Age: 30

Species: Human...Modified

Birthdate: August 5th, 1989

City of Birth: Salem, Oregon

Nicknames: Roe, Rosa, Rose, Black Rose... Dementia

Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Hair: Black. She may be seen with white dyed strands, once in a while.

Skin: Naturally pale. Tanned

Eyes: Dark Brown

Lips: Always Crimson

Height: 5'6'' 

Body Facts:

-Long Stilleto Nails

-Her body is marked with ink


The woman known as the Black Rose has a pasion for vintage beauty. Her attire and accesories are always inspired on what used to be. She is the perfect mixture of modernity and classic. Roesia believes in the unknown, as her exeriences have provoked her to believe in what others find impossible. There is beauty in darkness, in death, in loneliness and in sadness. There is nothing more important than her desire to find the answers that can't be found.


She is everything you don't want her to be.


 Army Officer captured and trained to kill to take care of unnecesary pests. Roesia was a normal Officer before she was taken and modified. She hasn't understood what sort of modifications or mutations were done to her. Her incredible agility, stamina and senses are not natural. They thought she would follow orders, that she would become a weapon for their personal use...



 After her capture, Roesia is troubled with horrific news of her troops being killed in action.It was no coincidence that after her capture, her men would fall. There is no such thing as Defeat. Families and friends were told that none had survived, yet Roesia knew otherwise. They were all captured and used as objects of testing to create what she had become. Was she truly the only survivor?

Her need for revenge was bigger than her own guilt. It was no surprise that she blamed herself for the death and capture of her men. She desired to kill and annihilate those involved in such masacre.



Woman of seduction and manipulation. She knows when to be an Officer and when to be a woman. The use of her body and language help her aqcuire whatever she sets her mind to get. Love has never been in her mind, not even as a child.

"Nothing better than a cigarette after sex"

"I'll kill if you want me to"

Roesia will kill on command, almost like a trained beast. Some hire her for dirty jobs while others fear her. She is more useful than just for blood. Her mind is composed of knowledge and reasons many won't understand. A blunt woman with no filter. Don't expect special treatment.


"What am I? I am utterly confused, as to what the fuck I am. My mind spins out of control, while my body does incredible things no other human can do. Will I be this way forever? Do I age?"


Must know:

-Any time frame is alright for this character.

-Don't attempt to control the character.

-Her age may vary according to the time and/or what the writer might want.

-18+ character. A lot of gore, sexuality and violence may occur.

-Don't write random smut. Sexuality is something that must be part of the story.


-Used to Roleplay... Am a little rusty now.

-Some know me by Kat or... Ekaterina V.

-Desire to plot. Open for suggestions.

-If you want to write and ask to, you start. I'll add you regardless, especially if I am not taking threads.

-Ever in need, don't hesitate to talk to me. I am here for everyone and anyone.

-I like paragraph, novella style roleplays in third person. Please, don't attempt to write with me if you do short sentences and first person writing.

-I work, study and take care of other work, therefore, my replies can take a little to be received. I will be putting my threads and their status visible for everyone to see.

-I like to use DM's for threads unless discussed otherwise. 18+ must be DM.

 -This character belongs to the writer.

Roesia Inclementia Willow © 2017-2018 Vazquez C.



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  • Hey there! Love the profile and char! Id love to play if you like mine as well :) Roesia is gorgeous and very interesting!

  • There was a fine stream of adrenaline that always came with the travel, but by now for short burst like this, it was a small dose and therefore wouldn't dampen his susicions and cauton of this situation where otherwise he might have ended up more reckless. 

    The biker was entirely oo comfortable on that bike, feet firm on the ground, sitting back. The helmet hide the face completely, a black reflection of his surroundings. Rather than his once professional look of a suit, was simply now reduced to dark denim jeans, a mostly black and red leather jacket left unzipped to expose the grey tshirt beneath and basic but well worn out biker boots. Leather gloves also encased his hands, what rested over his thighs as the unseen eyes were no doubt sizing her up behind the visor. 

    He's never seen her before.

    He has the type of memory that was good for remembering faces even ater seeing the person once. He's never seen her and that only leaves him on alert.

    It might have been worse, though, should he have recognized her.

    He waits. He waits for her to approach him, because he wanted the leverage of having scoping out the area and let her come to him to an area he's deemed neutral enough. 

  • Lance never much enjoyed when someone played the role of "matchmaker" because things got too dirty and always could go south quick. This in every situation of the meaning of that term. He was looking for a quick buck, but not so desperately that he was willing to compromise himself or allow anyone to lead him to.  Her answer only finalizes his analysis of said situation that was happening. His "buyer" was just a bridge to bring a different party in. 

    But the number one question.. who?

    He doesn't like this. 

    Teeth slightly gritted, a muslce flexing in his jaw for it, he closed his eyes only a brief moment before he answered her back. 

    " :Look out for the biker."

    After this text is sent, what takes place is a little odd, but it's on her in how exactly she perceived the situation. First, she'd surely look around to no doubt try and look for this biker, but after a couple minutes there was not one to be seen.. not until she turned once more and where there wasn't one a second before, there was now. The biker seemed to blink into existence.. 



  • It was never easy to accept changes like that.

    Your world is literally turned and twisted and it's almost impossible to find some grounding. Lance had seen first hand the anger his old comrade held, but it'd been a even more twisted bind considering it'd been his own father who'd forced him into those changes. The man nearly sacrificed his own child.

    Lance found it purely sick. 

    He had been born with the X gene, so it was out of his or anyone's power what would happen to him, but regardless, it too had twisted his own world, but he found ways to cope with it and then use it to his advantage.

    Adapt. Strive. Live.


    Moving to stand closer to the edge of the roof, he's confused when the text seems to shift. An Ice cream shop?'s weird looking? He narrowed his eyes and wondered what this kid was up to, before he shot off a text.

    " Be more specific?" He thought the kid was going to meet him here, but then he doesn't realize things have shifted and maybe never were what they would be. Maybe it was some attempt at cover, he muses and that only sparked his interest. Why go at such length to protect your identity? Or was it an ambush? Ugh. He looks down below after sending the text, hardly worried about if his reply would probably only frustrate her further. It's what he does best, afterall.


  • This is New York.

    The pinnacle of destruction and action. You come here, you better expect some kind of adventure that may or may not kill you. From the outside, things sometimes could look normal, but it was a jungle in here, a concrete jungle more notoriously known. Lance moved here some time after his departure with Delta Six. He's got his main residence here and some hideouts spread out across the country.. and the land in Canada he inherited from his family. Last resort. Or maybe when he retires. When and if that ever happens. Y'know.. if he doesn't get killed first. (Which is almost a promise to happen at this point)

    You had gods, experiments, eccentric rich assholes, mutants, inhumans and aliens and god fuck knows what else running around here.

    Lance hasn't had much run ins beside his brief time with SHIELD, because they seem to love that shit and go about instigating even more shit with the guise of "protection" of mankind. Pure bullshit. Lance knew what they were all about and they often were shiesty assholes you shouldn't ever fully trust. Don't get him wrong, though, because a few agents were decent enough, like the guy who'd not only supplied him his armor, but steered his ass clear of shaking hands with the devil in theory. 


    Back on track here, Lance was working up another contact. Some kid got on his business line and was looking for a hookup. Since when did Lance fuck'n supply? And no, we're not talking about drugs here. Those days were.. thankfully in the past.  Pacing the rooftops of said contacts apartment, he waited on the kid to reply back, who was somewhere in the belly of the city and on his way over, presumably. 

    He can't really complain with the money being offered, though. His boots scuff lazily along the cement roofing beneath him, eyes roaming the skyline of the city. He's expecting some young kid just starting out in a bad habit, but he's expecting someone to beat the kid to it and take control of the situation if they had reason to..

  • Profile is under construction, yet, I am open for threads.

This reply was deleted.


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