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  • "Heh. Good," sure enough, Neegan wheels him into the right place. "Shall I start talking, or you?"

  • "Should we play with them first or just let loose wwhen we get out of the elevator?" Neegan seems ready to play ball.

  • "I'll bring him back a snack," his son would like that as he dreams about sinking his teeth into one lf these fuckers as he wheels Jurgen into an elevator. "Are you going to make rules on how I eat this time or are you just let me go hog wild? I'm starving you know. Its been ages since ive had something fresh."

  • Neegan looks excited himself.he pulls the wheelchair around for Steinhotz to sit and wheels him forward. Might as well keep the frail man appearance despite him lookong a bit healthier. Neegan, of course, is in his medical srubs.

    "Shame james couldnt come," Neegan mutters in Geist's ear.

  • "Good. We will need time. Neegan I'm sure can play hos part. We need you to do so as well," Alex nods. "Good luck."

  • "Neegan, when is the last time you ate?"

    "Fucking ages. I'm starving."

    "Seems like a solid plan to me. But- Alex looks at Geist. "Leave Durand's family alive. I want to see what he will do to them of he was given the free reign. I know all to well what its like in his position."

    Ah. Of course.

  • "I think you'll be fine. Ill find more people to introduce you to. I already like you, so at least you have friends."

  • "I know youre sick. I'm sorry. Its not fair," Fick knows Wil wont tell. "If o knew how to help I could. But its out of my power range. Sorry."

  • "For about a year now. Alex and Hayden and married too. Tom and Jensen. Jack and Paul. Uh...some others. Morgan has told me hes dabbled."

  • "Yeah...I'm tired of hurting people. I've worked so hard to rebuild," Fick reaches for Wil's hand. "This stuff stresses me the hell out. I cant wait to go home."

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