"Something inside me has always been there...but now it's awake."


Who is Rey?


Abandoned by her parents at a young age, Rey was forced into a life of struggle and hardship on the unforgiving desert planet of Jakku. Working as a Scavenger for scraps of food in exchange for parts, Rey grew up in almost complete solitude. Although she had no friends, her upbringing made her resilient, independent and strong against any danger that came her way. Rey continued to stay on Jakku until the age of 19, always hoping that her parents would return. In her heart, Rey knew that they were never coming back.


By some miraculous chance, Rey met and befriended a defected storm trooper named Finn, as well as an astromech droid called BB-8. It was this meeting that would change the course of her life forever. Not only did Rey find herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between the Resistance and the First Order, but she discovered that she is very strong with the force, an energy that flows through all living things.


Since then, Rey has had many adventures; from besting Kylo Ren in lightsaber combat, to learning the ways of the force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, to almost single-handedly saving the Resistance from total annihilation. At first, Rey was uncertain of her place in this war. Now, she knows where she belongs and who her true friends are. She will use all of her power to help defeat the First Order, and bring peace to the galaxy.



What does Rey look like?


Rey is a young woman with a fair complexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and sparse freckles across her face. She stands at 5’6” (170cm) and has a lean but strong build. Her hair is worn either in three seperate buns or held long in the back. Her outfit varies depending on her situation and circumstances.






Rey is a brave and strong-minded individual. Despite her difficult childhood, Rey is not a cold or distant person. She is friendly to almost everyone she meets, unless they give her a reason not to be. She has a strong sense of justice and will put herself at risk to help someone in need. However, she can come across as fairly naive as she is still young and has much to learn about the universe. Due to the trauma of being seperated from her parents at a young age, Rey does struggle with abandonment issues and will become withdrawn if she feels a new friend is going to leave her. She also struggles with facing her past and has even lied to herself in order to cope with her pain. Overall, Rey is a genuinely good person who would do anything for her friends and loved ones.




Skills and Abilities


Although life on Jakku was difficult, Rey had the advantage of growing up in an area that many diverse life forms would visit. As a result, Rey was able to pick up on various alien languages, including droid speech and the language of Wookiees.

As a Scavenger, Rey’s knowledge of machinery and parts is very advanced. She is also a talented pilot and gunner, especially aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Rey’s weaponry consists of a quarter-staff, blaster and a blue lightsaber. Despite having very little lightsaber experience, she can wield one fairly well. As mentioned previously, she is also strong with the force and can use it in several ways; such as bringing objects towards her, playing Jedi mind tricks and sensing the energy of others. As Rey is on the light side of the force, she will only use her powers for good.




Relationship Status (Not Canon)


Rey is currently in a relationship with a Dark Jedi named Salia. After saving Salia's life through a force-powered kiss, the Dark Jedi pledged herself to Rey and the two quickly began to develop feelings for each other. Despite coming from completely different paths, they share a strong bond and are determined to overcome any obstacle together.


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"YOU" by Us Baby Bear Bones - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehx0P7KbZeo

"It Was In Me" by Avril Lavigne - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53KT5bCn8uA


The character of Rey is owned by Disney/Lucasfilm as well as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2015), "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (Dir. Rian Johnson, 2017) and "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2019). The character is portrayed by Daisy Ridley and was created by J.J Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. No copyright intended.



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  • "Why would I not?" He asked with grin. "It was not chance that landed me at your doorstep. I think perhaps I was sent here to help you." He said as he scratched at the side of his head. "But I do not want your thanks, I do not help you for praise. I do it because I must." He said lowly and stood to walk over to where he left his armor. "Do you have rags or anything I can use to clean this?" He asked looking back at her

  • "Yeah I get that sometimes, but the ones who say don't last long." He teased as he used his lighsaber to cut a branch that was in his way. "What planet is this again?" He asked looking around. "I think i'd rather be on Jakku then this hell hole." He swatted at bugs as he spoke. His time crashed on a similar planet didn't help his feelings on this

  • Russ nodded as she spoke he didn't know what the force was, but assumed it to be what he knew as the warp. The description of Kylo Ren reminded him of hid brother Horus near the end. Wanting nothing more than power and would do anything to get it. "Well..." The great wolf said after a moment of thought. "It would seem that there is a reason for me to be here." He looked up at her with sharp blue eyes and a grin across his face. "From the way you speak, I assume you are outnumbered, but now you have a Primarch on your side and we have turned the tides of war many times in the past." He said with a low laugh. 

  • The day had begun horribly. After waking up from a bad dream, Virian had found a note from his house-keeper saying that she had quit. This had been the third house-keeper he had hired over the past ten months and they had all left for different reasons. The first one of them hadn't been able to cope with the isolation of the forest, then the next one simply couldn't handle the size of the house, and this last one had given absolutely no reason at all. But the frustration didn't just end there, because when Virian went to make himself some breakfast he found out that the damn woman had stolen the leftover fish-dish that he had planned to start his day with.

    Just as he was closing the fridge with a hefty sigh, a knock was heard. No-- two knocks. Turning his head, Virian's wild curls fell into his eyes, prompting him to sigh yet again. Everything seemed to annoy him this morning, and now there was an unexpected visitor. Who was even visiting him? He hadn't the slightest idea, especially not when he heard a female voice call out. His pointed ears immediately perked up, and Virian knitted his brows. This was a complete stranger... Perhaps someone who was lost in the forest? How else would she have been able to find him?

    Making his way towards the main door, his silk red robe open and moving behind him like a cape, Virian didn't bother to notice that he was still in his pyjamas. He had just woken up, after all, and a grandfather in one of the lounge rooms chimed just as it turned 9 o'clock. At that point he was by the door, unlocking it.

    Opening it slightly, Virian's golden eyes narrowed as the morning sun outside shone through. There, standing on his porch, was a stranger to him. The strangest thing about her, however, were her clothes. Was she a nymph? He hadn't seen one in a while, but remembered that their attire was something alike to what she wore. Still, he couldn't pinpoint her. She simply looked... human.


  • Hippolyta glanced to Rey then sent an narrowed eyes look to her daughter before she lifted her hand to have served to them, smiling as the Senators take their seats as well as well as her top warriors. A sad look entered her eyes as the chair on the end of her table was left empty, an tribute to Antiope her top General and sister. Looking to Rey she shakes her head. "You do not understand, I can tell.. I cannot explain. You, are lucky you made it here yourself. The Gods made Themyscira, it is hidden for a reason... If they come here we will fight, I will not involve the Amazons in an War not affecting us."


    Relaxing in her seat Diana removed her hand from Rey's arm, and smiled to the Senators as they joined some at the top table and others at the lower tables, soon the rooms were loud with talking amongst each other. Beginning to eat when her food was placed in front of her she glanced to her Mother sometimes and then to Rey. "You can stay for as long as you wish Rey.. I wish to know more?"

  • “The thing is.  My people react differently when exposed to certainly colored glowing rocks and one of them.  When my sister got exposed. She became a bit dark and had lower morality. Then another made the dark parts of her, everyone got good and evil in them. The evil parts were split from her. Creating me. For a time I was bad but my sister and her foster sister, Alex. Kept trying to tell me I didn’t have to be bad and that since I was a part of my other self, the good half, that I could be good or be less evil.  They kept trying to save me so that I wouldn’t go down a dangerous path and all that. 


    Truth be told Rey.  I was jealous. Very jealous.  I mean imagine being told that you were some fake copy of the original, a clone of someone. That you was meant to be the evil one , one many would hate, and the other was the good one, the one that everyone would love.  To have that sense of identity lost or confusion. Then it was what my sister had.  I call her my sister cause in ways, she is. I am the darkness inside her made physically manifested , but I am her and she is me.  She has a family, birth family and foster family, she has a sister that she is close with and friends that love her and would die for Her.  Where does that leave me?  I couldn’t try to take her friends and family for myself. I couldn’t be around them and be that constant reminder of her darker nature that she tries to suppress.  


    I have no one. My sister has everything, even a childhood and a job. An identity. I was left with absolutely nothing! So of course I acted out. I did bad things. I played the Evil role for a while. Cause I thought, if I couldn’t have someone’s love, I would have their fear instead.  BUT Alex and my twin , Kara, they tried to help me and tell me I could be something more then just some accidental cosmic Mistake, and have a purpose in life. It was what eventually made me leave National city to go someplace I could belong or find someone special in my life.  Now I never became the superhero my sister was but I was no longer a super villain. At best anti Villian/ anti hero is what I was or am now. “


    She did dig around in the ship while she talked with Rey. Feeling like she just needed someone to vent to and since Rey didn’t know her as people back home did.  That Rey wouldn’t have an already made preconceived bias opinion of her. But that she could form her own opinion about Kara, based on the hear and now. 


    “So over time I slowly became more good, less evil, less murdery. Though I still like stealing and the occasional grand theft auto, maybe arson but I do go around hurting people or doing bad things all willy nilly anymore. Not without some kind of reason. Like those stormtroopers.  I could tell they wanted me to be some kind of weapon for them or to throw me on a table and cut me open to see what makes me tick. I sure as hell Wasn't going to let myself be someone’s slave or puppet.  So yeah I went to travel and then some freak accident occurred that brought me here.  It was because I was alone and bitter that I tried to get more power. First a lantern power ring but that got me into the Lantern Corps war and I wanted nothing to do with their galactic war.  So I found a Reach Scarab. A sentient alien technology that were made as slaves to the Reach and they later rebelled against their former master who enslaved them. 


    So at least I wasn’t totaly alone anymore. Sorry if I am rambling on.  You never met me in my evil days and don’t have that same bias opinion as everyone on earth did, who constantly kept comparing me to my twin.  Can’t inmagine how it was. Having your whole life being compared to someone else.   I kinda have Alex and my sister in my life but it’s not the same. I couldn’t help my jealously.  I wanted my own family and friends, people who would die for me as I probably would for them. So I had to leave to start over.  As for your Resistance, I don’t know them so I don’t harbor Ill will towards them.  I get it. You had to be cautious. That’s just being smart.  Hmmm I am glad I met you. Perhaps you can be my new moral compass like my sister was. She made sure I stayed on the straight and narrow and didn’t fall off back to the wrong path.  She was my moral compass since I didn’t have one of my own. Being I was born out of pure darkness and all. “

  • Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you :)


  • He nodded as she talked. "Where we find ourselves does not matter." He said as he thought about her words. "Your home is not where you are from, but where you long to be when life bears down on you." He said and reached up to scrach his face. "But this first order you mentioned. Who are they?" He asked with a sly grin. "And what can we do to beat them?" 

  • "You are not the first to tell me that." He said as he leaned back in thought. "Pehaps it may be true." He said mostly to himself and a grin crossed his face when she asked of his homeworld. "I'm begining to realize that i never knew my wyrd as well as I once thought." 

    "It's terrible." He said fondly. "In the winters the entire planet freezes to the core and in the summer volcanoes scorch it's surface. The northern contenent is the only one that really has any life on it." He said in a tone that showed that he loved the planet. "But enough of my world. I believe I asked about yours before I trailed off." He said turning back towards her. 

  • “Sure am. Quick question. You know if they pack any food on these ships?  If not. It’s fine. Wherever we are going. I hope their is good. I feel so famished I could eat an entire animal whole. Mmm mid size one at least.”


    She asked as she took the communicator and got into the First order shuttle and closed the door. She  turned the device on and spoke as she waited for the shuttle auto pilot to kick on and do all the work. 


    “Testing. Testing. This is DJjjjjjjjjjj Karaaaaaa.  Coming to you live from someplace not Earth.  Going to play all your favorite hits, screams, sirens, explosions, pew pew, some banjos and bagpipes, maybe I’ll even sing or two.  Hahah”


    Clearly goofing around with the Wallis talkie she was given. That was how she was going to look at the device.  She got a little more serious afterwards. 

    “I should tell you something.  On my planet. I had a reputation.  Dark Supergirl.  That was my name. It wasn’t Supergirl. That was my other half.  See, I am the evil one, the Dark one.  I took some pride in that. ‘Tis was my Identity.  I was the polar opposite of my twin. Not unlike how my persona is different then yours.  You know Rey. You and my sister would hit it off well. She is a do gooder.  Like you.   You kinda remind me of her. Maybe why I feel a bit more at ease around you.  Anyhow, I was bad for a long time till my twin and her sister , Alex. Told me I could be better. That I didn’t have to be the evil one to define myself or to have my own identity and not be placed with my sister as “”that other supergirl”.   Also Alex told me I should make my own adventure and travel. Be someplace where I can be me and not be defined by my twin sister and her legacy.  I never was truly evil.  I always protected Alex. Never harmed little kids. Though they annoy me a lot. Never could hurt a cute puppy or kitten. So guess she was right. I wasn’t as evil as I tried to make myself out to be.   Been lonely traveling in space, looking for a place to be me.   Eh sorry for rambling on.  Haven’t had anyone to talk to since Alex. Everyone i come across I mainly talk to using me fist. And such. Well you saw how I talked to those Storm Troopers. So you get the idea.”

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