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Lord Alexander Cainhurst & Lady Amelia Cainhurst

Twin Children of Castle Cainhurst

Rogue Vilebloods & Hunters

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Alex Cainhurst, The Firstborn.3444925106?profile=RESIZE_710x

Apparent Age: 26

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual


  • Hunter of Beasts
  • Co-Owner of Cainhurst Pharmaceuticals 

Family/Close Friends:

  • Amelia/Amy Cainhurst(Family)

Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Enhanced Blood Healing
  • Slowed aging
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Strength





Amelia Cainhurst, The Secondborn

Apparent Age: 26

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual


  • Hunter of Hunters
  • Co-Owner of Cainhurst Pharmaceuticals

Family/Close Friends:

  • Alexander/Alex Cainhurst(Family)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



  • Enhanced Blood Healing
  • Slowed aging
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Strength


Our Tale


The birth took place centuries ago in a land far from this. Lady Annalise, their mother, reigned as queen of their lands. Her knights, known as Vilebloods, would seek out those harbouring the Great Blood, kill them and return to our Queen so that she may use this most powerful of liquids to birth a Great Old One of her own. The twins were born before this became her obsession, when to be a knight in Cainhurst meant defending the nobility, their traditions and upholding their way of life. Perhaps it was their birth, simple humans, that made mother discover her lust for the ancient blood. 


In Cainhurst society, there is no discrimination between the sexes, and as such both Alex and Amelia were trained in the arts of decorum, chivalry, duelling and most important of all, the hunt. The twins were inseparable for most of their childhood, taking classes together, training with one another and were even knighted together when they reached the age of sixteen.  However, Alexander and Amelia saw much less of each other after this point. Afterall, there can be only one successor, and only one firstborn. So it was that Amelia would continue her life knowing she would never take the throne and Alexander would be ready to step in at a moment’s notice should their mother step down.


Being free of the shackles of succession, Amelia took more time training in the art of the hunts, which involved locating various beasts and killing them. A nearby city, Yharnam, had recently flourished around this 'healing church' and suddenly 'beast' no longer meant any murderous creature, it referred to people tainted with ancient blood. It was at this point that the Knights of Cainhurst became the Vilebloods, when their odious task to hunt down those infected with the beast blood and return it to their queen truly began. Amelia did not approve of this practice, she thought it dangerous as the plague that would come to destroy Yharnam, would spread to their shores. Instead, she abandoned her post as Vileblood and became the hunter of hunters. She would watch the Vilebloods, track them and if they grew so hungry for their queens’ blood that they'd kill someone they couldn't prove was a beast, she would kill them as penance for their greed. Annalise did not approve of her secondborn.


Alexander had a comparatively easier life. He attended courts and the royal hunts and was a successful Vileblood himself, though he spent his life awaiting a throne he knew he'd most likely never receive. When the discovery of the Beast Plague was brought to the castle, Alexander was firmly against the Vilebloods being sent into Yharnam at all, saying that the only beasts that should be hunted, were those that had strayed from the city and into the forests surrounding Cainhurst. The Queen and court overruled him, and the hunts continued. As time passed, Alex noticed how quickly their society had changed. The once proud knights of Cainhurst became blood-thirsty assassins, the queen was less occupied with her kingdom and more with the prospect of birthing a God. Alexander had to step in and try to convince his mother that they were on a fool’s errand, destined for destruction. Annalise did not approve of her firstborn.


Several years later, on their 25th birthday, the twins met for the first time since the day they were knighted. They had communed via letter for the years they'd been apart, though it's not the same as being together. They quickly discovered how they'd both been holding the same doubts, the same worries and concerns. They agreed something had to be done but could not decide what it was. They decided that because nothing could be done to change the course of their home, then they couldn't be part of it anymore. They left, with relative ease, taking only their armour, weapons and enough supplies to get some distance between themselves and Cainhurst.


Our Present

Beginning in the early 1900's, the twins opened Cainhurst Pharmaceuticals. This company did not work for the betterment of mankind or any other positive moral pretence. In secret, they had managed to ship vast quantities of Elder Blood from their realm, to this one. For a very high price, they would give treatment to the sick. Their mystery miracle cure could heal almost any ailment and so became immensely famous amongst the mega-rich. The company produced medications for all ailments, though none of these compared to the power and potency of The Cure. Maintaining a corporation, while sustaining the secret of the twin’s apparent immortality, as well as studying the Elder Blood without information being leaked, is an almost impossible task. If it were not for the fact that their royal blood was highly addictive, would be entirely impossible. As a result, the same system that kept the Vilebloods loyal to Queen Annalise, kept the company loyal to Alex and Amelia. 


They have not worked out all the secrets of the Elder blood however, and as such, on occasion, the use of such a potent elixir results in one becoming a beast. Such is the task for one of the Company's many hunters, or for Alexander himself. Being that this treatment is reserved for only the best paying clientele, they only need to track a finite number of those infected at any given time. In the same vain, Amelia acts as Hunter of Hunters, as well as leads a small group of individuals whose job is purely to seek out any of their personnel who become blood-thirsty and begin acting purely out of desperation for the blood.


So Similiar Yet So Different


Of the Twins, Alex would be the one you would describe as the youngest. His mind has yet to be corrupted by the evil of the world, he sees a positive future for humanity and hopes for a return to his long lost home. Unlike his sister, he'd never hunt another human for he sees beasts as the only true evil. He's soft and kind, in touch with his emotions. Perhaps it was his training for court that taught him when to channel his feelings and when to hide them, but he feels the weight of each of his decisions. 

Don't misunderstand his kindness as weakness. He was a Vileblood Hunter, for victory no price is to high.



Amelia was not catered to as a child, when she was knighted she was left to fend for herself. She butchered those who strayed from the sacred path, as a result she knows that all mortal hearts are corruptible. It was her idea to use the practice of blood-letting and the ensuing addictions to control her staff. She can be stern and hard, but only because she puts the survival of the last two Cainhursts before anything else. Those who she allows within her inner-circle know that she would die for her friends and family. Though she feels the weight of her blade, she will not hesitate for the slightest moment about using it.

Don't assume she expects the worst for humanity, she's just waiting to be surprised.


Christopher Thorne 

Of Ink And Stories



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  • Art was first able to sense ones presence, but those of the supernatural spectrum were more prominent than the mundane. Sometimes if he focused enough, he could get a feel of their aura or essence, but he hadn’t delved so far, at least not initially when he’d simply decided to alert Vaughn of their new company. Coming back to the window after Vaughn had gone to meet with Alex, he was surprised to see her by the car and not having gone with the other man. He tilted his head, curious, but he was not close enough to really get much a view of her or delve deep into reaching out to properly sense her. He knew Vaughn could and would handle this, so after another moment, he moved away..


    “ Is that so?” Vaughn asked with a soft smile. Vaughn had a genuine and calm demeanor to him that often easily involved others. Polite, too. The man has always had this softer vibe to him, not crude like his mentor had been, quite the opposite in fact and it only made for a contrast when he was trifled with or the beast within was moving to take the reigns. 

    Vaughn listened intently and hummed in reply at first, while he tried to think at what the man exactly was getting at. He indeed was in position of many old texts, not to mention the ones his mentor had collected, so he can only grasp a bare minimum of what this man might be seeking. That  was until he heard the name Cainhurst, a flicker of recognition in his eyes and yet.. He seemed unsure.Vaughn nodded slowly and offered another smile before he gestured for Alex to follow him.

    “ Well let us check, shall we? It sounds familiar, but I can’t be sure if I exactly have what you’re looking for..” He waited until they had reached a secluded corner and then stopped and looked back at Alex before he reached out with a hand to touch the wall and after a moment there was a shimmer before his hand phased through and an opening appeared. Now Vaughn was looking at Alex knowingly, as though the man could drop the act.

  • Leon was a man that could get his hands on artifacts in a way that rivaled Indian Jones’ methods. The man had always truly been a wildcard, unpredictable enough to throw any opponent off and Vaughn knew this all too well having experienced it both and seen it occur many times. Vaughn’s head was constantly spinning when it had come to this man, his mentor, and so the point is that if Leon had somehow encountered this tome and got his hands on it? He wouldn’t be all that surprised. 

    There were still so much hidden from him about his mentor and such things went as far as some of his hidden stashes, bound by magic to keep it safe from the world and or the world from it. This tome? Was it in Vaughn’s reach? We’ll find out because right now,  the twins were on their way to confront Vaughn, thinking he knew where it was. A presence young Art sensed, the boy looking up from his current drawing and ideas of weapons to look to one of the nearest windows of the living quarters that faced to the front of the library. The twelve year old got up and neared the window slowly, standing to the side as not to be seen as he peered out and surely enough, down the pass the parking lot and road up to the building, he could see the lights of a car and someone stepping out. 

    Once he saw another person step out, he moved away..

    It was then that Vaughn would be alerted to their presence, thanking the boy and moving to grab his jacket off the back of his office chair and move along the hallways towards the other sections of the building, but there’s this.. Sound. He stopped, his hearing, enhanced as a werewolf had him question what he might have heard, as faint as it had been and then there was a pulse in magic, magic that was not of his own and that only meant.. His head cocked slightly before his eyes narrowed and he promptly moved ahead.. 

    Now the library was open to the public as was established, but Art often sensed beyond the mundane and therefore was useful to alert Vaughn when someone beyond that spectrum of humanity was entering the building. The closer he got? The more able he was to scent this newcomer. Now supernaturals didn’t always have a specific scent, depending of course on if he found a similar scent between the same species besides what can connect family or friends. Contrary to popular belief, vampires or witches or any other creature didn’t have a specific scent that told you what they were. But take these scents to memory and you can track em down easily. So it was magic that he used to reveal the nature and right now, he was getting a strong and decidedly odd vibe from a man in a suit browsing the books before walking over to the reception desk where a girl who looked no older than sixteen sat reading a comic book, pausing to look up at Alex with her dark eyes, a smile lighting up her features.

    “ Hi! Can I help you?” She asked eagerly. Then her gaze averted as she saw someone approach from behind Alex, said someone being Vaughn himself who stepped aside of Alex to get his attention, smiling at the girl for a moment, 

    “No worries Anna, I can take it from here.”

    Then he looked back at Alex. 

    “ Hello. I can assist you.” He offered the same soft smile, one that was genuine and held back any caution he otherwise had.

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