The Cainhurst Twins

The Twins of Cainhurst were the first born children of the late Queen of Cainhurst. Emilia the firstborne was decidedly the new Queen and her brother Alex would assist her in his role as Captain of the Vilebloods. At least, this is what their traditions dictated, not what would come to pass. 

Queen Annalise had become obsessed with the blood, a new discovery from a nearby city that grants healing of any kind. The blood was also said to come from creatures beyond the stars and so Annalise believed that using this blood, she could birth a God and become eternal. Her obsessions crew into fanatacism. When the beast plague over-ran the nearby cities, the Vilebloods kept them at bay, but keeping the blood out of the city did not fit into Queen's plans.

The Vilebloods were then split into two orders, Emilia became a Hunter of Beasts, she would hunt the creatures that men had become and gather their twisted seed, returning it for favour. At first Alex refused to partake, but when Vilebloods consumed the blood, they accepted that they may eventually succumb to it. So, begrudgingly, he took up the mantle of Hunter of Hunters, to seek out the weak and ensure they wouldn't threaten the sanctity of Cainhurst. 

The difference between Cainhurst and its contemporaries? The others thought they could control the storm and Cainhurst thought they could take what they needed and keep the rest at bay. The similarities? They all fell to their hubris.

 The twins knew that no matter their efforts, they could not stem the tide. Cainhurst would fall. Queen Annalise cared not for the falling of her kingdom so long as she could birth a child of the stars. Alex in his research had discovered a means of opening a gateway to an alternative world, a place untouched by the blood and moon. The sacrifice was great, but the twins fled their doomed home. They were the heirs to a kingdom doomed to fall, and so a new land was needed.

Part of the ritual consisted of sacrificing a pregnant Old One to open the gates, they were not expecting the child to transport with them. And so the cycle would begin anew. But alas, the twins did not care for becoming all powerful gods, they wanted access and control of the two most valuable commodities in this realm. The people and their bank accounts.

Thus, Cainhurst Pharmaceuticals.


Emilia Cainhurst


The eldest sibling. 

Occupation: Hunter of Beasts & Co-Founder of Cainhurst Pharmaceuticals

Typical Location: London, England. Cainhurst Plaza.


Born to be the future Queen of Cainhurst, her early childhood focused on the essentials. Culture, diplomacy, economics, dueling and other such essentials for Cainhurst society. She would one day rule her people and thus she must understand them, a complacent people are at least a loyal people. 

She was adored by the kingdom, even from a young age she showed such competency in figiting, both in the arena and the throne room. Of the two she was the more charismatic and persuasive, a natural born leader. But being as aware as she was, she noticed the early changes in her mother, the passing interest in blood that festered into an active obsession. So she took steps. Ensured that she always had a set of loyal warriors, more likely to follow her orders than her mothers, and ensured that it was her guard that protected the kingdom from the beasts. In this way, the people would look up to her as their saviour and the queen would not be able to disregard her usefulness. 

Being severely enhanced by the blood, she knew that one day she might succumb to it and this was what originally set her brother on the study of the blood and would lead to his eventual 'awakening'. When the eventual collapse arrived and they fled from their world into this one, it was Emilia who founded the company and it is she that originally sourced the funds requred to begin extensive, yet highly classified research on the fetus they had brought with them. 

In her eyes, to survive is to thrive and to thrive is to dominate. 


Alex Cainhurst 7663603694?profile=RESIZE_400xThe younger sibling.

Occupation: Hunter of Hunters & Co-Founder of Cainhurst Pharmaceuticals

Typical Location: Cardiff, Wales. Cainhurst Laboratries.


Seconds matter. Born mere moments after his sister, his life would be forever different. His role would be to assist his sisters rule and therefore would need to be trained in the combative skills. As a child he was fascinated by history and the sciences, when the notion of the blood began to arise and by extension blood healing, he became heavily invested.

Around the age of 16 he had managed to convince a Vileblood to deliver some of the collected blood samples to him and he frantically began testing on it. He never believed it to be this miracle cure, how could it be anything beneficial when it turns normal humans into beasts? There was more to the Old Ones than just their blood and thus began the study into what would become known as, The Arcane. 

Where his sister used the blood to gain the strength, speed, accellerated healing and other such boons, he instead turned to the blood to understand why it bestows these gifts and how it could otherwise be achieved. He discovered that the Old Ones weren't simply creatures from the stars, but beyond the stars with their physical bodies merely being a part of them that exists in this realm but far from their full form. Thus the real power was learning how to reach into this other realm and draw strength directly.

Alex did not enjoy the hunting of beasts, he didn't see the point in it. Some twisted blood sport exisitng entirely to gain favour from his own mother whom over time had secluded herself to the throne room. But the hunting of hunters? This was a practice that needed doing, to keep his oath to protect his kingdom and family and to appease the fact that he would not partake in the hunting of creatures, he took this mantle. 


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    But I do like the idea of Alex accidentally summoning it into the world.  It could be something as simple as a spell gone wrong, or a misheard prayer.. or maybe it's not an accident at all.  I doubt the Twins or anyone outside of the people involved known of the Ancient Faery War, so they wouldn't know the realms are locked tight-- for good reason.

    ..*Grinning.* Orrin isn't the only one who would be drawn to the appearance of a Fey, though.  Old enemies would stirr where they wait for a moment just like this.

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    I kinda wanna fuck some shit upppp.  I was thinking one of the Fey could penetrate the veil between worlds and start wreaking havoc in the midst of a city.  Rather, it could be summoned.  Maybe Orrin and one of/or both of your characters are simply in the the right place at the right time? )

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