Lily was born to the alpha of the crescent moon pack and his loving mate. There first born but not there only child. It was a happy life for first 8 years. Her father showed her so much love as did her mother. Though lily could still tell they were hiding something or at least hold something back from her.Lilys first shift was at the age of 5 unlike normal wolf pups who first shift at the age of 13. Even at that age Lily’s wolf was bigger faster and stronger. This lead to concerns amongst the pack, they all feared what they didn’t understand. The Alpha knew Lily would be different he just didn’t know how different she would be. Once lily started to show her true power the pack began to fear her. She ended up with no one no friends or family. Even her own mother turned on her. Finally at the age of 8 her mother gave birth to her son. With this birth Lily’s life was would change. Within a month of her brothers birth lily was sold to group of vampires. Her family packed her into a cage and loaded her into the back of the van. She screamed cried even begged for them to stop but they didn’t. Her once happy life was completely gone and she was now alone.

Once settled into her new life with her owners she began to notice how truely different she was. She had the power to control the elements to change the weather and to summon demons and spirits from the other side. Her owns were pleased with her but that didn’t mean they liked her. She was trained for the next few years to be a killer. To take orders and follow the rules. If she didn’t she was punished well more like tortured for days on end no food or sleep just pain. She was 11 years old the day they completed her training. And on that day she became the true monster everyone feared. They strapped her down to a table with silver chains put a muzzle on her. That’s when they decided that she wasn’t strong enough and they needed to up her power and strength. They began to experiment on her trying to find away to turn her into the hybrid she was now. A combination of vampire wolf and witch. After many day they finally succeeded she was as they said finaly complete. Though they didn’t stop to think about what they were doing. You see lily turned but she became someone even they couldn’t control. She suffered with blood lust a hunger that was never satisfied. She went on a killing spree killing more then 20 people who worked for her owns. She felt nothing but hunger and hate. When She finally escaped hell she made her own way into the world still fight the hunger everyday and still being hunted. Years have passed since then but she is still running moving from place to place trying to find a home or even a safe haven to just live her life. One day she hopes it will end but till then she will continue to fight for her freedom

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Character Name

Lily Wolf

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

5”5 Pale skin Long raven black wavey hair Bright blue eyes Curves in the right place Tattoos coving both arms, back and legs. Wolf form her fur in pure white with bright blue eyes. She stands at 5 ft tall on all fours. Is an Alpha is her own right.

Character Personality

Timid , flighty, but once she knows you she can be Fun, energetic, caring. Had her guard up most of the time.

Character Likes

Dominant males Having fun with friends Drinking Fighting Lazy days in front of tv Running free in wolf form

Character Dislikes

Whiny people Being alone Working , fighting

Character History/Story

Sold by her family and pack she became the property of a group of power hunger vampire invested in creating the ultimate killing machine. She broke free and has been on the run since. She moves around a lot never staying more then a few months in one town. She picks up off jobs here and there to make money or wise she steals to keep herself feed and clothed. She still hope one day she find a place to call her own and a mate who will help her deal with what she has become.

Character Inventory

If you look through her bag you will find she loves leather. Her favourite item of clothing is her leather jacket she never goes anywhere without it. She wears mostly black

Character Abilites

She can control the elements create storms when she is angry. Heal others, summon demons and spirits. Turn into a wolf whenever she feels like it. Vampire speed strength and hearing. Wolf Scene of smell hearing and speed.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

I’m easy going. Preferably write stories not straight to smut. Smut is ok but need to get to know characters before that happens.

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  • (I’ll be sending a reply soon. Been busy with x mas break. Gaming. Tv binge. Before school and work begins again
  • [ Ah that's great! Care to plot something up or would you like for me to just toss out a starter and see what happens? Plot as we go? I'm fine with either. ]

  • I am happy to say that I am not one of those people *He chuckled and shook his head as he listened to her. He then grinned with a shrug* though i will freely admit that thanks to my lineage and who my mother is, I do very much love seeing a woman round with maternity *He chuckled admitting his attraction to pregnant women* But i agree that those kingdoms need to move forwards, or risk falling to an empire that has moved forward *He grinned again playfully. When she asked about him hunting her, he grinned again with a chuckle as his hand that ran over her cheek ran under her chin as he leaned in and kissed her lips softly* that is precisely what I mean my dear *He said playfully, yet sensually as he chuckled again before standing up and waving his hand as a warm breeze washed over them, and soon enough they appeared back in the tavern they left from* here we are, back again.

  • Guuuuurl, I owe you so many words. I am so damn sorry. Lemme get on it as soon as I'm done with the rest of my catch up. I probably should cut down on the character creating. I miss you! -smooch-

  • [ Thanks for accepting. Glad you like my profile. I've been digging around for a couple people to write with. Wanted to know if you'd be interested? ]
  • Once the transformation was complete, the monster that now stood before the hybrid gave a loud roar as it charged at Lily. Being combined of four dangerous, bloodthirsty creatures, the only thing in its mind was to kill its opponent. Unfortunately,  Ashra would be vulnerable if her current form could not avoid critical attacks from the hybrid.

  • It is a beautiful place. Lustiria still holds many natural beauties. Other kingdoms are pretty and what not, but Lustiria always seems to be more so then the others....*He smiled and chuckled as he looked around and then back to her* Maybe my opinion is biased. I know my people know I will protect him, but the danger to having a kingdom so different to others, is that we have many enemies. I allow women to dress provactively, sex isnt frowned upon here, etc, which always makes my kingdom a target, but it also why my legions are so well trained, armed, and so large, because my enemies think they will win the battle, but always lose, and then Lustiria grows larger. *He smiled back to her as he gently raised his hand over her cheek* you shall be protected to. I promise you Lily, that you will never know what it feels like to be hunted again...*He chuckled with a grin* well other then by me..*he winked playfully*

  • One of those days and one of those nights, those kind of nights that seem to have been going so slow for Royal right now, though she had a very rough day it seems of nothing but doing little side jobs for her boss. She finished them all just before nightfall and told her boss that she wasn't taking in anymore calls for tonight and was going to catch up on some rest. But of course that wasn't the case with Royal it seems, instead she figured that she would have a few drinks before calling it a night like she always did whenever she was out this late. Though, most questioned her age seeing as how she looked so young but Royal was much older then people think she was, she just stopped aging at the age of 19 and ever since then has looked no more then 19 which kinda have people wondering if she was the legal age to even drink when she was but just looked like a 19 year old. She ran her fingers through her short black hair, a sigh passed her lips before she propped her elbow up on the counter top and placed the palm of her hand under her chin.

    She could feel a slight buzz from the drink that she was drinking, though it wasn't enough to get her drunk like she wanted to get drunk; all she needed was a few more drinks and she would be there but she already had consumed over 5 different drinks at this point and you would think that she was pass the legal limit but truth be told, it took more then what humans can consume when they got drunk, this was nothing compared to how many she needed to drink in order to get drunk on the regular basis. She wrapped her fingers around the glass and brought it to her lips, ruby red eyes looked at the shelf of drinks behind the bar before she looked over shoulder slightly, people grinding against one another and seem to be having a good time. Royal rolled her eyes at this, humans could be such carefree creatures sometimes it made her wonder how they were on top of the food chain in the world, let alone even still alive as a race.

    The loud music boomed through the club, it was kinda hard to hear what was going on, but like as if she was listening to conversations that were going on around her. Royal stayed to herself, she didn't get on the dancefloor and mingle with anyone, if anything she chose to remain at the bar and just continued to have drinks, but every now and then a guy would come up to her and try to hit on her, even flirt with her a little bit but she would soon send them away, then there were woman coming up to her every once in a while and she would chat with them for a bit before they went about their business...

  • *He smiled as they both got dressed once again and got ready to head back to Lustirias bustling, gliterring capital city* Please do keep it in mind. You are safe now. *He said reassuringly with a nod as he waited for her to be ready* It is beautiful here, seemingly untouched by time. Plus how many waterfalls empty into a hot spring! Thats priceless in itself...i hate to be cold *He laughed and smiled* I do hate going back sometimes, but there are many enemies of Lustiria. Many who would wish us subservient, conquered, more "traditional" Like their kingdoms. Many who would hunt those creatures and folks that have sanctuary here.

  • ±sitting back after she finished her steak she looks to Lily, listening to her as well as thinking, soon then she nods her head and smiles a little shy. ± "Yes.. Please, I would like that.. Thank you."

    ±came her quiet words as she then gets up and stretches a little, watching as Lily looks to the clock and she looks as well. Nodding her head realizing that it was getting late. Starting to feel very tired. Yawning she rubs a hand over her face. ± "I would like that thank you.."

    ±she couldn't remember if she had ever been shopping before or not but to have something of her own sounded great. Picking up her plate she carries it over to Lily sets it  beside the sink. Watching as Lily does the dishes then leans back againdt the counter, looking at the clock again, when Lily is finished she turns her head to glance at her then watches her leave then come back with a towel and sent of spare clothes.  ±

    "Thank you..." ±gathers the cloths and towel and walks down to the bathroom, closing the door she turns on the shower and undresses before she climbs in almost yelping at the cold water before it turned warm. Taking her time with the shower, loving the feel of it she smiles, washing her hair thoroughly and washing herself clean. Finished she turns the water off and steps out lf the shower, taking the towel she dries herself off then wraps it around her head to try and dry her hair.  Changing into the new clothes she dresses and takes the towel from her head. Combing her hair a little she hangs the towel up and then goes to the spear room, yawning and rubbing her eyes she climbs into the bed and as soon as her head hits the pillow she is out.±

This reply was deleted.

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