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   Elves and fae alike were ecstatic to hear that the royal king and queen of the magical land of Esteria had given birth to two healthy children- a boy and a girl. As the years drew on, all began to realize that they'd have preferred only one healthy child. They'd have preferred to not have Virian.

   A born prankster, the young elf prince does anything to have a bit of fun, and doesn't care who he hurts. His ambitions are strange and unknown to all but him. Does he want to hurt or laugh at you? Does he drink to excess or abstain for his health? Does he help the good or the bad? Even he doesn't know, until the situation comes. Then he'll decide, if he can be bothered.

   Virian was nicknamed the 'Wicked Prince' by his own court- and for good reason. Manipulation is his forté, although that shouldn't be confused with being his passion and main hobby. Those are much more private matters. But one mustn't forget that just the same as manipulating, Virian also relishes in the art of theatre and the attention it gives him.

   Like all high born nobles he plays many instruments brilliantly, but no one has been able to match his skills in dancing, singing, composing, and writing. Although not particularly athletic, he does harbour a stealthy talent for magic. This might come as a surprise to some, but most elves aren't very powerful magi. Sure, it comes naturally, but never strongly. Virian, however, harbours a talent even he himself is sometimes wary of.

   With a look that books take pages to tell of, the Prince has the sort of charm where you don’t quite understand whether or not you detest and desire him. And, not unlike when you do read a book where it takes ages to explain just one person, you either love or hate him.




  • As a prince of the blood Virian wears the very best money can buy, and he expects nothing less. Satin weaved by the frost elves of the mountains of Nimtum; linen from the untouched plants far in the field of sorrows; leather made of royal fae cattle, etc.
  • His hair is a natural curly mess which he often tries to control by slicking back. Unsuccessfully.
  • His eyes are a swirling shade of gold- a striking contrast to almost every other silver elf which always seems to have either icy, sky, or sea blue eyes.
  • His skin glows with the shine of luna during the night: a sign of his blood bond to the moon goddess and all her power, and his powers thrive during that time.
  • Always a snob for hygiene, Virian will never wear the same hem or gloves twice, and he bathes every day in the private lake of Haagh Shallows.




Most people call Virian a snobby narcissistic arse. But never to his face, of course.

   In truth, he doesn't even notice this in him. He's always been raised as part of the nobility- the better part of society, as he was always taught- and so he has grown to believe it. Although prejudiced to things such as 'class', he does accept other people for what they are, even if he thinks he's better than them

   Virian is also dangerously charming with a sort of childish innocence about him, which he most often just uses to further manipulate people, but he can really be a total sweetheart when he wants to be.

   He will always be a snobbish narcissistic arse, but he will also always be loyal and true to those who matter to him. It's just a shame he hasn't found anymore to matter. Yet...




Whether it be during the 17th or the 21st century, Virian prefers to spend his time in Paris when he is in the Earth realm. Fluent in French, he is able to pass off as a local with ease and is well known in some periods.

Of course, as a 'human' he has to 'die' sometimes, and when he does he flees to Italy before coming back as a new man with a new life.

And so the cycle goes.

Virian cares not for such feeble matters of a person gender. The trouble is getting him to like the personality.










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* Please try to have decent grammar. I'm okay with a few mistakes but don't be illegible.

* If you're uncomfortable with something Virian is saying/doing or the subject matter of a roleplay I will happily shift things away from what's hurting you. I hope you will do that same for me if needed.

In the end, we both decide what our characters say and do. Don't be afraid to talk to me OOCly.

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  • The demon smiled seeing how shaken Virian was from the touch. The demon would smirk a little as he then tilted his head. Mephistopheles felt the same thing, but the demon knew all along that Virian wasn’t human, but played along since he thought it would be rude to exclaim such claims. He thanked the servant for taking his coat and then admired Virian’s home. He would then gaze up the elf prince and soon clicked his tongue.

    “If their is red wine it would be delightful, but if not then whiskey is also a fine refreshment.” He muttered those words as he would then lift up his sleeves as he would then walk up behind the elf and whisper into his ear. “Or perhaps, the taste of a prince is much more divine wouldn’t you agree?” He whispered into Virian’s ear as he would then hum for a moment.
  • The Mephistopheles would smile a little as he smelled mint along with gin. The scent of strawberries and a pinch of earl can be smelt from the demon as he looked into the eyes of Virian. His eyes full of determination and yet also lust for the Prince. It would soon cavity back into a coy and playful look when the carriage doors open. The demon would soon follow Virian stepping out of the carriage placing his cane on hollow ground as he would look around.

    Fixing his own clothing he did not bother fixing his hair for it was already straight back. He would then take Virian’s hand and slowly kisses it. “Thank you for the ride, and to let me stay for a while to your humble abode.”
  • Mephistopheles would smile a little from the pout and soon leaned forward so that they were much closer. “Neither Of those, for a king you must take great responsibility and much concentration for your people and their needs. You have a laid back attitude, you seem to be one who only cares for the thrill and the fun. I could teach you to be a king, but do I get in return? An arranged marriage with the prince?” He smirked coyly at Virian while winking at him.
  • Mephistopheles would chuckle for a moment when his new companion called him majesty. He would then then shrug a little while closing his eyes for a moment. When Virian told him he was too charming he would open one eye to look at him. “In my experience no one is too charming, they are just masks hiding true intentions for their own gain. Some to hide their deepest desires, others the pain that holds weight. “

    “I am no different, tell me Virian, which one are you?” He asked as he would then smile a little. “You seem charming as well, too a Prince.”
  • ||Okay I don't know why my phone kept correcting 'throat' to 'throats'||
  • Malory's eyes narrowed annoyingly at Gwen. Gwen was really Virian's sister, both were equally pushy and demanding of their way. Though maybe that was a good thing in this case, since Malory did really need to eat. All her pretending to be the nice little peasant who had snagged the heart of a prince went out the window.

    "You force it down my throats and I'll vomit in your lap." She replied, with probably more attitude than she should use towards someone who was helping her. And someone who was royalty. Did she get a pass because she was sick and irritable? Hopefully so.

    Fear consumed Malory for half a moment, looking st the cup of tea. Help her ears? Had she--oh, right. She was supposed to have pixie dust in her ears. Gwen hadn't actually seen Malory's bandaged ears...Letting out a little breath, Malory took the tea cup slowly in her hands. Fine. She would drink the stupid tea. She didn't even like tea.
  • A more natural room? If Malory knew that was an option--but she didn't, since she knew next to nothing about what elves liked and disliked aside from the fact they hated human (and she didn't even know why they did, either)--she would as politely as possible ask her beloved Virian to give her a small room that wasn't so full of bright and reflective colors. It was only adding to her current splitting headache. But alas, Malory knew nothing, so she said nothing. Virian really needed to give her some books or just a quick crash course in 'how to elf' before Malory said something she shouldn't. And wasn't there a party going to happen that night, too? Malory sure as hell wasnt going to go to that.

    Quickly wiping away the unshed tears and taking a shuddering breath to try and steel her stupid, stupid nerves, Malory looked back to Gwen as she pulled the tray of food closer. Was some elf magic keeping it fresh, like the strawberries Virian had eaten that morning? How long ago was morning? What damn time was it? Malory opened her mouth to ask Gwen something about the time of day before Gwen started speaking again. Umm...What? What the hell happened? Why was no one telling her anything!? It was beyond infuriating, it was painful how legitimately stupid Malory was in nearly every situation. And it didn't help when Gwen just stopped and continued acting like normal. And of course Malory couldn't ask because either Gwen wouldn't tell her or Gwen would just wonder why Malory didn't know. So Malory was stuck being as confused as ever as Gwen made tea, the scent of which making Malory's stomach turn.

    "Please, Gwen, I-I...I got sick earlier even after eating nothing. I will get sick again if I eat. Please...I don't want to eat..." Her voice was soft, pleading, pitiful, and Malory hated acting like she was far weaker than she actually was. Though that might only make Gwen want to feel her more, for whatever damn reason had made her go silent earlier. Damnit damnit damnit!
  • (Thanks for the add!)

  • Seeing the smile tug on Virian's lips made him smile a little as he  would then chuckle for a moment. When Virian agreed he would then bow his head to him as he would let the Prince lead the way. He would admire the carriage of his along with the driver. "Travel in style, a way to live is always  a good way to win someones heart." As he said that he would then nod his head toward the driver.

     The Demon wasn't rich either nor does he require money at all since he can conjure money with ease.  Not to mention  his way of getting what he wants is rather adequate.  When Virian questioned his presence here  in Paris the demon would just lick his lips as he would answer his question. "I came to Paris on business related terms,  I am one who deals with trade,   not to mention owner of the trade, no one could trade just any item without my say so. You could say  I am King of the Crossroads." 

  • // I would love to start some plotting!

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