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Logan was born nothing more than a mere wolf, at first. A pup and it's twin sibling while the other two of the litter had perished. Together, the twins had been inseperable through their lives. The pack was strong and the two became another number to face. His sister eventually took her stance as the alpha when their father, the alpha, and elder siblings perished in war of Arcacia. His twin rose and took the reigns, Logan far too unstable to have been chosen to lead..

At a young age, Logan began to show signs of "split personalities".. He believed he had a "evil" side and fed into it, giving himself reason to satisfy his inner desire for the fight..the rage.. And being bred a warrior only improved this unstable side of him. Still, his sister trusted him as he did her and kept him close at her side as the pack moved for the next part of their fight. 

Eventually, in the end, all perished or disappeared. The pack had fallen. Logan lost his mate, his sister, his mother and this made him far more volatile, so volatile he abandoned his daughters and disappeared himself. 

Mere wolves they may have started out as, but there was magik wound within these wolves.. It started when a family of mages took it upon themselves to charm wolves and use them for protection. This continued on until the family was bled dry and the remainder wolves returned to their wild roots. This magik.. It allowed these wolves to create human counter parts, among their other powers. 

Like reversed werewolves.. 


Logan lived a good portion of his life as a wolf. It was his preferred form, but in time he grew curious of the human world.. His first involvement was in World War II. He joined on the Axis powers, fighting along the Italians, but went rogue before they, too, turned on the Axis powers. When the drug cartel wars began to arise along Spain, Logan heavily involved himself. The man quickly learned he languages fluently and fed his desires in any shape or form. 


He was seen in Russia.. Why is unknown as his story is still being written..




Name: Logan (Darro) - Amarsetzu/ Pitch

Age: A century or two

Biological sex: Male

Sexual preference: Bisexual 

Mate/Lover: Posie (Deceased) - single

Children/pups: Anna, Layla, Amaki, Kai (All alive)

Pack: Lone wolf


Hair: short, either naturally black with splotches of white or dyed fully black or white.

Eyes: A sharp deep blue

Skin: light skinned, marrred by scars and some Ink

Wolven pelt: mostly black with odd patches of grey and white that grew in later

Height: 6'5 ( A goddamn giant )

Wolven form: 5'2 at the shoulders on all fours

Weight: 224 lbs

Wolven form: 247 lbs

Clothing: usually described as a viking/biker hybrid. He loves his furs when he's naked as humans typically are, but also enjoys leather, however being fully naked is always a plus, too..


Mental status: 80% unstable

Disorders: Multi personalities, mild schizophrenia

Physical status: Healthy and strong

Physical disabilities: None

Vices: Cocaine, Weed, Ecstasy, Vodka or Whiskey and Cigarettes. 


Alliances: w.i.p..


Powers and abilities:  w.i.p...


This dude was my first ever created character.. There's a lot to cover and I'll get to that soonish.. 

2005 is his birth year.. Skjxjfjf he old lmao


Lookin to integrate him into another pack arch.. 



Closing at 5 threads..

2 are left as of now



 Fc: Michael Eklund



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