Solomon Lumbarde - 'Sol'

Vampire - Roughly 450 years old

Bleeding heart and an Artist

Bisexual, Single




Solomon Lumbarde was born somewhere within the mid fifteen hundreds. Third of a total of twelve children though only seven made it past their tenth birthdays. The family like many of the time were poor, deeply religious and incredibly strict. All members of the family would have to work from a young age, most helping out at the local lumber mill. It was heavy, tiring work but it had one perk; the owner's daughter.

Around the same age as Solomon the two were infatuated with each other from the very beginning. Susanna was a fair skinned young lady with golden locks tied back always so perfectly with a green ribbon she treasured, she was Solomon's ray of sunshine through rainy days. In the beginning they said little to each other, only sharing a gaze and a smile. A bunch of flower picked with care broke the ice, after that the two were practically inseparable.

The two married at age sixteen after the blessing of Susanna's father. It took the two four years to conceive a child but she was the spitting image of her mother, golden locks and fair skin with eyes of ocean blue. The two named her Alice. The small family soon inherited the lumber mill from Susanna's father whom passed during Alice's second winter. For the next few years life seemed to become easier. By no means were the two well off but they had enough not to struggle paying for food and clothing. Susanna grew pregnant with their second child, life seemed perfect.

A new man had come to town seeking work. He introduced himself as John. Fit and strong, Solomon decided he was the perfect candidate to work the mill with him. The mysterious stranger convinced Solomon to keep the mill open during the night to which he will continue the day's work meaning increased productivity and more money flowing in. With a light shrug and a nod Solomon agreed. Whenever the other workers left for the day John would appear ready to continue the work alone at night.

Several weeks passed an as promised, more lumber was processed that ever before. Solomon and John quickly became friends with Solomon often spending an extra hour after his day ended to talk with John. It was one of those nights Solomon returned home to his worst nightmare. Blood soaked the floorboards all around the house and when called nether Susanna nor Alice would answer. Solomon dropped to his knees and sobbed as he found the corpse of both his pregnant wife and daughter in a bloody mess dead in the next room. Who could have done this? Who could have possibly had it out for a humble family running the mill.

Solomon was arrested for there were no other suspects. The guard concluded he was spending less and less time with his family, he must have wanted to simply get rid of them. There were no other suspects, no other motives, what else could it have been? Solomon didn't protest it, simply sat in his cell in silence, his hands and feet shackled, waiting for his execution. John visited Solomon while rotting in his cell waiting for his demise and conveyed some information that gave the bereaved some hope; He knew who had committed the crime and the guards had been bribed to pass on the blame to the husband. What could Solomon do? He was behind bars, a guard waited just down the hallway. John offered a solution, magic of old gods. Solomon would be able to pass by undetected, his name would be cleared but only if he trusted John. With little other choice, he agreed to his friend's proposal drinking his blood through the bars. John wouldn't see the sunrise, falling unconscious within the next few hours. Sweating profusely with a heavy fever. John allerted the guards and left Solomon to 'die' in his cell.

Solomon awoke amongst a pile of corpses. Cold, clammy and dehydrated. The stench was overpowering and never one he wishes to encounter again. Crawling from beneath several newly decapitated bodies Solomon dragged himself out of town, into the woods. Head spinning he merely collapsed into the leaf litter where he was shortly found by John and taken away, out of sight of both the townsfolk and sunlight. It was there John finally explained himself; he was a vampire. A creature of the night. A magical being with strength beyond that of human capabilities though with a price. Blood. Solomon was reluctant to the idea but his need for revenge for his family was enough to push him forward.

3281798959?profile=RESIZE_710xSeveral people were murdered, drained of blood and left to rot where they were found just as Solomon's family were. Nothing would satisfy the man, Solomon forever felt empty. John offered comfort and a shoulder to cry on during the time, soon growing closer than friends. John seemed to be the only one to understand Solomon and eventually the two left Solomon's home town to a wild world of mystery. Years went by like they were minutes. Life wasn't perfect, but it was manageable. Kills meant little to the two leaving Solomon with the same, empty stare.

One hundred years passed like nothing at all, John noticed his mate's constant melancholy state and thought it time to share his true intentions. John had loved Solomon from the moment he set eyes on the man. Beneath the beard and rough hair was a perfectly sculpted face, eyes of icey blue and a heart of gold. For the first few weeks John tried to coax his friend away more and more simply to spend time with him, maybe to grow feelings of his own for the older vampire. To no avail, John soon realised he would never truly hold his beloved's heart until his family were out the way. The man paid a sword for hire to murder the family in cold blood while he stood so innocently with Solomon.

Not five seconds from the words leaving John's heart did a cold numb feeling overcome him. Only conscious long enough to see his heart in the clutches of his lover's hand as he faded into darkness. It mattered not to Solomon the years they had spent together, this was the ultimate betrayal, an unforgivable act. All the people that had died at their hands, it was all because of John's selfish love. A feeling of relief ran over Solomon as he dropped the bloody organ to the ground and left. It was his revenge- his true revenge. The souls of his beloved could finally rest. John would be the last person Solomon would ever kill. The very thought of continuing to kill turned his stomach, he had his humanity once more.

Solomon no longer killed, instead entranced his victims and took only a quarter of their blood. While he had to do this more often than completely draining a being it was considerably lighter on his conscious. The world grew more colourful and Solomon began to vent his feelings via art. Beautiful portraits of his family so he'd never forget their angelic faces, as well as deep, dark paintings of his deepest darkest shame. The man had three hundred years to perfect his craft. His home full of masterpieces never seen by any other eyes than his own; it was his sanctuary. His happiness.



  •  Solomon picked up smoking when it was in fashion and has never really stopped, though has reduced it to only when he needs to calm his nerves.
  • His home is incredibly messy but in such a way he knows the placement of everything. He strongly dislikes people rearranging his things.
  • The vampire has developed a mild social anxiety, he strongly dislikes public events and places like night clubs. This is a result of spending much of his later life in solitude painting.
  • His favourite media are oil paints and his best work consists of such. He is however also skilled in charcoal, graphite, ink and watercolour.





I haven't roleplayed in years. Please bare with me.

...Also my 'S' key is funky and my spell check doesn't work on this site.




I'd appreciate at least a couple sentences. You'll get best results with 1-3 paragraphs.

I think it goes without saying; Don't kill my character or permanently maim him.

I get writer's blocks frequently, badgering me wont make them go away. Patience is appreciated.



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  • I'll get to replies asap

    My dog had to go to the emergency vet yesterday for ongoing symptoms of heat stroke and I've been having to watch him like a hawk today to make sure he doesn't need to go back.


  • Vaughn smiled amusedly at that comment, but it was in part nice to hear. By now he’s come to accept the beast for it was a part of him, but hearing that others didn’t entirely see him as just the wolf was nice from time to time. And he wasn’t really off the mark for the Library had become just that. A place for those who hadn’t much else left to turn to. At first he’d welcomed his regulars to the library and the public, but now he had others like himself who stayed with him and it was the family suppose he’d always wanted. Sol may joke in part, but Vaughn would hope the vampire might find this place welcoming for vaughn did not know the vampire’s past nor current life story, but Vaughn could read people enough at least to see he was well worth welcoming here.

    Vaughn’s eyes widened and he paused in having moved to sit down and do some work of his own to look up and over through the portal at the vampire. Vaughn has met the ancient, but it still surprised him sometimes how old some can truly live to be. What a life Sol must have led those four, nearly five centuries. History he has lived.. “ And here I was beginning to think I’d lived a long and trying life..” He joked lightly.

    “ Ah, well, many of your kind lose simply upon temptation. I assume it’s like a junkie who craves their addiction.. Hard to say no to something you need or think you need. But I’ve found those born with a willpower already, tend to differ greatly from the majority. I think we know where you fall..” he smiled again as he eyed Sol for a moment before looking down at his desk. 

    “ I suppose one of my personal questions is if you’re even originally from here? Some tend to stick to the paths they know, others must run, and then there’s those who simply travel with all the time they have. “

  • Vaughn hummed in some amusement about this and found the shorter version worked well enough anyways. He liked it. Anna was Annabelle, but she was prominent on only being called Anna and therefore it’d be no different here. Leon would have been calling anyone by their full name rather they liked it or not, but Vaughn finds it is more practical and simple. Sol it is.

    “ Well, I don’t exactly live fully by the code of the beast. I’ve always been told I'm of a stubborn nature so it seems only fair that even this doesn’t stop me from being a decent host. “ He smiled softly as he watched the man, wondering how good he truly was for he hadn’t exactly gotten to really appreciate his work prior. “ Besides.. I don’t much like anyone remembering me as that animal..” He trails off, eyes looking elsewhere it seemed as though he were somewhat disappointed in himself, or rather the curse he was stuck with.

    Vaughn has crossed many of vampires in his time, however. Working alongside Leon, he was left to cross many paths of many within the Otherworld. Only one seemed different from all the others and that was Levi and suppose now maybe even Sol, though they’d only just met, but so far he was rather different from the savages that only craved bloodlust and power and destruction. He muses it might be a little based on his upbringing, too. Vaughn was definitely over a hundred years of age, but even younger than Sol, he had a decent strict enough upbringing in a time so much different than today. 

    “Yes.” he simply answered and then continued, “ And no, you do not get far that way.. “ He said almost like an afterthought before his attention returned for Solomon. “ I am probably no older than you.” He says almost like a question, perhaps curious and yet, not expecting Sol to actually give him an answer to confirm.

  • A devilish grin took hold of Alex’s lips as he heard the other spoke. He was enjoying the conversation to be sure, and this stranger had piqued his interest. He grinned and glanced back inside the gallery for the briefest of moments. “I wonder, what the audio tour would perhaps say about your work?” His eyes looked up, dancing in thought. “ ‘Tis a tragedy really… That no one in that room, baring us, know what it is like to have seen so many rises and sets that the faces we once loved are but a figment of a long-forgotten tapestry.” A deep sigh followed this before looking back at the man.


    “Do you know, I was going to ask if I could buy a couple of these paintings.” He grinned enthusiastically, a slight glint from his teeth. “There are three in particular that I simply adore, when I look at them I can see what you were thinking. It’s strange, but it’s like I can read the brush marks.” He chuckled slightly. “You must think I’m like all of those now, I’m sure you’ve heard a million similar remarks. But, I don’t think I shall anymore. I think I’m going to ask for something infinitely more personal.” He released his cane, which continued to stand, without the slightest of quiver, as he opened the side of his coat and reached inside. What emerged was a small silver business card. He handed it over.


    “What would you say if I asked you to paint me a portrait of the girls in question?” His business card, much like everything else about him, seemed to glitter in the light. It felt like card though had the reflective properties of a shined metal. On the card was his name, as to be expected, as well as a phone number. “Of course, I don’t need a decision right away. Now I will of course compensate you financially for this, but I believe I can offer something far more desirable.” He grinned mischievously once more as he looked the other man in the eyes. “Because I want the perfect picture… The only one of it’s kind, you will of course need a crystal clear reference… “ Alex snapped two fingers form his right hand, for as long as the sound existed a crystal clear image of a random event in Sol’s life would appear. A snapshot, perhaps of something this very morning, perhaps something many years before. Though it would vanish as quick as it appeared. “I could provide such a reference, and more.”


    With that he gripped the cane once more and took a step back. “It has been a pleasure Mr Sol. If you’re interested in my offer, ring the number on the card and tell me a meeting place. I hope to hear from you.” He turned and walked back inside the gallery, though he would not stay. His quick steps would take him through the crowd in a single moment, the next moment he was so far gone that his scent, even to the powerful vampire, would be so distant It was near impossible to track.


    Alex had plans for this man. His company was enjoyable, for the few moments they had shared at least. And while he didn’t lie, the art was appreciated, he was thinking several steps ahead. But alas, it all rested on the shoulders of this vampire, to accept or decline was his prerogative.

  • “ Tomorrow it is!” he said, more enthused this time and less awkward, smiling back at the other man. Vaughn was always the friendly sort, when he was in this form that was and wasn’t exactly being trifed with. He took Sol’s hand and gave it a firm shake, offering his name in a flounder of realizing they’d not exactly properly met, still and assuming Solomon gave him his name, then he’d walk the other to the door. 


    This time, he’s more properly answered not by a dimensional teleporter grabbing him to save him, but by Vaughn, now dressed neatly in a three piece suit, hair combed just as neatly and smiling upon seeing Solomon, or at least a more agreeable way of greeting someone perhaps when a portal of sorts opened within the air with Vaughn on the other side, grinning at seeing the artist moving to his spot. The mage had his ways.. And this was one of them.

    “ Ah Solomon--no,wait, you like Sol, yes? “


    On Vaughn’s side, it looked like an office he was within and standing as he was, he did not pass the vortex’s line just yet, hoping he didn’t starle the man too much this time.. 

    “ Take all the time you need. Nothing should disturb you this time..” He says, sheepishly. In truth, Vaughn wouldn’t have to go for a ‘run’ to expel the wolf’s inner energy for  another week at least. His kind did not shift to the moon, but rather upon emotion or under stress. Therefore he did not always control his changes, so he was perhaps more unpredictable, but he went for those runs to at least expel any pent up energy before the wolf forced its way out.

  • Anna snorted at this and looked to Vaughn who looked all the world awkward as he continued to try and straighten himself out, once more reaching a hand to brush dark locks back but with no product they didn't really stay. Vaughn was use to being well kept, looking professional, something he his generation and own upbringing had him conditioned to, so looking out of place now rendered him a little awkward. Those blue eyes dodged Solomon as he cleared his throat. 

    " Yes, well, I get rather defensive of my home and family as one often might." 


    Annna, remembering her food, twirled the blade still in her grip before she turned, " Well if you've got this, i'm starving." Then she walked off as though it were typical occurrences for a man to nearly get eaten by a wolf and force her to save their asses. Which, it just might be. This little ‘family’ did work under the levels of the supernatural world afterall, but Solomon might only get a hint of that.


    By now, Vaughn looked a little more composed, pants at least done up as well as his shirt and tucked in, though still barefooted on the marble floor. He’d rushed in with the fear that this man might have gotten into a fight with Anna, but he’s more than glad that was not the case. He watched the man seemingly inspect his property. He had not of course gone through it with no time and having much respect as well. Though he has concluded what the man had been out there doing. 

    He seems surprised the man would want to come back, however. For a moment he stared at Sol and then snapped to and nodded. “ Oh, yes, of course. The Library opens at 7 am and closes by 9 pm. But.. under the circumstances, you may come by later if you just let us know.”


    Let him know so he doesn’t, y’know, try and kill him again.

  • Sketching? That explains the smudge on his cheek she doubted he knew was there and the same along his fingers. Huh, an artist then. The library was a grand structure. It use to be a mansion and home to the Sarsk family and Vaughn did what he could to keep it to it’s best in appearance, so she could see why an artist would want to try and capture its presence. But at the cost of a giant werewolf trying to eat you? Probably not really worth it, but its not like he knew that was going to happen..

    She catches the hint of what she was looking for. Something about him didn’t seem.. Human. Now, she has no way of sensing these things, but live with others long enough and you pick up the power of observation. He looked very human, but he didn’t seem to react so wildly to the idea a werewolf nearly shredded him to pieces. It was a typical startled kind of fear, but not the human complete freaking out reaction. She smiles knowingly. She won’t know he’s a vampire, although the sun part is a pretty heavy clue. 

    She snorted, “ He’ll probably hand it right back to you.” He says as though she truly expected this and really? She wasn’t wrong.


    Just then a door slams somewhere, the echo coming from somewhere behind Solomon. There’s hurried bare feet on the ground and a man, half dressed comes rushing in, blue eyes staring concerned at both Solomon and the girl. He lifted a hand and brushed his dark hair back, taking in the situation and noticing the lack of hostility. He trusted Anna. She read a person quite easily. It seems everything was under control then.. He takes a moment to compose himself, button up his shirt now and walking forth to come and stop before Solomon.

    Under one arm was in fact Solomon’s sketchpad.With apologetic eyes, he handed it to the vampire. The vampire which Vaughn now had the scent of. This close, he’s already inhaled it again, a instinctual wolf thing, but more subtly done. 


    “ You dropped this.. “ Was he being funny? Perhaps. “ I apologize we had to meet in such a way.” He said a little sheepishly which only conveyed just that lack of control he had on the beast. A curse was a curse after all, however this one hadn’t much a way to be broken.

  • The scent of Alex would be an interesting one to be sure, the true scent behind all the aftershaves and creams. Smoke, not the smoke from a burning flame but the smoke that comes from an electric fire that burned in the past. The smell of magics freshly used. This initial smell would most likely point him out as a Warlock, had Sol encountered them before. There was something more however, something not so easily hidden, though it’s origin would be unplaceable.

    He chuckled as the man spoke, listening intently. “In the world we live in, to be thought of as dull is the worst of insults.” A grin tugged at his young-looking lips mischievously, he could smell the vampiric being before him, the same smell he followed inside the gallery. “And when you’ve been around as long as we have, the repetitiveness must be abhorrent.” He brought his hands back onto his cane and thumbed the jewel.

    “I am glad that you came into the need for money.” Alex chuffed a little, looking at the ground as he though with his grin worn like a mask. “And I feel as though you’ve answered a future question of mine. For if they were to not see the light of day, then you painted them for yourself. A part of me feels that you must have known the characters.” He shrugs a little before looking up to make eye contact with the man. “You do not wish to be parted with your paintings, but you will do what you must to survive.”

    He seemed to rock on his heels a little in thought. “I wonder, if there were a way to keep your paintings, have the capacity to paint more and have the funds to survive in this age we live in, would you take that route?”


  • The girl, only 5' 4 and rather young looking still held a fierce look about her, those dark eyes as sharp as the blade she held against his throat.  She had a tomboy style about her, too, short hair with dark roots growing in, leaving the spiked tips a blonde and in a baggy shirt and skinny jeans. She couldn't be any older than her teens, but looks can be decieving and dealing with the supernatural enough has given her not only edge, but the leverage of possibly being much more beyond her years. 

    She hardly faltered, her eyes narrowing suspiciously on him, but within? She pitied him because she could see in his eyes that what he spoke was the truth. Why exactly he was out there he had not told her, but 'wrong place and wront time' can sum it up enough for her. It happened from time to time. People stumbled through these parts, but usually it was Art saving their asses and not her. Too bad he and the others had gone off to some 'party' while she could have cared less because the girl throwing it was a real sore ass, but anyways.. 

    She sighed and finally backed off, keeping her eyes on him still, not about to underestimate him when he was a stranger.. a stranger with a name now- Sol- but a stranger nonetheless. 

    "That thing is Vaughn and you entered his turf. He's very protective about his home and.. " Us she would say, but instead trailed off and folded her arms, " You're lucky I saw you before he'd gotten you. He's not one to kill often, but the wolf gets opportunities.. almost like tonight. " She teased this time and tilted her head.

    " So do you usually go for walks in the woods at night? Or were you here for the library because we have our hours posted on the door.."

  • No, the beast had no mind for such things as negotiations, only to deal with the threat once and for all and just as Solomon turned and ran for the library, the beast lunged, both beast and man within terrified of a stranger heading for his home. Of course, Solomon had only the slightest bought time by tossing his sketchbook which caught the beast on the forehead causing it to shake it's head and let out a deep growl before he had gone after tha vampire. It only took a few leaps to reach the vampire, but that's when something happened..

    Sharp teeth gnashed together ready to tear Solomon apart but just before the wolf had it's chance, a younger woman appeared in front of Solomon, grabbed onto his arm and then they both disappeared--

    --To reappear somewhere within a wide room, surrounded by shelves of books, the space dark and quiet, only lit by a fireplace nearby. The girl, short and dark eyed, glared at Solomon before a dagger was placed against his neck as he was backed up into a shelf behind him.  Previously, she'd been heating up some leftovers when she heard the commotion outside. Coming to the kitchen window to look outside and see the rather large wolf and man facing off, she'd cursed to herself, wondering who this man was and why he was out there during one of Vaughn's "runs". She couldn't know if he were innocent, which is why the moment they were safe from the beast, she now had the dagger up against his throat, staring him down.

    Outside, the beast's howl could be heard before silence fell back once more. Then, the girl spoke,

    " Who are you? What were you doing out there? 

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My dog had to go to the emergency vet yesterday for ongoing symptoms of heat stroke and I've been having to watch him like a hawk today to make sure he doesn't need to go back.
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