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  • Alex just seems pleased someone is letting him touch them. Alex brings Hayden's head over so he can rest his forehead on Hayden's human one, unsure what exactly to do otherwise. This is so much at once. It's just....

    "Wow," that was audible.

  • "I don't care what they think. Let them feel what they want," Alex is very pleased. Hayden seems to have made a good choice, and it shows when Alex slips a hand over the side of his face. Being able to touch someone he couldn't since they met is somewhat odd, mesmerizing, and amazing all at once. He can't help himself.

  • "Right...yes..."

    Ales lets him go, but that doesn't stop him from staring. "This is good. I approve immensly. I almost forgot how handsome you where."

  • It's been years for Alex as well. But it seems to's just enough. Alex pulls back after an appropriate amoutn of time, starry eyed and almost wondering if all of this is an elaborate dream. It might be. Who knows. But he's floorede, completely.

    "This IS real, isn't it?"


  • Alex eyes him a moment, then finally exhales. He seems a bit troubled, but that's understandable. He has a lot to process right now. There's a lot going on his mind, but seeing Hayden like this has him floored.

    "Can we...Please?" Alex seems at a loss for words, but where his eyes are focused, Hayden should figure it out.

  • Alex heistatates before taking Hayden's hand, feeling how soft the simlumated skin is. He seems in utter awe, turning it this way and that to explore it like it's some brand new thing he's never seen before. And in a way, it is. His other hand goes for the other one, still a bit bafflled that his dream is literally right infront of him.

    He's speechless.

  • "...He did?" Alex seems shocked. Finally he stands, pushing in his chair and walking up to Hayden to examine him. They're the same height which helps things. "I'm not used to you being on my level."

  • "And?" He has Alex increidbly invested. "And what?"

  • "I'm impressed. It's flawless...just like the photos. I never saw you in your prime in person. Just when we did the opperation. Thisis...astounding, Samuel."

  • Alex is in his office as always, looking over proposals and paperwork. He doesn't notice Hayden come in, knowing full well he can just enter at any time. And his steps are so, so much quieter.

    "I...Oh. Samu...oh," he lifts his head up and notices, somewhat shocked. He eyes Hayden up and down and stares at him, unsure what to say.

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