I was born Sean Oliver Spencer. S.O.S. ...I am sure this wasn't a coincidence. My parents were screaming out for help about the time I was born, so it all makes sense to me. That is, how my life with them ended up being. Both were wealthy, and they forced me into the best schools. They put in everything they had into me, but they neglected their marriage. While we all lived together, we never really interacted. My mom spent money like it was going out of style, and my dad had a new young woman on his arm every other week. It was pathetic to think I actually came from these people.

Having the best of the best made me a target for ridicule from all the jealous kids. I got a lot of beatings from the neighborhood bullies, and I didn't do much better at school. I've always been short, and I've never been much for fighting -(unless it was in video games), so I was never one who'd ever defend himself as one should. When I'd explain all my misfortunes, my parents would often ignore what I was telling them. I was pretty lonely and frustrated by then. And, not a lot has changed for me.

After graduating high school with ease, I left for college. Seattle, Washington being my hometown, I tried to go to one that was close. So, I settled for the University of Washington. It wasn't bad. By that time, my parents had ended their marriage, and my dad had left for California. But, both vowed to remain around for me just as they always had been- which meant I'd not be seeing much of them. It wasn't like I hadn't become used to that already.

All this lack of attention by two people which main purpose in life was to raise a well-adjusted child, probably has left me fairly screwed up in some ways. I've hardly had any friends and I've spent a lot of time with computers. So, after I aced college, I assumed I'd land myself a high paying job. But, boy if I wasn't wrong. I struggled to find anything, and had to give up and settle on the usual low paying work. I was so embarrassed. After a few years at odd jobs, I landed something better.

A friend of mine I had gotten to know while attending college helped me find work at a high tech company corporation. The money was soon rolling in, and I was living as well as I had been while still with my parents. It started to spread just how good I was, and it wasn't long that others were requesting my talents. I moved into video game testing and also helping to create games. That was probably the best work I'd ever get into. After that, it began to go downhill again. 

I should have never agreed to it, but the men threatened to hurt me if I didn't do as they told me. I was soon forced into computer hacking. Things on the dark web mostly, which was hard for me to live with myself because of what I was doing. But, then it continued on, and others contracted me out. Not just mundane things, but then it was hacking other countries and stealing secrets. Espionage. The kind of things that could get you killed! I never wanted to do this, but they made me. All I wanted to do was make and play video games. I was happy with that. Life was sweet. WAS.

When I can get some time to myself, I spend a lot of time in the library. Or, playing D&D. There's also some really cool card games, and I'm good enough at them to participate in tournaments in Seattle. I usually win. And, while that's fun and all, I can't stop thinking about how my life is always in danger. If anyone figures out just who the hell I am, I'll probably be killed. That takes the fun out of everything, and the stress is eating away at me. It's not like I can quit, or the ones I work for might just end my life as well. It's a lose/lose situation I'm constantly stuck in.

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The Warriors
The Goonies
Guardians of the Galaxy
Robo Cop
Water World
Mad Max
Friday the 13th
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Terminator
Jurassic Park
The Expendables
Total Recall
Conan the Barbarian


Collecting Comics and Action Figures
Social Media
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Homemade Smoothies
Fresh Squeezed Juice
Infused Water
Green Tea


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