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So I am sure many of you probably already figured it out but I am no longer going to be rping on any of my accounts on here (other than Riko Tokemi which is for my My Hero Academia OC). I just have no inspiration to try and dedicate myself to these muses on my accounts and I am sorry that you all were left without any notice for so long. I tried really hard to try and get myself back into the groove but being in EMT school and gearing myself towards my future and family has taken priority over these accounts and my roleplays. I'll keep these pages up if people want to chat OOC or whatever but I no longer will be RPing with anyone with ANY of my characters on my Deirdre Lafayette account, Nadiya Franks account, or this Multi-Character account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Tessa (formerly known as Story)



Deirdre Banessa. Layfatte


September 4, 723 A.D.


1,294 years


Half Dragon/ Half Human Sorceress


Rose Lumiera, Clara Wright, Azalie Krylo

Hair Color:

Raven Black

Eye Color:

Pale Green


Vatican (during 15th and early 20th century), Merlin (as his apprentice), Tessa Albright (as her mentor)

Relationship Status:

Single (Once married to Vlad Tepes aka Dracula)

Sexual Orientation:



Deirdre has mostly grown up mostly paranoid about when her illness would kill her as she was mostly led to think she would not have lived past the age of 15 years old. Mostly alone as a child until she had found Merlin in the oak tree he was imprisoned in by the sorceress Vivian, Deirdre kept quiet and to herself since she was mostly isolated away from the people in fear she would spread her illness to others and cause them to die. She was taught to stay away from people and hide herself. However, she opened up more when she had ran away from home one morning and found the oak tree Merlin was imprisoned in, talking to him while he was stuck and seemed to open herself and act like a child before she found a way to release him from his wooden prison and rightfully become his apprentice. When Deirdre became his apprentice, she began shining like a bright star as she was shown to be a rather talented and intelligent girl. She would be taught anything he knew and would hold his teachings close to her heart.

When Morgana had attacked Merlin and bested him, Deirdre would use his spell of immortality to keep herself alive by quick wits and take his ring to go find the next person who would be the right apprentice to learn Merlin's teachings. As she travels around for centuries, she shows more of her kind and compassionate tendencies more until someone slams them down rather harshly, causing her to close up once again. She is quite a soft-hearted person, and has no problems defending those who are truly innocent. However, she does not mind dishing out some nastiness if justified. If one is harming someone else, she simply reflects it back to the attacker.

When in a conflict, she tries to take a quieter and peaceful approach if she can, yet when she cannot, she will be more than happy to put someone in their place and put the fear of God into their hearts. While she does not normally seem intimidating, she does have times where she can.

Mostly, Deirdre is a very motherly and elegant person. She reflects the classier folk of numerous eras with humility and grace. However, that may also be because of her illness that she had to remain humble. Yet she does has trouble with her paranoia and depression. While she is physically attacked with illnesses that cannot be cured easily, her mind also has suffered trauma from her history from Merlin, to the Vatican and so on.


Deirdre was born to Nathaniel Lafayette and Medina of Cairo. Her father was a foreign prince who was cursed to be a dragon after a prophecy from his homeworld, and Medina a prophetess and advisor to Cleopatra before her fall. While time had ravaged her parents, a small period of stability came for her older sister Solfeige and herself to be brought into the world with a stable family for at least fifteen years. During Deirdre's first fifteen years of life, she was mostly bedridden and ill of didease later known to be tuberculosis. predicted that she would die around 15 years old, Deirdre was usually not allowed to go outside or see other people except for her family due to fears that she would spread illness to them.

Yet her older sister would grow strong and healthy and become known as King Arthur of Camelot. Deirdre however would get a chance to flee from her home for a small while after her mother disappeared and in her grief came to an oak tree that the powerful sorcerer Merlin was trapped in. She opened up to Merlin about her woes and he about his before Deirdre had mustered her magic to free Merlin from the oak tree that the sorceress Vivian entrapped him in, becoming his apprentice and traning with him until her adulthood when she would officially be recognized as the, "Sorceress of Auras".

When Morgana would attack Merlin, Deirdre, and two other of his appretnices, he would be bested by her while the two apprentices fled and Deirdre would recieve his ring to find the next worthy apprentice of Merlin's teachings. She would take his spell book and quickly use her wits to distract Morgana and perform an immortality spell on herself before fleeing with the ring and book. She wandered through centuries trying to find a worthy apprentice until she would be called by the Vatican to hunt mosnters for them or risk others being put in danger around the 1400s to early 1900s.

Deirdre complied and seemed to slowly care less about herself and her health as no apprentices had been found. Some candidates came and went, but most died in rather cruel ways that Deirdre could not help. So she would slay monster after monster until a mission in Transylvania would make her run into Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula.

She would identify him to be a vampire and not try to kill him simply because at the time, nothing was against him. He was a man she found to be charming, intelligent and understanding of her opinions and mindsets and for once she felt at least to be around another person again. When she would leave, she could only hope to meet that man again under peaceful terms. However, her hopes were crushed when she kept hearing her leaders shout in anger that this Dracula had caused damning acts against God and how he needed to be dealt with, sending her to Transylvania again to confront him.

Each time they sent her, she would somehow find a way to not harm him during their fights and make excuses for centuries until the early 1900s. The Vatican now had caught wind of Deirdre's antics and gave her an ultimatum to go kill the vampire herself, or the Vatican would find a way to do it. Though not in the best of health at the time, Deirdre chose to go and put one final effort in before she would harm herself instead of trying to hurt him. It was something she would rather do than injure the person she had grown to love and care for.

When faltering between life and death, she had been saved and tended to by the vampire who had become confused by her actions, but could not help but reciprocate her feelings. This led the two to hold a long and careful marriage including a son that would be born until Dracula had been killed later on after their son would reach adulthood. Deirdre would leave Transylvania in grief and some would say she had returned what was done to her family to the Vatican before going into hiding until the modern era would come about.

Now she teaches as a history professor at Oxford University in England as well as her magics on the side to local witches needing guidance. She keeps to herself but combats her ailments and grief throughout the years. Her greatest adventure now lies in a young girl proven to be the Prime Merlinian- Merlin's successor.


[Also wish to mention that I do have a Harry Potter based AU where Deirdre teaches at Hogwarts as a Professor. Her course would be "Magic Throughout History" aka the History of Magic. :D If anyone is interested in that, feel free to let me know.]

Headcanons   .   Relatives

(Side note: Any history of Deirdre and Dracula was done through my old RPs I had and made them canon. This version of Dracula and son aka Alucard is from the Catlevania version. If there are Dracula RPers who somehow find my account and befriend me and do not feel comfortable with the history I had made for Deirdre, I can definitely pretend it does not exist. She will simply mention and old husband and son from centuries ago that happened to be vampires.)


April 10

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Character Age

1,293 years.

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

(FC: is Bridget Regan) Deirdre is a softer appearing woman with paler green eyes, dark hair, and paler skin due to her ailments. She stand about 5'8" and seems to be slightly smaller than what she should be. She is slim, and slightly toned. Clearly not one for physical activities but can perform them.

Character Inventory

Some money, an emerald and silver dragon ring she holds on her person everywhere, a golden star necklace, and a small book of unknown origins.

Character Abilites

Deirdre's magic lies within auras and using the life around her to try and conduct her magic around to aid her. She does not take from the lives of other creatures but exchanges energy around. However, she does have other magics she can use like teleportation, summoning, transformations and more.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • Well, to be honest I should have stayed in touch with you, but duty called back here in Gotham, and I apologize for that.  But what have you been up to, I mean you look totally gorgeous and what brings you to my city?

    *When he said that last sentence he also heard the song begin to play, and he figured what the hell does he have to lose*

    Care to dance?  I am sure you remember those nights when we used to dance all night long.  And I promise not to step on your toes. 

    *He proffers her his hand and then smiles*  Making speeches comes naturally to me, and don’t sell yourself short, you can lay down a good speech yourself…  Shall we?

  • /Hello, I apologize for having been quiet for awhile... Could we plot anew please?\

  • ((Thats the same look I give 90% of the guests I deal with at the hotel.))


    "One snake person or many, it doesn't matter. From what I've seen and what little you have told me, we don't want any of them here." Ari replied while he too would move out of the way from time to time. He would cast a sly smirk toward a group of three younger men who were whispering to each other as they kept their eyes on Deirdre and Ari.

    "Don't worry about that." Ari pushed aside a long curtain of beads that acted as sort of a door to a room. "Lapis grows much of her food here on the grounds. Between that and what we buy from the market, there is plenty to go around." The room they stepped into was elegant in a macabre way. Statues and carvings of the deities Set and Anubis were placed all over. The legs of the bed were carved in the likeness of sitting jackals. The room was sort of a giant altar to the two Egyptian gods.

    "I hope it is to your liking." Was he being a little sarcastic or was that just how Ari was? Who could tell. Probably a little bit of both. 

  • ฯ * Unable to help her gasp she did end up gasping in delighted surprise when Deirdre didn't get up and leave but took a seat on the floor, smiling happily for a second then she suddenly stood and waved at the bed to let her have a seat on the bed and she would take a seat on the floor. * ฯ "Here.. H-H-Here, you can sit here.. Its more comfortable than the floor, I can take the floor, I-I'm going to get a chair to add in here then.. And um... Thank you for staying.."

    ฯ * Blushing she stood and moved to take a seat on the floor, folding her legs she giggles then as her Malinois crawls to lay on her lap, petting him she leans to kiss his head and pets him. Looking to Deirdre she nods her head excited * ฯ "Oh I love to read.. Oh yes please, could you read one to me? No one ever read to me before.."

  • "I-I-Is it...?" ฯ * Whispers with barely a stutter as she inhales the lavender once again, really liking the scent of it, finally coming back to herself she offers the locket type necklace back to Deirdre with a shy smile. Frowning she steps back and takes a seat, watching Deirdre in silence as she thinks on her words, shaking her head she shrugs * ฯ "No.. No you don't have to go if you don't want too. It's still cold out there...."

    ฯ * For once she was actually loathe to say a goodbye, not wanting Deirdre to leave quite yet but she said nothing more, and she wouldn't, as she also prepared herself and almost expected the other woman to actually depart. * ฯ

  • ฯ * Listening Cali stiffens and jerks her head up sharply to eye Deirdre as she held her breath for a minute, wondering and almost suspecting if she knew or not, frowning she looks down to her lap again finding nothing in her words. If she did know she wasn't letting on. Shaking her head she sighs and rubs at her forehead, starting to think about it, it wasn't just that she chose to live like this. The better to hide. She was okay, she had Bane she wasn't alone. * ฯ "I-I'll think about it..."


    ฯ * Looking up to her again Cali frowns, lavender? What was that? She had never smelled that before. * ฯ "What is it? I have never smelled it before."

    ฯ * reaching a shaking hand she takes the locket like necklace from her to inhale delicately, smiling at the scent. * ฯ "I like it..."

  • 1119660951?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • *As he was making his way to the bar, out of the corner of his eye he got a glimpse of a woman, and there was something very familiar with her, and as he got closer, he realized who she was, it was Dierdre Lafayette, a woman he was with years ago, and never thought in a million years that he would ever see her again, especially not here in Gotham*

    Mr Wayne?  I thought we knew each other better than that Dierdre.  How are you?  *Without asking he just walked over to her and gave her a hug and kissed her cheek.*  How long has it been?  Five, Ten years?


    So I feel super duper bad for having to make an announcement like this but honestly I am getting super duper burnt out on RPs. 90% of the RPs I have or am trying to plot just feel like business deals to me and I physically, mentally, and emotionally am just pretty dead with my real life stuff (such as my fibromyalgia and mental health being dumb). So I am not taking a hiatus but I will definitely be taking longer to respond to stuff and most likely I'll be online about 1-2 days a week if possible to respond and then I will hope and pray that no one bites my head off for not being online or responding readily to RPs more than that. I can respond to OOC stuff pretty easily so that won't be too bad but if you do have an issue with this, feel free to unfriend me and let me know that you don't want to RP. I'm a-okay with it and I know someone out there probably will not be too happy with this announcement but I need to do this for my own sake.

    This isn't about whether or not I have too many threads or whether I can keep up or not, it's more of that I just am tired of feeling like something I find fun and enjoyable is turning into some kind of business ordeal instead of being fun. I feel like this is turning into another job versus a hobby and that's not okay with me. I'ev got a lot going on just like everyone else so I am hoping you all understand. Thanks so much and thank you for understanding if you do (or at least reading this).


  • ฯ * Nodding her head a little she steps back from the Malinois, walking over to the small mini fridge she kneels down and grabs the last of the cold water bottles within, rising she turns and steps closer to Deirdre before offering the bottle of water to her. Stepping past her then she moves over to the heater/air conditioner unit and studies it for a moment before turning up the heat a little, at first not really understanding it then she hopefully got it. Not really caring on what temperature it was she hardly touched it before, turning she watches as Deirdre pets the Malinois. * ฯ "I-I-I-I only have the water, I hope t-t-t-that was okay. I turned up the heat a little, it was a little chilly in here, I hope its far enough up for you.."

    ฯ * Stepping back she sits on the bed and folds her legs in front of her, light blues lightly watching her Malinois and Deirdre interact, watching the Malinois body language for any signs. * ฯ "W-W-W-Where is the shelter? I'm fine with just Bane... Most places w-w-w-w-won't take dogs, I won't leave him."

    ฯ * unable to really help it her soft stutter returned, clearing her throat a little she took a few deep breaths to try and calm her nervousness, lowering her light blues to look at her lap. * ฯ

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