He is one of ten soldiers created by the malicious God Deximale, the black bloods or a sangre noir as they are called. Ten in total, a vicious breed. Deximale created them most powerful, each with a unique talent in order to steal the throne of the Gods, he waged war on the heavens with his new generals. Years had past and the malicious God took his place on the throne after all the heavens armies had been vanquished by the Sangre Noir, and the Gods imprisoned within the Blink. But with no enemies left to fight the ten dark celestial beings had turned on their creator. After so many years they had become more powerful than he. Together they had become all but unstoppable and the evil God was forced to release the Gods from the blink in order to save himself. They had combined their all mighty powers to wipe the minds of the Sangre Noir and cast them out of the heavens into other realms scattered through out the plains of existence. They could not kill the Sangre Noir, so each God was appointed to a different dark being to keep watch over their movements. For if they ever remember who they are and if they ever reunited, the very existence of all natural plains could be obliterated. Although soon after being banished, the beings had become an experiment guided by the Gods, they were given only numbers as names in order of their creation. Six is the most promising… His control of shadow, and anti matter are immense, with the ability to shift between any shadow, or even take the form of darkness itself, his powers are almost boundless. Some say he can even manipulate dark matter… His powers could blot out the sun if he ever remembers who he is….
The Gods reserve hope in Six, that he might become a warrior for good. And that he might lead The Order of the God Hand.
<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcn2eq0iSX4
However, the evil God Deximale swore vengeance on the generals who turned on him, he would vow to escape the Blink and hunt them down one by one….

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Will explain later.... Essentially he is a godlike character who has forgotten who he is.

Character Age

many years.

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A shadowy silluette in his natural form. lengthy white haired male in human form. (will illaborate later)

Character Abilites

He is able to control shadows, and dark matter, he can turn a punch into a 50 trillion ton slam. He can slide through shadows willingly, and can bring the shadow of a dead loved one up to speak... Occasionally breaking the fourth wall.

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Paragraph, One-liners, No-Preference

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  • I have a few. Are you able to create more than one character? And is there a main story arc or sort of a free gathering of any type of characters chatroom?  

    I have a few characters I've created i'd like to bring in.

  • Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.

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