T h e  R a v e n

They deemed him The Raven.

As swift as the blooming feather,

As lethal as the claw,

As brutal as the flight.

Absent of mercy.

Unseen in the darkest of nights.

Beware the Raven, the Irish Fiend,

Beware his talons and claws,

Beware his protruding beak of vehemence,

Beware his frightening stare of obscurity.

The Obscurity only provokes the Opaqueness of his entirety.

Trust him, one must not.



Contact Name: Poemius Joseph Soulius

Name Pronunciation: PO-EH-ME-IS -- JOE-SEF -- SO-EH-LEE-IS

Name's meaning: Poems of Souls, Soul of Poems

Aliases: The Raven; The Bloody Irish; The Hunter of Bounties; The Nightmarish Fiend

Defined Interval of Age: 40 and growing

Sex: Masculine

Natural Category: Enhanced Human

Prominent Altitude: 6'3

Ethnicity: Irish

Corporal Density: 189 pounds

Type of Red Cells: O Negative

Employment: Smuggler and Bounty Hunter

Lineage: Procreators are unknown

Interrelationship: Currently available.

Interests: No one.

Sexual Guidance: Heterosexual

Generation of Descendants: None.

Dwelling: Personal Ship (Freighter)

Current Location: Abroad and constantly moving.

Current Time: 31st Century (3021)


Poemius always wears the same clothing (which he regularly washes) no matter the occasion beacuse of its utility and because of the emotional attachment he holds for it. To settle the basics of the attire, it forms up of heavy-duty, black, polished boots equipped with hardened straps and normal shoelaces. For his other, low extremities, he sports very efficient and durable, black pants made up of various strengthened fibers. On his left leg, by his patella,  a steel, obscure knee-guard reinforced with curved alluminium is present; it also acts as a flexible band to ease joint movement. Noticeably, he also holds weaponry in his legs, with two being on his right--right handed man--and one being on his left.

For his upper body clothing, he uses a resistent, black jacket that covers up all of his skin, along with some gloves that expose only a quarter of it. Under this jacket, a simple t-shirt is placed for added comfort and protection, since it is padded with body armor in case a bullet has the lucky factor of attempting to go through him. Behind him, on his right shoulder, is a small shoulderblade-guard that also stabilizes his aim during episodic tremors.

Over his head, a rounded cap covers his hairy cranium with some circular, blackened and shielded goggles that include an accuracy software for long distance engagements.



Hair Pigmentation: Black

Eye Coloration: Light Grey

Skin intonation: Type Two White (Fitzpatrick Chart)

Overall Percentage of Toned Musculature: 68%

Distinct Cicatrices: None, so far.

Status of Facial Hair: Grown; tempted to shave.

Current Status of Mane: Fully grown, long hair, reaching the start of his neck and surronding the sides of his cranium.


I'm an Old Man, an Old Space Man.





Outlook and Behavior...... Captivating

Approach and Behavior......  Bitter and Gently Brusque

Social Abilities.... Introverted, Reserved and Confidential

Attitude towards others.... Militaristic and Hard-headed

Temperament..... Audacious and Adventorous

Physical and Mental Prowess.....Vigilant and Agile

Outlook to Life.... Grift-stricken

Emotional Status.... Constrained and Passionate

View of Life.... Tactful and Cautious

Manners.... Civilized and Dignified (properly courteous)

Mental Acuity.... Analytical, Sagacious and Articulate

General Abilities....Ambidextrous and Skillful

Level of Maturity.....All-knowing and Composed

Moral Status.... Conventional and Opportunistic

Way with people..... Bitter, Quiescent and Frightful

Defects..... Arrogant


You can say I'm a bitter-sweet man. I'm hard to break. I decide who to be nice with. It is not the same with all.

Boy, oh, boy, when they told me about what mattered, I sure as hell didn't know any better.

I simply went on with it, y'know, just to get along with everyone on board the Capital Ship known as The Devastator, because on a ship like that, you didn't want to have a bad reputation.

Men had these swollen eye-sockets, bloodshot hues and no hair on their heads.

Marines, they called them, Space Marines, to be exact.

I never enlisted and I never planned to.

I wouldn't go to Space alone.

Would I?

I would.


U N I V E R S E  -  I T S  H I S T O R Y

Poemius Soulius was born on July 23rd, 2981, to unknown procreators in the Galaxy of Nebulas, in the star system of Eunon. The planet where Poemius was born in, now destroyed and forgotten, was Terrain, a planet with similar characteristics as that of Earth's in The Milky Way galaxy, which is far from the Galaxy of Nebulas. Because of Terrain's destruction, Poemius was sent away at an early age (one), along with other males and females, to a distant satellite station in the Galaxy, known as the ORB Space Station of Mechanical Operations. In this space station, Poemius was raised by soldiers and by the military of the time, starting off as a cadet by the age of ten, where he was obligated to exercise, be on a diet, practice his shooting skills and practice his zero-G abilities.

Life in the space station wasn't as hard for Poemius as one would imagine because he was never shown another type of living other than of what he had. Due to this, he adapted to it with ease, showed no denial and went on with his life. By the age of twenty-one, already an adult, Poemius had the rank of a Lieutenant with incredible, physical characteristics and capabilities as well. He was to be in the military, but in an attack against the space station, he was divided from everyone else when they were all ordered to escape in ejection pods.

Traveling through space, all alone in the pod, Poemius found himself without any kind of available hope, destined to die of starvation and dehydration, and perhaps isolation, too. Although, when all confidence was lost, his pod stumbled upon The Devastator capital ship. He was then picked up, saved and taken care of y the military, since the ship did belong to the organization of ORB. He was offered a job, but he refused. With a sanction, he was permitted to be removed of his rank with an honorable discharge and was allowed to continue his life as a normal civilian in The Devastator. He persistently trained himself, educated himself and built up his knowledge with reading in his pastimes.

Of the age of thirty, he left The Devastator and commenced a new life in another planet, in a different Galaxy, the Galaxy of Perian, in the planet of Nocturne, in the city of Darken I, where he worked as a trader with an organization until he was offered dirty work and accepted. The tasks involved disposing of unwanted costumers, mainly, which granted Poemius a noble reputation alongside all the other criminals. He became to be known as a bounty hunter with exceptional skills and methods of execution. Soon enough, he became a man of money and commerce and bought himself a freighter named The Poetic Soulier, which he used for smuggling, transportation and also bounty hunting.

At the age of forty, Poemius remains the same, with more skill, more dexterity and more intelligence, doing what he does best, his own fun.

C R O W  M U R D E R E R

'Tis only but a legend.

Some say and state that it is only a myth, the creation of ravens, of the fiends of birds that lurk in the midst of the time, from whence the intervals protrude from instances of dignity and chaos, unbroken, yet shattered by the great. There, he who stands, will be faced and confronted by The Raven, the Hunter of the Haunted, the Defying Planterian of the Fallen, the Illustruous Monster of the Night, of Eyes that devour and singe the weakest and the lesser.

He, The Raven, claims its preys, and they all pray for repentance, not for their release, but for his return, for he who seeks mercy seeks also a death of sorrow, by the talons of a Raven, The Raven, the masked thief of the sorrowing, of the following, of the killing, and of the eternal boundary that bonds the restless with the ever-waking. He leaps for the unknown, for that leap of fate, of the faith that draws him to believe in the beliefs of his own beliefs, of those sharpened appendages of shattering concerns that leak the ounces of blood, skidding from the very release of its tips, onto the smoldering, scorching snow of the ground, on where he perches, lightly, observing the passing allies, when it reality no allies exist or co-exist in his own existence, for he is a loner, a lone, feathered beast, seeking life on its own very terms of prejudice and bias.

He is the Murderer of Crows, The Murder of Ravens, the Commencement of the Recommencement, The Nightmarish Fiend ...

He is Poemius Soulius.

It is only a myth that he is the wielder of feathers of black.

It is a myth, a detested impression, that he is who The Raven is.

He is the Summoner of Ravens.

It is an art, the Art of Justified Murder.

S U N  &  O C E A N

As a kitten, I found her lying about the alleyways of Terra I, a city located in the planet Saurion, just by the center of galaxy. She was alone, without any food and without any water. I approached her, she didn't attack, nor hiss, but instead looked up at me with those two hues of hers--The Sun and the Ocean. I didn't exactly like her at first, nor the idea of taking care of a kitten, but it all quite changed with time. Bonding wasn't a problem because she was always around the spacecraft wherever I went inside of it. If I went to check the engines manually, she was there, on my tail; if I went to sleep, there she was over my chest purring her way to sleep; if I was test firing in the cafeteria a laser-based pistol, there she was following around the non-deadly laser, attempting to catch it. Her playful nature never got me tired. I didn't have to clean her up or her 'business', and everytime I had to dump the litter box I simply sent it through the trash chute and into space. She grew fast, too fast, but never changed her personality or her behavior with me.

Once she did grow, though, she became fierce and determined with everything I had going on. Once time, she didn't let me go into a planet by meowing at me each I pressed the gear module to deploy the landing platforms. Little did I know, once I scanned the area of landing, a whole squad of men were waiting for me with an unpleasant surprise. I don't know HOW she knew, or what made me believe she knew, but it definitely saved me... I've never taken her out for a bounty hunt, and I never want to, but if the time comes, I probably will.

She broke that manly standard I had to keep.


Hurt my cat and I'll absolutely hurt you.

T H E  C A T E R P I L L A R


Once I saw Her, it was like falling in-love at first sight...all over again. 

The Poetic Soulier is a capable ship utilized mainly for cargo-holding and transportation.Its cargo bay is sufficiently ample for the access of many objects, vehicles, storage units and other materials. Poemius will always be carrying weaponry, vehicles of war, medical supplies and alimentary supplies. Each transportation of goods grants Poemius a handsome income of at least CTM 10,000, and the most he has gotten has been CTM 50,000 for harboring sexual slaves and transporting them from one planet to another, although he refuses to confirm this and wishes to never speak about it.

It was a job

The spacecraft is heavily defended with armored plates that are thicker than that of a tank. It is a bulky machine, slow but steady. Additionally, besides its sluggish appearance, it is able to travel at light-speed thanks to its Interstellar Travel module, allowing the apparatus to obtain a speed of 299,792,458 m/s within seconds of activation. It is equipped with two, defensive modules under its hull and by its front. They are rarely used, but when the need to combat is present, they are put into good use.

In the case of an emergency, the whole command module, or the main cockpit, where most of the ship's controlling is managed, can be ejected from the entire spacecraft. To allow this, Poemius must first enable 'Emergency Mode.' Afterwards, the command module is ejected aside and can operate on its own with its seperate thrusters.While it is a spacecraft intended for the presence of five members (one being Poemius), the other four members are substituted by A.I Administered Computers which take care of the Communications, Engines, Sensors, Defensive Modules and the overall maintenance of the shuttle. This is due to the fact that he prefers to work alone.


Manufacturer ............................

Drake Interplanetary

Primary Focus ............................


Secondary Focus ............................


Maximum Crew ............................


Standalone Price ............................

CTM 100,000 

Mass (empty) ............................

84,516.25 Kg

Cargo Capacity ............................

512 Standard Cargo Units

Length ............................

66.5 m

Height ............................

14 m

Beam ............................

22 m

Upgrade Capacity ............................


Max Power Plant Size ............................ 


Main Thrusters ............................

2× TR5

Maneuvering Thrusters ............................

8× TR2

Max Shield ............................


Areas of the Spacecraft:


Main Piloting Bay

Communication and Sensor Station .................

Operates Sensors and manages Comms

Forward Navigation Module .......

Designed to manipulate coordinates and to ease travels

Crew Bunks and Main Gallery .......

Sleeping Quarters for Absent Crew

Auxiliary Engine Control .............

Maintains Engines and Regulates them.

Officer's Headquarters.....................

Sleeping Quarters of Poemius


 I N V E N T O R Y



EMP-21 Assault Rifle: Effective against any type of technology-based operative. Uses projectiles infused with EMP emitters. 

GR-Laser Sidearm: A pistol equipped with an unlimited capacity of fusion cell units that launch a laser of gamma rays at their target. 

EMP-0Z Grenade: Causes an explosion; Effective against technology. 

Ballistic Sniper Rifle: A bolt action, projectile-only rifle with a x64 scope for long range engagements. 

Electromagnetic Submachinegun: Its cartridge consists of 2mm EC projectiles, although they aren't concrete or solid, but an electromagnetic pulse, acting as a fast-firing rail-gun. 

CM-21 PDW: Standard PDW with ballistic ammunition only, generally silenced for covert operations/bounties.

EZ-100 Combat Blade: An extendable dagger that has the ability of transforming itself into a prolonged sword of exactly two feet. Its sheet of steel is of the sharpest in existence.



Wrist-mounted, retractable grappling hook: Utilized mainly to gain height, pull enemies nearer, and so on.

Back-mounted, high-energy jet-pack: Normally, it is unequipped and only used when it is required for the extra mobility and enhancement.

Wrist-mounted Communicator (PDA): A device attached to his wrist that displays all of his important information.


B O U N T Y  H U N T E R

Wrong decisions brought me into a world of pain.

I didn't know any better.

With the right amount of CTM, any job is possible.


Professing the Profession.

With years in the making, in the development, came to rise a man of youth, denied by all, forgotten by many, yet he had slowly (already) triumped behind their knowledge as a Victor of Death.

The old man, sought by others for guidance and training, is highly-trained murderer, licensed by his deceased or far away leaders. Patience is what grants him the blood of his rivals, adversaries and known nemesises. As a highly professional and educated bounty hunter, armed (internally) to the teeth, porting the venoms of chaos and murder in the prickles of his veins with the sole intention of devouring the unworthy, when there's a coin over their heads, he fashions the ideals of converting blood into capital. Hesitation is an irrecognizable abstract in the mind of this hunter of bounties; once settled on a head, the head shall be severed and delivered as the most exquisite trophies of all.

The Umblemised Killer.

As part of his philosophy, Poemius, with every, singular kill, practices the doctrine of immaculate termination, performing, on the bodies of his enemies, the most minimal wounds and injuries by the aid of his blades or firearms. The spill of unnecessary blood is often unfavored by the Ol' Irish, not because of the possible, assumed nausea, but due to the simplistic fact that he prefers it as an art without the need of turmoil. Therefore, due to this personal dogma, a surreptitious throat-slit is preferred over a direct confrontation, and a sniper's shot is endorsed over that of a drizzle of projectiles. An inclination of the old man, also, is to stare into the eyes of his victims as he perforates them with his will.

Let it be the dagger of the man across the skull of another.

Let it be the silenced bullet from the muzzle of a rifle.

Let it be the ultimate fall from the toppest of buldings.

Let it be Death itself.

Let it be The Raven.

 C R E W  M E M B E R S 




T I F A  L O C K H A R T


"Ah, aye, that there is Ms. Tits and she's my top crewmember."

     I met 'er on some rock called Gaea in the city of Midgar. That place was a fockin' slum, but she had a nice bar and I was in need of a good drink. I wasn't lookin' currently for crewmembers, but she sparked in me this unique sense of adventure because of her vivacious, young deportment, really. So, naturally, after a drunk night of conversation, I offered her employment aboard the Soulier, just to see if she bit on the bait. It took 'er a day before she finally accepted it and mentally signed the contract she'd be attached to for at least one-hundred trips. She was anxious for exploration, for a journey that would just take 'er far, far away from the desert she lived in. I sure as hell don't regret hirin' 'er. She's proven to be quite the proficient crewmember, if I were to be honest.



T ' C H A K  U N K U T


        Now, this guy, man, you don't want to upset him. I met him on Tera XII, also at a bar, just sitting in a corner surrounded by whores and whores, drinking out of a fockin' cauldron. Guy's huge, strong and mean-lookin', but he don't speak, which is a plus and a negative thing, if you ask me. He does most of the hauling around the cargo bay, which is all I need, but he's also a good hand to have on the field. I had to adjust the fockin' sleeping quarters just to get him aboard. I don't regret a single thing about hiring him. He sure is a great asset to have, no doubt. 



Friendly Reminders and Rules:


Friendly Reminders: (Written on 1/5/2016) (Updated on 9/18/2018)

- This character is an Original Character, made by me, living within the 'Star Citizen' universe. Steal this character and you shall be reported.

- All ships belong to 'Star Citizen.'

- FC is Rodolfo Sancho.

- Maximum of 5-10 roleplays. I will not accept invites after limit is reached. However, I may delete inactive roleplays or boring roleplays.

- I, sometimes, delete without a reason, a notice or a warning. Don't take it personally.

- This character is relatively new for me. I plan on having him change many times, but what you see right now, integrated, will not change.

- I can adapt to any type of setting, timeline, etcetera, regardless of Poemius' original timeline. Time travel will be used, depending on a variety of circumstances. I'm very flexibile with roleplays.

- All pictures and .gifs do not belong to me, except the Insignia of Poe Soulius, which I made myself.


Rules: (Written on 1/5/2016) (Updated on 9/18/2018)

Rated NC-17 and A (18+) --> Roleplays are 18+ due to excess violence, gore, macabre subjects, use of lanaguage, use of narcotics, sexual themes, sexual occurrences, and so on.

- No Unnecessary Smut -->  I do not accept the apparition of mindless and needless sexual intercourse. Sexual actions will only take place in serious and predetermined roleplays, exclusively having a relation with the main plot of the play.

- Novella-Style, Paragraph-Style, Descriptive-Style, Complex Vocabulary-style --> I provide players with increased amount of details, prolonged paragraphs, prolonged sentences, complicated words (bring a dictionary) and many other things. 

- No Tolerance for Drama --> I do not tolerate due to obvious reasons. I am here to increase my knowledge in writing, to entertain myself, to cultivate new ideas and to, overall, have fun with you all.. First sight of it and you'll be unfriended.

- I Promote Realism --> My writing style bolsters realism, which includes all themes in the NC-17 and A (18+) rating, and much more. If allowed, immortality is disabled in the roleplays.

- I Promote Equality --> I deliver what I receive. Send me three-hundred words, I'll deliver, more or less, the same thing. However, send me a one-liner, and I won't reply.









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  • Poe practically goes off his hinges with the creature. It was just a bird, but she wasn't seeing the bigger picture that he was. In fact it was rather curious that it had been this friendly towards her, rather than flying off. Spooked by her for whatever means. Even when Poe was regarding it as he was. Aggressively. The little thing just flew on over and dove right for the warmth that she apparently offered. No hesitation. Though as he was asking away his questions before hand. Tifa had simply crossed her arms at him. Answered as politely as she could, as well as understanding. Her gaze moving over to the bird like creature for a minute or so. "I did." she replied with a light shrug of her shoulders. It didn't come off as dangerous, not when she was too fixed upon the looks of the animal. And not its nature.

    She had looked at Poe with a raised brow at the assumptions on the bird being a robot. Couldn't be, she thought, shaking her head and turning to it for a moment. If it was, then the skillful hands that made it did well to impersonate a living creature without a problem. And she would praise it personally, thoughtfully. Who knows how Poe would be reacting to her choice of thoughts at this moment.

    His next words catch her attention fully that she almost huffs at his words. "I am not doing anything!" she exclaimed at him, her voice getting a bit loud. Only right that she react this way after all, he was accusing her of something she hadn't done. "Not like I had this planned out Captain. I came across it just moments ago, and while I find it fascinating. I don't see why I couldn't, now that you mention it." she said, and laid out reason. Since the man had thought of the idea, she thought, why not. It wouldn't harm anyone, and it would give Sunocean someone to chase around. Though Tifa knew well that the feline would warm up to the bird eventually. It's feathers would be more than willing to charm the cat that it wouldn't want to devour it in one go. Hopefully not. Mentally Tifa does a little chuckle just thinking about it. Able to see the images of the two getting alone. Even if it seemed that they were at each others throats.

    As she was off in thought. The bird went off and finding its place between her breasts. There's no complaint or harm, but it was a surprise that she gave a light jump. Hands sticking out just about as if waiting to take hold of something, yet doesn't. She's looking down at the little thing before it was snug, finding.. shelter? It was a moment's thought, right up to where it began to chirp rather alarming. A cry like that would alert a mother of posing dangers around the area. And Tifa was only reacting as any mother would, since every female possesses that very instinct. She turned up her chin, looking over to Poe with a nod when she heard his words, but there was something else.

    Words of warning from him about it soiling the floors of the ship, he didn't have to worry about much. She'd be seeing to it personally. There it went again. The bird chirping, but lower this time. Sound of it almost grave that she couldn't help but look around them. Though not really expecting what comes crashing through the foliage either. Poe didn't have to tell her twice. She was on him quicker than he would have thought. Throwing her leg over, she was straddling the seat behind him and instinctively grabbing onto whatever on his person for balance. She didn't want to be flung off for being careless in such a dire moment.

    Sure she could try to deter the beast, shooting at it with a warning, but why provoke it further. She doesn't quite know of their reaction to a sudden assault from them. Possibly it was just trying to protect the area from intruders. Maybe the beast had something small to protect, like an offspring. She was thinking no different than the Irishman. But she keeps the thoughts to herself and just hopes that their reckless flying will see them through, safely. Couldn't say she doubted the man, at least not yet. And she will trust him even more if they get out of this without as much as a scratch.

    Tifa had refrained from crushing her chest against the man's back, simply because she didn't want to harm the little bird that was nestled between her breasts. But she was holding on for dear life, that much was for sure. Fisting the armor or whatever it was that she was gripping on his shoulders. Every now and then she looks over her shoulder, but that's about it. Not risking doing much else.

    Getting in the clear and Poe sharing a few words of satisfaction. They were safe and it was a close call. She exhales just as glad as he was, but she wasn't speaking a word. With a slight knot in her throat that disables her for a moment. When she finally finds her voice. She's asking Poe what they should do next. Stay and rummage some more, or get the hell off this planet for safe keeping. She felt that she herself had found her treasure, as much as he had. Even if the little thing wasn't going to get her much credits, it was a rare treat. By how Poe had described the little guy, though what he had suggested hadn't been okay with her. But it was something that she couldn't argue about, at least not now. Maybe some time later.

    "Shouldn't we get to the ship? Or do you want to take a breather and try at that again?" she said, a small chuckle leaving her. They had gotten away not on foot, yet, she sounded almost slightly winded. She was glad they had gotten away, her heart hammering in her chest that the little bird poke it's head out. Chirping rather contently. But as it had poke it's head out, it tucked back under. For sake keeping, possibly. Tifa bent her arms, tucking her thumbs into the sides of her holster. Pushing the weight of her body onto her left hip, stuffing her boot a few times as she awaits on his reply.

  • What was she suppose to say when hearing a comment like that. Nothing, she simply gave a small and subtle shrug of her shoulders. It hadn't been much to clean, but nothing that could be done in a matter of seconds. Maybe if he gave her a bit more time she'd improve her strategy and get done much quicker than anticipated on her end. She steps forward when he motions her to follow. Right on his heels, listening in. Taking in every bit of information he was giving. There was no time to slack off, this was a job, and he was paying her for it. It's been a while since she really worked.

    Back at the bar, she wasn't exactly getting paid, so the pace there was slower than what Poe was demanding. While it doesn't look much from the outside, it's proving to be a job that requires fast pace and quick learning, as well as smarts. She wasn't lacking in that department, being a quick learner and all. All attention goes to Betsy there, and Poe was showing her off. Right before he mounted on and gave the seat behind him a good pat. Indicating her that was her spot on the vehicle.

    With a silent nod Tifa does as told. She places a hand upon his hip, for leverage as she placed the other on the seat itself. Bringing leg over she settles into a straddle upon the machine. Looking to either side she's finding the foot holds provided. Seeing as there was nothing to keep her from falling. She chooses to hold onto the man. Wanting to see it all as they disembark the ship, heading down for a landing. She'd turned to look over to the left. Arms wrapped around, fingers curled into whatever she could take hold of upon his person. Of course this meant her molding herself against his back. Giving him an unintentional feel of what he had spied on when they had tried to have a meal earlier. Unfortunately for the man, he was armored, giving him little to no sensation. Other than the thought of what might of been.

    Her mind wasn't on that matter, not in the same place as Poe was. No, she was taking in the massive view as he brought Betsy around. There was a small gasp leaving her lips, eyes going big as she took it all in. Her grip on the man however, tightened, but only because of her reaction of the view. It was nothing like back home, she thought. She supposed the man wouldn't hear her if she spoke from back here, without really leaning in to actually speak against his ear. So that he'd really hear her, and that's exactly what she does, before uttering the following words. "Might sound a bit silly here, but this place is breath taking." She said, not really thinking about the immediate dangers this place pose. It would be a whole different environment once they landed. But she would enjoy it while they were up in the air for now. Though she wasn't going to let this distract her of the dangers later.

    They both push through the canopy, finding a suitable opening before wearing past trees. Getting a decent parameter. What was allowed anyway, things could be deceiving of course. But they weren't expecting anyone else on this planet, just the junkard that comes into view. With that coming to a stop and them disembarking the vehicle. Poe gives his approval of their find. And she had to admit to herself it looked like a good find indeed. Who knows what they would find inside. Hopefully something worth their while.

    As he gave his orders, it was time for Tifa to find her voice. Letting him know that she was on it, and off to do just that. Not just stand around looking pretty. She wasn't comfortable with that sort of thing, she was all about doing something, carrying her own weight in matters such as this. Not being a burden. "On it." she'd say as she hopped over a fallen tree. He on the other hand, seems to have taken point, right into the wreckage. Tifa was making priority of looking around, making sure she came full circle. Know that there was nothing around, nothing pertaining to the wreckage that is. With a careful eye, which gaze upon every corner possible. She was smart, but not that smart that she would look for things that Poe might have. She was somewhat, lacking in that department. The man can ask for a perfect crewsmember. Right? Regardless, she tries her best.

    Tifa hasn't forgotten what he warned of. Don't stray far, due to this bug he described. Even now she would shudder again, thinking about it. She knows them as small little insects, but he had painted them differently, bigger. How was that even possible, she'd wonder. But then remember she wasn't back home. Each world was different. Good, she was learning, and doing so rather quickly. Remembering this is key. She nods to herself and hops over another downed tree. Only right since the wreckage was here. Must have crash landed, if anything. This was her conclusion as she inspected as best as she could.

    As she came around to the front, where Poe had disappeared to before. Tifa saw something, it catches her attention that she becomes a bit curious. Was it, a bird? She giggled to herself, because she was reminded of something. It's shape really is what had her thinking of a chocobo. Though its colors were, different. Pretty even that she was in awe. Tifa looked over her shoulder, back at the wreckage. Poe still hadn't come out, so it was okay, right? Not really, but she was turning to look back at the little creature. Would it be okay? She asked herself as she inched towards the bird. Tilting her head as she observed it with immense interest. Poe had his cat, why couldn't she have something just as similar. Well, not by looks or specie, but a pet is what she meant.

    She hears him. Drawing her attention away from the creature. It hadn't been spooked away, which she thought was good. Maybe it would warm up to her, hopefully. But she had to see to Poe, see what he had to say. Might of found something too and needed her help on it. Whatever it was, her own find would have to wait. "Did you find anything?" she asked as she made her way towards him, mindful of her step around here. Never know what might by laying under the green, or anywhere for that matter.

  • Tifa hadn't really wanted to speak of the past, brought too much to the table per say. But, the captain wanted to hear something about her, and she gave as much as she could, without opening old wounds or feeling that pang of disappointment. She got off okay on this, delving little into things. And it looked like the man was content with her brief background. But before she could even hear about him, she'd given a little sigh that he might not have caught. Just as well. Before he began about himself, A.I.D.A.N. came along and served them what she'd cooked up. Hoping that Poe would find it satisfactory and not tossing the plate, thinking she needed to brush up on her cooking.

    Good, seems he liked it, or maybe he was just hungry. The thought of it being the latter, which wasn't hard to see, made her laughs on the inside. And that same laughter filled her to the eyes. Tifa looked to her own plate, dug in as pleasantly as she would any other day. Not a big eater, but eats enough to give her the stamina and strength she needs for the entire day. This, was plenty enough. All the while as she ate, she listened to his own tale. Intrigued, yes. Being raised practically in the military it seems. Should mature a person rather quickly. She does try to relate, but doubts she could ever really understand. For she had thought she had it rather easy, but then recalls the few things that transpired, and the tragedy that soon struck her village. It had happened too soon and far too quickly to process.

    The past still shocks her, even dreams of it when she closes her eyes. Things had been set right, but so many had died that day. Slightly, her mind wandered to that day, but fights to keep her undivided attention on the man. Seeing him enjoy his meal, for how short that lasts. Because it isn't too long after that there is an emergency. This just doesn't get Poe's attention, but Tifa as well. Always at the ready, much like in the past. She had put down her utensils and looked up as if she were looking to make eye contact with whomever was speaking. And she knew this wasn't A.I.D.A.N. But something else. Shortly the computer she'd grown used to in such a short time, speaks up. Poe and the computer are exchanging words, concerning the destress signal that had come in.

    As the man got up from his seat and deposited his dishes in the sink, she would do the same. Getting up and nodding her head. "On it." she said to him and promptly got to her duties before meeting him at the command bridge.

    When he left, it didn't take her more than twenty minutes to tidy up and wipe things down. Putting anything that was left over, away. She couldn't bring herself to really dispose of anything. And she had left a good deal on her plate. As soon as she's done, she hurries herself to the command bridge. Tifa had slipped the armor piece she'd acquired back on Tera V. It fit her much better than what Poe had provided earlier in the day. It didn't restrain her as much, she could actually breathe in this. With a deep breath, she was hurrying over. Cutting every corner precisely, no bumping shoulders or elbows on a corner. The girl was well versed for emergencies. Even though she didn't know what degree of emergency this really was. All she knew was that she needed to be there at the command center without disappointing the captain.

    When she reached there, she felt like asking if they were there, or how long before they arrived. She wasn't on the Highwind and she didn't have authority, at least not yet on this ship. Eventually she thought, the man would come to trust on her tact, if he ever noticed it. Though as she looked beyond, she didn't have to ask, because they were indeed there. Her hands were planted upon her hips as she survey no differently than Poe, but not as skilled. Trying to get her bearings of the place, a place she had little to no knowledge of. Looks like the place is thick, dense with trees and other matters. What's more, the wildlife would be their main concern.

    "I'm assuming we won't be able to land?" she finally asked. Though not the question she had intended. She's seen this happen before, countless times, when the Highwind couldn't land. But then, they were stuck on foot. Though doubted Poe wanted to do just that. So this brings up another question. "Are we taking something down there?" a vehicle perhaps? She ponders the question to herself. And when she looks past him she sees information that detailed something, something like a runner? Something small, that would work. But rather than just having guesses at this and that, she waits on his word.

  • Ship is moving and things were prepared for her in the kitchen. Utilizing everything efficiently she is able to execute a good meal. Considering the ingredients she chose, and hoped she hadn't chosen poorly. It looked like he had an array of spieces, some of which she's never heard of. Actually, if she had to be frank. None of this is familiar to her, but going by smell, she could tell it was somewhat similar to what she's used in before. She might be good fighting, but she was also good with a kitchen. Or as they say, good with her hands. Just not in that particular way. Nevertheless, she did as he said she should. Throw it in there and let it be served. It takes away from the charm really, but it was something she needed to get used to. So, she gives her shoulders a small shrug.

    She was moving around a bit, looking through her things as they waited for the meal to be served in two portions. For Poe, and herself. Each on their spot, rather quaint. Never seen anything like it, but nothing too surprising, considering much of what she's seen so far. She's been paying attention, letting her gaze wander as her curiosity guides her. They were in the safety of the ship, so, she assumed that it was okay to remove the armor piece at least. Setting uptop her bunk. Giving herself a bit of a push, putting her boot on a provided step, hopefully. Taking a hold of the edge for leverage, she's able to simply place it there. Not wanting to have it falling at unexpected times. Just as she does, she comes back and joins him at the center console. She takes her own seat, hands upon her lap.

    Everything else she had gotten for herself with her first pay, was tossed into the wash. She knew that type of thing took time, and she'd leave it at that. Surely this was like any other machine designed for such a duty, that it would give some manner of signal, a beep if anything.

    With a light sigh, she put a smile as best she could. This was a new life, but it didn't mean she didn't miss home. The occasional question popping up, and she would lightly pat it to the back of her mind. No need thinking about that, not now. She had made a choice and she would abide by it. When she hears Poe speak. She lifts her gaze to him, a few blinks and she was at full focus, undivided attention at its best. Tifa gives a bit of a light hum, her fingers of her left hand, press to her small chin. She was thinking on the barrage of questions. Some legit and others, well, a bit silly. Though she wasn't going to say that of course. It brings a light giggle to the air nonetheless.

    "I was born in a small village, Nibelheim. I had a few friends there growing up. One that I almost didn't keep in contact with, till later on. Which, is a rather long story. Possibly tell it when time allows it." she begins and then shakes her head as she moves along to another of his questions. She lift a hand in the air, at level with her chest. Tifa chuckled a bit bashful at the question regarding boyfriend. If only, she thought to herself, but never saying anything. "No boyfriend, and you're correct. Back there, that was my bar. It's all I've had. First one I ever owned got totally, no thanks to the bastard that ran the company above our heads. Brought a whole sector down on us. But, gave it a bit time and 7th Heaven was up and running again." she stated. Sounding like she was stuck between two things, sad and happy at the same time.

    "But, I took you on your offer because. As a child, I used to be a guide around my home town. Explorer if you will. But it wasn't anything big really. Never got out of town to broaden my horizons. You coming along however, I'm sure that can change. And when I eventually come back to Midgar. Maybe, just maybe I can tell tales about places they could only dream of." she said, then laughed a bit. "I'm sure Cid would love to hear about things like this. He'd been hoping to be an Astronaut. But one thing after another, he never really got his chance. He traffics the skies though." she nodded her head, a warmth sinking into her features. She was proud, even if there weren't much to her life back there. It was plain, but it had meaning.

    She lapped her knees with her hands as she needed a change of subject. One that wasn't focusing on her. Directing the light and attention over to him instead. "Enough about me. Tell me what I don't know about you, Sir."


    Tifa Lockhart

  • Tifa had emerged a bit late, but she hadn't been suited for the climate of this planet. So, he couldn't really blame her for the tardiness. He could, because Poe was Poe. Slight distraction and he was ready to list the things she would be doing on the ship from here on. She would get started now, then, hop off the ship to get that shopping done. Only to return just in time to finish up and get some food started. As per his request, she would let him know if she was going to take up the apron.

    She would know for sure when she came back from her shopping. She had to make sure to get some of the things he listed for her. For sure a better chest piece, surely she would find something suitable. This wouldn't be the first time purchasing something that had some means of armor. It wasn't everyday the girl walked around just wearing a white tank top and a short skirt. She had her days. With the catastrophic times behind her, she had only laxed her appearance.

    But now, out in the unknown, she had to strap on and be ready like back then.
    She would give Poe a small nod, something similar to a smile stretched across her facial features. It was something subtle, but a smile nonetheless. Looking at the PDA he had provided her with, she noticed when the credits were transferred. This was going to be something that will prove hard getting used to. With an inward shake of her head, she dropped her arm back to her side. Meeting his gaze one last time before resuming her duties on the catapillar.

    Right as Tifa leaves Poe to his business, some clients arrive. It would have gained some raised brow from Tifa, seeing the three. Rather odd in her eyes, but a lot more would come to seem strange soon enough. She made haste on finding that mope and bucket. She too searched for a scrubber. Mop and bucket weren't gonna cut it. Tifa was sure that the floors on the Poetic haven't seen cleaner days for months. But that was just speculations. She wasn't sure if he actually put in some elbow grease into getting this ship spic and span. Time would tell, as soon as she could find that scrubber.

    Tifa finds something similar to what she's looking for. Getting the cleaners ready, she gets the soapy water she'll need. For a second as she dips that scrubber. She remembers she has knee pads, they are supposed to be armor. Though what she was about to do on this ship was going to be taking a toll on her. Might as well be equipped. She would utilize the knee pads while scrubbing the floor. It wasn't going to take long to get that started. Starting with the back, or as far as cleaning goes. Or Poe would have it. Getting the floor plenty wet and suzzed up quickly. Tifa tosses more water accordingly, not wanting to get some things wet in the process. Doing so, she gets the soap off and then mops up the excess water off the floor. Then a second hand to polish things up.

    She's gotten halfway through when she notices the time. As she geared up to leave, she looks to her PDA, surely she could have A.I.D.A.N. accompany her in her purchases. Even if it was temporary. It would be nice, she thought. When she was leaving, she gave a peek to where Poe might be. Those three were still with him, and appeared to be all over him. Tifa rolled her eyes with a light shake of her head. "Men." she muttered to herself. Expecting no less from the captain. Taking the lift she reaches ground level, hurrying up to do her thing before the deadline he'd given her. She had no means of transport, so, she headed out on foot. Sprinting her way there, wherever there was. Now this is why A.I.D.A.N. would be going with her via PDA. Directions.

    Her first question being, "Where can I purchase some armor A.I.D.A.N.? Nearest place if possible. Be mindful of swindlers." she adds. She was familiar with the kind of person who would try to take advantage of someone like her. Assuming she was easy to play. Which she wasn't. But they all learn in the end.

    Upon arriving, being on her own, or with actual help from the ship's computer. Tifa finds all that she's looking for. She'd neatly put it in her new traveller's bag. Swinging that over and arm, then sliding the other into the second strap, she was ready. She had plenty credits still, as she was able to get some deals with some good bargaining. What a haul. Taking the liberty of switching chest pieces as well in a corner within the shop. She wasn't revealing anything, she had her white top under there. Which provided enough coverage. She fastens the piece she replaced onto the side of the pack, making haste. Finding herself comfortable in the boots she'd gotten from Poe, but getting a second pair wasn't going to hurt either.

    Tifa was done, and going by the time. She'd made perfect time. Enough to run back at a given pace, no need to rush. She was happy and had the smile to prove it. Onlookers thought her odd, no one here was that happy. Must not be from around here, were their thoughts. She wouldn't be seeing them on a regular basis, only when business declared it so.

    After pondering on those credits, should he or not. Tifa gets in touch with Poe via the PDA. "Going to need that access to the kitchen. Got us something." She said, her smile obvious in her words, describing to the food she got along her way. It was a steal, but very worth it. At least that's what she thinks. So happens that whomever was selling this, was ignorant, and no doubt the shop owners employee. Grade A merchandise for the wrong price. Hence the steal. She hadn't told him he was probably doing his job wrong. Wrong of her, but she was running on a tight schedule. Tifa takes the lift up and is within the ship. She deposited her stuff in the sleeping quarters, placing the edibles on the table in the center. Opening the bag she has a peek. Debating how to cook this. Wondering if she would have all she really needs. She'd have to see on that.

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