I never knew my real parents. I was found in a basket adrift at sea. Yeah, I know so original but hey thats the way i started life.  

Some where in the Atlantic ocean i was born, only God knows by who but the people who raised me were amazing. My father was a fisherman and a bloody good one to and my mother well she was a fashion designer who loved to fish and poke fun at my father. From a very young age my parents knew i was different, i loved the water way more the any other kid. I could control water which often meant mum was rather wet come bath time. At the age of 6 i grew a tail much to everyones shock and yes there was screaming and i swear my father passed out. So much for a strong man am i right. From that point on i was home schooled so that i was safe from any harm. The teenage years were the worst, i struggled with control as my abilities grew stronger. Yea not so fun for anyone. My 18th birthday was the worst. I remember waking up in my bed, having breakfast with my parents. Then packing for the fishing trip, when we left on the boat the weather was beautiful, but then all of a sudden the sky grew dark and the boat began to hev over massive waves. Next thing i remember im laying on the beach, no parents around and my tail out, surrunded  by pieces of the boat. Turned out that some how i lost control and created a storm that took the life of my parents and nearly killed me.... 

A few months after my parents death I decided to go to university. I loved to learn, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a nerd. I majored in marine biology, mainly the study of sharks and helping the world understand these beautiful creatures. I travel a lot to all corners of the world tagging and documenting the breeding habits and migration patterns of the Great white and Tiger sharks.


As my father always used to say to me the ocean is in my blood and one way or another I will be part of it.

I'm now 20 only a few months away from my 21st. I live on the beach in a cabin I built myself. I spend most of my time either in the sea swimming or on the sand painting it. I can not spend to long away from the ocean, i never feel like myself if i cant see or smell the salt water.


Not a day goes by where I don’t feel guilty for my parents death. But I know that they would not want me beating myself up for it. Yea it’s hard but I keep telling myself that I have to keep moving forward because looking back doesn’t help anyone.



Character Name:
Harlow Aqua Moon

Character Age:

Character Species:

Character Gender:

Character Relationship Status:

Character Appearance:
Harlow is around 5ft6 with long blonde almost white hair, pale complexion. Beautiful hazel sometimes green eyes, full pouty lips. She is slender in build.

Character Personality:
Harlow is a sweet fun loving girl who knows how to have fun. She can be cheeky with the people closest to her. She wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to animals mainly sea life. Will help those who need it. But still a little fun shy when it comes to trusting new people.

Character Likes:
Harlow lives for the ocean. Anything water related she is right in her element. Loves running along the shoreline at sunset or sunrise.

Character Dislikes:
People who hunt and kill sea creatures for personal gain. Those who pollute the environment.

Character History/Story:
Found adrift at sea in a basket when newborn. Raised by amazing parents who loved her.

Character Abilites:
-Water control - Shifts in a mermaid - Amazing voice - communicating with animals.

Writer’s Writing Style (OOC):
Paragraph, Multi-Para.

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC):
Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure


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  • /Great... Just effing perfect! Astarte fumed privately as she stood nearby the protesters, the Detective having gotten the short end of the straw that shift to help keep the protesters back and barricaded behind the line created. Dark orbs narrowed as she glanced too all the civilians waving signs and chanting, honestly chanting just saying the same two lines over and over and at the tops of their voices. 

    Save the environment. Stop polluting

    If she had a dream at the end of her shift and time to actually sleep, and heard those words in her dream she was going to snap and make many pay for it.. Growling low she turned as she fixed her sunglasses too hide the glowing gold coloring deep in her eyes, fast losing control of herself, and swiftly she started counting down from 100 in her head. 100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90... Finally making it down to 1 and she took in a deep breath at her control still intact. Glancing around as she rests her hands on her duty belt she studies the people, protesters and other people alike, also spotting the lawyer for the oil company making a break for the courthouse as people jeered and yelled, wanting a bit of amusement she concentrated a devilish smirk appearing as she makes the lawyer trip and have the briefcase break open. Chuckling to herself she turns and folds her arms as she looks around once more, smirking slightly more again. 

    This NYPD Detective wasn't your ordinary Detective, she was the Beast the 666 Beast, the Devil's Beast, and as an NYPD Detective it was more or less an cover for her.../

  • |I apologize for having been gone very long.. Thank you for starting, I will try and respond soon, I am slowly returning.. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving miss|

  • \\You're welcome, are you looking to rp with me?

  • \\Thanks for the friend request :)

  • \\He offers, hair cuts and hair styles for women...sometimes he would even do children's hair as well 

  • \\He does both male and female hair cuts really and as for town or city....I really don't have him in an exact location but you may find him working in the library on most days 

  • \\Either is fine with me honestly. Whichever one you think would be best for our characters :)

  • \\You're welcome, were you looking to RP with my character here? 

  • //Thank you for the invite

  • \\Take all the time you need, I'm in no rush :) 

This reply was deleted.

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