Lily was born to the alpha of the crescent moon pack and his loving mate. There first born but not there only child. It was a happy life for first 8 years. Her father showed her so much love as did her mother. Though lily could still tell they were hiding something or at least hold something back from her.Lilys first shift was at the age of 5 unlike normal wolf pups who first shift at the age of 13. Even at that age Lily’s wolf was bigger faster and stronger. This lead to concerns amongst the pack, they all feared what they didn’t understand. The Alpha knew Lily would be different he just didn’t know how different she would be. Once lily started to show her true power the pack began to fear her. She ended up with no one no friends or family. Even her own mother turned on her. Finally at the age of 8 her mother gave birth to her son. With this birth Lily’s life was would change. Within a month of her brothers birth lily was sold to group of vampires. Her family packed her into a cage and loaded her into the back of the van. She screamed cried even begged for them to stop but they didn’t. Her once happy life was completely gone and she was now alone.

Once settled into her new life with her owners she began to notice how truely different she was. She had the power to control the elements to change the weather and to summon demons and spirits from the other side. Her owns were pleased with her but that didn’t mean they liked her. She was trained for the next few years to be a killer. To take orders and follow the rules. If she didn’t she was punished well more like tortured for days on end no food or sleep just pain. She was 11 years old the day they completed her training. And on that day she became the true monster everyone feared. They strapped her down to a table with silver chains put a muzzle on her. That’s when they decided that she wasn’t strong enough and they needed to up her power and strength. They began to experiment on her trying to find away to turn her into the hybrid she was now. A combination of vampire wolf and witch. After many day they finally succeeded she was as they said finaly complete. Though they didn’t stop to think about what they were doing. You see lily turned but she became someone even they couldn’t control. She suffered with blood lust a hunger that was never satisfied. She went on a killing spree killing more then 20 people who worked for her owns. She felt nothing but hunger and hate. When She finally escaped hell she made her own way into the world still fight the hunger everyday and still being hunted. Years have passed since then but she is still running moving from place to place trying to find a home or even a safe haven to just live her life. One day she hopes it will end but till then she will continue to fight for her freedom

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Character Name

Lily Wolf

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

5”5 Pale skin Long raven black wavey hair Bright blue eyes Curves in the right place Tattoos coving both arms, back and legs. Wolf form her fur in pure white with bright blue eyes. She stands at 5 ft tall on all fours. Is an Alpha is her own right.

Character Personality

Timid , flighty, but once she knows you she can be Fun, energetic, caring. Had her guard up most of the time.

Character Likes

Dominant males Having fun with friends Drinking Fighting Lazy days in front of tv Running free in wolf form

Character Dislikes

Whiny people Being alone Working , fighting

Character History/Story

Sold by her family and pack she became the property of a group of power hunger vampire invested in creating the ultimate killing machine. She broke free and has been on the run since. She moves around a lot never staying more then a few months in one town. She picks up off jobs here and there to make money or wise she steals to keep herself feed and clothed. She still hope one day she find a place to call her own and a mate who will help her deal with what she has become.

Character Inventory

If you look through her bag you will find she loves leather. Her favourite item of clothing is her leather jacket she never goes anywhere without it. She wears mostly black

Character Abilites

She can control the elements create storms when she is angry. Heal others, summon demons and spirits. Turn into a wolf whenever she feels like it. Vampire speed strength and hearing. Wolf Scene of smell hearing and speed.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

I’m easy going. Preferably write stories not straight to smut. Smut is ok but need to get to know characters before that happens.

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  • (Hello. Thank you for the request )
  • (The only thing is you'd need to figure out a motive for your character, but that goes without saying. It could be a bit of fun on Taylor's part; he can play undercover spy. He'd play off as a vampire wanting to get into the trade, but how do you propose they run into each other?)
  •   The hovering Starcaller's gaze casually turned at the announcement of a howl. It wasn't all that far off in the distance either. Never the less, Amir kept on. His destination now? The city. With the Amulet being his possession, he didn't often have to physically 'dig' around for it. Clearly it was not in this vicinity. 

      A different path that which he'd first traveled revealed little change in scenery. Snow, forest and well.. more snow. Boy, he hated snow. Yet, what was this? A hut? It looked horrid, well compared to what Amir was used to living in. Both dangling feet landed upon the ground once more. Cosmic silver hues scanned the hut once or twice before making his way to the entrance. Clothes caught his attention now, laying messily upon the porch. The first thing that came to his mind of course would be a shifter. They were all brutes. They didn't understand class like he did. A disgusted look crossed his features before realizing, he was not alone. His back faced the oncomer. He had no intention of turning around. Instead he made the wolf's presence known with a simple intrigued "Oh?"

  • What? No, silly. Che and Lily, lmfao. We'll get 'em wrestling in the grass. WOO! 

  • We'll plot something first and go from there if you'd like? Take ya pick. If ya want Che, then they're gonna wrestle. xD

  • (Great. I've read your profile and I'm trying to see where she could fit into Taylor's life..  it would all really depend on her attitude towards vampires. Perhaps.. they both get tangled up in a group of vampires who're involved in human trafficking? Could be interesting, let me know what you think!)

  • (I appreciate the invite, did you want to write together?)
  • I suppose that is quite true...seeing a woman round with your child inside them is quite attractive...I can definitely see the appeal *He smiled and nodded to her as he accepted the kiss to his cheek, his hand sliding over her side as she did so, before moving away as she backed up once again* I have had fun as well..i would love to do this again, should you decide that me is acceptable *He chuckled with a playful, yet mischievous grin. * I will let you get your rest...pleasant dreams my dear wolf....*he winked and snapped his fingers, immediately disappearing*

  • Things never seemed to go well or be easy, whenever Travis took the reigns. Yet, it was something that he had to live with until he could find some solution to his other half. At least the illegal activities helped keep extra cash in his pocket since Travis would sometimes just use his for booze and pot. He didn’t t quite uunderstand the appeal of it all but everyone had their vices.

    He drove up to this particular place as he had a package to deliver and he figured he may as well get a drink while he was there.

    He turned off the engine to his motorcycle and placed the kickstand down. He tapped the handle bars and spoke something that caused the bars to glow with a brief flash of electricity. He then got off the bike, grabbed the package and headed inside, not worried about his ride since he placed a little spell on it. It was like his version of one of those steering wheel jack security things that people used to keep car thieves from driving off with their cars even if they managed to Hotwire the car. Picking the lock on those things to use the steering wheel, was suppose to be hard to pick apparently.

    Now the scent of sounds of the place was something he has practice tuning off. He spent many times in bars and clubs and knew with his sense of smell and hearing. If he didn’t learn how to “shut it off or turn it down” it would be just too overwhelming for him. Much like how he knew of some werewolves that didn’t use headphones for even at the lowest setting, the music would be deafening to them with the headphone plugged directly into their ears. Blake made his way to the bar and slid up on the barstool. Handing the tender the package who placed a shot of scotch, neat, down for him as if he knew his order already. Could be he was a regular customer or been there enough to be mistaken as one. He wore just a simple pair of black boots, blue jeans, navy blue shirt with a red black leather jacket on. Something Travis had made him wear and he didn’t feel like going all the way back to wherever home was, in order to change it. So he often had to deal with biker punk look that Travis tended to wear. Not that he looked bad in it, it just Blake liked to wear nice looking suits or something a bit more upscale in attire. It made him look like some salesman or buisness man which covered his job of hunting vampires and courier work, among other things.

    He downed his drink as he looked at the people in the place and glanced to those who were at the bar with him.
  • [ Alright, throwing this random starter at ya. Picked a setting I thought your character could fit in. ] 

    Bavaria, Germany | 3:27pm

      Germany, not the place you'd expect to find our King of the stars. It was cold this time of year, and extremely desolate. In the crevices between two mountains trudged none other than Amir. Looking to stand around 6 foot, his sodden black hair whisked ever so lightly with the breeze. A simple pair of black slacks and a button down casual blue shirt hung upon his features. Though perhaps what stood out the most, was the fact that this man, was hovering. He was not soaring, instead his feet lay only a mere inch off the snow covered soil below. It appeared as though snow, wasn't quite this King's cup of tea. Luckily, this was a completely uninhabited part of Bavaria. It was far too high up in the mountains for civilization to thrive. 

      Amir's cosmic silver hues, rose to a mountain that lay several miles in the distance. His gaze was fixated on the swirling snow that danced around the peak of those towering landmasses. An irritated brow lowered as those same flakes clung to his body, melting on contact with his flesh. It appeared what he was looking for was not here after all. An irritated growl crept through his lips. 

      An amulet, was all he was looking for. He'd been from one end of the world to the next so far, looking for this piece of jewelry; and no it wasn't for fashion. The amulet was his, stolen by a servant of his in the very distant past. Unfortunately for that servant. Only someone of Amir's skill would be able to activate the amulet as well as use it. Yet here his search brought him.. to the barren lands of Germany. And so here he stood at another dead end of his search. 

This reply was deleted.

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