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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Siobhan is tall and slim, almost a bit spidery. She trains a lot, especially climbing, so she has strong arms and legs. If she has the choice she likes to dress simple and in clothes that allow her to move properly. For her job it is often necessary take on disguises though.

Character Personality

Siobhan is a professional thief and sometimes an assassin. When she takes on a job, she usually assumes a role to get close to her target. She is extremely pedantic about this, to the point of neurosis. The job has lead to her being a bit (very) paranoid. She is a perfectionist. Consequently it takes a lot of time for her to open up to people and she might mislead initially. She has very strong believes and political views that motivate her. She will not, however, easily share those.

Character Likes

She likes personal freedom and for things to go smooth. She has a soft spot for people trying to break out of the rules society has created for them, because she has done that herself. She is despite of herself also a thrillseeker

Character Dislikes

Messes, Siobhan is a control freak, she wants things to go her way (of course it always gets interesting when things and people refuse to comply) Tyrants People without an opinion

Character History/Story

Siobhan has never really complied to what was expected of her. Never really fit in which might have to do with her hybrid heritage. This lead to her living on her own at a young age. She grew from living on the streets into becoming a professional thief. She loves to mess with the rich and powerful and ususally takes on only jobs that align with her believes.

Character Inventory

Disguises of all sorts. Often she invades households as a teacher or nanny, or cleaning lady. She owns a thiefs eqipment (ropes, hooks, lockpicks, knives, a bow)

Character Abilites

She's very detailed thinker and an elaborate planner She hones her climbing and fighting skills moves silently

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm pretty new to this scene. I am 39, female and I have some a lot of experience in life and offline pen and paper role playing and a little bit in collaborative fanfic writing. However I have not done this kind of writing before and could use some OOC pointers sometimes.

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