In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the Silence of our friends.....  


Willow Freya Hayes

Age: 29

Job: owner of the bar Inferno. 

Siblings: 3

Children: 0

Relationship status: Single 


Childhood is ment to be the best time of a young girls life, full of dreams and playing with there mothers. But for some of them that is all a dream, the reality is far from happy. Having a crack whore as a mother was only the begining of the horrors that Willow faced. You see as a broke addicted you would do anything for the next fix and that includes letting your dealer abuse your 5 year old daughter. But it didnt stop there, nope it got so much worse. He would turn up everyday with crack just so he could have his way with a little girl. If she put up a fight or screamed he would choke her till she passed out. So may time she would wake up covered in bruises and blood from him beating and raping her. When she was 7 her mother gave birth to her two little brothers and twin sister. It was this point on she stopped fighting for fear he would turn his attentiin to her younger sister. Still this life continued. She never attended school but learnt what she could by teaching herself to read and write. She loved maths and art, would spend any free time she had drawing pictures of wide open spaces with flowers and trees, her dream to live away from any and all humans. She would take care of her siblings everyday while her mother was passed out high or drunk, having to steal money where she could to buy the basic things babies needed, often going without food herself to make sure the babies got the best start at life. Once she hit the age of 10 she could no longer take it, so she came up with a plan. Once her mother was out cold from her hit, she packed up the babies and there few items and left the house. She carryed them down to the local shelter leaving them on the door step with note. " Please take care of them, they need love and a home with a mother who will love them.. Thank you.." She tucked it into there bag before heading back to the hell hole she called home. This was it she was going to try and get her mother help. But when she arrived home she found her mother dead on the kitchen floor with a needle in her arm. She cried for what felt like hours before packing herself a bag and heading back to the shelter to find her siblings.....


In and out of so many foster homes never finding a place that they all fit.. Losing hope that they would find someone to love them and protect them. At the age of 13 she and her siblings landed in a foster home of what seemed to be a nice family, but looks can be diceiving. The father and older brother liked to play games, not the normal games ones should play with young girls. The father would come into her room every night with his son to as he would say teach his son how to please a woman. Either way you cut it, it was still rape but again she took it to protect her little sister from the same fate.This lasted for 2 years before the mother found out what was happening. Of course she was blamed for leading them on, and so they were sent back to the orphanage to find a new home.


The marks Humans leave are too often scars...


 At the age of 14 she found out who her father was and why her mother hated her so much. Turned out that she was a child of rape herself, her father had raped and beaten her mother one night at a party and that is how she come to be.. This is also it turned out why she started taking drugs and drinking, she was trying to fotget that night, but she was a constent reminder of what had happened. This is also the year that she found out how different she was from normal children, she always knew she could do some weird stuff like move tings with her mind and start fires with a simple click of her fingers but she never knew how she came to be this way until a letter arrived for her from her mothers best friend. You see her mother a power witch and athe high priestess of a coven untill she ran away never seeing anyone from that life again. The letter told her that her father was a demon prince who enjoyed raping and torturing witches but never before had one gotten pregnant. Her father is none other then Asmodeus the demon of Lust.


At the age of 15 she found a job that paid well enough that she could save up  for a home for herself and her siblings. She spent next to no money at all and her boss held onto the rest of it for her. Still living in the system being passed around like some party favor but at least from this point on she was never raped one small mercy, didn't mean she wasnt still beaten from time to time. Once she hit 18 she and had enough for a small house for her and siblings she left the system and moved out of her foster care home. If you could call it a home..


Now days she works her ass off to pay for her siblings to go to school and all the extra help they need, but she doesnt mind as she works in a bar that she bought herself with her old bosses help. She is still very broken from her horrible past but is looking forward to future that she never thought she would ever get..


Learn to enjoy every minute of your Life....





There my sisters break there hearts and I'll brake your face..







Noah Mason Hayes

Age: 22

Job: Bouncer/ Bartender

Siblings: 3


Relationship Status: Single


His first memory is one that will haunt him for the rest of his life. His poor older sister being beaten and raped by a man he knew as his mothers dealer but was also his father, not that the man ever cared or wanted him. His sister did her best to raise him and his twin, keeping them both clean, clothed and feed. He remembers the days and night where his mother was drunk or high. He remembers the nasty stuff his mother would say to him, his brother  and his sisters. But the one thing he remebers the most is his big sister always looking after them like his mother should have..


Years in the foster system turned him into an asshole who hates people who try to push others around. He hates drugs and has never taken any, but he does drink sometimes. He first realized he had magic when he got into a fight with one of the boys at the orphanage. He never ment to hurt anyone but he got so mad he lost control and threw the boy against the wall cause a few injurys that took weeks to heal. From that point one he made sure to keep his distance from everyone who was not his family. There were many a times where he wish his life was over but he kept fighting for his siblings. He took on the fatherly role along with his brother  to help protect thier sister and help her learn how to control her own magic..


Finally things in his life started looking up. His sister bought a home for them and they no longer had to hide who there were. He was finally safe and could be free to be what and who he wanted. Tho she made him go to school which he hated, but he did it to keep her happy and off his case. He is a family man who will not hesitate to protect his brother and sisters, the only people in this world he loves...



The world breaks everyone, and afterwards, some are strong at the broken place....





Ava Melody Hayes

Age: 22

Job: Bartender

Siblings: 3

Children: 0

Relationship Status: Single

Sexual Orentation: Bi


Livng is ment to be hard but its not ment to be almost impossible. Well for her it was, she lived everyday knowing what her sister went through to protect her. But she wont let that stop her from trying to be happy. She doesnt look at the past as much as her siblings do, she likes to focus on what is still to come. Most say she is loud and they would be right. She is fun and out going will always be at the center of the crowd having a good time. Loves going out when everyone else would rather be at home chilling. She has had it a little easier then her siblings she was the one they all protected and looked out for.. Loves to piss off her brother by stealing there stuff, will most often be seen wearing there jackets, which they hate. Works as a bartender for sister and will be the one who encourages everyone else to get drunk if only to have a good laugh. Loves music, partying and hiking. She will often be found at the lake in her swim suit sun bathing. Her brothers call her trouble but her sister calls her free, she speaks her mind never really caring if others get offended.


Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind..






 Theo Dylan Hayes

Age: 22

Siblings: 3

Children: 0

Relationship status: Single



Out of all his siblings he is the one who finds it harder to control his powers. He has very little memories of his childhood other it was bad and something he would much rather forget aboout. He hides behind his tough exterior put out a front for everyone but his older sister, only she gets to see his fears and hear his worries.. He stands alone everywhere he goes, sitting quietly watching everyone around him as if they are a threat to his family and way of life. He will often be found sitting in the clearing behind his house with a smoke in one hand and a pencil in the other. He loves nothing more then drawing and painting, its how he deals with everything he is feeling. Unlike his siblings he will mot start a fight but pushed into a corner he will end one. His big sister is his favorite person in the world, he would do anything to protect her. He doesnt believe in love but as any male still enjoys sex, tho he doesnt really do the relationship thing. She would have to be one hell of a girl to change that or someone as equally fucked up as him.



Smiling has always been easier than explaining why your sad....













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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender

Male, Female

Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Long red hair, green eyes, Tattoos, pale skin.

Character Personality

Timid , flighty, but once she knows she can trust you she can be Fun, energetic, caring. Had her guard up most of the time.

Character Likes

Quiet nights with a good book or movie and playing video games. Being alone in the woods or by a lake. Fresh air, open spaces. Running her bar.

Character Dislikes

Fake people, bullies, lairs,

Character History/Story

As a child her earliest memory's or any kind are filled with heart brake sadness and fear. Her mother was a crack hore who let her drug deal rape and beat her daughter as payment for her habit. This started at the early age of 5. Being the oldest of three kids she did her best to protect her younger siblings from the horror that was there everyday life. At the age of 10 she packed her younger siblings a bag and took them to a shelter where social services came and collected them, she went back to try and help her mother get clean but by the time she got home her mother was dead from an overdose.. Crying she grabbed a bag with a few cloths in it and went back to the shelter where her siblings were. Fosters homes after foster home they bounced around never really finding a place to fit. Once she hit 15 she got herself a job doing whatever it took to save up enough money to take her siblings away and get them a house where they could be a family for once. Now days she is working in a bar she owns and living in a house with both her siblings that she bought and paid for with her own blood sweat and tears.

Character Abilites

She can do many wonderful things but tries to hide it...

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I’m easy going. Preferably write stories not straight to smut. Smut is ok but need to get to know characters before that happens.

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  • {Mmm maybe Ava. She seems like the party spunky fun type. Probably work best with Kai, since he is my little punk gangbanger who is all about self indulgence and other miscreant activities. Hmmm we can plot if you wish.}

  • |My apologies for the long absence, I was away for awhile.. I hope we can plot.|

  • Thanks for add.

  • (I see your character has changed from the hybrid Lily to something new.  I have done some new changes to my page and roster as well. If you return and like to plot soemthing new.  I am game. }

  • {Thank you for the invite. Let me know if you wish to write.}

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Welcome back, lmfao. My potato ass was all over the shop. Erm, lemme know if you want to redo ya profile as well. Inbox me ya login details, tell me what you want and I'll sort your profile out for you. <3

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    "...there's a good girl. Now, come to Daddy."

    Maestro peels back the black button-down shirt that hugs his thick, muscular frame deliciously.

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  • The row of teeth lining the back of his jaw meet from top to bottom, pressing against one another in a war. Pressure eases the tension he feels each time Lily abruptly aims her fiery gaze towards the more tentative of the pair. When she talks it's like daggers are thrown from her tongue, freshly sharpened with the back of her throat. Taylor must straighten his back to keep from flinching as he is spoken to. In a way, it is amusing to watch him dip and dart around her in the same way that it is amusing to watch a dog cower from a cat. By nature's standard, it would appear unnatural. Yet, it looks so natural between them. 

    Taylor trips on his words. His mouth opens in silence, words locked in knots at the pit of his stomach the second it dropped. Does she know? Taylor is not very good at undercover work, it's the first time he's giving it a whir. If only to alleviate the boredom and the quiet of his massive home. Doing something for the greater good seemed like a good fit. Now, if he says the wrong thing, he very well may be killed, "N-no.. to seel, of course." He murmurs, uncertain and very, very nervous, "Why would you even ask me that?" Now he is suspicious of her.

    Is she undercover? She's not making it much of a secret.

    As he is told, Taylor sits. Knees apart, back straight and his hands resting loosely on his lap. Feeling more like a child now than he ever did previously in his life before, he peers up at the domineering woman and stares. Baffled, he stares without much to say at the file sitting on his lap. Taylor carefully skims through the papers, reading all that there is to know about him. It's there. All of it. Every detail about him - well, not every detail, but more than he would like for her to know. He frowns, suddenly gaining a hidden fire, "Where did you get this?" Clutching the file, he holds it up to her face, "How did you get this?" It's an invasion of privacy, but so much more than that - a complete violation. He's meant to be completely off the grid, how could anybody have gotten this information about him?

    He sighs, running a hand down the front of his face in exhaustion. It is a weight off his shoulders to not have to pretend any longer, but the records of him are a concerning matter, "Okay, yes. I'm helping you. But you need to tell me where and who you got these files from. It's very important that I know." He's adamant about it too. 

  • (thank you for the friend request, let me know when you are ready to plot some roleplay)

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