"Something inside me has always been there...but now it's awake."


Who is Rey?


Abandoned by her parents at a young age, Rey was forced into a life of struggle and hardship on the unforgiving desert planet of Jakku. Working as a Scavenger for scraps of food in exchange for parts, Rey grew up in almost complete solitude. Although she had no friends, her upbringing made her resilient, independent and strong against any danger that came her way. Rey continued to stay on Jakku until the age of 19, always hoping that her parents would return. In her heart, Rey knew that they were never coming back.


By some miraculous chance, Rey met and befriended a defected storm trooper named Finn, as well as an astromech droid called BB-8. It was this meeting that would change the course of her life forever. Not only did Rey find herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between the Resistance and the First Order, but she discovered that she is very strong with the force, an energy that flows through all living things.


Since then, Rey has had many adventures; from besting Kylo Ren in lightsaber combat, to learning the ways of the force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, to almost single-handedly saving the Resistance from total annihilation. At first, Rey was uncertain of her place in this war. Now, she knows where she belongs and who her true friends are. She will use all of her power to help defeat the First Order, and bring peace to the galaxy.



What does Rey look like?


Rey is a young woman with a fair complexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and sparse freckles across her face. She stands at 5’6” (170cm) and has a lean but strong build. Her hair is worn either in three seperate buns or held long in the back. Her outfit varies depending on her situation and circumstances.






Rey is a brave and strong-minded individual. Despite her difficult childhood, Rey is not a cold or distant person. She is friendly to almost everyone she meets, unless they give her a reason not to be. She has a strong sense of justice and will put herself at risk to help someone in need. However, she can come across as fairly naive as she is still young and has much to learn about the universe. Due to the trauma of being seperated from her parents at a young age, Rey does struggle with abandonment issues and will become withdrawn if she feels a new friend is going to leave her. She also struggles with facing her past and has even lied to herself in order to cope with her pain. Overall, Rey is a genuinely good person who would do anything for her friends and loved ones.




Skills and Abilities


Although life on Jakku was difficult, Rey had the advantage of growing up in an area that many diverse life forms would visit. As a result, Rey was able to pick up on various alien languages, including droid speech and the language of Wookiees.

As a Scavenger, Rey’s knowledge of machinery and parts is very advanced. She is also a talented pilot and gunner, especially aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Rey’s weaponry consists of a quarter-staff, blaster and a blue lightsaber. Despite having very little lightsaber experience, she can wield one fairly well. As mentioned previously, she is also strong with the force and can use it in several ways; such as bringing objects towards her, playing Jedi mind tricks and sensing the energy of others. As Rey is on the light side of the force, she will only use her powers for good.



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"Rise" by Katy Perry - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHavJC1Y5Fo

"YOU" by Us Baby Bear Bones - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehx0P7KbZeo

"It Was In Me" by Avril Lavigne - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53KT5bCn8uA


The character of Rey is owned by Disney/Lucasfilm as well as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2015), "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (Dir. Rian Johnson, 2017) and "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" (Dir. J.J Abrams, 2019). The character is portrayed by Daisy Ridley and was created by J.J Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. No copyright intended.



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  • It felt nice, being held in someone else’s arms. She never really knew love or affection growing up. Orphaned at a young age when her parents were killed by the First Order and the Empire. The only reason she even survived was caused she displayed powerful force potential at a young age and so she was taken with them. To be trained in the dark arts, the dark side of the force. 


    She took to the dark side like a fish to water. She trained alongside Kylo Ren and was something of a rival to him in her youth. That big headed ugly guy taught her the ways of the Dark Side and she became very skilled in it. She was also very creative with its applications, thinking outside the box and using her force powers in ways many other Dark side users didn’t even bother with. One of her favorite being that she used a large metallic disc of some kind and using her force powers to move it around while she was on it. Effectively mean she was flying around on a metal saucer disc, so she could have an aerial advantage over her opponents and better escape options. 


    Many thought it was childish or silly to Isengard a trash can or metal disc as a means of “flying” over a jet pack and such.  It took a lot of practice and contraction to use this power so that it became second nature.  But the disc was just an object to focus her powers on as she couldn’t use it on herself to fly. So she got creative, which impressed her mentor and made Kylo envious that he didn’t think of it first. It was one of the only enjoyments she got in life, rubbing his nose with her skills and praise from their master and showing she was more creative then he ever would be. She couldn’t recall if he even knew how to use force lightning yet or not. 


    Such memories flashed before her as she lifted a hand up and placed it on Rey’s cheek and tried to speak. Looking up at her with sadness in her eyes.

    “I always thought I would die alone. With no one to cry for me or mourn my passing. Who would have thought that it be a Jedi to witness my passing. Someone who I was raised to believe to be my mortal enemy. Funny because I never once considered myself Sith. I always saw myself as a Jedi, like you, just on the other side of the spectrum.  I wouldn’t mind if you could shed a few tears onto my cheek for me. If I could ask for you to grant me my dieing wish. Would you?

    I don’t want to die without ever being kissed. I know it sounds silly but you’re a girl, a woman like me. Maybe such a thought passed through your mind at one brief moment in life. A first kiss or glimpse of the future. Having friends or family , something to look forward to perhaps?  Maybe a kiss would make things better for me. Maybe share some of your Force energy and my passing may not have to be. 

    So would you? Grant me a kiss, my beautiful, Jedi?”

    Her tone was sad and very sincere, there was even a hint of a tear or two, forming in those darken, sadden eyes of hers.  Most likely must be the strangest request Rey  May ever have been asked in her life. There was more to this dark Jedi then she appeared. 

  • “Your answer sounds about right. Hmmm it really feels like a fun weapon. I always been partial to things like swords, daggers, knives, so a lazer sword or light saber, truly is fun.  Not that I need a weapon with my abilities but it is nice to have one to use. Sometimes just punching things gets boring and I rather stab something. I don’t like guns and projectile weapons. Feels so impersonal and cowardly to attack from afar instead of getting up close and personal.  Plus it’s always fun to see that “Oh shit!” Look in their face when they see your fist flying to say hello. Hahahah 

    You are going to be glad you met me. Here I am. With the presence of mind to think about looting this ship before we leave. Course being that I am a former criminal. I loved stealing a lot so that mindset stays with you. Alrighty. I’ll try to make this quick. See ya in a jiff, partner. “


    With that she left and did her superspeed time dilation trick and began grabbing everything of value. For the  medical supplies and the armory. Instead of just grabbing the stuff individually, this bad Girl just ripped the storage shed holding the weapons and the heavy equipment boxes and welded to the floor containers that held the guns and medical supplies, and just took them to the ship that way. Which caused a bit of a ruckus when Kara started dumping the stuff in the cargo hold. Each of the stuff that held the weapons and medical supplies easily weighed over a ton when full and she did it with no sweat. 


    Kara didn’t do that phasing trick this time, no she went ahead and started punching holes in walls to clear a path. Naturally this made a tremendous amount of noise and some of the troopers ran over to check it out while others were scrambling to evacuate. Course Kara took care of each of them and she finished with the guns and medical supplies and had just enough time to steal extra equipment and fuel cells for the ship.  She basically picked the place clean of main valuables and she closed up the hanger door once she was done and made her way over to were Rey was and slide into a chair.


    ”Hehehehahahah ooooh boy. I robbed them GooD! You should see the huge haul back there. I did spectacular. I am full of awesome sauce. What gots two thumbs, is hot and sexy, and just stole an assload of goodies for the resistance. “


    She points her thumbs to herself with a big shit eating grin on her face. 

    “This girl!!!  Woot woot! Time to blow this popsicle stand. Not to too my own horn but toot toot. If you was with anyone else. I bet you wouldn’t have made this record breaking escape time. Nor would you have ever been able to leave with stealing their entire medical and munition supplies plus some power cells and extra equipment that I thought might be handy. I’m going to be like Miss Santa Claus. Bringing presents to the Resistance. It should help them quite a bit I imagine. Pity. If I had more time. I would have tried to rob those other ships also. Oh well. One can’t be too greedy.  Hope this ship can handle the extra weight of everything I just stole. You know. I think I know how I want to help the resistance. I want to rob people. Rob from ships and installations where the First order has food, weapons, medical stuff, useful equipment, etc and deliver to your friends.  I think I will have a lot of fun playing miss Robin Hood.”


                               Following the short-lived embrace, the woman heard Rey speaking that yes, she would like to sit down.  Catherine allowed her to do so first, before she smiled warmly in return, to then follow close behind, or as close as she could, to then allow herself take a seat either alongside her, or in front of her.  From there, she was prepared and willing to listen to what the young woman had to, or wanted to say - Nothing was too much, or too little for the brunette.  Just as long as she could be there, and help Rey somehow, that is what mattered in that moment, and all that mattered.  Catherine's undivided attention and more in that moment, plus onwards, it was focused on Rey, for however long this moment would last.  While Catherine listened to her story, it wasn't what she had expected, and it caused the woman's heartstrings and more to be tugged upon ever so lightly as they hurt for Rey.  Sighing sadly and softly, the brunette without hesitation shifted over towards Rey, to sit beside her and without notice or well almost, the woman pulled Rey closer to her, and into her arms, initiating an embrace.  Throughout the second embrace, these incredibly soft-spoken yet clear words were spoken,

    "I would like to tell you something, and I hope you can keep this something with you forever, in a sense- If we say goodbye sometime soon, let's not think of it as goodbye.  But, just see you later instead, because I know we will see each other again, I am fairly certain of it.  There is a reason you came here, and that we met, right? And that just might mean, we will meet again.  Don't you think, well if you believe in that?"

                               Attempting to reassure the young woman, though keeping her tone incredibly low, so it would not fail her, as in experience shakiness or worse throughout her words, if that may have happened.  After a short pause as if the time to process those words were for herself and Rey, she continued with, "Please tell me what you can, Rey.. Tell me what you want to, and I'm here for you.  I'm here, listening.... Who left you, who did you never get to see again?"  Little did the woman know that the two of them may have something in common, and that being losing their parents.  While the situations were not exactly the same, because Catherine knew what happened to her parents, and said goodbye in a sense, while Rey just saw them leave one day, to never return.  Despite that, the woman longed to listen, and longed to be there for Rey, and if she could....If her parents were still out there somewhere, and a reunion was possible, then Catherine would do that, or try to make this happen, but rather than get too far ahead with any and/or all thoughtss, because she was unclear of this current untold story and its past, the woman sat there still, holding onto Rey, soothingly rubbing her back, as she waited on a further response.


  • Fredda would try to get the last laugh as she warped space around them and had the dark Jedi in the spot she was just in. So that the light Jedi would pierce her instead. Course a part of Salia had anticipated this and she used all her willpower and hatred to force Fredda to superimpose over her body so that both of them would be stabbed by Rey’s lightsaber. 

    “.......... Not this time demon. If I go. I take you with me. “

    She said as she began to cough up black blood as she felt the saber blade pierce through her chest cavity and into her heart. Course Fredda was not pleased by this and her demonic essence, her blood, spilled into Salia’s body. Course with the possession, her blood was already in Salia’s veins, this just added more to it. 

    “Curse..... you..... jedis. This........ isn’t. .... over...”

    Fredda said as she began to fade and so two this dream world would be gone as well. Both jedis would return to the waking world. It would appear like nothing happen except for Rey’s Blade in her chest.

    “Well.  That’s going to leave a mark. Least she is gone. One small victory. Right Jedi? Hmm poetic don’t you think. I was  in all likelihood going to fight you when you came here, had I not been posses and tried to kill you. Which would have forced your hand to kill me. Funny how life works out that way. Isn’t it.  Wouldn’t it have been funny. In another life. We could have been jedis together. Working as a pair. Had I not taken this dark path and been so selfish. Alas, there is no do overs in this life. No second chances. .... or is there?”


    She said softly while slowly closing her eyes as her breathing slowed down and her body became dead weight in Rey’s grasp.  


                               Catherine beamed softly and sincerely with Rey's comment in return, and then followed the younger woman's lead by opening her own drink, and taking a small delicate sip, or two, savoring the delicious taste of it. "Mmm, delicious," she murmured sincerely under her breath a little.  Soon after, the brunette heard Rey's words about the ship's status, and with that, followed her over to one of the control panels.  Not dare interfering though, but the brunette simply watched on, and if she was needed for anything, which she knew Rey would ask of her if so, then she would assist in any and every way possible.  That never came however, but this did, from the younger woman, she hearing it loud and clear.  'Hmm, I can still take off, but...'.  If that was the case, Catherine was happy for her, so very happy, knowing that Rey should have been happy to go home, but she also felt something else instead, that something whatever it was, radiating from Rey, which in turn flowed from the younger woman towards Catherine.  For a split second, Catherine wasn't sure of what to say or do, so just listened further when Rey had more to speak. And with these words from her, 'The damage is light enough for me to take off and fly. I think it would be best if I made the repairs at the Resistance base with the right tools and assistance,' the brunette simply nodded in understanding.  At the same time, her inner dialogue posed these questions, 'What is wrong Rey? What is on your mind? I wish I could know what you're thinking and feeling, so I can help you somehow....'

                               Without hesitation from there, the woman allowed herself to move closer as she placed a gentle, warm touch upon Rey's shoulder, as she looked her way, hoping that Rey would be able to look her way in return. These soft, soothing words accompanied that sincere, gentle gesture of hers, "A penny for your thoughts, Rey.. You can tell me anything, I hope you know that.  Maybe we should sit for a little while longer, and talk about it? Or, we can stay standing, that is fine too.."

                               By that point in time, Catherine's hand released itself from Rey's shoulder, and she had considered to give her a warm hug instead, though refrained.  If she felt a hug would be needed, then it would be offered, but the woman chose not to for the moment, as to not invade her personal space.  Whatever was about to come out into the open, the woman patiently waited for it, her expression and gaze holding warmth, compassion as well as concern.  



                               'Wonderful, thank you,' Catherine mused internally, though gratefully and happily as she followed Rey the entire way, into the ship.  As the door closed behind them, the brunette took in everything that could be seen from where she stood as she walked around.  And, dare she say, or think, she loved what she saw already, and was impressed with this ship in its entirety.  It was one of a kind in her eyes, and something surreal almost.  The woman was amazed and more with it, it clearly seen if one would look her way, but rather than get lost in her thoughts however about this ship, Catherine shook her head, as if to tell Rey without words, 'No, no, please do not say that.'  In the open however, and with sincerity plus warmth, she smiled, "I wouldn't say its not much, honestly.  Your home away from home is what it is as you said, and that means something, hmm.." tumblr_p6ir07P5dk1qlyolpo5_400.gif Following, she chuckled at Rey's words about how fast it could go, before then she nodded as if in agreement, "Ahh, I see.... I don't doubt it, you know- Maybe I could witness that too someday..." Beaming somewhat, semi wondering if those words would ever ring true.  Deep down however, she was kidding, and putting light into this moment.  If she wasn't kidding however, or if Rey took it on board for real sometime down the track, what would happen?

                               No one knew, but for now, the woman smiled towards Rey still, watching her as she walked around the ship, to then lead the two towards the lounge area once more.  As Catherine walked around the ship, and followed Rey, she could not help but to be mesmerized further by every single little thing and detail, in a good way, of course.  Thankfully though, when Rey wanted to get Catherine's attention with her question or questions, Catherine graciously nodded, while accepting that can first and foremost, "Yes, thank you." With Rey's question of, 'So...do you like it?'  Nodding at first, though then shaking her head almost at the same time as she responded with, "Like is not the word, Rey.  I do, but I love it as well.  She is beautiful on the inside as she is the out just like I knew she would be.  Thank you, so much for letting me inside, and showing me around."  Catherine words were honest, and genuine, and she had been fortunate to see everything that this ship was, or is.  Towards Rey, she was truly thankful for the woman sharing it with her.  In silence, without opening her drink yet, Catherine patiently waited to hear Rey's words in return, whether they were about her response on the ship, or something else entirely- Smiling still, she gave Rey space and time, while also thinking ahead somewhat, thinking of the goodbye that would soon be inevitable, but shook it for the time-being to just be here, in this moment only.


  • Once Rey was finished with the console and turning off the tractor beam. Kara simply used her new toy to destroy the console , turning her lightsaber on and slamming it into the console to disable and destroy it. She let out a small giggle. 

    “Oh. Normally I just punch this but stabbing it with my new toy feels.... oh Fun! Next time I gotta slice and dice something! I dunno why having this makes me feel giddy and giggling like a school girl. It feels I dunno, exhilarating to hold it, feel the weight of it, hear it’s peaceful humming sound. How did it feel your first time? I wonder if everyone feels similar or if those like the Sith and evil ones are just too cold hearted to even appreciate the feel of using one of these for the first time.  Oh you liked that trick eh? Sure sure. We can do that. I only wish I could slow it down so you can see what is going on but that might prove a sensory overload or strain on your eyes. Possibly.  I think slowing down probably wouldn’t be too safe either. “


    She placed one arm around Rey’s waist and pulled her close to her body. Kara turned her lightsaber off and put it away and then tapped the side of her left temple. 

    “Ok. Partner, do it now! “


    No sooner did Kara give the command, did the ship rock heavily as the stolen shuttles went to high speed and flew right into the front of the star destroyer and exploded, causing a chain reaction in the process. 

    “Hold on tight, friend.”


    Kara then did as she did before, vibrating the molecules in her body and with her holding Rey so very close to her, she was able to extend the effect to her and she took off. Flying through the ship as she went through the floors, walls, any anything else in their way as in no time at all, Rey and Kara were back at the hangar. Kara carefully let go of Rey’s waist as she would quickly knock out the few Storm troopers left behind to guard the ship. Kara was dusting her hands and looked back to Rey. 

    “If I was a guy. I probably make some joke about you wanting me to do that trick as As an  excuse to get my hands on you and keep younclsoe to me, or something. Hahahaha . I dunno about you but I found this little incident to be rather fun. Now didn’t I tell you everything would be fine and to trust me?  We are home free now. Tractor beam is off, I destroyed the console so that they can’t pull a fastball one and try to lock on again and thanks to my Scarab. This ship is heavily damage and most likely will go boom or crash into another ship perhaps.  Part of me is kinda sad I didn’t take my time and enjoy myself and wreck a few really expensive looking pieces of equipment. Oh well. You will be teaching me how to use my new prized possession and that should be fun. Plus, we are going dancing and I’m going to teach you how Earth girls let their hair down and have fun! “

    Kara took one last look around and did some off Bow with a hand gesture and blow a kiss to no one in particular. Just another one of her odd behavioral quirks , many of which Rey will learn over time.  A thought hit Kara for a moment and she grinned wide. 


    “Hey, partner, Rey. I’ll let you fire up the ship and get the engine running. I think before we leave, we should rob them. Or I will. I saw an armory on this ship and a bunch of medical supplies and equipment that I think your Resistance friends might benefit from. No sense letting good supplies go to waste, right?  I’ll try to make it quick. So don’t leave without me. Oh. Any request? Since I’m going to rob them blind or not blind. Is there anything you like me to steal for you, if they have it?”

  • "The wrong place?"

    This was certainly possible. The villainess had visited countless realms all in search of this black box. The more she searched, the more frustrated she became. The search was beginning to look hopeless but Maleficent had no interest in giving up.

    "That is possible. I intend to find out for myself." She took a few steps forward watching Rey closely as she did so. "You will show me around this realm." A wicked grin formed on her face as she continued. "Thus far my attempts to search this world have been met with resistance. I can assure you that did not have a pleasant outcome. The one man who did survive crash landed on this planet not too long ago. You and I both know he did not leave this beach on his own."

    The young man, along with several others, had refused to help her with her search. This was likely due to the dark aura about her. She was known as the Mistress of All Evil in her realm and this was a title she had earned.

  • He took her hand and rose to his feet and as he did he pulled her close for a hug as he warpped his arms around her. "Thank you Rey...." He said softly before letting her go. "But.. Don't tell the others that I was crying. I do still have an appearance to keep up." He said with a smile. and wiped his face on his sleeve. "If you do, I'll have to stab you in the back." He teased her as he had earlier although this time it was more clear that he was joking. 

  • He looked at her as she placed her hand on his knee and as his eyes began to fill with tears he felt his own as well. Looking away from her his voice cracked as he spoke. "I didn't think it would be this hard. "To stop fighting." He said lowly as he reached up to wipe his eyes. 


    "I've been alone for so long Im not sure if I can can trust anyone." He said looking back at her. He could hardly stand to see her like this as he hated to admit it but in their short time together he did consider her a friend and seeing her cry was worse than any fight he had been in. He placed his hand over hers and looked down at her as the tears ran down his face. "I'll stay...But I need your help." He said lowly "I need your help to trust again..." He then laughed slightly as he tried to lighten the mood. "But you have to agree to put up cameras at the base. We can't let this happen again." 

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