Currently looking to start an RP, ideas presented here! Also down to plot tho! Shoot me a message, comment below, or leave a reply to the forum if you're interested.

I'll be using this account for multiple characters; Sybil's just the one I was thinking of when creating this account. Flexible to play males. This is an LGBTQ+ friendly account. Some OCs are posted below, but I can make new ones if given a plot!

the cast.

3544196214?profile=RESIZE_710x☾ the witch.  Sybil Wilhem
A new immortal from the 19th century moving every decade to avoid suspicion. Goes to where there's war or turmoil and tries to save as many people as she can. 

A solitary individual, well-mannered but assertive. A pacifist that tries to avoid violence, but will act for self-defense. An old soul yearning for times passed.  Talented in healing and herbology. 

Using hand and body gestures, Sybil is able to use her aura as an extension of herself. She can manipulate it to lift and throw objects, or solidify to create a defensive barrier. She is sensitive to receiving prophecies, although can't understand them sometimes. 


the rider. Priam Quinn
Started as a stable boy, promoted to the cavalry after taming a wild wyvern and fought in the war.  After it ended, he became a cartographer, exploring new lands in hopes of finding one hospitable enough for the people that lost their homes. An unlucky encounter caused him to fuse with his wyvern.  He can shift between wyvern and human, but the mind of his mount is always with him and controls can be switched at any given time. 

Eager to impress others due to his low self-esteem. Workaholic with seemingly boundless energy. Enjoys playful banters.  

Ability to manipulate winds and call storms.

3547532639?profile=RESIZE_710x the succubus. Lysistrata Eris
An unusual type of succubus that feeds off emotions. Has none of her own, so she steals others' to fill the emptiness inside her. Frequents parties and clubs to find prey with high-energy. 

Envious and manipulative. An expert liar that lives for herself. Easily changes her behavior to match a scenario, call it acting.

Deadly with knives and poisons. An empathic. Steals emotions, but can project them to others. Has its uses in persuasion. Secondary skill of pyschometry, where she can sense emotional residue of a person or object through touch. Though if she's in a place with strong residue, she'll feel it too. 


3550624116?profile=RESIZE_710x𝔰 the serpent. Cedric Sinclair
A fallen angel with little memory of what he did to betray heaven.  Dewinged as part of his punishment, with the curse of having searing pain if he comes into contact with people or things that are holy. Drinks to dull his pain. 

Unrealiable and tempermental. At odds with himself. Puts up a farce of being mean so others leave him alone, but he's really quite lonely. 

Shadow manipulation: Can call darkness to an area or create shadow minions to do his bidding. Can use shadows as an extension of himself, like grabbing things. Usually has a snake tattoo coiled on his arm made out of the darkness. 


All characters can be editted accordingly to fit a plot, such changing their
species, backstory, abilities, etc, upon discussion.

FCs in Order:
Nastya Kusakina, Daniel Hamaj, Marine Deleeuw, Lucky Blue Smith


Replies Status;
From 9/19 - 9/24, I will be away from home and unsure whether I'll have reliable internet. 

Vanitas - reply in progress
RUDOLF - plotting

Writing Styles;
one-liners, paragraph, multi-paragraph.

Favored Genre;
fantasy, romance, action, adventure, R18, realistic. 

Rules for Engagement:
❋ Follow the site rules
❋ Please don't control my character(s) in your post and give me a chance to react--especially when doing fighting scenes. Or ask in advance if you can knock my character unconscious. I appreciate discussion and plotting things. 
❋ Please give me a week at the latest to respond to something. Real life may get in the way and I'll try to notify you in advance if that's the case. I won't drop an RP unless we discuss it first, so don't think I'm ignoring you (・ω・)
❋ I'm not comfortable writing R18+ intimate scenes. The most I'm comfortable with is if it's implied (ex - They woke up the next day in the same bed, etc), but I won't write smut.  
❋ That being said, violence, cursing and other mature themes are mostly fine by me, but I'll communicate if certain elements make me uncomfortable.
❋ No vore. Gore is okay, but no vore or cannibalism.

Thanks for reading!


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  • It all seemed like a fading dream. The encounter with his brothers over a war ignited by power and greed, how he was defeated yet again: but it seemed to be their final conversation, their plead for him to walk the path of redemption, that was the part that lingered in Vanitas's mind as heavy footsteps traveled down an unknown road. His eyes seemed to grow heavier with each step while his mind kept evoking the rejection their desires...his body fading away only moments after. There wasn't an inch of regret in his decision, but now he was lost and roaming a dark and unfamiliar area.

    However Vanitas was not alone in his new surroundings, for he had several creatures walking alongside him: The Unversed – as most knew them by. Two eerie blue-colored creatures floated by their master's side, while odd cerulean bats fluttered wildly nearby. Walking slightly behind the male was an small yet bulky creature that used its large arms to move; and lastly, a large robot-like figure followed directly behind him. His Unversed were created through the intensity of his emotions – each representing a different feeling: sadness, anger...envy...and it was for that reason that Vanitas hated them. He wanted to destroy them despite knowing that their deaths would only cause more to surface – but just as his right hand extended to summon his weapon, Vanitas felt his body grow limp. His breathing grew completely ragged as he fell forward, being caught by the very creatures that he loathed. The Unversed then gently laid their creator on his back before slowly merging with him. There he laid collapsed from exhaustion; but again, the shadow was not alone.

    Since reappearing in the mysterious realm, Vanitas was unknowingly being watched. Cameras traced his movements in all directions, seemingly aware that he'd soon succumb to his fatigue. A group of three soon made their way to the boy: two men and a woman. The female approached to closely examine Vanitas, ruffling his hair, before deeming him to be a good enough candidate for their experiment. One of the men then gently lifted him in his arms before the woman placed an odd device around his right wrist: a limiter. Casually the trio made their way past their colleagues – each in a group of three and determining if the ones they discovered 'qualified'. If so they were brought to a nearby facility, but if not...well it appeared that they met a much grimmer fate.

    Sometime later Vanitas awoke in the bed of an unknown residence, his mind still plagued by the past as he took a moment to regain his senses. A look around revealed that he was in a decent-sized apartment before noticing an odd device placed before him on a table. Out of curiosity his left hand reached out to it, causing the little machine to react – a woman's voice could be heard, explaining to Vanitas where he was and vaguely on why. The apartment surprisingly belonged to him: a supply of food and clothing were already placed in the appropriate areas while a amount of what the female called 'starter money' sat to his right. Apparently there was a trial going on: one to see if beings of different species can coexist in the same environment, and he was officially one of its inhabitants. In his mind he was being used yet again, and that thought annoyed the male, but the mention of his limiter would be what further angered Vanitas. Due to his Unversed, he was deemed to be what was called a 'supernatural'. Golden hues glared at the device on his right wrist before attempting to rip it off – to no avail. When that failed he then tried to summon his keyblade, his face displaying shock when the sword didn't appear. The bad timing of the voice bringing up the rule of no weapons only made him grunt in irritation. It seemed that he had no choice but to play their game for now, whoever they were.

    Weeks later Vanitas seemed to adjust to his new lifestyle, as best as he could anyway. He was given a job as a mechanic at a car and bike shop: one that employed both supernaturals and humans. The division between them was obvious and led to several disputes between the employees. Their worst one so far involved Vanitas, but for once, he was not the aggressor – and instead defended himself against a human that was too bold for his own good. Threats were exchanged, a brawl nearly ensued, and ended with nearby off-duty cops giving both males a stern warning.

    At work Vanitas kept to himself. He was a loner before all of this, so why change that now? Besides, being one of the more sought out mechanics at the shop allowed his mind to focus solely on the labor. Afterhours, he was always the first to leave without a word spoken. The only sign of his departure was the sound of him revving up his black motorcycle – an older model that he was able to fix up, and his means of transportation. A matching helmet was secured on his head before making his way back to his residence. Where he lived couldn't really be called home, because to him it didn't feel like one – nowhere ever really did. Each day seemed like the same routine, doing the same exact things and even passing by the same people. He knew he eventually had to find some way out.

    ||It's alright ^^ and after writing my reply, I'm not too sure where to fit in a interaction with them either. It was just a suggestion anyways, so no worries. Haha, that's understandable though. I hope my reply works well with your starter. If I left something out or should add something in feel free to tell me. I also attempted to link what Unversed was following Vanitas in the beginning looked like, but it kept glitching and showing a big image of them underneath my I’m sorry ._.||

  • Welcome to Wrealms!

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