"Something inside me has always been there...but now it's awake."


Who is Rey?


Abandoned by her parents at a young age, Rey was forced into a life of struggle and hardship on the unforgiving desert planet of Jakku. Working as a Scavenger for scraps of food in exchange for parts, Rey grew up in almost complete solitude. Although she had no friends, her upbringing made her resilient, independent and strong against any danger that came her way. Rey continued to stay on Jakku until the age of 19, always hoping that her parents would return. In her heart, Rey knew that they were never coming back.


By some miraculous chance, Rey met and befriended a defected storm trooper named Finn, as well as an astromech droid called BB-8. It was this meeting that would change the course of her life forever. Not only did Rey find herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between the Resistance and the First Order, but she discovered that she is very strong with the force, an energy that flows through all living things.


Since then, Rey has had many adventures; from besting Kylo Ren in lightsaber combat, to learning the ways of the force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, to almost single-handedly saving the Resistance from total annihilation. At first, Rey was uncertain of her place in this war. Now, she knows where she belongs and who her true friends are. She will use all of her power to help defeat the First Order, and bring peace to the galaxy.



What does Rey look like?


Rey is a young woman with a fair complexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and sparse freckles across her face. She stands at 5’6” (170cm) and has a lean but strong build. Her hair is worn either in three seperate buns or held long in the back. Her outfit varies depending on her situation and circumstances.






Rey is a brave and strong-minded individual. Despite her difficult childhood, Rey is not a cold or distant person. She is friendly to almost everyone she meets, unless they give her a reason not to be. She has a strong sense of justice and will put herself at risk to help someone in need. However, she can come across as fairly naive as she is still young and has much to learn about the universe. Due to the trauma of being seperated from her parents at a young age, Rey does struggle with abandonment issues and will become withdrawn if she feels a new friend is going to leave her. She also struggles with facing her past and has even lied to herself in order to cope with her pain. Overall, Rey is a genuinely good person who would do anything for her friends and loved ones.




Skills and Abilities


Although life on Jakku was difficult, Rey had the advantage of growing up in an area that many diverse life forms would visit. As a result, Rey was able to pick up on various alien languages, including droid speech and the language of Wookiees.

As a Scavenger, Rey’s knowledge of machinery and parts is very advanced. She is also a talented pilot and gunner, especially aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Rey’s weaponry consists of a quarter-staff, blaster and a blue lightsaber. Despite having very little lightsaber experience, she can wield one fairly well. As mentioned previously, she is also strong with the force and can use it in several ways; such as bringing objects towards her, playing Jedi mind tricks and sensing the energy of others. As Rey is on the light side of the force, she will only use her powers for good.




Relationship Status (Not Canon)


Rey is currently in a relationship with a Dark Jedi named Salia. After saving Salia's life through a force-powered kiss, the Dark Jedi pledged herself to Rey and the two quickly began to develop feelings for each other. Despite coming from completely different paths, they share a strong bond and are determined to overcome any obstacle together.


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"YOU" by Us Baby Bear Bones - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehx0P7KbZeo

"It Was In Me" by Avril Lavigne - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53KT5bCn8uA


The character of Rey is owned by Disney/Lucasfilm as well as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2015), "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (Dir. Rian Johnson, 2017) and "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2019). The character is portrayed by Daisy Ridley and was created by J.J Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. No copyright intended.



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  • He followed her taking in his suroundings as he went. As soon as he saw the map he knew that this wasn't the galaxt he knew. None of the features that were so familiar with him were shown here and he looked over the map scrolling through it learning the controls quickly. Despite his savage appearance and gutteral accent he was a smart man and learned quickly. After looking through the map for a moment he let out a groan of frustration and slammed his fist down on the top of the console. Although he held back he still dented the top of the machine and caused the hologram to flicker. 


    He growled turning from the map and facing the woman. "Well, then Rey. It appears that Im stuck here for a time." He said as his anger was hidden away behind a smile that showed his sharpened teeth as he spoke. "I may be a king in my home, but despite what others may think, I am not to stubborn to know when I need help." 

  • He had never heard of the planet and scratched at his long bond hair as he thought and he cast her a strange glance as she mentioned the First Order. "The what?" He asked as his mind raced and finally he put everything together. Of course they didn't recognize him. He hadn't seen any symbols of the Emperor, their weapons were't the lasguns that most guardsmen used, and the doors were small as if they never expected a Space Marine to use the building. He wasn't in some far flung part of the galaxy at all. He was somewhere else compltely. "By the Allfather, I need to see a map." He said as he realized it. 


    "I think I may be farther from Fenris than I thought." He said mostly to himself. 



  • He had to stoop when going through doorways as he followed the woman. "Damned psykers teleported me here in the middle of a fight. Bloody cowards." He said as he took the food and was already eating from it as they reached the table where he stood beside it knowing the chair couldn't hold his weight in his armor. "Where the hell am I anyways?" He finally asked as he quickly ate the food off of the plate. Back home he wouldn't even call this a meal, but it would be enough to get him by and he knew he couldn't be picky. 


    The plate was emptied in not time and he sat it on the table as he looked around the room. "A good ways from terra from what I can tell." 

  • As the shot passed over Russ' shoulder he stopped. Turning slowly he faced soldiers and his hand rested on his sword. Anger seeped off of him as he stepped towards them and they counted down. He was just about to draw when he heard the other behind him call out. He stayed his hand and turned to the newcomer listening to her talk. He had figured out that he wasn't anywhere near home by the fact that the small number of guards thought they could take him. 


    He eyed the girl closely as she approached and relaxed slightly. "This how you always treat visitors?" He asked glancing back at the one who had shot at him. "You can call me Russ for now." he said as he took her hand, his massive gauntlet covering her hand. As she talked about loss he scoffed slightly. "Oh, I think I might." He and shook his head. "But lets walk as we talk. I need something to eat." He said and stepped past her motioning for her to follow. He had lead his people and his armies so long he thought nothing of giving orders and acting like he's in charge

  • Russ stopped as the guards approached and looked them over. They didn't look like any guard regiment he knew. "Do you not know who I am?" He said with a tired sigh. "Im Leman Russ, Primarch of the Vlka Fenryka. Lower your weapons and fetch whoever it is that's in charge around here." He said as he towered over the soldiers. In his massive armor he stood just over 9 ft. The armor itself was a light grey color and covered of rhunic symbols and images of wolves. Despite the dirty apearance it had now it could very easily be a work of art. 


    "And while you're at it, fetch an armror to clean my gear and prepare a bath. I smell like death." He mentioned and moved to step past the guards. It never crossed his mind that these people wouldn't recognize him and that this was more than a simple misunderstanding. 

  • The battle raged on the barren planet as Leman charged the hordes of chaos deamons and twisted beings that were once human. He had fought long and the hordes were steadily streeming towards him but he showed no signs of slowing down. With a mighty howl he met the wall of fless and armor and cleaved through them as he broke their lines and moved towards what appeared to be the leader. As he tore his way through he nearly reached his goal as a wave of energy engulfed him and as a massive explosion erupted and once the smoke cleared the warrior was gone. 


    In a far off galaxy the air would shift and the winds howl before a similar explosion would deposit Russ here on this new world. Not knowing what happened Russ continued his charge at emty air before coming to a stop and lowering the massive sword he carried and looked around trying to figure out where he was. "Bloody, sorcery." he growled to himself as he set out walking towards what appeared to be a base of some sort in the distance. With any luck they wouldn't be inclinded to shoot at him. 

  • He sighed as he looked out at the forest. "Yeah, I guess I am." He said gettting up and following her up. "And are you sure you want to trust me to watch your back?" He grinned. "I did say I'd stab you." He joked as they were walking. 

  • ฯ * Looking over to Rey after she asks the question of how old she was she shrugs her shoulders a little, looking to the waterfall hidden in the corner she watches the water fall * ฯ "I... I don't know.. Maybe 19 or so?"

    ฯ * Rising she takes her boots off and walks closer to the pool of water, sitting on the edge she places her feet in and leans back a little on her arms just watching the water * ฯ

  • He opened his eye. "With a landing like that I thought we crashed." He teased looking over at her. "What planet is this?" He asked looking around at the landscape and sighed. "Sure I swear if I get stabbed in the back by a teddy bear I burn this forsest down." he said with a laugh as he got up and stretched. 

  • Hippolyta shook her head as she reached to take her tankard and took a sip of the ale within, looking to Rey once she set her tankard down she shook her head slightly once again. "They would not come here... The Amazons do not interfere with outside matters."



    Sitting still it took everything in Diana to remain silent, frowning she begins to slowly eat once the food is delivered, not understanding her Mother's beliefs. It was an Amazon's Duty to help, especially against a Foe such as Rey was describing. But she didn't have the entire Amazons to protect or know of history with the World of Man, and her brief time away during the Great War so long ago, she was naive. Reaching with a hand to place gently pressure on Rey's arm she tried to communicate silently as not to argue and that she would help. Diana was convinced Wonder Woman could help and she would.

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