bullet” was faster then a blaster blast or so she was told.  


    The use of blasters made people no longer wear armor since armor was mosty useless to stop blaster fire yet storm troopers and Manadolrian bounty hunters, stilled enjoyed wearing them for some reason.  Blasters made bullets more useful in the future since few people bothered to wear bulletproof body armor of any kind and made the use of slug throwers an excellent weapon.   For Kara, a blaster fired much slower then a gun, blaster bolt was slower to her then a bullet and since she was faster then a speeding bullet.  She had Jedi/ Sith like levels of reflex and was able to effortless dodge the Storm Troopers blaster fire.  


    She threw the body at one of the troopers and fan forward as she ducked under several shots and fired back with her heat vision.





    She then killed a few more Storm Troopers in brutalistic fashion. She ripped the arm off one of the troopers and threw it like a spear to rupture straight through the torso of another trooper. She straight up decapitated one troopers followed by ripping out the spine of another.


    ”Fall back ! Fall back!  Command.  The unknown being is alive and extremely hostile. She is slaughtering us! We are falling back!”


    One of the trooper presence of mind to have a drone video tape this whole exchange and transmit the data to the main battlecruiser for command and Kylo Ren to see.  No doubt once the footage was scene, would the First Order - Salivate over the idea of having such a powerful creature in their employ and under their thumb.  One of the troopers decided it was a lost cause to take the ship and the creature so they threw a powerful explosive into the alien ship a split second before that trooper had their neck snapped by the hostile alien. The explosive went off a few seconds later and because shsvwas having a little Too Much fun with her murdering and overcome by blood lust, she didn’t stop to grab the explosive and caught the full force of the blast as her ship was blown apart and she went flying into a nearby boulder hard.

  • *Balkish grins and laughs a bit at Rey's answer, it seemed that she either thought this was a trick question or that he had some kind of plan for whatever answer she would give him* There is no answer that i would prefer, there is no right or wrong answer, i am asking you as you have your own free will now, what will you do? What do you WANT to do? You  can stay here in Kaas city, live with your parents, never take up the lightsaber again or using the force ever again, and live a normal life with your family, or you can continue your training, but even that depend on what you want, you are not bound to me, i am not your master, and you are not my apprentice, if you wish to follow me, you are welcome, but be warned, i am the Emperors Wrath, i go where ever the Emperors hands sends me, which means often i go to war, against the Republic, against the Jedi, i kill our enemies, sometimes i go against other Sith, powerful Sith who is growing too ambitious or works against the Emperors will. This will change a lot within you, some things you may not like some you may embrace no one can know for certain.

  • Christian listened with a bit of renewed interest to details about the Jedi, and about herself. When she was done, he glanced towards the canister. His glance shifted between her and it a few times before he gave it some focus. 

    He'd seen what she and the man in black had done, seen it in a way that apparently neither of the two had, and yet, the concept of manipulating objects through this energy still seemed like a kind of magic to him. As a result, he was distracted, which begcame evident by his conversation. 

    "I think I'm startin'a understand. Like shootin with yer eyes closed, you have to feel it.."

    "When I was a kid I hunted bounties before I knew how to track em. Worked with the law. We'd hire a tracker -- some woodsman who knew the land better'n we did. Usually worked out fine, til the time we had to track an arsonist. The man wasn't all that dangerous a killer, that was until our tracker died. Stroke, or somethin. Then,  just that fast, we went from bein the law, to four men lost in the woods. Didn't take long for the arsonist to pick us off. Traps, fires... Point is, yer always at a disadvantage lookin through someone else's eyes. Maybe it's better I teach you to see than you teachin me this magic. It ain't somethin I can pick up anyway."

    Christain waved a hand dismissively at the canister, which titled ever so lightly onto it's side and then rolled onto the floor. The hunter looked at it suspiciously, and then with the same suspicion looked back at Rey. 

  • "Keep telling yourself that." He said with a grin. "Next thing you know you'll be sitting up all night thinking about how to impress them." he teased and leaned back in his seat fighting back a yawn in response to hers but losing. "How long did you say this trip was?" He asked wondering if he had time for a nap 

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