Porschen was synthetically conceived in a space station known as Nova Vita   orbiting planet Earth as part of an attempt of having humans coexisting with alien species in the most remote sections of the universe. Immediately after her birth, she was relocated in a different, distant space station dedicated to the enablement of alien adoption. She was promptly adopted by two, peculiar, intellectual aliens going by the name of P and I. The aliens were of the species of Iratu, an advanced race with a preference for the accumulation of knowledge.

Together, they raised the child on their home planet, Untae, 1,000,000 light years away from Earth, where they provided her with shelter, amusement and a plentiful amount of education. For the most part, as a child, Porschen, there named Ishka, played along until the age of eight, where she finally began to realize how different she was from her adoptive parents. Having learned their language, Tenah, she was also given the gift of understanding every other, spoken language just as long as she gawked into the eyes of the other speaker whilst speaking.

 One day, on her 16th birthday, she wandered off into the planet’s main market, Rou, locate in the extravagant, gigantic capital of the planet. There, intending to buy herself a book her parents had ordered her to buy as a present for herself, she met a man, human like her, going by the name of Wikon. The man, aged twenty-one, was rugged, tall, aggressive, but also very handsome. Porschen was instantly enamored by his sense of pride and freedom, which provoked the initiation of a conversation between the two. Noticing the naivety in the young girl, W took advantage of her and offered her a way out of the planet so that she could explore the universe. She, inevitably, agreed, swept right away by the man and thrown into his spacecraft. They vanished before her parents even realized. Truth be told, the young woman was unfazed by it. Little did she know, she was in a for a nightmare of a ride.

            In the coming months, she was nothing but a sex toy for the man. She was forcefully addicted to the usage of drugs and was also taught all sort of engineering and mechanical skills.

            In due time, at the age of twenty-one, she rebelled against W and killed him in his sleep, dumping him into the vacuum of space, reclaiming his ship as her own, and setting sail for the nearest planet, neighbor of Earth, Terra. There, with the amount of money obtained from W, she bought a workshop, sold the spacecraft, kept a smaller vessel stowed in the main spacecraft she had sold, and established herself as a businesswoman. If W had taught her one thing, it was to meddle with machinery of all kind with expertise.

            Yet, her story of tragedy would not end there. At the age of twenty-two, whilst working on a hovercraft, she suffered an accident that resulted in the loss of her right leg and her left hand. Amputated now, she invested in a robotic leg and hand that would mimic the sensations of her real one, without exactly terminating the phantasm of it, however.



Pi Nakamura-Saito - Porschen.

 25 Anno

 2356 Anno Domini


Pi is quite the formidable woman.  She is 5'7" and, due to her physical requirements, her body is generally toned. As opposed to the depiction on the left, she has short, obscure hair that ends just above her shoulders. Her eyes are neon-green thanks to the presence of synthetic, bio-ware that was installed into them. Her skin, for the most part, is flawless, nearly pale, but filled with a faint taint of cream to illustrate that she does not seem as cold as one would think. Whilst curvaceous, she doesn't find herself to be too attractive for many. She bears at a tattoo of a serpent on her left thigh. As it is already known, her left hand is completely made of metal and her right leg as well.





It was the only good thing to come out of that poisonous relationship: the skills of a mechanic and an engineer. She was strictly instructed and taught how to manage machinery with the sole purpose of aiding Wikon, not herself. Yet, whether he intended it as such or not, she acquired a great talent to live at her pace without sacrificing her independence. Wikon taught her how to repair, how to maintain, how to install, how to deconstruct, how to reconstruct, how to tweak, tune and even improve upon machinery of all types, ranging from motorcycles, hovercraft, spaceships and any other apparatus with a turbine, engine or reactor, if the price was just right. At her shop, ライトニングライトメカニクス (Lightning Light Mechanics), in Terra, she serves any who come for her survival and for her addictions.



         Ever since she met Wikon, she had no idea of the world of pain that would welcome her with open arms. Inevitably, she fell into that pit of vice, unknown to the many, yet complacently accepted by others. Out in space, where no boundary is set amidst the craft of artistic drugs, she was surrounded by every and any source of perdition. Wikon first introduced her to the virulent drug known as Escapada, Spanish for an escaped woman, which, when consumed, purged the mind of women and increased their senses to a high degree. It, in a way, freed their mentalities and allowed them to explore its vast nadirs without restriction, provoking a sort of zombie-esk effect on the individual. It gives an incredible high, but at the cost of a severe post-consumption aggression and violent tendencies.

       Wikon supplemented Pi with his drug almost every day after the effect wore off, injecting it into her veins, having her sniff it off of counter or by having her swallow a pill. In the end, it was all to fragment her mind and turn her into this obedient, ignorant female that would act as he requested. Soon after his death, Pi tried to overcome this addiction of hers by consuming cigarettes or a lesser drug known as Nashi (無し), standing for sin in Japanese. This drug did nothing more than increase her tolerance for pain and augment any sensation of pleasure she received either individually or with women and men alike in the act of sex. Pi tried, and still tries, her best at resisting the vile urge, ... but the scars are too much to bear with, at times.











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  •                Chelsea arrives by taxi a few hours later as she hasn’t bothered looking for a car in the last two weeks she’s been here. This city is still very much new to her, but she has a more pressing matter to attend to right now instead of exploring her surroundings. Once she is out of the car and in front of this shop, she takes a moment to pause and consider her plans. Obviously her preferred plan is that she can buy whatever she needs on the governments dime, and this shop would be willing to sell whatever she needs. Her second plan, one she was hoping she wouldn’t have to do, is stealing what she needs. She may a part of the government, but she will do anything she needs to in order to get Atlas fully functional once more. She has done a lot for this robot for reasons unknown to anyone. Well, anyone that’s a live right now. The one man who did know has long passed away.

                   She straightens herself up and takes a deep breath. This will be easy. It couldn’t be anything more complicated than fighting a god. She walks up to the door, and walks herself in if there are no locks that she was to get by. Once in view Chels could be seen with her black hair down to her shoulders. This time she did get herself ready as she was out in public now. Her face had makeup applied beautifully to highlight her features. She’s dressed nicely for the winter with her knee high black boots, blue skinny jeans, a black coat with a white sweater underneath, and a black scarf. She doesn’t carry a purse, but she does have a blue tinted metal ball in her left hand. She scans her surroundings with her light brown eyes to find someone who may help her with her requests.

                   She gets distracted as she begins to notice all of the tech around her. Cybernetic limbs have always been interesting to her. If there ever came a time where she lost limbs she wonders if she would actually be saddened about it. She would have endless fun trying to make as many modifications to said limbs. Of course that would be when she’s not playing on Atlas as well. Or even her set of Warlord armor. Honestly, she has plenty of things to keep her mind occupied at home, but this isn’t like before when people would just bring her whatever she needed.

                   Hopefully at this point someone would have come and gotten her mind back on track. If not, she would snap herself out of her thought and begin her search for someone again. “Hello? My name is Chelsea, and I’m here about the right arm… Would you have anything for a fifteen foot robot?” It was a long shot in her experience, but maybe she actually managed to find somewhere that was as passionate about tech and cybernetics as she was.

  • "Honestly, I'm not supposed to be here..."

    7:48 PM

    New York City, New York


                   Chelsea really hates not getting what she wants when it comes to her creations. Something about being denied the ability to craft and design just sends her over the edge and forces her to start acting out. Right now would be a perfect example as she’s screaming at her phone in front of a coffee shop named No Sono Café. She figures this was a pretty safe location these days as it’s starting to become known who owns this bar, and she also assumes Mai has this place being monitored. At least for right now Chelsea doesn’t want random interruptions while she’s on her phone trying to bend Mai’s arm backwards for parts. She’s sitting outside with her phone in hand and her laptop out on the table in front of her. She does not appear to be happy in the slightest with her position.

    “You’re the one that blew it up! Shouldn’t you be the one that pays for the repairs?!” She screams into her cellular device before bringing it back to her ear. “The entire right arm is missing! Do you know how much time that would take to repair?! Not to mention all of the pieces I need!” Chelsea was not having with whoever was on the other side of that phone. She wanted something to be fixed, and she wanted it fixed last week. “Mai, with all due respect, you’re an asshole!” And with that final statement she tries to aggressively tap the red button to hang up her call. Once the call is over she puts her phone into her pocket and leans over on her table while she runs her hands through her hair.

                   “How the hell does anyone find robotic pieces in this damn city?” She whispers to herself under her breath as she tries to rack her mind over where she might be able to scrap enough pieces to re-attach the arm to Atlas. Anything she does find will most likely be in the black market, and it will probably all be stolen. It’s not like she’s going to pay for it out of her own pocket as well. She would have to find a way to either sneak pieces out slowly without being noticed, or just make one huge heist. She’s getting a head of herself however. Her first step would be finding somewhere that would have these kind of robotic parts.

                   Wait, she’s part of the FBI now. Not willingly of course, but maybe this new job title will have some benefits after all. All she would have to do is find an ongoing investigation on some illegal robotic sells, or if she can’t find that she could look into the weapons and armor markets. She might be able to scrap some materials out of those. She’d need a ton of weapons and armors to get what she wants, so hopefully she can find robotic scraps that will be more useful to her. She wouldn’t know what she’s working with until she’s there however.

     She pulls her computer up and begins to click away as she starts accessing FBI records. It may seem foolish of her to be opening what is considered sensitive information out in public, but she’s involved with a group that she’s sure would have her back if anything happened. Even if no one really wanted to be there. She continues to tap away until she finds what she needs. As time goes on she finds a group that sells parts for advanced cybernetics in armors and weapons. It’s small, but maybe she can get somewhere bigger with this. Find out where they get their stuff and keep climbing up the ladder until something big comes up. She stands up finally from her chair and begins to gather everything she had laid out in front of her.

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