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-Red Meat -Cats -Sunsets -Swimming and Trekking through forests

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-Humans -Supernaturals (Especially vampires) -Cages

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action

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Thought I'd write out some main rules, because my mind is in a bit of a spin. 1. The obvious, no drama. I faced plenty of this on the last roleplay site I was on, and it can be quite depressive and tiring. Any that pulls me into such will be unfriended immediately. 2. You add, you write the starter, I add then I write it. This is so I have some semblance of control over keeping up with my starters which I'm failing miserably at. 3. Plotting will now occur in inbox. I like to keep my comments section clear, and in doing so I keep forgetting the plots I've already planned. Greetings and such are okay on my comments section. I'll move it to inbox when plotting arises. 4. Do /not/ under any circumstances kill my character without my permission. That's pretty much it for now. :)

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  • // Up for continuing our thread? :3

  • (Sorry for the wait. I’ll have something by the weekend or shortly after. )

  • /Hello, first I would like to apologize for having been absent, work had picked up.. I am an Police Officer for Philadelphia, PA. I am still interested in our plot, I believe Sanctuary would work fine./

  • (( Sorry for poofing again. I kinda took a hiatus. If it is easier for you we can just start over...

  • [I apologise for the sudden hiatus, I hope to plot.]

  • [Hello, I'm sorry for having been off, been in hospital for awhile. I would still like to write if you'd like too.. ]

  •  Replies today guys! I'm sorry I'm slow. 

  • (Well the good ones are. I think. Or they should be bloody. Lol)

  • (You ok with graphic violence and all. Cause you know. Movies with killer robots or aliens are very bloody and graphic :) 

  • (Hmmmm. I could have it that my character, in human disguise, is visiting pubs and clubs and such, to find people to abduct for the hive. Find people who won’t be missed, like orphans and the homeless.  So my character can cross yours in a pub and may even get entangled with some vampires. Since the queen has learned of their existence just briefly and wonders if she can find a way to use them as vial hosts, due to vamps being an undead corpse and all.  A vampire could survive a chest bursting, minis the heart stays intact. So they would make good hosts as their chest wound could heal and they could be implanted with alien embryos all over again. 

    Where shall this pub be located?)

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