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Thought I'd write out some main rules, because my mind is in a bit of a spin. 1. The obvious, no drama. I faced plenty of this on the last roleplay site I was on, and it can be quite depressive and tiring. Any that pulls me into such will be unfriended immediately. 2. You add, you write the starter, I add then I write it. This is so I have some semblance of control over keeping up with my starters which I'm failing miserably at. 3. Plotting will now occur in inbox. I like to keep my comments section clear, and in doing so I keep forgetting the plots I've already planned. Greetings and such are okay on my comments section. I'll move it to inbox when plotting arises. 4. Do /not/ under any circumstances kill my character without my permission. That's pretty much it for now. :)

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  • "You're nothing without me!"


    "You were made to kill.."


    "You're nothing more but a killing machine.."

    Her rustic brown eyes slowly opened from her night's slumber, welcoming the early hours of the morning sun on her face; she stirred a bit before she yawned softly and sat up, shaking her pelt as she stood and made her way out the abandon barn and to a nearby water puddle for a drink of water. She lowered her head and lapped up some water into her mouth, savoring the cool liquid as it went down her throat. She had that same nightmare again from before, a dark moment from her past that she didn't ever want to relive every again in her life time, but deep down inside, she knew that she wouldn't be the same as she once was before her life spiral out of control for the worse. Over the past 2 year time span since she had been released from that 'organization' she had tried to live her life like a normal dog should be living but she didn't have the slightest of clue about how to pull that kind of thing off with her current situation and problems. Tsunami wasn't wasn't always like this, at one point in her life, she had a wonderful family and and loving home that she thought where her family would always be together forever till the end; she always thought that she was going to have her siblings by her side when she got older and decided to move on in her life to new things...she always thought about the happy moments she did have in her life until her owner that own a barn changed that for her..


    She had spent mostly half of her life in an arena fighting against other dogs to bring in money and bystanders that were interested in watching dog fights that her 'God - Father' once owned; all her life, all she knew how to do was fight and kill, to her it was either kill or be killed whenever she was in the ring fighting and she would always come out on top as champion in every fight. But those days had change for her as well when the police force came charging in and had taken away everyone that was involved in the dog fights, but unlike her fellow canines that were taken away and put down, she manage to slip away before they could catch her and from there she had wander the streets from day and night until she was picked up by 'that organization'. Those people trained her into a killing machine, she was the best of the best, a highly skilled K9 that they didn't want to let go but had to when they found out the incident that involved some experiments escaping from their facility. Again, she was placed back on the streets to defend herself and to once again have gain of what it means to be a 'free dog'. She than turned away from the puddle and headed on into the city for something to eat before she begin her travels like usual, she didn't stay in one place for too long these days anyway..

  • {I did like Rose, but since she is full maybe Jacob? Unless you suggest another character}

  • //Whatever works, I look forward to role-playing with you//

  • The woman would simply blink as Rosemarie tried to insult her knowledge on current situations. A very slow blink was then given and the woman took Rosemarie's offered hand.

    "Archer. And I have heard rumors of such a coven yes." She would let her hand slip down to her side, green hues still glowing the slightest bit in the dark. "And now those rumors have become facts, thanks to the events tonight. I am more than willing to hear any knowledge on these vampires that you may have." Those green hues would then glance up at the clear night sky. "But maybe inside some where. It's going to get colder."

  • (( It's ok. I'm use to it. People are busy.))


    When the vampires finally fled the scene the shadows would swirl around the snow leopard for a moment and when they stopped a woman stood where the cat had been. She wasn't particularly tall by any means but still held her self with some pride. Dark green hues were still cat like and glowed a little. She had dark brown wavey hair that tumbled down past her shoulders. 

    Those green cat eyes flicked toward the other woman when thanks was given. "There is supposed to be a peace between vampires and shifters." She said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Times have changed too much for these pointless blood baths. If we disrupt the peace then humans will start getting involved and we don't want that."

  • (Thank you for the invitation my dear. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can write and start a storyline together.)

  • (Hi! Thanks for sending an invite.)

  • {I'm afraid and I must apologize I do not have any ideas. Only something involving Griffin, Ainslee's vigilante name... If we are doing a modern rp.}

  • ((Our info is back!))

    The night is dark and full of terrors. Vampires and shapeshifting tigers were not the only paranormal creatures about in that alley. There was another, a master of shadows as well as another shifter. This being would let out what was a mix of a roar and a screech. At the same time, a massive black clawed paw made out of the shadows would strike out from the surrounding darkness, becoming solid just as it clawed through one of the vampires. Glowing green eyes then pierced through the darkness as a larger than normal snow leopard stalked out. Shoulder muscles rippled under thick grey and spotter fur as the cat pulled back its lips in a snarl. Long hooked claws clicked on the asfalt ground and a long bushy tail flicked back and forth. The shadows of the night seemed to swirl around the snow leopard's massive paws. Stopping a few feet away from the vampires, the leopard would let out another screech and the shadows around its paws would jet out toward the undead, becoming solid black spikes that would empale two of the blood sucking leaches. 

    "Get out of here." A cold female voice came from the snow leopard followed by a snarl. The fur on her neck would slowly raise up and her leg muscles flexed, ready to attack if need be. Those glowing green hues would slowly scan each and every vampire in the area, briefly stopping on the she tiger. A nod was given to the fellow feline.

  • The strange man gave her a soft smirk as he turned back to face her. "That book is my journal. It holds all of my darkest and deepest secerets. Not ment for the eyes of creatures such as yourself" he said like it was a matter of fact. "I once practiced black magic but that was years ago" he said before yawning and moving back towards her. He simply plucked the book from her hands gracefully and shoved it back into his backpack and stood up.
    "I'm already behind schedule then" he said softly as his eyes glanced around the woods. "And I'm not indimitaded by predators. Not when I am the Apex Predator wherever I walk" he said as he walked on into the woods. 

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