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July 10

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Spring has a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it's because she is so disarmingly unaware of her prettiness. Her figure is delicate: she's shorter than average but certainly larger than a catwalk model. She has soft curves, with hips that flair out deliciously and are accentuated by perky but not to largely endowed breasts. Her pillowy body is doted by a sweet face. Her most striking feature are her eyes. Doe eyes framed by thick lashes, are an emerald green that speak of a beautiful soul and her movements tell of a need for nurture. A tumble of chocolate curls structures her face. The color is just a shade nicer than the mahogany of old age, streaked with tender reddish hues and butterscotch. It gives her some warmth, complementing her pale face rather than making her look washed-out. However her facial features are slightly flattened face with rounded cheeks and plump lips that form an almost permanent pout. The girl has a small button nose. The bridge is so low-profile as to be barely there at all; decorated by spewing freckles.

Character Personality

Spring has never been a social butterfly. She struggles with insecurity and anxiety due to her isolation in being the sole heiress to her father's fortune. Leaving her utterly helpless in most situations. Her emotions are not easily hidden on her innocent face. Yet despite her lack of ability in communications, she's sweetly naive in addition to oblivious. Allowing almost anyone who can get past her father a chance to take advantage of her.

Character Likes

Because of her father's busy schedule in running his company, Spring was raised in a rather lonely setting. Thus it's natural for her to prefer quietness. Which cultivated her hobbies in reading, drawing, and gardening. She loves the prettiness and stillness of flowers and hates the buzz and movement of a city. Nevertheless being tucked away allows her that satisfaction and with the company of her sole friend Mr.Pumpkin a tabby cat- she doesn't ask for much else.

Character History/Story

Born with a silver spoon in hand, Spring has never known what it is like to worry in her life. Yet that does not mean she lounges in perfection. As the sole heiress to her father's fortune, she's been isolated. Afterall Daddy wants to keep his precious girl safe. But because of his work, he's often kept away leaving his little girl desperate for affection just simply not the attention of the media and so on.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello, this is a small snippet to get to know me better. I thoroughly enjoy creative writing and the outlet of roleplay. I'm an avid writer and in terms of style, my preferred narrative is the third person. I tend to mirror my partner's length of work. But need for them to have at least a few paragraphs in order for my enjoyment. For my characters I love playing obsequious females, who occasionally push buttons. But, it depends on the plot whether or not I add adaptions or switch characters, as I like developed characters that come to play through plot advancements. Despite my feign of innocence, I love darker plots and anything along those lines. But that's it for now!

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