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  • "I might if it was for your best interest." It was true sometimes you just had to allow things to take it course. He was grateful for her attempts to cheer him up. He knew he could always depend upon her. He knew that she would never betray him. That when push comes to shove that she would always be by his side. 

  • He didn't matter what he was...upset was a good enough description for what he was. "You shouldn't tell me that you are planning on sneaking out. I will have to lock you in your room and you will have to hope I don't check the windows properly." If anyone was going to go off to see if she was among the wolves it would be him. True, Madalina might stand a better chance in not being attack outright, but he was not going to risk her---even a little bit. Besides, he had told Jezebel she better return. He was going to give her time to see if she would. 

  • Once again he snorted at her words, but said nothing. There was no need to say anything. He knew that she wouldn't. "I know what will happen. Speak to her if you want, but nothing will come of it. She had made her decision clear and I doubt anything will change her mind." 

  • He snorted at her words. "Trust me? I doubt the human knows the meaning of that word. She didn't trust me to tell me where she was going, and when I went to inquire about her disappearance. She got pissed at me. I had faith in her. The fact that I allowed her to come and go. The fact I gave her the same amount of freedom as I would give anyone within my family is proof of that. It is she whom lacked faith in me. It was she who never hold any intention of keeping her end of the bargain." 

  • There had been those whom he had truly meant harm to. They had been those that had attempted to hurt those he had cared about or hurt them. Yet, did he share the same desire towards Jezebel. He could argue that she was a threat to those he cared about, but her intention was not to harm them---was it? He snorted at his sister words. "Not this one." He growled at her words. "Don't joke like that." He didn't want a new pet. He wanted that one, but she had to go be....oh I don't want to keep my end of the bargain on him.

  • He snorted at her words. He might mean it. She didn't know. He might mean it in the way that someone being called out on their stubbornness might mean anything. She never know. "I don't care if you can think like her. She is dead in my eyes. It will be a matter of time before I ensure reality reflects belief." He laughed at her words. "Reasonable? Reasonable?!! That woman doesn't even know that word let alone understand the meaning behind it. Why would I be worried about a dead person?" 

  • "Good. We need to redo this room anyways." He told her, continue with his pacing. "I don't know why it wasn't. It was clear a long time ago that thing was of no use." Thing. The thought made him laugh. Jezebel would have yelled at him for referring to the demon of the tunnel as such. Yet, there was something fitting about calling it such---about spiting her. He snapped his eyes towards her---glaring. "I do mean that. It's because of your human blood." His expression soften. He meant no insult by his words. He was just simply stating a truth as he saw it. "I doubt that. I know what her problem is. She is a liar. A oath breaker. She had no intention of hold true her vow to me."

  • The attempt to elect a laugh from him failed. He only regarded her with a cool expression when she made those funny faces. She would be waiting forever if she was waiting for him to sit. He had no desire to sit. He was more content with pacing before. Which he return to doing promptly. He seize the drink the servant brought back for him, taking a long drink he turned his eyes towards his sister upon hearing her words. "I cannot let myself by swept away by what could have been or what was when it comes to such matter. He was a menace to my people. One that should have been put down a long time ago." It was true he had gotten her point. 

    In fact, he was certain he had expressed his sympathy over his death to Jezebel. Yet, that was not good enough. He snorted at her words. "She's a pain. There is nothing endearing about her. I hope she rots. I hope she finds a hole to fall in and die. I'm going kill her the next time I see her." He took another drink from his glass. He didn't necessarily mean that. 

  • He snapped his eyes towards his sister--the rage still there, but he managed to keep them directly pointed at his sister. He was not mad at her. It was not her fault that someone behaved in the manner they did. It wasn't the servants thought either, but since they had only scurry out of his way it was easy to forget that fact. "I don't want to sit." There was some part of him that wanted to say he didn't want a drink either, but he managed to hold off that thought. "She acted like I was wrong." He begun to pace around the room. "She goes off for a month at a time and I am the monster for being concerned? On a positive note the demon of the tunnel is dead." He turned towards his sister with a smile upon his face upon saying those last words.

  • Nicolae had heard Jezebel's last words, but he was too angry to care. Besides, he doubted she meant them. She was too busy being angry at him to even consider things from his point of view. She had no idea how worried he had been. Worse, she didn't even care. She just thought she could do whatever he wanted. She thought he was under the control of his whim. She was the slave. Not he. He pushed his way into his estate. His steps fueled by his rage. It was enough to send the servants scurrying out of his way. He would not harm them without cause nor would he harm them for the actions of others, but he would be lying if he claimed he was not glad they moved out of his way. 

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