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Character Appearance

Her appearance changes from the cycle of day to night. In the day she is radiant and beautiful with dark skin and gorgeous flowing white hair. And as the night comes by marks and symbols in her body glow a neon spark of purple that travels through her body and hair, her eyes bright purple. She has huge wings and deer antlers decorated with fair lights hanging off them gently.

Character Personality

Very mature, understanding, motherly, bitter, extremely jealous

Character Likes

Sun Long walks in the meadows Occupying the orphans

Character Dislikes

Night Mortals Violence

Character History/Story

Spasimata became a reject to her family after she was seduced by the gods. Her powers of beauty and purity turned into lust and impurity when the night is present.

Character Inventory

Typically carries a bow and arrow Fruits and crystals

Character Abilites

She can reverse time and drain colours out of life

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Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure

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My name is April, and I love writing. Role playing is like a personal espcape

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