Zafira is a dragonmere from the planet Surion. Under normal circumstances, they are born mated from birth but the dragonmere generally lose their first born child. Only seven or less first borns survive due to the birthing process and stresses that occur for first time mothers. They also can only produce offspring once every seven years and only after they sexually mature at the age of 100. On very rare occasions, an albino is born. It is not unusual for a white skinned dragonmere to be born, as they come in a variety of colors and shapes.  But albinos are marked by their pink halos around their eyes and lavender colored irises. The dragonmere do not possess magic nor do they have a dragon form, they are simply a race that was created as a hybrid cross form of a humanoid and dragon by their creator Orin. The dragonmere are considered Luddites. They do not have any form of technology nor do they wish it to be on their planet. Ironically, a Megalith named Raiya is their guardian and protects them from invading Gorn who wish to take their resources. 


Zafira was born an albino having white skin with white hair and pink haloed lavender colored eyes. Because she was an albino, she was not born to a mate and she was also viewed as an outsider despite her family loving her. She spent her life learning how to heal using both the planet's vegetation and its elements. When she turned 100, she left the planet with Raiya the Megalith and found herself on a new planet that was unlike her Luddite home. This planet was bustling with technologies and shared races. With her knowledge, she applied to Universities and got into a prestigious school of Medicine where she became an OBGYN and Pediatric physician. On the weekends, she works as a triage doctor in the ER.




Roxanna is a celestial born to Kaldoria and Caylis. Kaldoria was created by Orin to guard the planet Terra Angeles which is a core planet in the Orin Galaxy. Caylis was a dark dragon lord from an under realm. Roxanna carries both the light and the dark within her. Due to the experiences she has had, she tends to be tempermental, sassy and at times furious. She carried the moniker Goddess of Fury, though she is not a goddess. 


She was born as Kalara on the planet Kaldoria, named after her mother by the humans that had a colony on the planet. Kaldoria had poured her immortal essence into the planet as did Caylis. This later led to the birth of the NovaWarriors. Kalara, however, grew up on the planet spending her time being doted on by her father and being educated on the universe. It was when she turned the age of nineteen that she interacted with the human colony and fell in love with a male. They had a dalliance that led to her becoming pregnant and they planned to wed and raise a family. When her father learned of this, the dark side he kept hidden emerged. He had planned to take Kalara as his own despite her being his daughter and when he learned that the human male had touched what he felt was his, he killed him in front of her then rampaged the colony. Kaldoria tired to stop him but he took Kalara to a poisoned planet and named it after her. There he imprisoned her in crystal impaling her womb with a shard of his crystal in hopes of killing the child and leaving her there to suffer. Kalara was able to solidify her womb hoping the child would survive. To make things worse, centuries later Caylis brought a dragon to watch over her. It was a dragon from a planet that he had destroyed. Caylis told the dragon that the female in the crystal was the reason he had done what he had done. So the dragon tormented Kalara telepathically for decades until he finally discovered the truth hidden within her silenced mind. It was not until a powerful elemental named Kanzen appeared on the poisoned planet and released her after finding her by accident. When she emerged, she changed her name to Roxanna given she was filled with darkness and fury. The dragon that had tormented her became her guardian and went with her off the poisoned planet. He was also the one to find a caretaker for her son Gleeon who she gave birth to. Fearing her father would seek out the child, she told him as a toddler she did not want him anymore and to never seek her out then she gave him to the caretaker who she knew would protect him. This only made her fury and darkness grow. It would be centuries later that she would temper herself and find a softer side when he found a way to love again. 


Raiya Megalith

Raiya is a member of the Megalith race. She is a leviathan class being larger in size and having a full complement of fighters should they be needed. Raiya was once the envoy to the Megalith race due to her outgoing personality and her desire to interact with all races and species across the universe. She is considered a more atypical type having ulitple "shell forms" that allow her to mingle among the various peoples. She is also atypical due to her having spaces within her metalic body to house travelers or transport goods in her bays. She also has a ground force made of mechs that resemble various beasts due to her chosing a more organic looking army. Her army is purely defensive in nature as is she. At one time she had a Megalith escort named Jailus that was more violent in nature so she broke off her ties with the male. 


Zafira, Roxanna and Ryder all have ties to the Megalith. 






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  • “Will do!!” Accepting the offer, her much smaller partner-in-crime promptly leaped onto the seeker’s back with his blade held on one side, wondering what the chances were he could actually use this as a mount and chop down enemies. For now, he followed her instructions and kept his head down, especially since there was a LOT of enemy fire coming down.

    When the woman began her march down that corridor, nearly all troops took aim and absolutely unloaded every last piece of lead in their weapons, one hailstorm of bullets after another. Revei could only watch as she just endured all of it. What kind of shielding did this lady have? Even his personal shield generator couldn’t take that level of abuse.

    The crowd erupted in chaos when her black mist enveloped them, accompanied by rogue shots flying all over the room, combined with a lot of metallic screeches that ensued from being horribly mutilated. Eerily enough, the fluids that poured out from their bodies was purple in color instead of red.

    Having ridden the Seeker to get up there, Revei quickly leaped off and came running toward her, blade in hand. “There’s a T-shaped insection down the stairwell with lots of rooms, that’s where they’re being held. Just need to kill the guards, cover our six, and escort everybody outside.”

    Suddenly, their comms dinged.

    It was Isaac.

    “BE ADVISED: I’m reading something /big/ heading your way from a road tunnel inside the compound! Whatever it is, it’s being escorted by more troops. Whatever you two just did really kicked over the beehive.”

    “Copy, we’re about to free the prisoners,” Revei answered, shortly before making his way down a narrow staircase, which would bring them to the lower levels. A rogue soldier that had been hiding below was cleaved in two during their descent. If Roxanna followed, they’d soon come up on the T intersection of wide corridors Isaac described.

    Peeking around a corner, there was indeed a large tunnel big enough for road vehicles to move through. Eerily enough… what sounded like a diesel engine revving up was heard not too far away, this wasn’t good. Whatever it was could be heard approaching.

    Finding a door, the White Reaper sliced it open and headshot a Warden with the Lobottomizer faster than he could react, causing him to fall down lifeless.

    In the room behind him, there were large groups of Black Angels, except all of them were unarmed and wore much thinner suits void of armor. Many were either sitting in bed, laying on the floor, gathering bits and pieces of old rations, or repairing mining tools. It wasn’t just men- there were women and children as well.

    “Don’t shoot… They’re the civilians we came here for. There’s a lot more in the other rooms.” The White Reaper held out a hand to prevent his ally from doing anything rash or jumping the gun. “Congratulations people, you’re being rescued. Follow us outside if you want out of this shit place and go somewhere safe, otherwise, don’t resist.”

    Amongst the crowd inside, a Black Angel male had risen up and boldly approached the duo, stopping a few feet short of their spot. The stranger simply reached down and snatched the weapon off their dead warden, cocking it before glancing back to motion for everyone behind him to exit.

    That same male would lower his stolen gun and follow Revei outside, back into the hallway. From there, many of those captives picked up some gear off the dead soldiers, or stole their rations.

    “That one guy is former military, they threw him in here because he accidentally dropped and broke a portrait of their emperor. I read his mind.” Revei muttered to Roxanna. “We got company-”

    Rolling around the corner of the road tunnel further down was a very, very large Tank, quipped with a high-powered energy cannon up top, and two plasma-repeater turrets at the front. It’s hull was very slopped, with an asymmetrical design. This was the very thing Isaac had warned them about, and it was followed by multiple squads of Black Angel troops carrying energy rifles this time.

    “Move back!!” Hollered Revei, just as the enemy vehicle had fired off multiple explosive plasma shells, some of which hit and blew apart a few of her Seekers.

    Naturally, the civilians all retreated and ducked behind cover, with some returning fire upon their enemies from afar. Revei sprinted away and leaped behind a corner to dodge an oncoming projectile that exploded, thankfully he wasn’t struck. Quickly picking himself up, he hid behind some debris.

    “Of- COURSE THEY HAVE A TANK, UGH!!! I don’t have any explosives on me!!”


  • By this point, many dozens of armed guards were outside since the alarm had gone off and explosions ringing out. Just as a crowd of them arrived on seen, they stopped at the sight of large, metallic, four-legged beastie machines coming down over the wall, none had seen anything like it before.

    Naturally, most of them opened fire by shooting off ballistic rounds on their wrist-mounted SMGs, only to be mangled or forced to retreat behind cover. This futile attempt at defense was deteriorating quickly.

    The gun emplacements up stock had their exterior lights flicker, shaking violently once the EMP burst was emitted, all of which had drooped their barrels down from losing motor control. This was all they needed to ensure they wouldn’t risk getting blasted by missiles.

    That same soldier she chose to personally engage swung at her repeatedly, more than eager to make an example out of someone being the pridefully little shit he was. A good minute or two was spent clashing with this woman and making a failed attempt at shooting her dead. All she got in response to her remarks were a series of low, decipherable metallic screeches, likely him uttering insults right back verbally. Sadly their language wasn’t compatible with universal translators.

    Right until she took his head clean off.

    “Yeah yeah, I’m on my way!” Upon hearing her inside his head, the White Reaper verbally spoke back and closed in, popping out the landing gear from his small craft. Soon, he brought it to the open landing pad outside, immediately its side hatches opened to let him out.

    As multiple Black Angels were seen fleeing further inside the structure, Revei had unsheathed and brought out a large, six-foot energy blade that was far taller than his own body, which held a very organic appearance. How on Earth did someone his size have the strength to carry it? Still, he came charging forward and cleaved a straggler in two with his buster sword.

    Following closely behind Roxanna and her minions, he ducked behind cover once the cargo door was torn open, having sensed a nasty surprise on the other side.

    Inside down in the first corridor, a large group of Troops had gathered, with three firing off rapid-fire energy pulse turrets. One of her Seekers got shredded in the head and torso from the barrage.

    “Fuck it, I’m using the Lobottomizer on these freaks.” Reaching behind him, he pulled out what appeared to be a large, wide-bodied pistol, which resembled a mini-missile launcher with tiny rockets inside. Briefly peeking out, he took aim and fired- which sent a volley of swarmer micro missiles their way.

    Said projectiles locked directly onto the heads of two gunners before zipping over and exploding. No wonder his weapon possessed such a name! It truly was a vile thing to use since it directly targeted the brains of organic enemies.

    With a storm of bullets and plasma rounds still coming through, Revei crouched again behind a crate, glancing to Roxanna.

    “Show them what you’re made of!!”
    Chances were she probably had something good for crowd control against them.

    Despite the recent EMP charges, their comm system still worked when Isaac was heard speaking over their network to both of them from orbit. “Be advised, I’m reading LOTS of movement inside the compound, you guys are really going to have to fight your way through. Probably hundreds hounding after you.”

  • “Romance? Unlikely, I think the legend states that it was more so a friendship kind of thing because Lucurie’s starship crew had saved her from a bio-plasmic monster. But hey, what do I know? Ryssai is a secretive little bitchlett that rarely talks.” Her smaller associate added while they were still on the topic, in which her theory wasn’t entirely dismissed since much of the story was shrouded in mystery.

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the White Reaper instantly eased his nerves when she stuffed him in her chest, in which he became a bright red, flustered mess. That would ultimately be his favorite spot to rest throughout the night, snuggled right in between. He’d ultimately come to appreciate the lack of nightmares later, which thankfully didn’t occur in the shared dream she pulled him into.

    . . .

    “About that- I’d either be extremely careful or advise against using Megalith weapons on the base, we could risk accidentally destroying the base and killing the civilians inside. But if they send reinforcements, I’ll all for her shooting them down. I like the EMP idea. ”

    Both males silently agreed and followed Roxanna into the bay she guided them towards, in which they were presented with some rather- intimidating units. While robots used in warfare were nothing new in this day and age, something about these machines really stood out to them, perhaps knowing these might’ve been of Megalith design piqued their curiosity.

    “I like what I see. Just remember one thing though: I expect to see /you/ fighting as well, that’s the agreement. That aside, use them to keep reinforcements from coming in behind us and help clear enemies.” Revei noted, reminding her that she was to personally charge in alongside him, but did not prohibit the use of her Seekers just so they can be safe.

    “Yeah~ We don’t want the enemy regrouping behind you, that’s just bad tactics.” Isaac said with a brow raised.

    “THANKS briefing boy, I’ll write that down somewhere…” In response, said Mici gave a sarcastic reply after rolling his eyes. Turning over back to Roxanna, the Blighted being gave the go-ahead for their departure.

    “Let’s go kill some assholes.”

    . . .

    The time had come.

    Leaning back comfortably in the pilot’s seat, Revei had brought Roxanna with him in his dropship, in which he was soaring through the atmosphere at high speeds, its exterior partly ablaze from this. Given the hazardous environment, he was wearing an armored space suit to protect him from the planet’s high radiation levels.

    Slowing down, a descent was made toward the barren surface, which had a distant green gaze and skybox. It was both beautiful and slightly ominous at the same time. Additionally, there were plateaus and a number of rock formations.

    Soon enough, their Terran friend could be heard speaking over the comm network.

    “Commence mission. Be advised, the enemy is sending out warning signals to you guys directly, I think they’re suspicious already. Watch out for long-range fire.”

    As the square base came into view, an audio alarm went off, followed by an alert on screen.



    On several smaller screens at his display, several lock-on rockets were closing in fast, all of which came directly from the base. “I came prepared.” With the flick of a thumb, a button was pressed on his controls.

    Tiny turrets had popped out from both sides of the small craft, which proceeded to fire bright green beams of directed energy on the approaching missiles, each detonating pre-maturely as he banked left with his vehicle.

    “Going to bring us low so they can’t hit us from long range!”

    Upon decreasing altitude that brought them close to the soil, the White Reaper resumed course at high speed, closing the distance between them and their target.

    Up on the four walls that surrounded the facility, various figures clad in black, gray, and silver armor from head to toe were seen scurrying around the place once an on-site alarm rang out from the approaching craft. Each of these beings wielded wrist-mounted weapons, who promptly took up positions. All seemed to have a sort of wispy black hair to them, which rapidly evaporated itself from the helmets that concealed their true appearances.

    On the four guard towers on each corner, the large missile turrets on their roofs rotated accordingly to track the movement of their target, unable to fire due to them flying behind a rock formation.

    Hovering sideways out from behind cover with his armored dropship, Revei hit a hit a button. “Have some of this…” Soon, a volley of rockets were fired from his own craft, which locked on to two of the gun emplacements. Once contact was made, several cobalt explosions rocked the place some, blowing two of them to pieces.

    Once the other auto-turrets had gotten a clean line of sight, they too exchanged some missiles of their own, which made the blighted Mici immediately move his craft back behind the stone spire before a few blasts were heard going off against said rock, shielding them from it.

    “Use your EMP on them!”


  • Both males had to wonder how safe that boy was being in proximity to Ryder after hearing what was said about her earlier unless by some miracle Roxanna found a way to keep her under control. Neither verbally questioned it since this lady knew what she was doing.

    “Sure thing!” Isaac piped up once the offer was made, grabbing two plates; one for himself, and another for his partner in crime, which was handed over. Simply nodding to confirm his answer, Revei gently took one of the oversized glasses, despite how small his hands were. “Beware though: Weird things happen if I get intoxicated.”

    “I’ve seen what happens, and it’s hilarious.” The Terran commented with a mild grin of amusement.

    “Maybe. I can never go back to living like a normal Mici, we just weren’t made to fight. Yet for some reason, Blighted Mici exist, and I’m one of them…” In response to her question, the little extraterrestrial reluctantly answered, visibly bothered by this in many ways.

    “Just one theory I wanna throw out there: What’re the chances Lucurie is the reason why the Blighted gene exists? It wasn’t a thing until thousands of years later after he magically became immortal, and we KNOW he’s had lots of children in the past, so he probably has lots of descendants.” Isaac proposed, which would line up with his seemingly mystical backstory.

    “I could see that being possible. Ryssai might’ve done something to him before bringing him back to Epsilon Seven, back when he was just an explorer for Mici pioneers. To give you context Roxanna, when he was still ‘normal’, so to speak, he went on an adventure with that one Megalith with his crew eons ago when Mici first took to the stars. Some stuff happened where most of the crew died and /he/ was one of the survivors, supposedly having interfaced with Ryssai herself.”

    “What exactly happens when somebody ‘interfaces’ with a Megalith?” The mortal of a man questioned.

    “Not a lot is known. But from what I’ve heard, the user links their mind with the Megalith’s to directly pilot them. Because of how highly evolved their minds are, the User has their mind temporarily ascended into the next dimension to compensate. Repeated interfacing with a lesser being can be a major health hazard, worst that can happen is they die from it. That’s what happened to one of Lucurie’s crewmates, the same almost took his life too.”

    From there, the conversation would continue on as the two made their plates with the available items, feasting on their meals. The night would go on until they were both full and out of energy, where they’d eventually head back to their quarters, with Revei unsurprisingly joining Roxanna in her bed since he took an odd liking to this woman.

    . . .

    About nine hours after their rest, both males had gotten cleaned up, dressed, and equipped themselves for the big day ahead, which they were about to start. The two would arrive back at the briefing room, making their way over to the display table, /if/ one was present. By this point they /should/ be in orbit of the Barren world they were to make landfall on.

    “Alright, I’ll start the briefing.” Pressing a few keys, Revei brought up a hologram of the globe, zooming in on what appeared to be a very large compound structure, with fortified walls on all sides, and armed with heavy missile turrets on each corner.

    “This is our target. It’s one of the least guarded concentration camps the Black Angels have. The actual facility is underground, can only be entered from above. It’s armed with some lock-on missile launchers, three on each corner. Those guns will have to be destroyed first before we set foot in the camp.

    Once we breach the perimeter, we can expect a /lot/ of Black Angel soldiers to come storming out. Kill them all and make her way inside. Find the black angel civilians, free them, and escort them back outside for extraction. One thing to note: Expect small sentry turrets that might pop out of the walls, or ceiling.

    The people held there will be prime targets, so we need to protect them from getting shot by guards on the way back up.

    If we find the Commander or Warden in charge of the base… Kill him.

    Lastly, we need to use a jammer to keep the base from calling for help, otherwise, we’ll be in for the fight of our lives. ANY questions?”

  • That wink made the Terran’s face go bright red for a moment, making him smile amusingly in response. Naturally, despite the fact he was inexperienced with women and was actually having some anxiety, Isaac actually gave a wink back in acknowledgment, which earned him a glare from Revei.

    “So they made super soldier of their own, just to comment genocide on other people and gain more territory?” After listening to her entire story, the Blighted inquired. This was very much unlike the beings his own people had made, who had do so as a means of survival and protection of their race while also having a means of assisting allies. It was really interesting, and tragic at the same time.

    When she began elaborating on her feelings regarding Lucurie’s creations, he glanced down. Toward the end of this, a little hand was held up when shaking his head, as if initially refusing. His reaction was explained within seconds when he piped up immediately after the woman was done speaking, almost cutting her off at the end of her sentence.

    Roxanna, you’re preaching to the wrong person. You’d have to take that up with Lucurie, I don’t have a say or any input on his projects, all I’ve done was give him a DNA sample, so chances are some of them are /my/ babies too. He’s been using his own DNA as the template for most.

    Unlike the Nova Warriors, the Micai are allowed to have attachments. Part of what makes them so strong is the fact that they fight more fiercely to protect each other in combat and only get more aggressive in battle if one of their own goes down or gets hurt. Emotion is already a factor with them, the only thing you could dispute is the lack of socializing or the fact they don’t know Lucurie is secretly their father.

    I’m just telling you what I saw in Abbitt’s mind earlier when he had that exchange of thoughts with him. This is something you two will have to discuss. I’m not even a part of the Mici government, I’m just an outcast with incurable- violent tendencies.”

    That last sentence was a difficult one for him to utter, which made him stare directly into his own palms, imagining blood in them. Silence had filled the room for a hot minute or two.

    “I remember reading a story in Earth history. Somewhere during World War 2, some military paired a bunch of gay men together in a large group. Because they all had a thing for each other, they naturally fought harder in battle to keep one another alive, and supposedly it worked. I’m guessing that’s how Lucurie is approaching it. Though from what I’ve heard, Micai Warriors have a sibling-like bond with each other.” Isaac commented, having just made a comparison that seemed strangely accurate.

    Both males darted their eyes toward the boy who had suddenly made a grand entrance, followed by a mysterious female figure they did not recognize. This made Revei slightly widen one eye in her direction before popping a question to express some concern. “You’re not thinking about bringing a kid with us into battle, are you?”

    “He’s probably just here for a quick visit before we all jump into Hell, except me, because someone’s gotta stay in the orbiter.” The brunette Terrain casually suggested.

    Given everything he’s heard recently, the White Reaper turned and fixated his black hues on Ryder, remembering what Roxanna told him regarding her history. To say he was weary would be an understatement, but did not dare make a threatening gesture since the Blight Mici was well aware she could obliterate him. 

  • “Someone’s proud of their boobs. Lucky you get to be near those! I should find a lady sometime.” The brunette casually said with his expression lingering, partially amused at this despite the fact it was his boss. She wasn’t wrong though, even he admitted it, even if this was- a little too honest.

    “Shut up before I cut you in two.” Muttered his employer, who promptly held up a hand to give him a tiny middle finger in return.

    Both had listened to everything she had to say, especially with the assurance that any information given would not be weaponized against anyone, nor any ill intent to mis-use it. With some initial reluctance, the White Reaper let out an exhale and responded to it upon turning around.

    “To answer your question: No, those were not Drayphere. They were- Mici, big ones. Lucurie has a secret program that’s all about the creation of super soldiers made from Mici. The eggs are genetically altered so that they’re much bigger, even taller than you. Their bones are replaced with reinforced alloys, bodies are augmented, and are trained in combat from childhood. Unlike others, they’re willing to kill enemies because their DNA comes from Blighted Mici, including Lucurie. On top of that, they’re given all the best gear and weapons available, with powerful exo-suits. All of them naturally have psychic powers.

    They’re called Micai Warriors, Epsilon’s attempt at making hyper-strong soldiers. The kicker: Micai Warriors have longer life spans than normal Mici.”

    Now this… might come as a shocker. It would’ve been easy to assume something else, but that damn immortal counselor had way more going for him than what Roxanna might’ve initially thought, that little beanlett was a genius.

    “Abbitt had a thought exchange earlier with him and was thinking it out loud a while ago; Lucurie had thoughts about asking YOU personally to be a DNA doner for a new batch of Micai Warriors, if you managed to survive in some of my missions. My guess is that he probably wants samples from your Mici disguise if it has any special traits.” Revei explained.

    “So- basically he wants to have babies with her so he can make more super soldiers, which may or may not have some of her powers. That’s wild. Micai Warriors are pretty stoic though since they don’t get to live like normal Mici and only know fighting.” Isaac commented.

    After this, the young man listened while she gave an introduction, nodding in response once she gave all the information, and set boundaries on where they weren’t allowed to go. “Names Isaac, just a big dumb human that got hired into a noble cause. I’m actually from Earth itself, back where Louisiana used to be. I just sit in the orbitor and monitor things for Revei while he goes and murders things. Fighting isn’t my strong suit.”

  • “Ahhh!!” Initially startled by this, the young man flinched when he first discovered Raiya’s image, rubbing both eyelids. “Oh, hi! And yeah, I work for Revei.” Shortly after answering, he replied to her prior comment regarding her ass, having a hint of amusement plastered across his face. “Be proud of it, cherish it like a female Valorax supermodel.”

    . . .

    This lady had a lot of sass.

    “They’re the Creators who made us. Really advanced people that knew a lot about genetics and were obsessed with entertainment, so much that they genetically engineered their own house pets.

    It’s said that a big group of them broke off from their government and sought to make a colony on where Epsilon Seven is so they could govern themselves freely. They brought a bunch of Mici with them as stress relievers, I think we were originally called ‘Minimas’ or something. A plague came down and killed all the Drayphere present, with only the Mici surviving and not getting infected. Our ancestors basically watched them die in mass.

    After that, the surviving Mici evolved over time, became smarter, made their own tech, and went to the stars. Since then, there’s been no contact with other Drayphere, except-”

    For some reason, the White Reaper cut himself off and didn’t finish his sentence, somewhat diverting the subject. “Mici have tried for years to fix it… Part of why they wanna find the Drayphere again is in hopes of doing so. I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but Lucurie has been working on his own solution, or trying to. When you first saw him, do you remember seeing any large, armored figures standing around him like guards? With horns?” He questioned, recalling to the time when she saw such beings that stood idly during her meeting with Lucurie and Abbitt. “If you have a lot of experience in genetics, I think he and his researchers will happily accept whatever help they can get.”

    A blink was given when his forehead was pushed on. “They mostly don’t come true, but when they do, very bad things happen. Can’t exactly call myself a seer. If you got a temporary cure, I’ll happily take it.”

    The comment regarding him being stuffed in her cleavage earlier instantly made his white face go dark red, both black hues widening. This forced him to turn around immediately so he could avoid her seeing it, despite the fact it was too late. “Y-your chest pillows? Yeah-”

    “What’re you blushing at?” From the entrance was his Operator, who had followed Raiya in and caught him in the act. Upon noticing Roxanna, he actually took a moment to admire the woman, finding her appearance rather- impressive. 

  • One of these two crafts was much larger than the other, a Corvette. Its exterior painted black, sloped on all sides, and aerodynamic for use in-atmosphere, with the addition of a tiny hangar only big enough to house the small dropship that came with it.

    Now that they were placed inside Raiya’s own massive cargo hold, an airlock door on the Corvette opened- revealing a human of a young man, roughly in his late twenties, brunette hair, jade green hues, and a height of five-ten roughly. Nothing out of the ordinary with his appearance.

    “So this is the big ass ship that lady owns, hmm.”

    What the stranger didn’t know, was that this behemoth of a vessel could literally hear him, nor did he know of Raiya being sentient at all.


    . . .

    “I’ll miss you too, Baburina.” Her much smaller friend managed to say, visibly finding it difficult to not show what he was feeling about leaving Roxanna. With both black hues becoming watery, his own two arms were placed around her larger frame, leaning and nestling into her chest. “I’ll be safe.” Taking the items from her palm, they were safely tucked away under his cloak. “The first Mici wizard!” He’d state with a teary smile.

    Reluctantly so, Abbitt turned and stepped away, briefly raising a hand to wave her one last goodbye. Almost an eternity would go by as he disappeared into the light from the next corridor.

    Having watched this entire scene play out, Revei was silent for the first moment. This was until he decided to make a comment while standing not far behind her.

    “You really do love them. Don’t get attached though, normal Mici only live for about twenty years. If you’re like me who gets to live forever, they’re gone in the blink of an eye. The short life spans is a flaw the Drayphere left us, if Lucurie can’t fix it with his black budget project, only they can.” He said in reference to the Creators, which she has yet to learn about oddly enough.

    Her next question made him pause, rubbing one of his own horns. Silently, the White Reaper stepped closer, only his right side facing her with his chin pointed slightly in Roxanna’s direction until he spoke again.

    “I… Don’t know, guessing you and Abbitt got dragged into one of my episodes. All I can make out is that it was some Terran dragon with lots of heads, but I didn’t recognize the human. You have an older son?” Questioned the Blighted Mici, who initially thought the man in his dream was nothing more than a background character of no relevance.

    “My nightmares will sometimes show me glimpses of the future and other bad things to come. If- you don’t to sleep next to me anymore after last night, I understand. I can’t control my own nightmares when I sleep, and it’s bothered me for many years. Even this one Terran girl I loved and rescued from traffickers couldn’t stand to be around me.”

    Suddenly remembering something, the White Reaper ran over and spoke /into/ a wall, knowing Raiya would certainly hear it. “If you sense a Terran man from my ship, he’s my operator, you can bring him up here. Don’t shoot him or anything.”

  • Having his horns touched made the diplomat lean into his newfound friend, nudging her lovingly with his eyelids closed, and a delighted smile visible across his white face.

    “So she has Terrans in this safe haven of hers? Hmm.” There was a lot he didn’t know, and it made the White Reaper question how mankind got that far. To his knowledge, tons of non-UTC human factions and groups did exist, but to what extent was anyone’s guess, or how that came to be. Regardless, they had far more pressing issues to think about.

    “Smile?! I’m no bab- Hey!” Initially, he was squirming in her arms with an exaggerated expression of anger, flailing his little arms. This little guy was just adorable while mad. His nerves eased down once seated next to the woman comfortably. His attention instantly shifted to the bowl of popcorn and candy that mysteriously appeared right in front of them. How in the world did she do these things.

    “You’re a grumpy bean.” Reaching across Roxanna’s lap, Abbitt offered him some M&Ms in his palm, which his associate reluctantly took before stuffing a few in his small mouth. When in doubt, feed them something sugary. His black hues fixated themselves on the screen for whatever she had playing, at least the Terrans had good content when it came to entertainment.

    For the upcoming night, the both of them would learn the hard way why sleeping directly next to the White Reaper wasn’t always the best idea…

    . . .

    A couple of hours had gone by since their rest began. The near-constant sounds of cackling thunder from Neptune’s raging storms brought a strange amount of comfort, thankfully their windows had sound dampeners to negate excessive noise. It was almost akin to listening to rain in a sense, even Mici found it peaceful.

    Both were snuggled up with the much larger woman, with Abbitt clinging to her thigh under the covers, and Revei being at- her chest, having stolen that spot for reasons one can only imagine. Not like Roxanna was ever complaining.

    During their slumber, their dreams would eventually be psychically linked together by the Blighted Mici without his knowledge, regardless of what they were doing in their dream state. Wherever they were, their surroundings would gradually shift, transitioning into whatever they imagined previously, into a misty, grayish wasteland with a white haze, which was decorated with the ruins of countless towers and structures out in the distance, in addition to a mountain range much farther out.

    From the fog emerged a titanic mass, taking the form of what could only be described as a multi-headed, reptilian-looking behemoth of gargantuan size, its exterior made from meshes of metallic plates, nothing resembling eyes, only jaws that could open and close, big enough to crunch a starship in two.


    Metallic screeches were heard as it slithered its heads about, approaching Roxanna’s position rather fast.

    In the blink of an eye- her son would be there, a representation of him at least, holding a bundle of Mici infants, staring up at the abomination that was now closing in.

    Three of its jaws parted open, forming blue orbs of static in their maws. Near-blinding beams of cobalt light were fired down, creating smoke, embers, and kicking up dust in their wake. For whatever reason, Roxanna’s powers just wouldn’t work here. In a short time span, her offspring, along with those babies, were all disintegrated during a failed attempt to run away.

    This was ultimately a mother’s worst nightmare.

    . . .

    Meanwhile, back in reality-

    Abbitt’s black hues suddenly opened when his heart rate had skyrocketed, rolling into his back and hyper-ventilating, clutching his small chest, as if on the verge of a heart attack. Just like that, his face was already streaked with tears, having just experienced nearly the same nightmare Roxanna would’ve just endured, except his would’ve involved someone else being obliterated instead.

    Revei on the other hand, had not awoken surprisingly. However, he could be seen squirming during his sleep, his heart pumping unnaturally fast from a bad case of anxiety. One could easily assume that he was having an awful dream, one that had passively been spread to/embedded in their minds unknowingly. This was the type of thing Lucurie had once warned them about, which they seemed to forget about.

    If Roxanna were to be abruptly woken up by the same cause, shaking the White Reaper awake might not be the best option due to whatever reaction may ensue.

    . . .

    The journey back to orbit and into Raiya’s interiors wasn’t very long, especially with how speedy and efficient Megalith dropships could be. A return trip or something would have to be done so the Blighted Mici could gather all his equipment and essentials, especially for what they were planning.

    A certain diplomat had frequently yawned due to fatigue from lack of sleep, directly because of the recent nightmare their friend accidentally gave them as an uncontrollable side-effect of his powers. The white reaper had taken a lot of interest at the various details through Raiya’s corridors and other rooms, not once had either set foot in one of her kin, this was a first for them.

    “The one Lucurie and Abbitt supposedly know is hyper secretive and cryptic about stuff, whereas Raiya is more open.” He said in response to Roxanna’s statement as they ventured further in.

    Once they were in, both had listened to what the holographic avatar had to say, giving him a brief rundown of everything he needed to know, gazing back up at her. “Going to ask for one thing right off the bat: A place to park two vessels. One is a small craft and the other a light warship, they both have all my weapons and gear on board, along with- food and clothes. The dropship is still in the gas mine’s hangar with the other in orbit.” Revei replied, adjusting his cloak.

    Soon, the Mici ambassador was seen stepping away, which made his Blighted counterpart turn around and question him. “Where are you going?”

    “Fighting isn’t for me unless there’s no blood, I want to leave you both to it. If you rescue more Mici in the future, you know where to find and contact me.” The diplomat answered with a light smile, turning to the hologram. “Can you lend me a ride home while you and the other two get ready? I have some stuff to do back home.” He’d say, shortly before hugging Roxanna’s ankle. “Thank you for bringing me around and all the nice stuff earlier, you can contact me whenever you like. Be safe out there, oki?” Abbitt stated, gazing directly up at the woman.

    Now that they fulfilled their goal of introducing her to the White Reaper to make this alliance happen, his presence was no longer needed, and as a Diplomat, he had some political affairs to tend to back on Epsilon Seven.

  • Both were shocked to find themselves inside some sort of cosmic cloud made from the remains of a dead star while she elaborated on a few things. This was a type of ability neither had seen before, at least- not in real life. Abbitt did ease down when she gave him a rub, gazing at all the interstellar dust. The things she said had their attention despite all this being a distraction.

    “So you’re an Anon.” Muttered the little hunter of a Mici, which was followed by Abbitt giving her some context. “Short for Anomalous!”

    Once they were brought back to the room, or reality in this case, the two males resumed listening to Roxanna giving them more insight about what she was. Hearing her talk about how she’d go about murdering her enemies made the diplomat visibly frown and huddle under his own little cloak, he and his entire race were never fond of violence, even when it was discussed right in front of them.

    “I do respect the fact you don’t call yourself a Goddess. Any being claiming to be a god is not any lesser being’s friend with how easy it is to manipulate people.” Revei commented as she powered up the screen to put on a movie, shortly before speaking again. “And did I just hear you say Megalith? How did you get Ryssai?”

    “It’s not Ryssai! The one she knows is different.” Abbitt piped up to correct him.

    “They’re the most elusive beings ever, even the Mici government knows little about Megaliths other than them being some weird hybrid between spirit and machine. Suppose that says a lot if you got one as your personal flagship when the whole galaxy sees them as a myth.” The White Reaper commented, having some mixed feelings about all this. He knew she wasn’t lying, and all this was just too strange for him to dismiss it.

    “Which camp were you thinking?”

    “Miglama, it’s a barren planet plagued by runaway nuclear reactions in its atmosphere. Its defenses aren’t terribly difficult to sneak past since it’s poorly protected.” Holding out his palm, Revei used a holographic projector to display a 3D image of the radiation-stricken world, zooming in to show a large compound surrounded by fortified walls, outfitted with heavy missile turrets on each corner, and- a landing pad at the roof. Said base was enormous in size, one can only imagine how many foes they’d be facing.

    “The prison portion is an underground complex beneath that. Outer defenses have to be smashed first, then kill /everybody/ that gets in the way. If my intel is right, there will be hundreds or thousands of tortured Black Angel civilians being held down there. Kill the guards, get everybody out, and leave before reinforcements come.

    If your Megalith can carry all those people, assuming so with how big she is, they could be transported somewhere safe, away from their own government. A lot might be willing to give free information on the whereabouts of other camps.”

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