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Hatred for Everyone

Fresh blood recently spilled on the forest floor.

A body lays dead on the hard ground as blood continues to pour out from large multiple wounds.

Sitting away from the body is a large red sable wolf with multiple wounds as well, her amber eyes staring at the lifeless body with hatred. "A vampire, all the way out here alone, with a mindset to kill me." her thoughts echoed throughout the night.

She walked over to the corpse, sniffing the body thoroughly to try and pinpoint any other scent that stood out the most. Perhaps a bounty had been placed on her head, but for what reason would there even be a bounty. A familiar scent grabbed her attention away from the question as her nostrils inhaled, causing her to growl as her hackles began to rise.

"Aura." the tone held disgust for the name.

The werewolf took off running, heading back to her home in case more vampires had decided to pay her a visit. She wasn't all that surprised to detect her sister's scent on a vampire; Aura always had a knack for causing trouble with vampires ever since she first ran into a small group of them when she was old enough to hunt for herself. It was obvious that some bad habits never truly die, but this did not mean that she would be held responsible for Aura's actions. Aura was first born in the family, making her the older sibling of the family. Shane wanted no part of whatever her sister had gotten herself into.

A run down cabin could be seen as she ran faster, able to see the left side come into view with each passing second.

Unfortunately, several human-like figures could be seen walking around the cabin as well as inside.

A guttural growl was made as she glared at the moving figures with hatred. "Damnit all to hell."

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