"As men, we are all equal in the presence of death."

- Publilius Syrus

Name: Ehud. Named after the biblical judge. Ehud murdered the king of Moab and overthrew the Moab government for the Israelites in Judges 3:12-30.

Gender: ♂


Birthday: 10 April 1991

Height: 6'4"

Eye Color: Blue.

Residence: A small, one-storey home where he lives peacefully by himself.

Likes: Reading the bible, thinking in silence, doing charity work, the rain. Rather simple guy.

Though, this is what he has made the public believe.


Journal Entry One

Can a conscious, sentient being find something in nothing? Find purpose beyond survival? As I sat by the fire in my living room with nothing to write for the day, I noticed something peculiar. There was a june bug in the room. Those annoying, currant bugs that seem to plague my home every beginning of summer. But this one was doing something peculiar. It was flying straight towards something. I squinted to try and see, but soon after, it was gone. The small bug had flown straight into the fire that I had just made. I cogitated on it for a while, and realized something. It was just like I. Isolated into it's own world, and wanting only the best for itself. For the june bug, this was the light. For all of its useless, futile, hopeless, fruitless life, all it does is fly around and find a mate. Save eating and pooping. However, it yearns for something. It yearns for the light. So much so, that it decided to give its own life for it. Am I any different? Are we any different? All I can say is, I am jealous of you, little june bug. I wish I could want as much as you.

Journal Entry Two

Does a leader need to speak to the warriors that fight for them? Are they legally inclined to acknowledge their existence? I believe so. If the warriors are to spend their life trying to serve the leader, there has to be some acknowledgement of their existence. This, I'd hope, would apply to Yahweh. But that is not the case. Its warriors fight long and hard for him every day. We teach its ways, instill its word, baptize children, help the needy, all for what? Nothing. Not a single act of acknowledgement from the  lord. What will make them acknowledge us? What will make them acknowledge me? Is what I do not enough for you, oh lord on high? All day I do your work. You are my life. But I get nothing. You treat me just as you would the rats squabble beneath my feet. I will continue your work, Yahweh. You will respond.

Journal Entry Three

How many must fall until you answer? Pope Pius stated that the Virgin Mary was sent to heaven after fulfilling her duties on Earth, prior to her death. The same could be said to me, could it not? Every day my work goes unnoticed. I punish the unworthy, donate my time to the needy, pray to you every day.. all for you. But I get nothing. Not even a glance over. How many sacrifices will it take? How many wrongdoers must I punish? At this point, it seems infinite. But you will notice me. I know you will.

Journal Entry Four

Thank you, Yahweh, for finally heeding my work. As I woke up this morning, I was welcomed by a blinding light. The light.. it spoke to me. It told me it was one of your angels, and that I had finally been recognized for everything I had done. The angel told me she would empower me with your might, so that I may continue to do your work, as long as she was allowed to live within my body. As a unit, we shall destroy those who dysobey your laws and values. We will act as your wrath. 


Kougar Kyle aka - Catwoman.

Beware: I take a while to reply. I apologize.


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My job as a writer isn't making you happy; it is making you think. If my character, music, or profile make you uncomfortable, then that's good. It's exactly what I'm going for. I won't change my writing or anything about my character because you are too uncomfortable. If that's the case, then don't write with me.

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  • {Its been a year, and you've only replied twice. I'm ending the rp, because I assume  you already did along time ago. You killed my muse, with only one response in a 6 months time spand. I know you said you take awhile to reply. But I thought that meant one a month or every other month. Twice in one year doesn't cut it for me.}


    When the Priest approached, Lee would turn to confront the Priest in the most respectful way as possible being in the house of God. He understood his presence was causing for possible unwanted drama, at this late hour of the evening. But he wasn't about to give up yet, as he looked to the Priest's eyes seeing something very odd in him. But didn't let this distract him from his purpose.

    "Aye, Father. There is something you do need to be a aware of," As he then pulled out his wallet and showed the Priest a Police ID Badge which looked pretty authentic at quick glance, and then immediately put it back away.

    "I am undercover cop that has been trying to track a crazy woman dressed in a purple catsuit for months. She goes by the name of Catwoman and is actually a Witch, that has been harming many children in this community. And I thought I saw her run in here tonight. If you seen her, I need to know Father. I don't want her harming anymore children. She is dangerous and crazy, and I want her safely away from your church as much as you do and locked up before she hurts anyone else. Please help me Father, which way did she go?  

    Catwoman watched from up above, as this man lied through his teeth to the Priest. Her hand slowly clenched making a fist, as she grinded her molars. This piece of Crap was Ruining her Name, she would never hurt a child in her life! And she was certainly no Witch. And she wasn't going to stand for this any longer! As came into view, like a Queen looking down at the Priest and Lee.

    "HHHSSSSSS, LIES!!!!! I Hope You Burn In Hell For That!! How Dare You Ruin My Name And Image!!"

    Lee quickly grabbed for his gun, about to fire!

  • (I dont mind continuing the rp. So if your up for it, go for it.)

  • (Um, do you have any plans of replying this year or next year? I'm just curious.)

  • Catwoman spun around so fast on her toes like a tango dancer when she heard a voice just behind her. It was definitly starting, as she thought at first it was the guy chasing her. But only to see it was just a priest. And quite the unfriendly one at that. But being how she was dressed and a whip in hand, it was to be expected that her presence wasn't wanted. 

    "Frank is it?" As she smiled to the priest, and made a light hearted little joke, as he said he would be  -Frank.-

    "I'll be Kat, Then.. Pleasure to meet you Frank.. And you are most definitely right Frank, the cops don't do a good enough job.. But at any moment there might be a man coming in your church with a gun in hand. And he isn't a cop. He could very easily start shooting up your place.  I have no intention of ruining your beauiful church, and I don't believe in murdering anyone. All I'm asking is you buy me some time until he is gone, and I'll be out of your....." 

    The doors down stairs flew open before Catwoman could finish her sentence, and a Man with a light beige jacket came walking in. His face had that 5' o' clock shadow.  But his hands were free of any weapon, as it was stuffed the gun behind his back before entering the church to be less conspicuous as he walked down the aisle slowly as if checking every row, and looking for any moment that might be coming from behind one the statues in the chancel section. Catwoman moved away from the railing ever so silently, as she looked to the priest. Her eyes were not begging as it was his choice, and she respected that. But she did hope, he would make the choice to help her. As she looked back cautiously to try to see Lee's position..

  • { A reply will be coming to you later this week.}

  • Finn + guns don't mix.  He only uses them when the adversary demands, and in this case- a bullet versus a witch might seem like overkill, but really, it's a crutch and a messy, unreliable one at that.  His pride demands he use the weapons of his time and those alone.  Besides, you can't kill a vampire with a bullet, and this city is littered with them.

    "I guess 'tat depends on 'te individual, doesn't it? But sure, dude.  I'll bite." He's so tempted to bring up the Hammers of God and all the other cults idling on the tip of his tongue, still balls deep in their own personal crusades to this very day.  Instead, he tips his head, the wind blowing his hair.

    He sniffs loudly, once.  Tucking his hands into his pockets, all the while he's pulling energy from the earth through the soles of his bare-feet.

    "Now, I never said she was evil.  She's just a bitch who probably felt I was a 'treat to her n' her coven.  Regardless, we parted as friends n' she tried to stick a dagger in me back.  Figuratively.  She owes me n' explanation before my sword finds her 'troat."

    His blue eyes flicks across the man's frame, then to his left down the path. 

    "I say, no.  I will not take ye to where I was attacked, as it's me house and I don't trust ye.  But ye might come along, as I already know where she is.  But it'll be a fight, I won't let her aim a spell my way just cause ye want the death-stroke for yer Lord.  I'll be tryin' to kill her pretty hard, and with bloody good reason."

  • He grins again, but then it slowly slips from his face.  Remaining only in the way the one corner of his mouth is quirked, a gun with hammer cocked, a deadly smile in the chamber, waiting for the finger to pull the trigger the rest of the way.

    "Is that what ye see when ye look at me?" Finn is curious; if he's letting off that much of a danger-vibe he really had to do something about it.  Was that why these arse-holes kept finding him?  Here he was thinking he played his act well, all this time.  

    His sea blue eyes follow the man's movements as he puts the Bible behind his back, almost is if it were a weapon that needed to be concealed.  When his hands return, they are empty.  Ahhh.  The picture becomes clearer.

    "Very well, then." Finn has no desire to pick new fights.  Nor to get involved in some kind of power stuggle over territory.  He didn't even like the city that much, but he keeps this to himself and muses, instead; "I seek blood and vengeance.  There is a witch living nearby that tried to take my life while I slept.  And no doubt she thinks she has killed me.  She would have been more than successful, if it wasn't for my ring, 'ere." He lifts his left hand, wiggling his fingers to broadcast the iron band on his ring finger.

    "I'm guessin' she had a reason for it, mind ye.  I plan to ask her before I run her through, but I was nothin' but kind durin' our initial interaction." Every bit of it is the truth.  He shrugs, hooks a thumb from each hand into the front belt-loops of his pants, then settles back into quiet, waiting to see how the man deals with his small bombardment of information.

  • For weeks Irena Dubrovna had been keeping an Keen eye, and Good ear to Robert Stanton a local councilman in her Club.. She knew he was a corrupt piece of work. The man only cared about Power and Money..  He would step on whoever to get what he wanted, as he pretented to care about what the people wanted for the city..  Irena had one of her top men, Neo Felis to do the task of recording any and all conversations Robert had while at her club.. And had discovered some shady business going down.. Robert was going to have one his cronies make a trade off with someone for something in regards to some experimental drug over at the train station later tonight.. And for Robert's cronie to be there at 2am with a duffel bag in hand stuffed with $20 Grand, when the train doors open for the swap out, as it would be a pass off for the drugs..

    But Irena was not just some club owner. She used this identy as a cover to find the dark secrets that city holds. It was just one of many aliases she uses. As tonight she adorn herself in the Purple Trademark Catsuit, otherwise known as Catwoman. The Train was just coming into the station, as it slowed. While another was already there on opposite side of the tracks. One heading north, and one heading south. The place was a ghost town as Robert's Cronie, Lee Christmas stepped forward up to where the doors started to open. And another man stood in front of Lee with a duffel bag himself. Both men then opened their bag, to prove the goods. The other train on the opposite side of them, then started to move and was leaving the station. Both men then went to reach for the others bag, and a Whoosh sound was heard. A whip had coiled around the money bag, and got yanked out of Lee's hand. Catwoman had been on top of the train the whole time waiting for the right moment to snag the duffle bag. Lee's face was a surprize shock, but the shock didn't stop him as he went to draw a gun hidden behind his back, while the other man yanked his duffle bag back onto the train, and disappeared..  

    Catwoman gave a short wave, as she darted out of view of Lee's vision just as he fired one round, just missing her. Catwoman had leaped to the roof of other train that was already in motion, leaving the station! Lee cursed a few words, but there was no way he was about to let Catwoman get away with this.. He ran out of the train station and into the parking lot, jumping into his car and speeding like a Demon from Hell. If he wasn't going to get the drugs, than by Damn he was sure as hell wasn't gonna go back to his Boss without the Money!! Lee knew where the next train stop would be, and it was just a matter of getting there before she did!

    Lee cut cars off, ran through red lights just barely avoided major car accidents! His knuckles started to turn white from the grip on the steering wheel, as he tried to keep up with the train.. Catwoman hung on to the train and the bag, as she smirked like a cheshire cat..  But when she looked off to the street, she saw the maniac, trying to beat her to the train station!


    Then the train started to get closer to the next station, and was slowing up.. Kyle stood up, and wrapped the duffel bag up to her shoulder and used her whip, to catch a lamp post, and swing herself off the train just as it entered inside the train station. Kyle made tracks of her own, as she saw Lee come barreling in and smashing into a garbage can that was in the parking lot. He caught a quick glimpse of the Cat Broad running through an alley to get to a parallel street, and jumped out of his car and chased after her, firing another shot. The shot just barely missed Catwoman again,  she had a good lead, and turned the corner out of Lee's view. There was a Church not far ahead and Catwoman decided maybe she could hide in there, until the coast was clear. She went inside and turned right, seeing stairs. And followed them up to the balcony floor that over looked to the rest of the inside..  Her heart was racing from the adrenaline rush that gave her the high. However being inside a church, was a little on the weird side for her.  


  • The pain of his seared flesh gradually fades away, replaced by a warm tingling sensation that spreads into the tips of all his fingers, and, curling them, he flips his hand over, but it's as good as new.  The only evidence that he'd had third degree burns just a minute prior is the ring of black soot underneath his actual ring, and the memory of the pain and all his thoughts of vengeance.

    He works at rubbing the soot away from his finger, head bowed.  At least until he's startled halfway into the Underworld by a total stranger wielding a Bible.  In-the-name-of-The-Dagda!  Honestly, he'd expect a man like that to walk up and start beating him with the good book before ever striking up a conversation with him.  Especially a conversation involving the X-Men.  

    "Holy fuck," he says, unsure himself whether he's admitting his surprise or accusing the stranger infront of him of being just that.  He recovers quickly, though.  Settling into the dumb college kid facade he wields like a weapon; any sharpness from his blue eyes fades, replaced by a healthy dose of amiability.

    "Oh.  I didn't get the chance to shower this mornin', I know me hair's mental.  But it's not that bad, issit?" he starts pushing his fingers through his dark hair, trying to make it neater.  Even though he's well aware that he's not being called Wolverine because of his damn hair, he's still a sucker for a good show.

    "No trick to it, just natural grease I guess." he admits, frowning innocently at the stranger before him.

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