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Thought I'd write out some main rules, because my mind is in a bit of a spin. 1. The obvious, no drama. I faced plenty of this on the last roleplay site I was on, and it can be quite depressive and tiring. Any that pulls me into such will be unfriended immediately. 2. You add, you write the starter, I add then I write it. This is so I have some semblance of control over keeping up with my starters which I'm failing miserably at. 3. Plotting will now occur in inbox. I like to keep my comments section clear, and in doing so I keep forgetting the plots I've already planned. Greetings and such are okay on my comments section. I'll move it to inbox when plotting arises. 4. Do /not/ under any circumstances kill my character without my permission. That's pretty much it for now. :)

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  • || Of course we can plot. My usual idea is for people to find my shop by accident. Usually when the person visiting is disturbed with a train of thought. And when they aren't looking, they are standing spontaneously in front of the door. Be it them looking for something, someone or just troubled. It can be that or something of your choosing.

  • (Yes I would love to plot. )

  • In silence Archer would follow Rosemarie into the late night coffee shop. She was glad the other shifter had chosen a much more relaxing and calm place than a bar or club. The warm smell of coffee was always pleasant and made it easier to talk about heavy subjects.

    "I simply want information on that coven so that I can put a stop to their terror." Archer replied as she took a seat across from Rosemarie. "I understand if there are some personal details you may want to leave out for whatever reason. I'm asking about them, not what they have done to you."


    ((it's ok. Mine was late also. Sorry if it's not the best...))

  • Information about him eh? Wasn't surprising really, Kujo wasn't a well liked person around the area let alone a very dangerous man that shouldn't be walking the streets to begin with. Though that didn't mean that he was going to let the woman go so easily as it may seem like it would; he didn't bomb her with a ton of questions when she told him her reasons as to why she was in his office in fact, if it was information that she was told to get that what better way to give her a parting gift right? A smirk formed on his lips as he pushed himself off the door and walked over to his file cabinet, pulling it open as he skimmed through the files before finding one and pulling out a file, tossing it on the desk for her to retrive if she still wanted the information that she was asked to get for someone. Anyone at this point would think that he was crazy into giving up important information but he didn't seem scared or worried about it if he was giving it up...


    "That's all the information that's on me, what I do, where I'm usually hanging around and the types of things that I sell. Hope that's enough to please the people that asked for it."


    He closed the filing cabinet and walked around his desk, walking over to his office door and unlocking it, opening the door for the young woman for her to exit out his office; he made no indication that he was going to harm her in anyway, why would he? She didn't pose no threat to him nor did she have any weapons on her, plus it wasn't in his nature to harm a woman unless otherwise. He gave her what she came here for, unless there was something else that she wasn't telling him. Those yellow piercing eyes stared at the young woman, he was much taller then her of course so he had to look down at her, narrowing his eyes slightly.


    "If you chose to stay....enjoy yourself and free drinks on me, just let the bartender downstairs know that Kujo said so.." 

  • (Hi! I'd love to write!)

  • || Sorry for the late reply. I would like to write with you.

  • The barfight scares the hell out of him far more than anything else has for quite some time, and his scramble for the door being interrupted by collision with the very woman who began the whole thing has him staring in slack-jawed fear. His functional eye twitches uncomfortably, the milky, ruined one remaining wide. Neurological damage causes faint tremors, and means he can’t ever quite get that one to close as much as the left.

    “I am…I am terribly sorry, I-“ Even over the noise, his accent grates and rolls with a long-dead 19th century charm. It’s not the time for talk. He realizes this and simply nods, gesturing to the door with his hand as if to say yes, exactly, that's where I was going. Please don't stop me, and you should probably leave, too.

    Without so much as a second glance at her, he's heading right for the exit and out into the humid but cool evening air. He feels like he can breathe again once the air hits his lungs and he's no longer crowded into a small space with so many other people. He hears sirens in the distance, and without thinking that he has company at present, he kicks off the ground a bit higher than normal, increasing his hover to several feet so that he can get a sense for where the police are going to come from. His jaw grinds together again, followed by an unholy pop that could potentially nauseate the weak of stomach.

    Quiet swearing follows. He has no idea where he is. This frustrates him most of all.

  • As he made his way through the crowded area, people were waving at him or just nodded their heads at him as he returned the gesture, making his way towards the VIP section of the strip joint and to his office. He opened the door to the VIP section and closed the door behind him, he didn't lock it or anything just in case one of his men needed to come to his office, he just had that section closed off for the night since nothing special was going on at the club or anything. Even though that his office was sound proof and all, reaching his hand for the door knob he turned it and notice that it was already unlocked. Strange, he always had this door locked and no one, not even his own men dare come in his office unless he was in there which means that someone had got in and was now snooping in his belongings. He waited a few seconds, taking in a certain scent....a feline's scent to be exact. Odd, why was the smell of a feline lingering about in the air, who the hell was this person and what did they want that he had?


    He turned the door knob, opening the door as he stepped inside to find none other then a woman crashing his party in his office. Yellow piercing eyes glared at the woman as he shut the door behind him....more like slammed it shut behind him but again it was sound proof so the people downstairs didn't hear when he slammed the door. Now, Kujo was a very powerful man and very much respected by man people, he was a asshole yes but he was a gentlemen when it came to women, he never harm a woman unless they cross him; hell he makes his own men pay if he founds out if one of them harms a woman without his say so. Finding a woman in his office snooping around only dug her grave but could she get out of it was the question? Normally he would gave everyone a chance to explain themselves and if he didn't think that their story added up then he shoots them right on the spot whether is male or female, people need to understand that Kujo was a powerful man and people must answer to him if they cross him like how this woman was doing right now. He crossed his arms over his chest, tilting his head ever so slightly to the side with a sick grin on his face, though he must admit....she was a beauty, it was always the attractive ones that seems to cross his path at the darnest of times...


    "Wanna explain why you're in here or do I need to put a bullet between your eyes? You can tell me what it is that you're looking for, or I can carry you out of here through a body bag, your choice tigress..."


    Oh yes he knew alright, she had that feline scent on her so that what he was smelling from outside his office, he wouldn't say that this was his first time meeting a tiger shifter, tigers were always his favorite animals after all next to foxes, but what was she doing here and why was she snooping around in his office uninvited

  • // Phew. I'm done. Some have not contacted me and it has been a while so I'm going to take them off of my replies list. If you are one of those and would still like to continue, but you're just busy or caught up in rl, that's perfectly fine, just let me know when you're back and ready to go!

  • A cigarette hung loosely from his lips as he leaned against his car, thank god it wasn't a full moon tonight otherwise he wouldn't even be standing here right now, though he did have to check on a few things before returning back to the club to finish up some paper work that needed to be signed. Ever since he opened up his strip joint The Black Diamond, money had been flowing into the place as well as his dealings with drugs that come in and out through the place itself though of course no one knew of this but his men that worked for him. He pushed himself off his car and unlocked the door, climbing into the driver's side and shutting the door behind him as he started up the engine to his old school car before he took off in it heading back to the joint for the night.


    It had a very long and crazy day for him, but he didn't complain at least his life wasn't all tha boring like he thought it would, not to mention that he was still searching for those men that killed all those years ago but so far he only manage to find only one of the men and there were still seven of them roaming about. He knew that all seven of them was still alive, they must have known about his return or something and they went into hiding like cowards; but it wouldn't stop him for searching for them now would it? While driving, he saw a few of his men standing on certain corners selling drugs, there was money to be made tonight, there was no sleep for his men even in the early hours of the morning some of his men would be out and about selling drugs to even homeless people that would have done anything to have some sort of drug in their system.


    It wasn't long after that he arrived at his club, parking his car as he stepped out and shut the door, locking it as he placed his keys in his pocket and made his way inside the strip club. It was pretty crowded tonight, guess a lot of people needed to unwind after a long day like he needed to do so himself but he wouldn't be getting that tonight, he had too much that still needed to be done but it seems that all his customers and his 'girls' were doing alright and there were no problems as he retreated to his office which was located in the back upstairs. The VIP section of the strip club was closed for the night, so he was able to cut through the VIP section to get to his office much quicker instead of having to go all the way around even though from the VIP section his office door was usually locked and the room itself was sound poof so when he had a woman in the room with him....well....let's just say that you couldn't hear what was going on behind that closed door.

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