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Character Gender


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Character Appearance

They are genderless. Tall (a little over 6ft) with long midnight black hair with silver sparkles like the night sky. Their skin is charcoal colored (close to black but a few shades lighter) with colorful swirls, clouds and smears resembling galaxies and nebulas that shift and move slowly all over their figure. It's like looking at space itself. They do have a set pattern of spots around the face, down the spine, arms, torso and legs that glow a neon blue when space traveling. Their body has no definite shape but it does have a vague and basic humanoid figure resembling a female. Their face has no defining features but their eyes and mouth are white spaces that shift to to form proper expressions. This is their true form.

Character Personality

Sollana (A name she uses universally as their true names are nearly impossible to say in most species languages) is normally a happy, caring and laid back being also a bit apathetic and absent minded. They enjoying changing their form to match the world they decide to travel or visit to so they can learn about what dwells there. They are shy about showing their true form as most would say looking at it can be off putting or unnerving to them. They almost never speak in there native tounge as most species can't comprehend it's complexities (which is a mix of sounds, shifting of colors and patterns on their body, and movements. They are more reserved upon a first meeting but more out going when they get to know you. Often is awkward and frets and gets nervous about most social queues and situations because they don't want to offend anyone and don't know what to do. Can be silly at times and mix up languages of different species when trying to communicate when either positively or negatively over emotional. They hope to one day find another being to connect with.

Character Likes

Learning, Flying, Jokes/puns, Books, Games, Mimes, Nighttime, Food, Traveling, Fireflies

Character Dislikes

Upsetting people, Negative situations, Small spaces, Mean/rude people, Popcorn, Static,

Character History/Story

Sollana comes from a race of trans-dimensional beings. They have no distinct name so the refer to themselves as Outsiders, for they live outside the planes of existence and often merely just float by different worlds. They have a somewhat faulty concept of time due to their long lifespans. Their kind usually traverse solo but sometimes form small groups of no more than 5 and travel together. When traveling they expand their body to larger sizes (about half size of the moon) and become translucent and bioluminescent to blend in the regions of space (the bioluminescent is mainly to alert other Outsiders that they are near) but when visiting worlds they shrink themselves to heights that suit the current world. Even though the are mostly solitary they do wish for a lifetime companion, but it's hard due to their lifedpan. They are an intelligent and social species that enjoy sharing what they've learned when and if they do meet up. Just like Sollana their kind prefers to not show their true form (not all look like Sollana). Compared to some of their brethren she is realatively young. Sollana is currently on a self made mission to learn all they can.

Character Inventory

Books, various clothing items(to wear if needed) and a few journals from previous travels.

Character Abilites

-Trans-dimensional traveling (race trait) -Flight (race trait) -Pocket dimension storage (race trait) -Shift (changing it's body and or body part to a different species and able to gain partial abilities of said species) (race trait) -Language adaptation (able to understand and speak almost all languages after hearing it for a while) -Stretch (contort it's own body) -Consistentancy (to change it's body from solid so soft)

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello! My name's Jazz but online people call me MissKnightmare or MissHallowsEve. Call me whatever you want. I like many things (too many to list) and I'm apart of many fandoms and have many hobbies. I hope we get along!

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