"Curiousity killed the cat." 
Cat Sidhe - Dragon Rider - Fae of Áine's Court - "Prince/ss" - Áine's child

My charaacter will mostly be referred to as she but at times may be male presenting or non binary presenting. 

Tabbi is a sassy, intelligent, funny, curious and a very care free fae. Tabbi has a special way of being independent, hating to admit that they need help and would rather pretend like everything is okay. The young fae enjoys the company of their friends, though they don't fully trust most and those they do attatch to, they can be rather possessive of. Their youth conjures itself up in the form of immaturity at times, lashing out in frustration when things rarely don't work out and avoiding responsibility when they can. 

Tabbi is very versatile, stealthy, resourceful and has a knack for spotting people's weaknesses. Their strong perception has made them an amazing scout, though when they venture to far ahead from their party, as they are in danger of being ambushed. Even with their dragon, Tabbi is forced to rely on her ability to strike percise blows as Bright Eyes is only useful in open spaces with enough room to accomadate a dragon. They're quick to dodge attacks, but if one manages to hit, it could lower their health drastically as they have very little dexterity. 

 The fae has a taste for shiny things. (Hence the dragon egg that turned into a dragon.) Being a bit of a kleptomaniac means they are rather sneaky and has developed a few "skills" over the years. This includes but isn't limited to lock picking, disarming traps and even the strange ability to mimic other people's voices. Their weapon of choice? A dagger.

They have a natural sense of direction, can dislocate their joints to fit into small spaces, jump as much as nine times their height from a standing position and can run surprising speeds (but only for a short amount of time). Their fae abilities allow them to see in the dark, have premonitions in their dreams, and they have an amazing sense of smell, with their ears being similar to a cats ears - pointed and able to swivel around a bit.

However, there are a few downfalls to being a fae of their pedigree. Tabbi is allergic to iron, is sensitive to most sensations we'd deem normal and struggles with magic, opting not to use it most of the time because it makes them uncomfortable. That is why they don't shift into their cat form when they can. 

Tabby is 5'6" with shoulder length, curly red hair, paler, lightly freckled skin and a splash of white against their chest that crawls up to underneath her jaw. Under further inspection, one may notice that their skin also has pigmented "tiger stripes" all over her body. Their ears are long and pointed, a bit more higher up than most because of the way they move,  and her pupils are slit, with their eyes golden, similar to a cats.  

Tabby wears shoes from their mentor, Loki, that are from the old norse world. They allow them to walk over water, laced up with magical staves on the heels. 



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