Seren | Unmated | x01 Interests | Starcaller | 2nd In Command

Full name: Seren (Last name - ?)

Age: Eons, Appears late 20's 

Species: Starcaller

Occupation: Second in Command to the Stars | Temporary Ruler of the Stars

Title: Army General, Commander of the Stars, Sae, Keeper of the Stars




Seren has wispy blonde hair that mirror's several different shades of browns and black in the mix. Like every Starcaller in existence, her eyes are a cosmic silver color and radiate small streams of silver as she moves. Also like most native Starcallers, Seren has an Arabic, Middle Eastern feel to her that can be seen in her clothing choice. It is said Starcallers wore this clothing style first, and the Middle East, primarily Egypt and India shortly followed suit due to their religious beliefs. She's brutally honest, even to people that know nothing of what she's talking about. Seren has a small superiority complex but nothing that gets in the way of her everyday life. While Seren holds many responsibilities in the Cosmos, she carries her burdens well and often takes amusement in the smaller things in life. Still learning of the human world, Seren, is beginning to open up more and more. 





Seren was birthed a Starcaller. It's a rare occasion considering most are converted from other species. The few full blood Starcaller's that exist are royal among their kingdom. Handpicked by their King for her ambitious attitude. Seren slowly climbed her way to Second in Command of the Stars. She serves as the Army general of the Cosmos. Before his passing, she did a majority of Amir's (The King's) dirty work; cleaning up his messes, following orders, even so petty as keeping him company in his lonely times. Seren has long since been behind the scene and only shows herself when trouble is afoot. Sadly with her King choosing to dwell on Earth, His timely death was out of her control. 

Seren was extremely loyal to Amir, even so much as praising him like the God his people see him to be. While she dwells far from Earth, she's recently traveled to many regions in search of knowledge, and to once again clean up all Starcaller messes along the way. She's recently become targeted while lingering on Earth as word has gotten out that she's temporarily assumed the throne of her people.



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Starcaller : A celestial being, with primary control over the Stars. All Starcallers are purebred. Starcaller Genes are recessive meaning if another species is present the Starcaller gene will be killed off leaving the other gene to take over. Half breeds aren't in existence. 

While every Starcaller develops their own path and their own masteries. Seren's abilities are most closely related to her King's. This is a partial reason why she was 2nd in command and eventually took over during his fall. Training directly under Amir, she's developed as many of his abilities. While Seren still lacks several abilities Amir had, it's impossible to replicate the King of the Stars perfectly.

  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one's mind. This also includes telekinetic waves and blasts. 
  • Teleportation: The ability to move from place to place within seconds. Amir basically created this skill. Instead of regular teleportation, Starcaller's bend the particles of the space around them, allowing them a clean teleport. This leaves behind no dust, energy, or evidence. While a teleport is in transit, Seren is virtually undetectable except to other Starcallers.
  • Star Fall: By ending a star's life, Seren hurls it in the selected area. Depending on the star's size, depends on how much damage it will do on impact. (Only Amir and herself have the ability to cast this skill.)
  • Essence sense: Seren, as well as all Starcallers, can sense and see the cosmic energy that flows through the universe. This is thanks to her Cosmic silver hues. 
  • Moon Beams: The ability to manipulate the moon causing cosmic beams to fire down in a selected area - This skill is similar to the Light magic ability 'Holy'
  • Stardust: While stardust looks beautiful, it's a dangerous projectile that mimics diamond strength. Inhaling this will rip up one's lungs, it can also damage one's exterior. It can as well implode magical being's magic deposits and/or cause internal bleeding. 
  • Seduction: Lingering with Amir for too long educated Seren in the art of seduction.


  • Sheer Darkness: Exposure to primordial darkness weakens Seren, and causes her to take more damage than any other element thrown at her. If Seren is cast into primordial darkness, it will obscure her vision to almost zero. (Note: Seren doesn't always need his vision to fight.) If the darkness has even a sliver of light in it, Seren will not be as affected. The darkness must emanate from Prime Evil.
  • Pure Light: Basically the same thing as being exposed to sheer darkness. If there is even a sliver of darkness in the light, Seren will not be as affected. The abilities must be of Holy Light.
  • Physical attacks: All Starcallers are casters and Mage-type beings. This means although their magic deposits are immense. Their physical defense is horrid.


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Single | Unmated | Interests: x 01 | Dominant Men

Seren has thought about love once or twice. More so she's daydreamed of it. She's honor-bound to her duties as a Starcaller which leaves little time for Romance. She's had her share of flings with her King under his command, though never with another. While she felt strongly for Amir, he did not feel the same way back. This she knew but continued her infatuation with him. She's finally come to the realization that lust and love aren't the same things; Lusting for Amir hasn't gotten her anywhere so far. She's content with herself being alone and usually is too distracted with other tasks to make room for 'love'. 

Seren isn't all that hard to sway. Her interests vary from species to species. Due to her confusion between love and lust, she'll often toy with just about anyone that fits her criteria. Men that are weaker than her disgust her. While men more powerful than her intrigue her to no end. Being very dominant herself, it's nice to have a partner that can compete. 





Valkyrie and Seren met through their former enemy/ally Amir. Through Amir's orders, he and Seren ganged up on and eventually defeated the Berserker; capturing her for Amir's own use. Seren and Valkyrie are natural enemies of war. Seren also holds an enormous amount of hidden jealousy towards Valkyrie, though it's doubtful at this point that the two will ever meet again.






Amir and Seren were always hand and hand. He taught her everything she's known while she served under him loyally. She was a fierce guard dog and a major piece in Amir's plan. Seren feels partly responsible for her King's death after allowing him to travel back to Earth alone. 




✬ Seren has only left her homeland two times prior to her current residence on Earth.

✬ Although she worshiped her King, Amir, she's still curious about other Kings. 

✬ Seren's Voice Actor - Tricia Helfer

 ✬ Face Claim - Amelia Zidane

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