Saiid of Ofir

The Warrior | The Scholar | The Wandering Hero

Witcher / (ɹ) /

Student of a School

Friend To Thy Foes

"We witchers know no peace, no love, no life. Though we do those of this world the favor of killing their beasts, they treat us like vermin and spit in our faces. Humans hunt us and then cry for our aid; elves call us vatt'ghern (our name in Elder Speech) as an insult, and spit on our help; yet the others- dwarves, gnomes, dopplers...they treat us as kin. What are we- beast, or man? Cáerme cáemmr yn cerbin aeddr (Fate arrives on a raven's wings)."


Killian Demet

The Eternal Soul | The Lover | The Traveler

Higher Vampire /Haɪ.er (ɹ)Væm.paɪ.ə(ɹ)

Watcher of Men

Friend To A Foe

"For a Higher Vampire, there is no death...not truly. While we can be slain, our minds and souls can exist without corporeal form. With the aid of another of our kind, we can be reborn- our memories intact. Humans stand no chance at fighting us, nor defending against our strength. Yet few, if any, stand in any true danger from us- for those of us within their society do not prey on mortals. And those who do not reside amidst their ranks, dwell deep within caves and forests, hidden away from the woes of Mankind and the Elder Races." 


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About the Writer (OOC)

For those of you wanting to know, the author behind this character is named Quinn Martens. I am an experienced roleplayer and writer, having started about six years ago, at the beginning of my middle school journey. Now, I am a senior in high school, going through as a graphics and psychology major. If anyone wants to roleplay, hit me with an Inbox Message, Direct Message, email me, or if you want to- add me on PSN. My preferred themes for writing are fantasy, romance, violence, gore, action, and adventure. Aside from these, I am quite adaptable to most scenarios, and can write paragraph to multi-paragraph, though I have no preference for either.

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