Age: 41 (November 18, 1970)
Relationship Status: Single (Divorced)
Occupation: Magician, Entertainer
Currently Living: Riverport, Massachusetts 
Sexuality: ??? 
Nationality: Finnish
Species: Human


Risto Laaksonen is a magician. He spends his time crafting his illusions for shows and small crowds. He's an enigma, struggling with broken English, yet he tries, doing his best to make it well known just who is the best at his job.

His early work was accompanied by his wife, a talented woman who created some of the greatest magic shows of the nineties. He spent his time with her loving her, keeping her close. But the taste of fame would start to weigh on him. He became hungry for more money, exhausting himself for the perfect show, and would end up driving away his muse.

That was twenty years ago.

Risto is an entertainer, he spends his time making people smile and laugh, and works on crafting the bes shows he can. Now that the hunger for magic has died down, he spends his time working on small projects. Occasionally he reappears as the great magician he once was, and other times with a stage name. His fame has bled him dry, and he finds odd jobs here and there to keep up his bills.

And he's never stopped being the greatest.


Risto is a clairvoyant and uses his powers to make money on the side as a psychic.


Risto is an original character
His FC is Sam Lake

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  • Definitely not your ordinary friendly traveling carnival. A lot of the women performers are dressed in skimpy clothes; many men are half dressed in have chains wrapped around their necks and waists. They seem to be more fit for a BDSM club than a circus, that's for sure. The clowns have sinister grins plastered on their faces, showing off their sharp pointed teeth. They're all wielding either axes, chainsaws or butcher knives. 

    Though splashed with the occasional dash of color, black on black is what rules here. The majority of the decorations consists of skulls and pumpkins. Eerie organ and violin music provides the background music.

    It's like having taking a descent into Halloween Town, that's for sure.

    Speaking of clowns, the carnival's creator, ringmaster and everything in between has just finished one of his many shows. Aza is dressed in an expensive tairlored suit, black and black as most of his clothes are. A top hat is on his head, slightly tilted to the side. His face is caked in thick, black and white makeup and he's even wearing one of those silly red clown noses. Just one of his many costumes.

    The demon makes his way outside the tent, peeling off his gloves as he goes so he can pull out a cigarette.


  • Keiji would make a small pout when the man before him in a rather serious yet rude tone or so Keiji believed. He would then look at the menu staring at the animated panda as well noticing that the guy was looking at it for a bit which made him blink. His eyes would widen as if he came to realization and soon had a bright smile. "You like cute things don't you, like animated chibi pandas and kittens right?" He said clearly changing the whole subject who Risto is.

  • Keiji would blink for a second before tilting his head for a moment as he would listen to Risto and soon smiled brightly at him. He would then notice that Risto joined his table as he would begin to eat his own food while his bosses food would soon be in the plastic bag. When he heard the question pop up he would hum for a second. "Well the train station I take is not far , and when I heard the police sirens I guess you could curiosity got to me. Its a shame that it happened, The Akuma no ryōken is relentless when it comes to his victims."

    "You are some type of detective right, you don't seem to be a police officer not to mention you seem to be the type to work alone. But you don't seem to have any type of equipment nor a gun so something else maybe? Perhaps a Psychic then?" He asked while looking at Risto closely.

  • Keiji would blink for a second while getting another pair of chopsticks as he would wait patiently while waiting for someone to reply to the comment. He would then look toward Risto since no one answered his question and soon hummed a little before tilting his head left. "Huh, owe no not really- I mean this is the first time I saw a crime scene in person as for the other part I wasn't really following you." As he said that the food would be done and he paid for it while it was in a plastic bag for him to carry. "Arigato." He said to the chef and began to turn toward Risto shrugging a little.

    "I had to get food for my boss otherwise he will be a rather cranky camper." He chuckled softly while having a bright smile with his eyes staring directly into Risto's. He would then blinked for a second as he would then had a look that said he discovered something unique. "You are Finnish aren't you, thats  amazing I haven't seen anyone who is from that Nationality." 

  • "Yoshiaki why don't you take the day off ok, to cool your head off of the whole thing." The officer that was with Risto spoke to the one with the forensics team which earned a dark scowl."Ryuzaki was my partner sir, how can I relax knowing that monster is still out there killing those who protect this country!?" Before he could let his fellow officer speak Yoshiaki would take his leave exiting the crime scene making his way toward his police vehicle to drive off.  He would head home so that he could plan on what to do now that his partner is gone.

    Meanwhile Keiji would make his way into the sushi joint as he forget to get his and his bosses lunches. He promised his boss that he would get his usual lunch and he didn't want to disappoint him. He would make his order and would have a bright smile on his face as he waited. He would then turn his head to gaze upon a familiar face which made him look surprised. He would then hum a little as he would take a seat taking two chopsticks. 

  • The Officer would nod his head for a second while heading over toward one of the police cars.  The other police officer who was in the with the forensics watch Risto for a moment and would go back to watching the crime scene. Mean while the one who went to the police car would shout. "What do you mean you let them go!?"  The driver would stick his head out from the car window to speak with a frown on his face.

    "She was cleared to leave by command, she had to take Shiori-chan to school anyway." The Officer would scowl when the fellow officer gave him the news.  "Alright fine we can bring them in for more questioning tomorrow. Mr.Risto, if you are no longer needed then please move under the yellow tape. We'll call you if we need anything else."   

  • “A fellow officer on duty, his name is Ryuzaki Motake. He was on the recent Akuma no Ryoken case.” One of the officers were on duty spoke as forensics began to take photos of the crime scene. “He had a wife, he was expecting a child at the end of the month. The family, is quite shaken at the moment.”

    As they spoke the 19 year old would get a good look at Risto blinking for a moment. ‘Hmm he doesn’t look like a police officer or a detective, maybe someone who has information on the Akuma no Ryoken?’ He thought to himself as he would then look at his phone seeing the time. ‘Owe shoot, I have to get to work or else my boss will kill me!’ As he said that he would turn away from the crime scene and walk through the crowd to get to the train station.
  • It was during the night when an off duty officer would be walking home when he felt some thing was off. He didn't know why but he felt like someone was right behind him but when he turns around no one was there. It was when he was at his door step he would frantically look for his keys and soon unlocked his door. He would take another moment to get a good look at his surrounding and with a deep breath he would he calmed his nerves and opens the door. But when he opened the door he was greeted by a man in a wolf mask with a blade in hand, but before he could pull out his pistol the masked man was swift with his blade cutting the the off duty officer's throat letting his blood run free coating his blade and the floor as the man fell backwards tripping the steps landing on the pavement floor face first. The masked man would turn his head to look at the walls that covered in blood   with a bucket half full of it and a brush. 

    He would then close the door taking his leave while sheathing his blade and disappears into the night. The next day Police officers were around the crime scene as their fellow officer laid dead near his own home. Inside the cops house one observes the bloody walls seeing that someone written on the walls with blood.  'Murderer' 'Liar' 'False'  was scattered wall to wall which disturbed the officers on duty.  Standing behind the yellow tape is a boy who was nineteen years old stood out from the crowds observing the whole thing wondeing what happened any why while the crowd near him bickered on and on. 

  • Cirque D'Ombre ︱ New Orleans, Louisiana

    The Circus of Shadows arrived a week ago, without a single announcement made before hand indicating its inevitable presence. Nobody ever saw any suspicious transportation make its way through the city, not a single soul got to witness any of the workers putting out any of the tents, either. No rumors were spoken about an upcoming traveling circus visiting the city at this time of year. So it came as a surprise to everyone when the empty grounds became occupied overnight. 

    Cirque D'Ombre was just suddenly... there. Making its presence known loud and clear to any and all people who happened to be close enough to take a good look. How did that happened without anyone ever noticing a thing? It was the lack of answers to these questions that drove people to come over and see for themselves, searching to resolve the big mystery. Their curiosity over such a whimsical looking place were satisfied, though the mystery remained a mystery. They would just have to accept the fact that the circus was now there where just a week ago it had been not. It's all part of the magic. People said without realizing just how right they were in coming to that conclusion. So, their minds already been made nobody inquired any further about the circus's taking residence unannounced. After all, having the answer handed to them on a silver platter would be the equivalent of a magician revealing all of his secrets. It was better not to know. It was fun and exciting to keep guessing.

    Word of mouth got around and for the past few days huge crowds have come and gone, curious to find out what the big deal is. Those who have been fortunate enough to buy a ticket before they sell out have had nothing but excellent things to say. They have often commented on how everything has a certain air.  Everyone has their likes and dislikes, their preferences when it comes to shows, the foods, the rides, and the games, sure, but they all share something in common: they all have agreed on how stepping a foot in is like finding a key to another world. A world they would never, ever want to leave only for the weight of their heartbreaking and mundane real lives crushing down on them as soon as they pass through the gates and into the outside world.

    If only they knew. If only they found out the truth behind what they believe to be all smoke and mirrors.

This reply was deleted.

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""Why would a Finnish man be a cop here? I don't even have papers," Risto rolls his eyes, distracted by some colorful cartoon panda on the menu. He stares at it a few moments, then clicks his tongue like he's thinking about something deep and profoun…"
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""....too good of a guess," he seems more annoyed than impressed. "I come from Finland. Espoo. I live there for thirty years before I came to United States, then here. But given how good you are at guessing..." That's a warning not to tread on him. R…"
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There's something refreshing about being some whe…"
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""Ak...Akoo...Ah, okay," Risto gives up. Clearly, Japanese isn't his forte. Neither is English, frankly, but he's trying his best. Risto takes a few steps, hands raised to his head in a show. It doesn't matter where his fingers point, his reading alw…"
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""Mr. Laa...soon...en?"
"Risto is fine."
"Mr. Risto. Do you sense anything?"
"You wait two minutes and expect miracle? Please. Give me time. I am not one of those fakes who comes up with a solution immediately," the slow, awkward cadence of the newco…"
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