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Faoileann Duinnín is a rather young specimen of her kind. She stands at just below 5'1, long blond hair usually worn put up in some kind of bun and held by a band or other adornments. Her relatively small frame makes her appear somewhat lithe, and for the most part, this is correct, although she has pleasantly rounded curves in all the right places. Her bright green eyes usually shine, sometimes with mirth and often with curiosity.

Character Personality

Faoileann is a bubbly and usually happy Fae, curious to a fault and often times scatter-brained while she dreams of grand adventures that might be found outside of the confines of the Spring Court. Feeling trapped in her home she often escapes and wanders, looking at the world beyond their borders only to return a few days later, that behavior is greatly frowned upon. For a Fae she is rather friendly, not inherently malicious but certainly not above playing pranks on unsuspecting fools and those she feels have wronged her.

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Faoileann lacks physical strength but she can be quite sneaky if she has to be, not that she wants to but at times one has to use subterfuge and sprinkle sand in an enemy's eyes. She makes up for her lack of strength in magical talent, healing and water magic is what she excels in, although she can handle a bow and a dagger reasonably well.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

Female rp addict in her early 30ies with an unreal love for all things Fae. Although, I am not limited to just playing those. I can do anything from fantasy to sci-fi and historical to modern. Busy during the daytime and free in the evenings. I respond at at least once a day usually up to 5 times in play by post. I am also open to chat RP playing back and forth for a while without interruption. Other things I like, gaming, reading and making soap...

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