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I'll be using this account for multiple characters; Sybil's just the one I was thinking of when creating this account. Flexible to play males. This is an LGBTQ+ friendly account. Some OCs are posted below, but I can make new ones if given a plot!

the cast.

3650879216?profile=RESIZE_710x☾ the witch.  Sybil Wilhem
A new immortal from the 19th century moving every decade to avoid suspicion. Goes to where there's war or turmoil and tries to save as many people as she can. 

A solitary individual, well-mannered but assertive. A pacifist that tries to avoid violence, but will act for self-defense. An old soul yearning for times passed.  Talented in healing and herbology. 

Using hand and body gestures, Sybil is able to use her aura as an extension of herself. She can manipulate it to lift and throw objects, or solidify to create a defensive barrier. She is sensitive to receiving prophecies, although can't understand them sometimes. 

the rider. Priam Quinn
Started as a stable boy, promoted to the cavalry after taming a wild wyvern and fought in the war.  After it ended, he became a cartographer, exploring new lands in hopes of finding one hospitable enough for the people that lost their homes. An unlucky encounter caused him to fuse with his wyvern.  He can shift between wyvern and human, but the mind of his mount is always with him and controls can be switched at any given time. 

Eager to impress others due to his low self-esteem. Workaholic with seemingly boundless energy. Enjoys playful banters.  

Ability to manipulate winds and call storms.

3547532639?profile=RESIZE_710x the succubus. Lysistrata Eris
An unusual type of succubus that feeds off emotions. Has none of her own, so she steals others' to fill the emptiness inside her. Frequents parties and clubs to find prey with high-energy. 

Envious and manipulative. An expert liar that lives for herself. Easily changes her behavior to match a scenario, call it acting.

Deadly with knives and poisons. An empathic. Steals emotions, but can project them to others. Has its uses in persuasion. Secondary skill of pyschometry, where she can sense emotional residue of a person or object through touch. Though if she's in a place with strong residue, she'll feel it too. 

3550624116?profile=RESIZE_710x𝔰 the serpent. Cedric Sinclair
A fallen angel with little memory of what he did to betray heaven.  Dewinged as part of his punishment, with the curse of having searing pain if he comes into contact with people or things that are holy. Drinks to dull his pain. 

Unrealiable and tempermental. At odds with himself. Puts up a farce of being mean so others leave him alone, but he's really quite lonely. 

Shadow manipulation: Can call darkness to an area or create shadow minions to do his bidding. Can use shadows as an extension of himself, like grabbing things. Usually has a snake tattoo coiled on his arm made out of the darkness. 

3651923149?profile=RESIZE_710xthe survivor. Cordelia Wakefield
Southern belle meets the apocalypse. Her farm/ranch upbringing prepared her for the end of the world as best it could, and she had her father to thank for teaching her how to hunt--skills that translated themselves nicely when it came to survival. 

"She's a whiskey in a teacup," as others liked to say. Her demure apperance often shocked people when they found out she was anything but. Strongwilled and hardened by loss, but she manages to keep a hopeful outlook. Adaptable, unflinching, and sensitive.   

After losing her father to an illness that went untreated, Cordelia left the stronghold on the farm to try and rebuild humanity. 


All characters can be editted accordingly to fit a plot, such changing their
species, gender, backstory, abilities, etc, upon discussion.

FCs in Order:
Nastya Kusakina, Daniel Hamaj, Marine Deleeuw, Lucky Blue Smith, Alexina Graham


Additional Character Content

Vanitas & Sybil - reply in progress
RUDOLF & Lysistrata - inboxed
Apollonius Grimm & Sybil - starter posted
THECOMBATIR & Cordelia - reply in progress
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one-liners, paragraph, multi-paragraph.
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  • [Thank you. He is a work in progress. ^^]

  • That is perfectly fine..what did you have in mind ?

  • Sybil's reassurance fell on deaf ears as her words were met with a glare from Vanitas. It wasn't the first time the so-called justice system had failed him, and with how his life has turned out so far it would not be the last. Not wanting to talk further, he remained silent until Yvette came to take him away – surprisingly without an ounce of resistance. As the officer was escorting him to his cell, other inmates attempted to arouse a reaction out of their newest fellow jailbird: shaking the bars of their cells with their hands while referring to Vanitas as 'fresh meat'. Their attempts, however, only caused him to lower his head – knowing that he could easily silence them all if it wasn't for his limiter. Along the way, he noticed that some also wore limiters while others appeared to lack one.

    Two male officers were there to assist Yvette with placing Vanitas inside his cell and uncuffing his hands, not wanting to take any chances, but again there was no struggle. After locking the cell door, one of the officers asked if Vanitas wanted anything to eat as well giving him one last chance to make a phone call: both offers were answered with another glare before turning away from them. "Suit yourself, kid." The other male officer said before walking away. Minutes later, his ears picked up on an annoying yet familiar voice – Romus. While he couldn't see the blonde, it was very difficult to not hear his pleads to the guards taking him to his own cell.

    "I've told you buffoons before that I was attacked! Look at what that bastard did to my face!" Romus yelled as the inmates gave him the same 'welcoming' treatment, causing the boy to almost trip over his feet as the officers unsympathetically continued to walk him down the hall. "Unhand me this instant! Or I'll...I-I'll sue! I--" Quickly, one officer uncuffed Romus before lightly flinging him into his cell and locking the door. In response, he fell onto his knees. "We'll be back for you in the morning. Just try to keep quiet until then." One of the officer said before both walked away. Romus could only grit his teeth in frustration, before a few tears reluctantly escaped from his eyes.

    Fifteen minutes later, around 10:20pm, most of the jail's cell lights shut off – a signal for the inmates that most of the officers had left for the night. Most did their usual preparations before going to sleep, while some stayed up to either read or workout in the dim lights. The dimness caused Romus to flinch while doing his best to fall asleep in a fetal position; Vanitas on the other hand decided to stay up. His mind wondering what would come of the situation...would they actually let him go in the morning, or were those words nothing more than a façade? If it was a lie, then he wouldn't allow himself to rot behind brick walls. So for the next few hours he sat quietly in his cell: practicing how to manipulate the shadows around him. It wasn't as if he was a novice to controlling the darkness, but it proved to be tricky to harness with his limiter. He could still propel the shadows, but creating a portal – even a small one, seemed to cause his limiter to react. At first the unwanted accessory applied pressure to his wrist, before sending painful jolts throughout his entire arm. Vanitas would grunt slightly from the pain, but eventually...he was able to create portals again. Soft snaps from his fingers caused multiple vortexes to appear before he commanded all of them to vanish with a final snap. His little accomplishment caused a devious smile to spread across his lips – Vanitas would continue playing nice, but now if he needed it, there was a way out: one that he could control.

    All of the efforts used to try to bypass his limiter, however, left Vanitas's wrist sore and red. Though it failed to matter much as he laid on his back, now attempting to get some rest. Everything finally seemed to die down: everyone either being asleep or silently keeping to themselves. However, unbeknownst to anyone, something more sinister was beginning to take place. Vanitas's limiter abruptly started to tighten around his wrist before glowing a very ominous red. His body shivered as his eyebrows furrowed, his mind raced with seemingly a thousand different thoughts all at once before he quickly sat up. In response, several Floods and Hareraisers escaped from their master's body, glancing up to see him giving a narrowed blank stare at the ground, as if he were in a trance. Without a word Vanitas staggered until he was standing up; the darkness surrounding him to form his black and red armor: minus his helmet. The more he walked, the more Unversed flowed out of him – this time turning into Bruisers and Iron Prisoners.

    For a moment Vanitas slowly faded into the shadows, only to reappear once he was out of his cell. Again he staggered slightly as he walked to his left – towards the cell that held Romus. The cameras that were within the cell hall would capture the male's odd movements, along with the creatures that willingly followed behind him. By this time Romus was asleep in his cell until the sound of his cell door opening swiftly awoke him. Was it morning already? He thought, until his emerald eyes saw Vanitas standing motionless in the dark, his golden eyes almost glowing, as a key-like blade could be seen in his right hand.

    The eerie sight surprised Romus, his heart thumping as he uttered a fearful laugh – thinking that his rival wanted another round with him. "...the fuck is with that getup? And how the hell did you even open the cell? Is it because of that big boy key you're holding? Hah." When Vanitas failed to respond, it caused a strange shiver to travel up his spine. Little did he know the horror that was awaiting him. "S-so, you here for another round? Look, I...I didn't mean for my boys and I to jump you. I-It's all an image y-you see? All I wanted was protection and to look like I was a big shot, to be somebody more than I was back home. I didn't actually mean anything by what I did." His truth mixed with lies once again failed to get a reaction from Vanitas; but just as Romus was about to speak again...the Unversed behind him started to laugh. One by one, the odd creatures emitted sounds of amusement – though a Hellraiser that stood next to its master...seemed as if it was crying: perhaps mimicking how its creator felt? Romus started fearfully at the upset creature, but just as his words left, his actions were halted. It all happened too quickly for the blonde.. Looking down with widened eyes, Romus saw that his chest had been penetrated by the very weapon he taunted earlier, before gazing up at Vanitas – who had the same blank icy stare. Crimson blood oozed onto the floor, and splattering on the walls when the blade was pulled from his chest. His final screams filled the corridor as Vanitas ruthlessly stabbed Romus over and over again, slashing at every last inch of his form until the boy laid lifeless on the bed. The lone Hellrasier still crying while the remaining Unversed continued laughing – then at once, all was silent again.

    By this time, however, Vanitas was not the only one under a daze. Other inmates who also had limiters too began acting abnormal: some attempting to use their abilities against one another while others banged against the doors of their cells in an attempt to break free; humans and supernaturals alike all screaming and shouting in response to the chaos. One of the supernatural's electrical powers suddenly caused the cameras to get static-like, making the image of Vanitas and his Unversed nearly unseeable as they walked through the screaming madness. His helmet now covering his face as the blood of his victim dripped from his keyblade.

    The image of the camera would fade in and out as Vanitas walked into another section of the jail, before a loud thud halted his movements. A turnaround revealed the chef of police standing before him, armed with a gun before commanding the younger male to drop his weapon, getting a horrid glimpse at what was recently committed. Even under their trance, the Unversed stood between their master's opposition to protect him – hissing warningly at Alteron. Another loud command was issued, only to be met with Vanitas charging directly towards the centaur – the last image that the cameras would capture. The only thing that followed were the sound of gunshots before a loud horrid scream echoed from the camera. It would be Alteron's final stand: parts of his body were burnt to a crisp and slashed up similarly to Romus.

    Then, once more, there was nothing but silence.

    The next morning Vanitas awoke within his cell, groggy and completely out of it. His entire body felt sore and his head pounding from forgotten events. Golden eyes glazed around his cell, before standing up, noticing that guards were roughly taking prisoners out of their cells in handcuffs. The view baffled the male, being unaware of what took place just hours prior – Vanitas would however get a sudden hint when he felt his hands were...somewhat damp. When he looked down, his eyes widened with horror: his hands were stained with blood - Romus's. The sight actually startled him enough to where he backed up against the cell wall, before falling on his bed in a seated position, now seeing a trail of blood from where he was and out from his cell door. "What the hell?" Vanitas mumbled to himself in a panic, making sure that the blood wasn't his own as he attempted to wipe it off. Little did he know, he was now in more unimaginable situation.

  • Your welcome. I'd love to play if you are interested and like my char as well

  • Walker had placed on his hoodie before sitting on the cave floor near the fire across from where Cordelia sat, placing on his jacket overtop they both sat for a moment taking in the wamrth of the fire while he gave Cordelia time to process everything he's told her about himself. Soon her soft southern drawl took over the silence of the cave around them, Helvar asleep besides her.. It had been a long while sense he'd seen an animal. “It must’ve been lonely,” Cordelia spoke, breaking away his thoguhts while his green blue hues moved from Helvar towards her, in all honesty Walker didn't think of it as being alone.. he'd thought of it as survival. In a world like this it wasnt good to let your mind & emotions get to you, because emotions wouldnt get him anywhere in the end when it came to surviving in this new world. Right, or was that just Walker being hard headed like he'd been his entire life.


    Shugging this shoulders slightly he moved his hand along the back of his neck in thought. "I don't know if I'd say lonley, I mean, I've been on my own sense I was very young most of my life." Frowning his brows Walkers hues kept on the fire, his gaze staying firmly on the burning flames. "In ways, I guess you could say that." It was clear Walker wasnt one to share his thoughts, feelings and emotions with himself let alone to anyone else being it had been something he'd blocked out with himself for so long. Walker was and has always been that hard egg to crack, Walkers emotions were there obviously or he wouldnt have saved a woman he didnt know from a bullet.. they were just, I guess hidden.

    Cordelia beagn to speak about her experience, hers being so very different from what Walker had been through and witnessed.. he couldnt lie but her story was very much so intriguing. It was werid to think while Walker was above the earth fighting to survive, Cordelia was below with her father being trained for the day they'd face what the world had become to than fight for their survival later on. Walker than watched her face go from the slight smile she had thinking of her father and thinking about passed memories, to a very stone cold sad look upon her eyes that she couldnt deny.. Walker could feel it just as much as he could see it. "I'm sorry for the loss of your father. He sounded like a good man.." Walker sighed quietly to himself before he than ate some of the mixed nuts and seeds inside of the bag, Cordelia hadnt been out here in the world all that long so he wasnt suprised with all of her questions she may of had. It took Walker a moment to process exactly what he was going to say and how he was going to say it.. Placing his hands before the fire feeling the warmth touch his skin while his hues than looked back over towards her tired ones "These other worldy beings took over, causing mayham upon our earth.. For the reasons I'm guessing to take out as many of us as they could before they invaded." Being Walker had been alive and surviving for almost six years now he'd seen and fought against his fair share of the others. "I call them the others, they at times take shape of a human .. but most of the time they are in their true forms which is .." Walker sighed shaking his head slightly, explaining what they looked like didnt do justice to actually seeing one. "Very large, they walk on two very legs standing at almost seven to maybe eight feet tall. Staying out of sight is the best option, they arent easy to take down." Walker than went silent, his thoughts began to over power while his tired eyes blinked slowly.. for the time being someone needed to keep watch, so he'd stay up if she fell alseep.

  • The knife turned to a bright red color when heated by the fire, when handed the stick from Cordelia he than placed it in between his jaws waiting until she'd placed the knife onto his wound slowly.. the smell of burning flesh being cauterized filled the air inside of the cave but slowly dissipating by the second. Walkers teeth tightly clenched onto the stick as deep groans moved passed his mouth but of course not to loud, beads of sweat trickled along his skin until Cordelia would than finish causing the bleeding to stop. Placing the stick onto the rock beside him he sighed heavily while his heart pounded within his chest from the excruciating pain, Cordelia may have felt the rapid thump of his heart beat easing slowly along her hand that moved the cloth full of alcohol over his flesh & wiping the blood from his skin.

    For a moment there was a silence, of course not a bad silence by any means.. just a silence between two people whom really didnt know one another, this woman whom barley knew him was wiping the dried blood from his bare skin after just helping with his wound. Cordelia than spoke, she'd mentioned her name eariler but of course Walker was to distraced with the thought of getting away from where they were to really have small talk.. but now their was nothing for them to do but make some sort of conversation or sit in silence; which Walker knew well already she wasnt one for silence.

    When he spoke his thick German accent left his lips, his green blue hues than meeting hers before she than moved towards his back. "Five years now" Walker sat in thought for a long moment, saying it out loud was different from thinking it inside of his mind.. it never really hit him that it had actually been five, almost six years sense he'd gotten to America than shortly after everything went haywire."I uh, I left Germany coming to America back in 2015. Few months after arriving I woke up in my hotel room in the city, there was a mass evacuation.. Ever sense then, been traveling on my own."  That silence hit again, Walkers hues than focused ont he fire before he than spoke towards Cordelia once more "I'm Walker by the way, didnt get to mention that back there. When on your own for around almost six years I guess it can make some a little non sociable" Walker tossed the stick beside him into the fire, after Cordelia was done he'd used a couple pieces of gauze patched up along his skin with hospital tape covering the wounds before he than slowly placed a shirt over his upper torso. Walker hues than met Cordelia once more, looking at her for a moment before he spoke "And you? Whats your story" Reaching into his pack Walker pulled out a tied up see threw bag full of mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruits before setting it beside her.. it wasnt any five star meal, but it was enough to at least give their bodies what it needed.

  • The gun shot could have been heard for miles, leadning whatever and whomever towards this town.. they needed to leave as soon as possible and supplies would come later. Once Cordelia had came back with the supplies left on the man like his back pack and gun Walker held the thick piece of fabric she'd given him with pressure where he had been shot, his hues scanned the around the area before landing on her once more.. "We need to get out of here anything could have heard that gun shot, you are welcomed to follow." Walker was to the point, he obviously wouldnt make this woman follow him by any means, but they needed to get out of here. Behind him a few feet back laid the bullet that pierced through his flesh making a clean exit.. Walker leaned down picking up the shiny golden object slowly before they were then on their way.


    It was Walker, Cordelia and Helvar if they had followed Walker of course making their way deep within the thick forest, they needed to get somewhere they were able to have a fire and for it not to be seen by the others or any survivors that may not be good news. Walker didnt talk much while they walked, he'd save whatever information she wanted to pry out of him for later when they got out of sights eye.. where they were safe. An hour or two into leaving they came upon a large rock with in the forest high up on the moutain, inside laid a dark cave.. Walker glanced over towards Cordelia his voice more calm but still quiet "We will stay here tonight." Inside of the cave was very cold and dark, it was clear with nothing and none inside.. Walker was born with a special gift long ago, with the power to see through darkness as if he had night vision of some sort. Obviously making it very easy for him in the marine core long ago, and now in the dead of the night when none else could see what was around them Walker would first. It was a gift his grandfather told him, not a curse.

    The sun started to sink down as the day grew later and the sky grew darker.. Collecting wood from outside what they'd need for a fire while getting it slowly but surely started the area around them in the cave got warm and more comfortable. Finally Walker sat before the fire, lifting the cloth Cordelia had given him off of the wound before lifting the cloths off of his upper torso revealing his chizzled arms, back and lastly chest where the dark crimson blood trickled down slowly off of his shoulder area. Reaching into his pack he pulled out a clean knife before his green blue iries than laid over Cordelia, his thick german accent echoed softly thoughout the cave "Care to do the honors?"  Walker winced at the slightly pain while handing the knife handle first into Cordelias hand, at this moment the only thing that could be done was clean it the best he could and bandge it up until it hopefully healed. Reaching back into his pack Walker took out a bottle of pure alcohol, hopefully Cordelia wasnt squeamich.

  • Leaving Berlin Germany five years ago Walker had made his way to America, he'd gotten into some trouble for illegal acts that he'd made in his past and that was going to be the last thing keeping him behind bars. America was the home of the free, yet seemed so damaged.. rather than the americans appreciateing their land, each other & their freedom they were at war with one another. The others had to of seen the earth from above, or below.. wherever they hell they came from. Earth was an easy target and they knew that from the start.

    After years of surviving in this new world taken over by the others it had become Walkers second nature, though none would truly just ever get used to having other worldly like creatures trying to take your life.. I guess it was like the war for Walker. The war he'd left long ago had basically became his reality, and all you could do was fight or die trying at this point. From he start it was just Walker and himself, no lovers nor any family other than his grandparents whom passed away long before he fled Germany.. the only two beings in this world whom taken care of him, loving him unconditionally until the moment of their last breaths. The last thing Walker thought would happen was running into an American woman whom survived these horrid five years on her own.. If anything, this was the last thing Walker ever thought was going to happen after five year on his own.



    Opening his green blue iries Walker had quickly gotten his things together before continuing on with his day, the sun slowly moved into the sky peaking through the trees within the forest. Town wasnt but a few miles down stream at this point, running low on supplies it was the only place close enough at this point to get what he needed. Walker wore military like navy green cargo pants with his boots tide tight around his ankles, along his upper torso he wore a gray t-shirt that clung to his muscled well built frame with a thick black carheart jacket overtop being the mornings were still a bit chilly out. With his pack on his back there was everything he needed like food, cloths, weapons etc. with a gun in hand & large knife strapped on his waist, Just the normal things anyone would need when traveling on foot. Walker had piercing eye, a mixed of green and blue as if you were looking at the world from space.. with ashey brown hair standing at the height of 6'3. All and all Walker was very much attractive, but obviously in a world like this shit like that didn't matter anymore.


    Walker moved his way through the forest before making it upon the road, standing within the treeline Walker took a few moments while he sat and kept watch.. It wasnt smart just simply walking out into the open. Rocks and gravel crunched underneath feet coming up the road while Walker kneeled down slowly, it sounded different? Not like one of the others, which normally would sound very loud and heavy unless of course they took shape in human form which was very much rare. Out walked a young woman with darker firey almost aburn like hair, she was tall but very slim.. in her grips laid a bow while she was followed along side by a dog. Walker kept his hues on the woman as he than slowly gazed around, this women shouldnt have be on her own.. nor walking about this town when anything or anyone could be around the corner at any given moment. She than quickly took off towards a broken down building hiding behind a brick wall as she peaked out the winow, sighing heavily Walker took another glance out towards everything before slowly making his way out.. weapon in hand. As Walker made his way out the woman suprisingly walked out from the broken down building with her bow in hand, she than spoke softly out towards him “I’m not looking for trouble.. But you’re the first person I’ve seen in, well, years, and I’d much appreciate some information.”  It was almost as if he were seeing a maroge for a moment when she spoke, I guess not seeing a single human around in five years really could mess with you mentally. Walker than lowered his weapon while she did the same speaking out towards her, his voice deep with a thick German accent rolling off of his tongue. "Information?.. Sadly, I probably won't have much to help you Madam." That was when he heard it.. Click Click, Walkers hues quickly looked over seeing a male figure along the rooftop loading his AR-15 rifle before a shot sound hit the air around them echoing loudly. Walker quickly leaped before Cordelia taking her towards the ground with him, quickly still on the ground Walker shot towards the other with his hand pistol catching him in the skull. There Walker laid for a moment overtop of Cordelia, so close the heat from her breath could be felt on his face.. Thats when Cordelia may have felt a warm substance dripping onto her shirt down and out from Walkers bullet wound along his upper right chest/shoulder area, slowly lifting from the ground Walker sighed heavily looking towards his shoulder "Fuck" This hadnt been the first time Walker had been his with a bullet being he was in the Marine Core for a few years, he'd shared his fair share of bullet wounds but it never prepared him for the stinging pain it actually gave with his flesh.

  • I'd say it's been around four to five years, hope that time frame is alright. Also yeah thats a good idea, possibly Cordelia and Walker are in the same place at the same time running into one another. Then possibly Walker hears a man caulking a gun as well the sound of a gun in the air before jumping infront of Cordelia taking the bullet! Then from there we will see how everything goes, let me know if that sounds alright. Also I forgot if I have even ask you this and I'm sorry if I have, but would you like for Walker to be on his own when they find one another, or after when he already found the other survivors? If she meets Walker on his own it's just going to be a lot of traveling being he doesnt have a place to settle down, but with the survivors they have this large under ground gold mine they have taken over. Honestly either will be alright with me, I'll let you choose. Then we can get started!! 

  • Honestly either of your girl characters would work great, whatever character you think would fit being in a story with Walker. I have a lot of info about him down if you'd care too read a bit about him before you choose! Unless of course you'd like for me to choose, I can. Great!! If you could read over what I do have for Walker that would be awesome, I'll do the same as well with yours. So just wanted too let you know that in Walkers world basically the world isnt the same anymore, it was taken over by aliens which caused a ton of shit towards the earth. Tsunami's, earthquake's along with a deadly plague that swept across the entire nation killing many people or turning people into flesh eatting creatures! Although the "others" what Walker calls them are gone they have left back some of the others to take out the rest of human kind. Its pretty easy to tell the others apart from actual humans to being their eyes are a very glowing light blue, not realistic for an actual human. They do try an trick humans by taking shape in a human form. I just think apocalypes stories are pretty exciting to write. Walker and your character run into one another, possibly she's been alone for sometime and he brings her back to the gold mines where him and his people are taking shelter. Or we could have them meet before he even found the shelter when Walker was on his own! So let me know what one you'd rather go with! Let me know what you think, or if you may have any other ideas, I'm all ears.

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"{ Yes, I'd be interested! What did you have in mind and which character would you prefer me to use? }"
Oct 6, 2019
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"{ Hi, thanks for the add! Were you interested in starting a thread together? }"
Sep 30, 2019
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Sep 30, 2019
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Sep 26, 2019
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"oof of course i would find out the answer after i posted this. if anyone else is wondering and stumbles upon this:
1. right click on your profile and select "save as" and save
2. open the file on a text editor (i used visual studio code) and save as…"
Sep 6, 2019
Sybil Wilhem commented on Coding Test Page's blog post Simple CSS for your profile!
"this might be a dumb question, but how do i edit my css and preview the changes without having to save my profile? i copied the html onto visual studio and tried linking my own style sheet into the document, but i don't think the html file is acknow…"
Sep 6, 2019
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