Sylus Castillo, The Master Builder.

Born with one rogue 'mutant' gene, Sylus' life was never going to be a normal one.  His childhood was as average as one can expect, he was born to a middle-class family in Ireland and then moved to England when he was a teenager. They told everyone that his Father had just gotten a promotion at work and needed to move, this was a lie. 

The first incident was one Sylus was a young child, playing with his toys. Like most children he pretended one thing to be another, in this case a rattle seemed to be a horse. It was quite the surprise when the rattle evaporated into a blade thick smoke, reshaped and then formed what could be described as a childs interpretation of a horse. At first, his parents simply tried to hide this ability from people. But once it started happening at nursery and school, it needed to be contained. So they ran.

Sylus was about 15 when he tried to push himself. Small things weren't a problem, one plastic item to another, a metal fork to a small metal box this was nothing and only tired him a little. But he started delving deeper into his power. He would break into an old junk yard just to practise. Raising a hand would cause several of the cars, trucks and other scraps to be transformed into black smoke, with enough focus and effort, he raised the other hand and slowly formed a small diamond.  Unfortunately, this put him in the hospital. 

(Work in Progress)


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Aug 8, 2019