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Her mother is Fae royalty and her father is a Revenant. Her history has not yet come to me given I have not yet used her.

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Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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I have roleplayed extensively in the last decade and have many established characters and backstories. However, I had a spinal cord injury that has impacted my ability to write so I am trying again.

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  • “The infants were saved, at least the ones that could be found, including that one Mici baby.” An arm would be raised to ease her nerves until an index finger was pointed out a window. Well beyond the glass, a few men and women alike dressed in the same hazmat armor were observed handling the newborn children with care, all of which were scanned for any traces of the virus that ravaged her beloved city. Each was quickly whisked away into another armored personal carrier. An extra small bundle with a little white face inside was passed along.

    Once the reptilian woman returned to her seat, she was handed an emergency blanket by said serpent, who gave another Liquidator a hand motion to seal the rear hatch. With their vehicle levitating off the ground and lurching forward, the Commander himself leaned back to strap himself in. “This crisis is not your doing, but I feel more concerned about this entire world being lost if the local infestation cannot be contained. Otherwise-”

    There was a pause mid-sentence after nearly saying it out in the open, anyone within earshot already knew what that meant. “The unthinkable happens. Evacuations are already underway. It’s yet to be determined if this Infection becomes more intelligent as its numbers increase, or if it’ll remain in a feral state regardless of biomass. What I do find alarming is that hosts were not infecting the children found, suggesting the ladder.”

    As their ride carried on, a few tanks amongst their long convoy had rotated their turrets and exploded to life from releasing plasma shells, which vaporized scores of undead in their path. Some were even splatted and crushed below from being run over, in addition to being mangled by gunners from each vehicle present. All that could be seen from inside their APC were the flashes of weapons fire and numerous structures set ablaze.

    “Since you’ve been around longer to see it first had, is the plague showing signs of evolving or coordination? Or any quirks I should be aware of? My organization specializes in destroying the Undead, this is not a first nor last.”

  • “You- brought someone back?” There was a short-lived pause upon uttering the first word of his sentence, this caught him off guard. While it wasn’t a first for someone to show up bringing someone back home where they belonged, seeing a Megalith do such was a real shocker. Even more astonishing was it not being the one they knew, Ryssai as they called her.

    Slowly but surely, this presumed Ambassador leaned back into his seat until his spine rested on it again. He was at a slight loss for words and already started regretting his actions somewhat in summoning an entire fleet in response to the intrusion. Who could blame him for being worried about her sudden presence? This goes to show that they took no chances since Mici were easily exploited for their unwillingness to kill an enemy.

    “So that’s not a ship you’re in, that’s you.” Said Abbitt, who anticipated that it was actually her he was seeing on screen and not some manned vessel. His reflective black hues fixated themselves on their bridge monitor, viewing her massive exterior in all of its glory. Much like his encounters with the Megalith he knew, he expected some pair of glowing optics to flash on and stare right back at him.

    All of a sudden, there was a loud, deep, almost quaking buzzing sound heard on audio sensors, almost like a Tripod from War of the Worlds. While intense, it wasn’t enough to deafen or damage anyone’s hearing, but it made the bridge staff around said diplomat visibly flinch from how startling it was. “What was that?!” The Mici inquired, where one of his female crew members piped up immediately after. “Somethings decloaking just off Raiya’s bow section, just a few thousand meters away!”

    Materializing into a more visible form was a much, much smaller object, no bigger than a Terran cruiser and only a few hundred feet in length. Its shape was eerily similar to that of a butterfly, massive wings that spanned outward with a tail for an aft section. What resembled some sort of head was located on its bow, with narrow optics that produced a soft white glow. Its hull was matte black, consisting of many fractal patterns, patterns that could only be associated with one thing:

    Another Megalith, a Manta-class one.

    Since both could easily sense each other’s presence if the more gigantic being were to conduct a scan or make the realization, his aura was something different, it was- bright from a non-visual perspective, indicating extreme youth. The one who decloaked right there in front of Raiya was a Megalith infant. There was absolutely no way this could’ve been Ryssai.

    “It’s Legion!!” Hollered one of the Mici bridge staff, who were captivated by the sight presented to them. Being the critical thinker he was, Abbitt quickly leaned forward to issue a verbal warning, worried that the sudden arrival might startle Raiya. “Don’t open fire on him! He’s a baby!”

    Turns out they knew not just one, but two of her kin.

    It didn’t take long for said newborn to lurch forward, banking left as its speed increased to a fairly low level. Its flat-octogon-shaped head turned, gazing upon her hull directly as it hovered past her starboard side quietly, visually examining her from a short distance. Eventually, the infant in question altered course, making its way back toward her bow section.

    . . .

    A simple nod of agreement was given when his little digits crossed themselves with hers, soon following closely once the walk was initiated. Having no reason to feel anxious, Makaio went along as they approached the duo of Mediators, tucking his other arm under his cloak.

    The initial response to Roxanna’s question was a quick glance of acknowledgment, eye contact being received by both. The female’s head instantly snapped in her direction, unnaturally fast. “A lost Babbu? What’s your full name?” That same one asked, which prompted him to step forward once and answer with a gentle smile plastered across his white face. “Makaio Losrasee!”

    Once this was received, the male Mediator was seen tapping on holographic buttons mounted to his wrist, all of which were in an indiscernible language Roxanna wouldn’t understand since she wasn’t familiar with it, yet. “Wait a minute!! You’re the lost babbu that went missing a week ago from Mudville! Ulis, we need to get him back home!” He announced, having just stumbled across what was more than likely a Missing Persons report.

    “I’ll carry him to his house! You can follow us there! Just don’t crash into anybody. Hop on!” The female announced, where Makaio released his hand and leaped onto her so he could piggyback. Once on… That same Mici agent took off at unimaginable speeds on foot. The females of their species were speedsters! Quite a bit of dust was kicked up in her wake.

    “You following them? Or want me to drive you there to his house?” Asked the male Mediator, who offered to give Roxanna a lift if need be. Question was… In this new form of hers, could she also move/run at those speeds to join them? If so, she’d have to be careful not to injure herself or run into someone.

  • “Let’s not do that.” Advised the serpentine one, whose tone remained somewhat cold. His right wrist was raised after pressing a button, which he spoke into it. “Got one survivor up here, making our way down.”

    With each of his squad members lowering their weapons, the one leading them slithered forth, keeping all tendrils raised up. Once he was close enough, the Valorax in question extended an armored hand to her as an offering to take it. Said male only appeared as a silhouette with the light pouring in behind him from the forced entrance, making him resemble a god from the front.

    Regardless if she took it or not, the being introduced himself. “Axious Zorrial, chapter master of the Soul Hunters legion of the Liquidators-” Before he could finish, the woman had fainted right then and there. Instinctively so, both arms quickly extended outward to receive Zafira in time. His head tilted down when keeping a grip on said female. “Must’ve been startled.” He’d say to himself, turning to face his peers.

    “I’ll carry her. We’re all heading back outside.” Their superior ordered, soon moving the woman onto his left shoulder so she’d be easier to carry. From there on out, those same four men accompanying him took point and made their way back out from wince they came, with their Chapter Master following closely behind. The occasional blaster fire was heard each time another zombie attempted to ambush them from a corner, not once were they caught by surprise.

    In the event they exited, low booms and weapons fire echoed throughout those city streets, which were an absolute mess of vehicles, mangled/charred corpses, bits of rubble, or ashes. Several towers nearby were either leaking rising plumes of smoke, or raging infernos. Beyond that entrance in the hospital’s ravaged front courtyard, laid an APC, at least a dozen tanks, along with several squads of men and women outfitted with the same hazmat armor.

    “Wake up.” Said the extraterrestrial man when nudging Zafira’s neck with his snout, an attempt was made at helping her regain consciousness. Regardless, he slithered ahead towards their ground transport vehicle, soon reaching its rear entrance.

    “Got a live one over here, she may have valuable intel on the plague.” Anxious announced to the small group of soldiers on board, who gazed upon her out of curiosity with their weapons lowered. Their superior took up multiple seats to settle there and moved the draconic woman onto his arms on her back, facing him, eventually shaking her several times.

    “Still sleeping?”

    For such a grim situation, his composure never cracked, either because this was his specialty in life, or was really desensitized.

  • The distress calls were long since heeded, not from the hospital, but from the planetary government. Haste decisions were made once they received word about their situation and the biological hazard it posed to anyone living. It was the Liquidators who received their pleas.

    They had to act fast, and without hesitation, one of their finest Legions named the Soul Hunters, who were conveniently close due to stopping in a neighboring system for supplies, set out for the hellscape ahead. Everyone aboard their state-of-the-art warships started gearing up during their voyage.

    Since this infestation seemed to be a more feral state according to reports, their very own chapter master decided to participate in the coming ground assault. It wasn’t uncommon for him to do so, both to increase morale and enforce his own beliefs that most military leaders should be put in harm's way amongst their own troops. 

    "This is not a drill, I repeat: This is not a drill."

    The overhead intercom system would sound from within their assault ship, where countless crew and soldiers alike scrambled for the hangers. All of those men and women were covered from head to toe in an armored hazmat suit, each helmet having respirators equipped to avoid inhaling any toxic air, spores, or microorganisms that could potentially infect their bodies. Many were seen carrying incendiary weapons, primarily heavy flamers and radiation beam rifles.

    Inside a hangar bay where rows of dropships were being boarded, even Mici outfitted with similar armor carrying medical gear was seen. Eventually, the chapter master himself slithered in, clad in a dark, reflective brown suit made from multiple segments, which enclosed even his tail and squid-like tentacles. Soon, he'd make his way onto the troop compartment of a dropship until its doors closed, thrusters roaring to life.

    In a matter of moments upon exiting warp, each and every small craft, some of which carried tanks, exited before descending upon the globe. Soon they would all enter the atmosphere, nearly a hundred or so transport craft in total. Thankfully they wouldn't have to worry about anti-aircraft emplacements this time.

    . . .

    Just when she might’ve thought things couldn't get any louder from those undead intruders, the sounds of a ballistic weapon echoed about, then another, and multiple rounds. Even blaster fire could be heard, followed by the screeching if what was presumably the slaughter of zombies taking place downstairs. Loud booms were also heard coming from outside, in addition to low hums from some vehicles below. What was going on?

    Outside her door, loud thuds were hitting the walls as the moans from infected individuals were silenced in quick secession. Someone or something was throwing them around like rag dolls. 

    If she were to check the cameras, many dozens of figures could be observed moving about, wielding various radiation beam rifles. All wore black biohazard armor, including breathers, helmets, and tactical gear. The equipment they carried was not anything found in that world. Any infected they stumbled across were promptly executed on the spot as they moved about.

    There was one figure who stood out more than others: A serpentine male with tentacles similar to that of a squid, minus any suckers, wearing a similar suit. Said being appeared to be leading them, having just bashed in the door to the nursery where anyone seen attempting to haul away some infants was swiftly dealt with. Leaving one squad to tend to the newly born children, the extraterrestrial man made his way toward Zafira's position.

    Eventually, the door was outright bashed open, sending both halves scraping across the floor by surprise.

    About eight men had poured in through the opening, each initially aiming at Zafira until noticing she had not fallen to this plague. Soon, the Valorax who led them there slithered his way in, carrying a Chainsaw Sword in hand. "Found one." Said one of his underlings, who stood idly as the reptilian male gazed back at the Draconic woman from a short distance. His face was concealed by a reflective black visor.

    “Congratulations, you’re being rescued. Assuming you haven’t been infected, that is.” The half-serpent told her in his deep, soft tone, inquiring about whether or not she was bitten by any zombies. A simple hand motion was given for his entire squad to lower their weapons while keeping his chainsaw sword in hand, which was partially covered in crimson fluids from fighting his way there.

  • Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in orbit-

    The lights were out in private quarters, which consisted of round walls supported by ribbed columns painted in white, sleek furniture of the same color placed about, a large, circular bed surrounded by a ginormous pile of plushies from various words, with a window up against the back wall.

    Slumbering on top of a pillow snuggly was a male Mici dressed in a deep blue cloak, wearing a purple dress underneath with a gray scarf. The inner sides of his horns were jagged, with a blue bow in between, in addition to spiked cheeks like most.

    "Councilor Abbitt! Wake up!!" Immediately after a door had retracted open, another male in yellow had nearly sprinted inside and made a beeline for that bed. Hearing this made the one in blue squeak and reluctantly roll before sitting up right. "What's going on?" He would question.

    "Some ship claiming to be a Megalith is here, and it's not Ryssai! It bypassed the system parameter and is now in orbit of Epsilon Seven!" The steward warned, making his little black hues widen to the point of nearly bursting. This was a shocker.

    Without any second thought, said being scrambled in a massive hurry to get his little yellow shoes on, grab his personal communicator device, and several other devices/trinkets that were stashed under his cloak. “Send word to all captains throughout the system! And not to fire if there are no shots!!” He’d holler back, soon taking off into a sprint right out of his personal quarters then a corridor, amongst others who were making a beeline for their posts aboard whatever vessel they were on.

    Soon arriving at the highly decorative bridge, Abbitt made his way over to claim a seat beside the Captain’s chair. Next to him was the one commanding their massive vehicle: Another male Mici, wearing a light grey cloak containing white insignias and writings in its fabric, each with different meanings. Unlike the others, this one had curly horns.

    “Do the other Councilors know about the intruder?!”

    “Yes! All fleets are on standby, and standard procedures for First Contact are in place. The ship is holding position in orbit. What’re your orders, Ambassador Abbitt?”

    “Bring us near the Megalith, now.” Said the little diplomat/leader, who tapped a button on his armrest to send out a live audio feed to all friendly vessels across their system, which Raiya may or may not pick up on since they were heavily encrypted. 

    “Attention all Epislon captains: Any tactical cruisers and corvettes are to head for Epsilon Seven immediately and form up on the Messiah. This being is not Ryssai, I repeated, not Ryssai.”

    With that said, the very craft they were on, known as a Mici Tactical Cruiser, a large vessel of their own design had turned, soon activating its impulse drives for forward movement. Its current course was set to Raiya’s position, and it would not take them long to reach it. Should a certain machine Goddess herself be observing any movements, there was a lot of it, fleets of the same class, smaller crafts, and even a single Terran vessel going into warp in an attempt to reach her.

    Minutes later…

    The first to arrive was Abbitt’s flagship, the Messiah, which had come out of warp, along with hundreds of other vessels of Mici origin. Who would have thought such adorable creatures could build such impressive things? None had dared to confront Raiya, or get too close since they were on edge about seeing a Megalith they were not familiar with. They must’ve had contact with one before, somewhere.

    Their tactical cruiser(s) were quite large, sleek hulls with many round shapes, slopes, outfitted with arrays of high-end Tachyon Beam weapons, repair beam turrets that could heal allied vessels, and green particles/light emitting from their thrusters. In addition to this was a large number of Mici corvettes.

    “Hail them.” Instructed the diplomat from his bridge, everyone in his vicinity having watched the view screen upfront to see if anything would show. Regardless if there was an answer or not, Abbitt decided to transmit first in an attempt to communicate with their visitor, keeping a mostly calm tone when addressing her through their verbal comm network..

    “Starship Raiya, this is Ambassador Abbitt Strellous of the Epsilon Republic. I want to know your intentions and speak with you. Do you acknowledge?”

    . . .

    Another quick embrace was had when their guest moved his little arms around her much larger frame. He watched as Roxanna's entire figure compressed, morphed, and reduced herself nearly to his height since female Mici were only slightly taller than their male counterparts.

    Although amazed at first, his expression shifted into a more confused and concerned expression. An index finger lightly poked at her flesh until Makaio could find the words to describe it. "Your… skin is going to make people worry, Mici are only paper-white. Can you change it?" Her newfound friend would urge, which was true since their entire species had no variation when it came to the color of their flesh.

    . . .

    Now that they were on the ground, said Mici had begun walking across a sidewalk right after taking Roxanna's equally small hand. His trek was- aimless to say the least, frequently glancing around at various houses, which were shaped like seashells with segments, in addition to holographic street signs. He was attempting to figure out where exactly they were, and what direction his home was in, not an easy task since he was still very young by their standards. 

    "Where is it…"

    Up ahead at the corner of an intersection, two other individual Mici were standing idly; dressed in white/purple origami-patterned suits from head to toe, wearing black cloaks with white trimmings. Both wore utility belts, which held a number of devices/gear including a stasis pistol, along with a large cryo-beam weapon strapped to their backs. The two wore helmets that held the same pattern.

    Both appeared to be conversing with one another, with the male having shown a 3D image of Mici infants on a holographic/communicator card, the equivalent to a smartphone. The armored female could be heard gasping in delight upon seeing it, not paying any attention to the duo nearby. "They're so cuuute! Congrats to your sister on the babies!" She'd say.

    Just a short distance away, Makaio stopped, turning to face his friend in disguise. "Those are Mici Mediators, they protect everyone and stop mean tourists when they're being bad. They're kind of like- soldiers too. They can help us find mommy!' Right after announcing this, a realization hit him: If either one of those Mediators were psychic, there was a chance of them sensing that Roxanna wasn't one of them, which her friend noted. "But they might sense you're a Terran."

    This problem made him let out one long, depressing exhale as the corners of his mouth dropped into a frown. "Keep walking or ask them?" Makaio offered, unsure if this would be a setback.


  • “I think so too! Lots of Mici have psychic powers!” Just when she thought these peaceful entities might’ve been short on surprises, there was a strong implication that many could be born with telepathic abilities. To what extent did this go? The White Reaper must’ve been one of those lucky ones who had the gift, and likely used it for combat.

    “Maybe not, some Terrans like visiting.” Said their guest in response to the concerns they might’ve had in regards to setting off alarms, which was to be a likely case since they’d be arriving unannounced. The corners of his mouth rose into another bright smile at the thought of Roxanna joining him, but there was still one problem. A hand was placed under his chin, thinking for a moment. “Don’t know if I can point to it from space…”

    After a certain Megalith gave him a rundown on what her plan was, it didn’t take him long to glance aside and notice a pair of shoes made specifically for him. In an instant, his face lit up, followed by an audible gasp, his little hand rising up to his mouth, and a near squeal. Without hesitation, Makaio quickly took hold of both, admiring them with quite a bit of enthusiasm. “They’re so cute~!!” Soon, he’d slip his feet into them, having to lift the front of his cloak.

    “Let’s go!” Once on, the Mici quickly rose up and leaped from his seat, running directly towards Roxanna for their coming departure. Once near her ankles, both arms were spread out, as if gesturing for her to pick up him. “Maybe bring us somewhere where other Mici can help!” He’d propose, which might include a government building of some sort. Chances were, an embassy might’ve been their best bet, until he suddenly remembered some much-needed info.

    “My house is in the Ulaki territory in Goseeva city, by a lake!”

    Perhaps that was all they needed since a certain Megalith could easily track where that location was.

    . . .

    From orbit, their world was a highly saturated, colorful marble, almost rainbowy, with deep blue oceans that spanned across portions of their globe. Peering over its horizon was a bright, cobalt sun, which illuminated their surroundings, although it was much farther out compared to the distance between Earth and its sun, otherwise, conditions would’ve been far too hot.

    If the Megalith herself were to scan, view, or check her surroundings, there were untold numbers of objects: Everything from interstellar ships of Mici design, to large freighters, passenger liners from different civilizations, and even a couple of warships of unknown origin further out, some of which could be seen accompanying fleets of Mici craft. Many different defense stations and orbital gun emplacements were also present.

    As it turns out, their world was very heavily defended, knowing the kinds of beings who’d exploit them. They must’ve had an assortment of allies since there were combat-capable vessels from different factions patrolling their system.

    . . .

    If Raiya had gone through with warping them down, the sight they’d first bare witness to was a deep blue sky, with a pink gradient starting at the bottom. The plantlife present consisted of mostly white, pink, or light gray colors, quite exotic as one would expect from such an alien world.

    In whatever location the Megalith might choose, or close to a certain waterfront Makaio had described, there were monochrome streets, made from a shiny alloy that dirt could not easily stick to. The structures were either slopped or round, having many bone-like extensions, some ribbing, and floral carvings, which applied to both their sky-scrapers, residential buildings, and many others. Tall and thin arches with pink vines hanging down lined their roads, which often had sleek hovercar-like vehicles moving about, all of which had Mici on board.

    If none of it was breathtaking already, a lot of plants were integrated into their architecture/infrastructure, some buildings were even elevated off the ground above mini-forests as a means of letting their natural environment still exist.

    Regardless of the exact location Raiya would bring them, Makaio’s first reaction to being teleported there was him initially freezing. Seconds later- his black hues became more reflective as they got watery, his lips managing to rise up in a weak manner. He really was back home. The Mici could feel a lump in his throat now that they had arrived, visibly overwhelmed by the joy of being brought back where he belonged, never before did he imagine returning after losing hope. Now, all that remained was getting him back to his family.

    Slowly gazing up at Roxanna, the white-skinned extraterrestrial made it known that he was ready to go seek out his family, or embassy staff that could help. “Let’s go find them…”

    Perhaps someone in the Mici government could assist the woman in seeking out the White Reaper after the ordeal.

  • “No! The opposite!” Their guest nearly chimed, just before sinking his little teeth into another slice of fruit and munching on it. Once finished with it, said extraterrestrial fixated his black hues back on Roxanna and continued, elaborating on this mystery being.

    “There’s a story… about a lone Mici who’s the first one in history that can- kill. But he doesn’t do it to bad people. It’s said that he roams the galaxy, searching for slavers, then saving anybody he finds locked up, and drops them off on the nearest colony world. Some say his enemies get bad nightmares when he shows, but not the beanlets being saved. A lot think he doesn’t even grow old! Mici can only be twenty-ish years old.

    Others told me about him and hoped the White Reaper would come, and I did too. But somebody showed!” Makaio said a more cheery tone after sharing some of what he knew regarding this character, who just so happened to be one of his own species. It was an extremely unusual claim: A Mici that wasn’t a pacifist and possibly immortal? One could argue it was an urban legend or was it? The only concrete information he had was that this White Reaper was male.

    “I do think he might be real though! I once heard guards talking about how they lost one of their sites on some other planet before bringing me to the shop.” Said the white-skinned being, who proceeded to snack on another piece of fruit in the same manner as before.

    If by some miracle that was the case, it could mean one likely possibility: That rogue Mici may have gotten leads on other locations belonging to his more recent victims, thus leading him to whatever site Makaio had originally been held captive in before the black market pet store.

  • The following displayed system would show what appeared to be a blue-star system, a typically hot sun where one wouldn’t expect to find life. To anyone’s surprise, aside from a few rockies and gas giants, there was an Earthly one at a far orbit. The world in question was unusually colorful with its surface, having green, pink, white, and deep blue seas, whatever plant life existed there must’ve been interested. This was to be unexpected for an alien environment.

    “There!” That’s it!”

    Pointing a little index finger to the temperate world, Makaio nearly chirped his response out of enthusiasm after realizing which one it was. Of course, he didn’t forget that embassies were being shown on human-controlled systems that were much closer, making him wonder if they would go to one of those first or take a direct voyage to Epsilon Seven. 

    Hearing the announcement of what she intended to do made him turn his chin up again, and just like that- his face lit up. A build-up of fluids accumulated on his reflective black orbs when both corners of his lips rose into a shaky, joy-filled smile. In seconds, tears began streaking down his white cheeks, knowing he could go home back where he belonged: With his family and mother.

    Once seated at the table, the Mici attempted to perk his head up to observe her actions at the fridge, curious about what she was digging for. Just like that, there was suddenly an abundance of natural fruits right in front of him, making him visibly widen both black hues in surprise. “Food food!” He’d chime, already grabbing a hold of some grapes since they were the softest thing available. Soon enough, Roxanna’s guest bit into one several times and began chewing on it at a fast pace like a Guinea Pig. Terran fruits were somewhat of a new experience for him.

    Again, their favorite living plushie perked up at the sound of yet another voice, it wasn’t a woman this time. The most Evanox might see would be his jagged horns and black eyes gazing back curiously.

    “You think I’m cute?!” He’d ask aloud, almost having hearts in his eyes. “I like dragons, we got them on Epsilon too! I think.” This instantly made him tilt his head downward diagonally in thought, as if uncertain on whether or not such creatures were real. But in where he came from, Mici had their own depictions of those same beasts interestingly enough.

    Nothing was said when her son proposed the idea of payback, which Makaio couldn’t see himself participating in since he wasn’t physically capable of experiencing anger himself. After a few seconds, the Mici went back to munching on another grape until Roxanna presented him with a question, which prompted him to throw one back in response.

    “Do you know the White Reaper?...”

  • There was a slight lurch backward when she pressed an index finger to his nose, which prompted him to lean forward and sniff it. Then came a question, right after Roxanna received a universal translator, which enabled him to properly interpret her language. His head would tilt back to glance up at the woman standing over him.

    "Epsilon Seven!" Said their guest, which was more than likely an exo-planet since a number was included in its name. When answering this, his little white lips rose up into a smile at the thought of it. If it was a real place, they'd have to check on a star map for confirmation. Which it certainly was.

    "You mean- I can go back? To my family?..." He would inquire in a much lower tone upon dropping his expression into a more astonished one. The fact she mentioned the possibility meant an awful lot to him, and chances were any relatives he had were extremely worried for his own well-being, whoever they were.

    Both short arms were lifted when the towel was wrapped around him, only his horns being visible from a distance for a brief moment. The Mici curled snuggly on the front of her shoulder and chest until they'd move to another room.

    While in the of having that same towel pressed against him from all angles, he listened, sensing the ripple of frustration I'm her emotions as he gazed up. "It's like they think we're not even people, just smol animals. They got me while my family was visiting a Terran colony and kicked mommy away when trying to save me." Having to recall this made him visibly frown at the memory of his mother taking a boot to the face. Some people must've gone to great lengths and planning to get him.

    His much smaller arms clung to her larger figure while his mood became somewhat jaded, and had to mentally remind himself that it wasn't a hopeless situation anymore. 

    Once dried off and presented with his now-washed cloak, in addition to the add-on she gave it, he just about squealed out of delight and instantly squeezed it against his chest. In seconds he'd put it on, soon glancing down toward his bare feet at the realization he had no shoes. A slight shame those got left behind at the black market pet shop. After this, he glanced directly up at Roxanna again. "Mici have embassies on Terran worlds, they could help bring me home!" Her newfound friend proposed. An online search to locate one might've been required.

    "Sures! Fruit or candy!" The young Mici accepted without hesitation, scooting back onto her lap in case the woman intended to pick him up again. "My names Makaio!"

  • One of the worst things anyone could do with a Mici was to socially deprive them, and this couldn’t be more prevalent when they were ripped away by traffickers, then sold as pets.

    Many hours had gone by since his arrival there in the forbidden shop, locked away in a tiny prison by himself. Like others akin to him, he was used to being around other Mici, even if they were all in the same situation, but that wasn’t the case. Since being moved, they kept him isolated. With nothing or no one to fulfill his emotional needs or any real hope of escaping after several failed attempts, the feeling of depression was increasing every waking day.

    During that afternoon, the male in question had been napping in the corner of his cage, all curled up wearing a filthy cyan cloak that hadn’t been washed for some time, and a pair of tiny yellow shoes that were set aside. If one were to look inside, there were dried tear streaks that ran down, more than likely from the occasional quiet sobbing from being alone. Beside him were a few toys and items: A slightly dirtied-up rubber ducky, a fake off-road tire that was meant for dogs, a water dispenser, and some chopped fruits on a plate.

    When the entrance bell rang from another entering, both eyelids cracked open, stretching his little mouth open for a yawn. Reluctantly, he’d sit upright to glance around for whoever this newcomer was until she was spotted. Unlike previous patrons who lacked any kind of friendly vibe, this woman held no hostile aura that he could sense with his psychic abilities, this was a first. Someone who could help? While resting on his legs, the Mici crawled over to the bars of his cage to emit a few squeaks and chirps.

    From a short distance away, their brief discussion was observed, quickly noticing that shop keeper suddenly getting a bad case of the Runs and zipping away for their bathroom. As she got close, his tiny digits wrapped around those worn metal bars. Upon realizing that it was being opened, he’d quickly turn around to grab his rubber duck and stash it in a pocket under his cloak, as if sensing what the intention was.

    Once lifted into her arms, the little Mici plopped against said woman on his side, curling both his body and legs. When being carried… There was an increasingly warm, fuzzy feeling that would creep up on Roxanna, coming directly from him. This was no ordinary creature she was handling. While the sensation was not at its highest, there was a hint of negativity from his own emotions.

    . . .

    It didn’t take long for him to perk up when there was a sudden change of scenery, a place he hadn’t seen before. Peeking from where he previously nestled himself into her upper chest, the holographic woman caught his attention. While holding that same rubber ducky in his little digits, both reflective black orbs fixated themselves on Raiya’s facade. Their newfound guest was awfully quiet.

    There was a lot of glancing back and forth between the two until Roxanna lowered him into the water, which he didn’t put up any resistance to. A major sign of intelligence they’d both witness was him lifting up and removing his cloak, setting it aside. His bare body was plain, white, and featureless, like a living plushie. What followed was him bending down to rinse himself, rubbing off any filth that was accumulated, in addition to grabbing his rubber toy from earlier.

    After washing dirt off it, the Mici darted his gaze around, UNTIL- a question was asked. Legitimately, he actually spoke, albeit in a higher pitch tone that sounded just like a child.

    “Do I get to go home?...”

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