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July 5

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-Red Meat -Cats -Sunsets -Swimming and Trekking through forests

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-Humans -Supernaturals (Especially vampires) -Cages

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action

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Thought I'd write out some main rules, because my mind is in a bit of a spin. 1. The obvious, no drama. I faced plenty of this on the last roleplay site I was on, and it can be quite depressive and tiring. Any that pulls me into such will be unfriended immediately. 2. You add, you write the starter, I add then I write it. This is so I have some semblance of control over keeping up with my starters which I'm failing miserably at. 3. Plotting will now occur in inbox. I like to keep my comments section clear, and in doing so I keep forgetting the plots I've already planned. Greetings and such are okay on my comments section. I'll move it to inbox when plotting arises. 4. Do /not/ under any circumstances kill my character without my permission. That's pretty much it for now. :)

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  • Hello.

    Noticed we were friends and thought i'd drop a comment.

    Would you be interested in writing with me?

  • (Sorry I have been gone.  IRL stuff happened. If you are still around. We can continue. I can send my reply still.)

  • Business was good, it had to be good if everything was running smoothly right? His shipments were running good as well, everything seem to have been running good around the place right? All seem so calm and you would think that there was nothing for people to worrying about but how wrong could one be. Yes, its true that Kujo is the only main drug lord around the area and yet....word of the street that a new drug has been sold on the streets and its...pretty much killing people off one by one. With the rise of dead bodies showing up all over the place, the police are breathing down his neck, wanting answers for this but honestly, he's in the dark about the new drug as the police are, he knew that he wasn't the one selling such a drug to his customers. Yet, they are so hell bent on thinking that it is in fact Kujo that is selling this dangerous drug to the people, just thinking about it made him annoyed as to how often the police showed up at his business of work trying to get answers out of him but he wouldn't budge, not even cave in to their tauting threats towards him and his business.


    He made his way through the hyped up crowd, bodies grinding against one another, the smell of booze, sex, arousal and....what the hell pee....filled his nose, humans could be such flithy creatures at times but regardless of the matter he didn't seem to bother him, it was there way of having a good time it seems really, he's not the one to judge people really. But still, he needed to find out who was selling this drug on his turf that was getting him in trouble with the law, not to mention that the police force got all eyes on him in hopes that he would slip up and they have evidence against him to try and arrest him but he was sure that he was always careful wherever he go, even when he was walking home, he made sure that he didn't get caught up in anything or that he didn't do anything that would set anyone off that may be following him cause sure enough he was sure that a couple of undercover cops were following him around during the day when he was out and about doing his business but he didn't seem to have minded since he somewhat didn't have anything to hide from them other then him running an illegal business.


    Someone had stepped into his pathway, piercing yellow eyes looked down at the woman that was now standing before him, he narrowed his eyes slightly at the female. What was her game? What was she playing at here...? It wasn't a surprise that people would walk up to him and ask for something, hell it didn't come as a shock that women would walk up to him and try to hold a conversation with him but something in the back of his head was telling him to trend carefully with this woman right now. He didn't say anything, though that soft hand of hers firmly gripped his bicep, his eyes quickly glanced at her hand and back at the woman again. He didn't say anything to the woman at first before he started to glance around, making sure no one was watching them or that someone waas trying to listen in on their little conversation...


    "....What is it that you want exactly?"

  • { Hey there! I cannot remember if we have talked before (and if we have I'm extremely sorry that I'm could've dropped our RP >.<), but I really like the sound of your character Calypse! Would you be interested in plotting something out? I'd be happy to write the starter }

  • \\Good lord, I'm so sorry for the late response but please take as much time as you need with the starter, I'm in no rush here :)

  • (I like that idea - happy to go with that. You okay to start?)

  • [Oof. You have me torn between the sweetheart and Lucas - something about someone being horrible to Roman makes me laugh. He's not used to that kind of treatment.

    I really don't know which I'd prefer. It's a toss-up between the wolf shifter and Lucas. What do you think?)

  • [I'm sorry I have a lot of health issues.. I can't remember really what our plot was?]

  • \\Oh no, it's fine really and yes I would still love to write with you miss :) 

  • Unfortunately I have had to cut out a few starters since I don't have the time to write them all out. If you still wish to write, the Starter may not be written until the weekend. I apologise beforehand. Everyone else I will continue with.

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