Born earthside, January 19th, 2015.
130 years old in 2145 at the time of the third invasion.


Species: Human [Terran] (frontal and temporal lobes intact), Bionic Chassis.
Nationality: American
Residence: Mars, UAC Research Complex.


Family: None.
Sexuality: Science.
Relationship Status: Hmph.


Theoretical Physicist
Chairman of the UAC
Monarch Solutions Chief Chronon Research Officer


Unit Specifications:

  • Height: 10'0"/3m
  • Weight: 457 lbs, unarmed.
  • Bulletproof
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Plasmatronic Processing Core
              -a "biochemical brain" that has replaced his parietal and occipital lobes



Alex Yu
TranStar CEO. Always welcome.

Jack Joyce
Very thin ice.

Paul Serene
Monarch Solutions CEO. Trusted.

The Marine
Asset. Actually the worst.

Fick Blazkowicz
Stole arm. Small. Crushable.

Olivia Pierce

Birth and Death:

 Samuel was born into a wealthy Terran family on the East coast of North America in 2015, at the start of the 21st century. He had a sheltered and spoiled childhood as most young men of his station tend to, but his eyes always turned towards the stars when he was asked what he wanted to do when he grew up. He excelled in school and graduated to move straight on to his undergraduate studies, in which he was awarded a BS in Geophysics and a BS in Aerospace Engineering, with honors.


He went on to attend Oxford University and get his Masters in Theoretical Physics. It was at this point that he finally felt prepared to reach for the stars, but to do so, he needed to gain the attention of the Union Aerospace Corporation, the brave men and women working to colonize Venus, the moon, and Mars. Using the ruins of the Nazi bases on these planets and their technology for weaponry and space travel, the facilities were nearly complete by this time. Hayden took a break from his studies to found the Samuel Hayden Foundation, which sponsored scientific talents in young minds and funded programs in schools and higher education campuses alike.


Often described as having a daunting intellect and minimal time for social interaction, Hayden lived a relatively friendless existence through his doctoral work. Midway through his dissertation, he was approached by the UAC with an offer he could not turn down. His defense date was pushed aside, and he left the planet for Mars.


Hayden was appointed General Director of the UAC'S Global Science Council, where he oversaw the general experimentation on the planet. He found himself growing bored, unsure of whether he had made the right choice in accepting the job offer. Every time he expressed interest in returning to Earth to finish his PhD and possibly continue with some postdoctoral work, he was granted a raise, nicer quarters, or a choice project. They simply did not want to let him go.


Shortly after yet another promotion, the Argent Fracture was discovered on Mars. Hayden assumed control immediately, and claimed the construction of the Argent Tower itself to be his greatest success. With the ability to tap into the raw energies of hell and extract, convert, and ship it to Earth to solve the growing energy crisis there, it seemed he was irreplaceable. He had never felt so sure of his path. As the weeks passed, however, he began to deal with throbbing headaches, hair loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, and dulled senses. His eyesight began to worsen, which was the final straw. He went to see a doctor for the first time in years.


The brain tumor was already so advanced and all-encompassing no surgery martian or earthside could save him. Dr. Hayden was diagnosed with a terminal case of brain cancer and given six months to live. The source, unknown to him at the time, was uranium poisoning via his food. He had been assassinated.


Hayden knew only one thing- he wasn't ready to die yet.


He feverishly made other plans, spending his last few months in his office and laboratory, drawing up a radical solution to his mortality...via complete cybernetic transference.


Upon reaching his final month and realizing he could not last much longer, Samuel went into surgery in the hands of his most trusted men. He was hardly sure he would ever wake up again. His temporal and frontal lobes were severed from the rest of his brain, kept alive through a macabre system while his personality and memories were transferred into a computer bank for posterity should the project fail. The parietal and occipital lobes were bypassed entirely. Instead, the salvaged pieces were networked into the plasmatronic core of his new body, serving as a type of biomechanical brain. Once complete, the frankensteined structure was secured in the head of his new chassis.


Activation was a ground-breaking event and a complete success. He retained his memories, personality, comprehension, and reasoning, though his calculation and perception had become supercharged thanks to the pure Argent his new system depended on. Back and bigger, stronger, and more formidable than ever, his massive frame inspires fear and admiration from those around him.


Shortly after this, Hayden rose to take complete control of the UAC with a sweeping night of terror that saw most of the Blind Council murdered. It's only fitting he got revenge against those who tried to end his life. There is no time for forgiveness in a business like his. He was "posthumously" awarded his PhD, though he never defended his dissertation.


When his choice of such a massive frame was later questioned by the earthside press, his response was simple:

"Dictating the future of mankind is dangerous work. You never known when we may need a hero."


Due to both neural conditioning and stem cells, his brain is constantly being rejuvinated, allowing him to have thus far lived seventy years past his surgery. It is presumed that his lifespan will be indefinite. His body has long since passed, but his soul will live on forever.


His work with Argent energy has destroyed the boundaries of humanity's understanding of physics, which led to Monarch Solutions knocking on his door. He graciously accepted the offer and allied himself and his newborn UAC with them. Shortly after, the Yu family and their TranStar corporation reached a similar deal with him.


Dr. Hayden has become a crusader, saving lives through radical technological solutions. No disease or injury is too great for him to be willing to explore potential options to solve, though what he comes up with may very well be too painful to bear. One such example was Olivia Pierce, his former academic protege and romantic interst. Her scoliosis left her wheelchair  bound. His exoskelleton let her walk again, but every motion was agony. She refused pain medication, fearing it would cloud her mind and inhibit her research. This later played a role in driving her to accept the deal of a hell lord, causing the third invasion on Mars that wiped out most of the UAC personnel in the main research complex. To this day, Hayden feels incredibly guilty about his role in her demise.



OOC Info:
Written by Sarge.

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  • Outside of the office, people spot them, some are confused, others are shocked. Alex holds his head high and doesn't seem to care. Jensen is eating when they arrive, and after Alex settles on the greating thing on the planet to reintroduce Hayden to, pizza, they join him only to see he still has yet to really learn how to eat food, given how he's tearing the pizza apart to make bite sized pieces.

    "Hayden. Alex," he greets.

  • "Please," Alex seems happy Hayden even asked. "I would love to. What are you in the mood for?"

  • "Good. Though it'll be odd getting used to you in two different forms. Maybe Morgan can help with that.Even if he isn't happy with me, I'm glad he's beoing kind to you," Alex seems very pleased about all of this.

    "Thank you."

  • "No," Alex finally lets him go. "How long will you stay in this one?"

  • Alex just seems pleased someone is letting him touch them. Alex brings Hayden's head over so he can rest his forehead on Hayden's human one, unsure what exactly to do otherwise. This is so much at once. It's just....

    "Wow," that was audible.

  • "I don't care what they think. Let them feel what they want," Alex is very pleased. Hayden seems to have made a good choice, and it shows when Alex slips a hand over the side of his face. Being able to touch someone he couldn't since they met is somewhat odd, mesmerizing, and amazing all at once. He can't help himself.

  • "Right...yes..."

    Ales lets him go, but that doesn't stop him from staring. "This is good. I approve immensly. I almost forgot how handsome you where."

  • It's been years for Alex as well. But it seems to's just enough. Alex pulls back after an appropriate amoutn of time, starry eyed and almost wondering if all of this is an elaborate dream. It might be. Who knows. But he's floorede, completely.

    "This IS real, isn't it?"


  • Alex eyes him a moment, then finally exhales. He seems a bit troubled, but that's understandable. He has a lot to process right now. There's a lot going on his mind, but seeing Hayden like this has him floored.

    "Can we...Please?" Alex seems at a loss for words, but where his eyes are focused, Hayden should figure it out.

  • Alex heistatates before taking Hayden's hand, feeling how soft the simlumated skin is. He seems in utter awe, turning it this way and that to explore it like it's some brand new thing he's never seen before. And in a way, it is. His other hand goes for the other one, still a bit bafflled that his dream is literally right infront of him.

    He's speechless.

This reply was deleted.


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"It's weird. I'm lucky to be alive 'cause I survived the invasion of earth, but I only survived the invasion because I was being tortured in space...? Well, when he puts it that way..."
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"Likewise. I'm glad I met you. I'm even more glad you actually LIKED me. It would have sucked if I'd fallen for you, but you found somebody...less stuck in the system."
21 hours ago
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"I am. I'm glad I met you, even though you kind of shoved your way into my life out of nowhere. He nuzzles his face into Fick's hair and exhales in satisfaction. Sometimes it's good just to rest."
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"They're a lot nicer now that they're serious. I mean, they even seem happy. That's crazy. And it's not you doing it, either."
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"I'm thankful. Really, I am. I wouldn't say any of this to anybody else 'cause it's not my place to. But at the same time, I'm not dumb. I know I'm on thin ice, and a short leash,'s a lot. Wil draws Fick over towards him and shifts the way h…"
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"You might be the only psiot alive. There might be no potentials at all around here. You're invaluable. They won't ever kill you. I'm just...a worn out punching bag, repurposed into a blanket for you, basically. I make you happy, so they let me go, a…"
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"I wasn't passive and broken back then. I was a Blazkowicz, and I knew it, and I earned it. And now I'm just...a glorified lab rat somebody kept instead of euthanizing. That's what it feels like sometimes, honeybun. Not you, not really, but..."
Dr. Samuel Hayden left a comment for Fɪᴄᴋ Bʟᴀᴢᴋᴏ
"I love you. I mean that. I have for a long time. It's why I married you. Wil reaches out to take Fick's hand, clearly feeling a bit more relaxed about his situation. I trust you to be fair and good to me, and to understand when I can't do something,…"
Dr. Samuel Hayden left a comment for Fɪᴄᴋ Bʟᴀᴢᴋᴏ
"I won't tell anyone when you use your powers. I'm on your side, honest. I don't want you to get bored of me or not want me around anymore."