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Thought I'd write out some main rules, because my mind is in a bit of a spin. 1. The obvious, no drama. I faced plenty of this on the last roleplay site I was on, and it can be quite depressive and tiring. Any that pulls me into such will be unfriended immediately. 2. You add, you write the starter, I add then I write it. This is so I have some semblance of control over keeping up with my starters which I'm failing miserably at. 3. Plotting will now occur in inbox. I like to keep my comments section clear, and in doing so I keep forgetting the plots I've already planned. Greetings and such are okay on my comments section. I'll move it to inbox when plotting arises. 4. Do /not/ under any circumstances kill my character without my permission. That's pretty much it for now. :)

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  • [I'm sorry I have a lot of health issues.. I can't remember really what our plot was?]

  • \\Oh no, it's fine really and yes I would still love to write with you miss :) 

  • Unfortunately I have had to cut out a few starters since I don't have the time to write them all out. If you still wish to write, the Starter may not be written until the weekend. I apologise beforehand. Everyone else I will continue with.

  • Eric considered his next words to her after she made the statement about him participating in many wars. She wasn’t wrong, but he’s sure that she’s not ready to hear what his war was for. It would seem he passed into legend. “Yes, I have.” He takes a drink of his beer before listening on to everything else she had to say. He hasn’t been much for words as of lately, but he does have a lot on his mind these days. “Just keep your wits about you, and you’ll do just fine. I’ll make sure you come home.”

    He listens to her skill set and takes another swig of his beer. “Going into this, be ready for other large creatures. Not all will be dragons. There may be a possible death worm there, and other large demonic beasts… I’ve been told that the last event to happen to this area is a nuclear strike. On top of that there was an outbreak of a virus there as well. The only way to cure it is with intense heat.” He takes a moment to consider what could happen if either one of them contracts the virus. It doesn’t seem good. “Unless you have a way to raise body temperature without burning the host, then we would have to call Mai. She would heal the virus, but she will also bring me back here… I’m not supposed to be leaving the city, but I figured if everything goes well, we should be back before she notices.” Here’s to hoping that everything goes according to plan.

    “Once we come back, I’ll be sure to show you around.” It was the least he could do after getting her involved into his personal life, and possibly into a larger battle to follow. “You won’t disappoint me, I’m sure.” He finishes the last of his beer in a large chug and places the bottle down. “Well, let’s get a move one then. We’ll get over by the docks then take off from there. It will probably be a while before we reach our destination, so make sure you’re ready to go.” Eric reaches up high in a stretch as he mentally prepares himself for what’s to come.

    “I do wonder though.” He lowers his arms and relaxes. “Why New York? Not that there’s anything wrong with New York, but there is an entire nation of humanity out there. Did you have any certain desire to come to this city, or were you just picking at random? I’m just curious is all.” The city wasn’t exactly his most favored place. He was only here because Mai was forcing him to be here “I think once I’m done with my work in this city, I’ll be heading for the mountains. More room to breathe there than this city… What about you? What home do you prefer?”

  • "You were thrashing around trying to remove the harpoons that humans threw at you. I wasn't going to take my chances in walking up toward you as a human." Jeathro explained once he was in front of Taerinth once more. "And if I was really being aggressive we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. We would be locked in combat."  His voice was becoming less hostile but he still stood his ground and kept his gaze on the other dragon. "And it's been ages since I last came in contact with any of my kind. For all I know you could be one of Agrath's lackies he has do his dirty work for him." 

    Jeathro would look around at the destroyed cattle field now. He let out an annoyed growl and shook his head some. "And where is this small group of dragons you speak of?"

  • Jeathro let out a snort, black smoke curling out of his nostrils.

    "Of course that's what they say now. History was rewritten when Agrath took over. You should know that. That's how it is every time a new ruler takes over no matter the species. Humans attacked us because he let young, ignorant dragons like you do as they pleased. He purposefully broke the peace that I worked so hard to build between mankind and dragons." Another deep snarl rumbled deep in his throat now. Slowly Jeathro would start to circle the white dragon, green eyes narrowing and lips pulled back in a snarl. "And I act with aggression because I won't stand for ignorance anymore."

  •                He laughs slightly with her display of bravery to face a war. “Most dragons, if not all, are capable of fighting a war. You should pray that day never comes though.” He wasn’t going to tell her, but war was far more brutal than the history books. He wouldn’t even be able to find the words for it if he tried to explain how the Great War went over for him. The amount of blood and destruction that went into taking just one city was worse than a nightmare. Even if he did form brotherly bonds with people he would’ve never come across in his life, the amount of chaos that came out of the war was too costly. He often wonders if there’s a peaceful life for him at all.

                   “And no, no one there will be innocent. Don’t believe otherwise, or they take the advantage.” The land they would soon be entering was a dangerous place with no law. There’s even been a point to where he witnessed Wrath kill a child for the safety of his own. It was a brutal period of time in everyone’s life, and he personally believes it would’ve been better had he not lived through that. Those are stories for a later day however.

                   Eric looks at her with a raised brow. “Kill her? Well I suppose if someone took her out of the fight, then her boss would step in. His name is Maxson, and he’s the FBI Director here… He’s also an archangel. A surprisingly mean one at that.” Eric had only come across Maxson once, and it did not sit well with him. It wasn’t just because of the demon blood in him screaming to fight the angel. His eyes looked hungry for power and dominance. He observed Mai to even have a nervous demeanor around him. Everything surrounding that man screamed bad news, and Eric had hoped he wouldn’t have to see much more of him. It’s probably a good thing he only answers to Mai.

                   He shakes his head to her final question on the topic. “I think it would be unfair if you couldn’t spread your wings without having them clipped off. No, these people only operate in heavily populated areas, and that is mostly where the law stays… That is of course if you take people away from the city just to kill them. Then I suppose they will find you for that.” He was only just told about most of these laws not very long ago. “Perhaps if you ever see Mai, you can ask her on all of the laws. She would know more than me.”

                   Once at her home he does take in his surroundings just in case he needs to know his way back here, or if he needs to call someone here. More than likely he wouldn’t, but it’s just one of those militarized ticks he has. He nods and flashes a small smile at her offer. “Sure, I’ll join you for a moment. We can discuss the details of your short employment, and exactly how it is you’d like me to help you.” He steps forward and into her him, his hands still in his pockets. He takes a look around the home before turning back to her. “Not bad. Pretty homie if you ask me… I’m not sure if you’d get much sleep in a lair like that. You’re right though, the aroma would be nice. Sure I’ll have a cup.”

                   He followed her into the kitchen and leaned himself on the counter as he watches her move about. “I think I’d have to go with a wide selection of beer. That be a nice view to wake up to every morning.” He laughs slightly at the end of his last remark before speaking again. “Do you do well on planes, or would you prefer flying yourself?” The manner in which they got to the desert didn’t matter much to him, but he’s aware that some people don’t exactly like planes.

  • \\Hmm, well my character can be seen either at a library working or at a barbershop cleaning or cutting hair...but if either of those don't work then you can also find him at local coffee shops or find him somewhere at a bookstore trying to find good books to read

  •                Few who could take human form? Eric considers this phrase for a moment. He’s never been able to take another form as he was born human. It was the Warlords that changed him through a series of experiments. Even then, it wasn’t until years after the Warlord Army fell that he decided to surrender his humanity to become something stronger. He had to in order to survive the wildlands he was in during the time. Lands where there was no government, no laws, and very little mercy to those who weren’t strong enough. Even then with his surrender of his own humanity, he has only ever been able to take a more demonic form. There were some dragon traits with this form, but he could never become a full dragon.

                   He’s sure that she’s talking about the dragon in him now, and is now assuming she’s a dragon herself. With this new knowledge he’s coming to the understanding that she’s far too recognize who he is, or what he has done. He’s not very popular with the surviving dragons, even if he has stopped his own path of war and hunting. Still, he can understand why anyone would be mad with him as he has taken part in the near extinction of dragons. He looks at her map and what is circled. He’s not very good with directions either, but after a little bit of thought he’s aware of what direction she’s traveling in. He’s never been to that hotel, but is sure he could find it if she needed the help. Then came her remark about aiding him in battle. He raises his eyebrow at that statement and smiles slightly.

                   “You’re a wild one, I can already see that.” He laughs slightly as he takes in everything she just said to him. “You don’t know who I am, or who I’m involved with, and you’re willing to walk into battle with me..? Don’t get me wrong, I’m honored, and I’ll take you up on that offer, but I’m not quite sure this is a battle you’d have seen before.” And he was sure he’s going to be right on that statement. Even he’s not fully aware of the war Mai is about to get them involved in with their coming future. “Suppose I should show you home before we set off to fight anything. Once you’re settled in, I’ll bring you along to the Sahara Desert.” That was his starting point. The old lands where nightmares happened every day. To his knowledge, things have only gotten worse since he left those lands.

                   They’ll see that in the time to come though. For now Eric begins to walk, and motions her to follow him. “I’ll help you. In return I ask just for one fight and then we’ll call it even. Sound good?” Hopefully it would go that well. He had no intentions of letting her be harmed, but maybe he hasn’t sold her short just yet. Even if she lacks in navigation skills that doesn’t mean she can’t carry herself through a war zone. “Welcome to the city. Just a heads up, there are more humans here then there are non-humans. They easily outnumber us by about a thousand to one… Doesn’t seem that scary knowing that they are all just human, right?” He shakes his head to his last statement. “Wrong. Their government has a strict law set for us, and failure to comply can result in our death. It’s not like they have it posted for us anywhere either, but for the most part it’s just act human.”

                   The law he talks about was meant to keep people safe. They stood no chance against even the most common demon, much less a full on dragon. “Typically it doesn’t sound all that scary having human police run after you with typical side arms.” Again, he shakes his head. “You won’t see the police first. If you so much as change into your true form in front of people, you’ll have one woman sent after you. Her name is Mai Ortega, and she’s currently Captain of the FBI SWAT… She’s a lot of other things also, like an asshole, but it’s hard to get rid of her once she’s on you. So just try to act as human as possible so long as you’re in the city limits.” Not to say there aren’t people who break these laws, but not many of them get away with it. Eric had to admit, the woman was good at her job once she has someone to go after. “Any questions?” He asks as the come out of the park and close to the street.

  • Jeathro would stay on the ground, dark green hues glaring up at the female dragon. The two sets of wings she had was new to him. 

    "I don't care about the lives of cows." He snarled. "But I do care about the peace between human and dragon kind!" His tail lashed back and forth once more. "When I ruled over dragons, we all knew that we didn't harass farmers live stock! A war between humans would be pointless. The forests and mountains provided us enough food!" Jeathro's green hues never left the white dragon. He was ready to roar fire in her direction if he had to. "Fool like you are why there are not many dragons left!" 

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