"Welcome to my page you magnificent bastard! My name's Ryder and there's not much to say beyond that. I've done an interview if you wanna go and read that little thing, but yunno.. I got bored half way through so uh. Heh, yeah. It's down in "Character Personality", check it out now, yeah?"



>> Pale

Sensitive topics: 
>> Val
>> Mental retardation
>> Blindess
>> Substance Abuse


>> Partying
>> Drumming
>> Singing
>> Val
>> Sweets
>> Music


Least Favorites: 
>> Sleep
>> Being Alone
>> Empty Rooms or Spaces
>> Lightning and thunder
>> The Dark



1. Phobias:
Astraphobia – The fear of thunder and lightning.
Monophobia – The fear of being alone. Even while eating and/or sleeping.
Autophobia – The fear of abandonment and being abandoned by someone.
Nyctophobia – The fear of darkness.
Somniphobia – The fear of sleep. Being terrified of what might happen at night.✮
Athazagoraphobia – The fear of being forgotten or not remembering things.
Nosocomephobia – The fear of hospitals. 

[ Mild - ☆ / Moderate - ✮ / Severe - ★ ]

2. Disorders and all that interrelated jazz:
A history of hallucinogenic episodes★

3. Beliefs:

Equal rights
All lives matter
Everyone deserves forgiveness
Anyone can be a good person
Family comes before what you want
Sacrifice for the greater good if you must
Love the world
Don't give out trust like Halloween candy, but don't be afraid to trust people
Laugh often
Protect the weaker
Everyone deserves to live

Dimension Hopping;

Although Ryder is human, he has access to a portal gun. After the death of Val, he learned some stuff about her he would've never guessed she could accomplish. Val had her death planned out and told her sister, Mercy, to put her portal gun and book of witchcraft into Ryder's name. Mercy gave him the gun but Ryder took the witchcraft book beforehand. Being stupid and dimension hopping is not a good mix, it gets Ryder into a lot of shit, usually coming back from another dimension bruised and bloody. Little does he know, in every dimension there's a clone of him following. Val had one as well but when she died, it died. Who ever possesses the portal gun gets a faulty clone. 


For those of you who don't know, ADHD is Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Some of you may be going "oooh, that explains a lot!" if you've ever Roleplayed with Ryder. He gives off an obnoxious and cocky vibe, half the reason, ADHD is to blame. 

Things that apply to him are bold:

Behavioral: aggression, excitability, fidgeting, hyperactivity, impulsivity, irritability, lack of restraint, or persistent repetition of words or actions
Cognitive: absent-mindedness, difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, problem paying attention, or short attention span
Mood: anger, anxiety, boredom, excitement, or mood swings
Also common: depression or learning disability

After years as a kid of being mute and being silenced since he /was/ mentally aging slowly, and being put into isolation to not hurt the other kids on accident, it bursts out and the ADHD is a symptom of it.
Life on Earth:
Ryder lives a fun filled life on Earth. Playing with his drums and/or singing at parties with his small and shitty teenage garage band is what he does when he's not hopping dimensions. 
A video to show his voice

Val Valentine Vale ^ 
A dead friend. 

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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Personality

Ryder seemed to be happy right where he was, since he did have a smile plastered on his face. "Hello." He spoke, a thick British accent etching the greeting. "My name's Ryder, and I'm somewhat of an idiot. The best idiot, might I add. I may be an idiot but I do it well." He blinked his blue orbs, they seemed to be the only colorful thing in the pale, boring room. "It's hard to play the idiot well, don't you think so? I think so. Mindless, impulsive, uh... oh, I never listen. That's another.. eh, faulty thing. I'm loud, that too. As loud as my drums here. Well, almost as loud as my drums, yunno.. these things could out-roar a dinosaur. "Erm, what else.. I love metal. Metal music, not the actual, y'know. I'd blast it every second if I could. Parents are a big wall for that one. Not going to go too into my parents since they are just swell people, that's all. Oh, I guess my age would be a prime factor of my introduction. I'm twenty one. Ay, refrain from making a joke about it, that meme is dead. Like my interest in this introduction, I'll be cutting it off here." He grabbed the director box next to his chair, and snapped it closed.

Character History/Story

(Replace "Axel" with "Ryder", I'll fix it later) Ryder had been born a little... messed up, he was mentally retarded. {re·tard·ed rəˈtärdəd/ adjective datedoffensive less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.} He didn't know what he was doing, when he was a kid he was still acting like a baby. He'd whine and kick people away from him, that including teachers and his parents. The time it took him to learn was too long and the teachers at the school couldn't stand him since he soon got violent with the other kids in the SPED room. So, of course, he was home schooled. Growing up into a teenager, he acted like a kid as expected. His parents let him leave the house now and go walk around if he wanted. He'd do just that, and when he did, he met a girl named Val Valentine Vale. She was sitting in a tree reading a book and accidentally dropped it on Ryder's head. Ryder overreacted as a kid would and whined, acting as if he just got a boulder on the head. Val jumped out of the tree and helped Ryder out. After a few hours of talking, they became best friends. A week afterwards, Val invited Ryder to the beach. They both went together, and had fun splashing each other in the water, Val making sure to be extra careful with the black haired male. But she got close and gave him a nice look, a look that made Ryder feel safe as ever. "Wanna see something?" She asked, and the boy nodded quickly. She ran out of the water and took him to the graveyard too close to the beach. She talked to him and told them what they said. She was a witch. She was the nicest witch he's ever met, well, the only nice girl he's ever met. Nice person, for that matter. One afternoon while they were hanging out, she asked a question that would change everything. "If you could be normal, would you?" He shrugged, looking down. It took a bit of pushing to get it out of him, after questioning him over and over, he nodded and pulled his legs under his chin and to his chest. "Ever since I met you, I've been uh.. working on an "antidote" to help your mental problem." Ryder looked up at her with widened eyes, he was afraid to say anything. He was always afraid to say anything, but this was more serious. "R-Really?" He asked, his fingers curling tight around the bed sheet. She nodded, grabbing her book of witchcraft from under the bed. "I think I've finally got it, there's only one way to find out, Ryder. You willing to take that chance? A chance of any side affect, anything not working?" He practically shook in his spot but gave a mindless nod. He did everything without thinking.. wasn't his fault, he had the mentality of a kid. She nodded and gently pulled him off the bed, and started muttering things, holding his hand. After a few tries, they both passed out together. Although, Val didn't pass out. Axel didn't know that until a few moments after waking back up. "Eugh... jeez..-- Val? Val I think it worked?! Hey, Val, it worked!" He smiled, nudging her. She didn't move. He blinked, and shook her, harder and harder within the second. She was dead, it was a sacrifice Ryder wasn't aware of. She knew this would happen, but she always did care more about him than her own self. He called her aunt in and she was rushed off. Months passed and Ryder didn't come out of his room at home. He took the witchcraft book with him as remembrance of her. Depression fled over him and over the time he spent cooped up in his room, he read over the book, tears sliding down his face. Both of his parents died from natural causes over that time as well, he didn't find out until months later, though. He'd been listening to the ghost of them talk for the 2 months they had been dead, and assumed it was them talking while alive. He only found out it was their ghost when he got a phone call being told about the funeral and all. He was confused... so confused, who was the listening to, then? That's the only thing that pulled him out of bed. He grabbed a knife and slowly walked out of his room, but no one was there. A few seconds passed when he heard.. celebratory clapping. "Finally he's out of his room!" "I'm so happy." He looked left and right, seeing no one but hearing his parents. Running around, he tried to find the corpse, and did successfully. They both were in the basement. He poked their bodies, the voices coming back. "Ryder, quit it!" "Have some respect.." Ryder jumped back, scared shitless. "Mom? Dad?" "You can hear us?" "Y-Yeah-- I can!" He ran back up stairs and to his room, snatching the phone and canceled the funeral. He then went flipping through the witchcraft book for answers, after a few minutes he found just what he needed. The perfect explanation. "If a witch dies doing a spell on you, you possess her birth power." Her birth power was talking to the dead. He remembered it from when he first met her and they went to the beach. Now Ryder hides his dead parents bodies in their room and visits the graveyard frequently to talk to Val.

Character Abilites

He can only talk to the dead.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

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