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“ - I've lived a long life and I've seen a few things.

I walked away from the Last Great Time War.

I marked the passing of the Time Lords.

I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained.

No time.

No space.

Just me.

I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman.

I've watched universes freeze and creations burn.

I have seen things you wouldn't believe. I have lost things you will never understand.

And I know things - secrets that must never be told and knowledge that must never be spoken.”




Explosive, exuberant, emotionally unpredictable, adventurous, hugely energetic, occasionally flirtatious, and by his own admission, "a mad man", the Eleventh Doctor combined youthful looks with an old soul.

Crashing into the lives of Amy Pond, and her boyfriend (later, husband) Rory, he solved the mystery of the time-erasing cracks in the universe, escaped his own death, restarted reality and even found time to marry River Song. A broken man after Amy and Rory were sent back in time by a Weeping Angel, and a Victorian-era Clara fell to her death, he decided to disappear.

But it wasn't long before the lure of "the woman twice dead" brought the Doctor out of retirement. Finding his own tomb on the embattled Trenzalore and meeting a shameful, hidden past incarnation, started him on a path of redemption, teaming up with the Tenth Doctor to save Gallifrey rather than burn it.


More to come, always more to come.



October 24

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  • ||Though to this day I still haven’t watched the episode where Ten regenerates, I really didn’t want to see that one.||

  • ||Thanks! Don’t know where I’m gonna get it, though. Still thinking...But Eleven is my favorite too. It used to be Nine, because he was the first I saw, but when I got to Eleven...and Amy...I found a new favorite.||

  • [Of course!]

  • ||Thanks! I’m just not sure where to put it, that’s the problem...Amy was my favorite companion, by far. Nine used to be my favorite Doctor because he was the one I first saw, but then it became Eleven, and I cried SOOO hard when he regenerated it wasn’t even funny||

  • His uninvited guest flinched slightly from seeing that hand dart into one pocket for what he hoped was not a firearm, like that would even do anything. His display of enthusiasm came as a mild surprise, making the aquatic visitor all more curious as to why this one didn't flee like most from just his presence alone. Perhaps there was something more to this alleged young man after all.

    A few low grumbles escaped his maw prior to receiving a few questions, allowing the gills on his lengthy neck to flutter slightly. The initial response met by him leaning in close to sniff the device in question that the Doctor attempted to scan him with.

    The results from his instrument would reveal the following: Reptilian obviously, carnivorous in nature but towards two legged beings, an Amphibious anatomy, a dense skeletal structure able to withstand the extreme crush depths of the seas, and a shockingly short age of twenty three years. Since most of his body was concealed under the water's surface, his figure held four limbs just like that of a european drake.

    "Never heard of Dragons before?"

  • < Well you are very welcome here!  I'd love to write up an adventure wit you sometime!  I'm sure a timelord and a magician/sorceress could really stir up some kind of trouble! >


    "Reputations are strange things.  I don't know if I should be flattered or surprised that you've heard of mine, but I'm sure my father is deserving of it.  He was an amazing magician and father among other things." She pauses, for a moment, the mentilon of her fater always a bittersweet topic for her. 


    "As for what I am, I'd say I'm a little more than a dabbler, or I'd like to think so.  I also do parlor tricks and card tricks and the kind of magic people understand and pay to see from time to time.  But enough about me, I get the feeling you are full of wonderful and exciting stories!  I'd love to hear about them sometime!"

  • [Thank you for the invitation.]


  • ||Oh you’ll break my heart! XC But that’s okay, I love Amy. And you’re welcome! I love Doctor who, I’ve been thinking about getting a TARDIS tattoo pretty soon||

  • Countless bubbles rippled at the water's surface, each one gradually increasing in size as they popped. A snout adorned with azure scales came up about half way, much like a crocodile observing its surroundings. The young drake below cautiuously made his approach from behind, closing the gap between him and the Timelord.

    Assuming he could get close enough without an immediate reaction to his presence, the large male extended his neck to press the tip of his snout into the traveler's shoulder, getting a quick inhale just to confirm there was indeed a suspicious scent on him.

    He was nothing more than a rare, but otherwise curious beast.

  • ||Why hello there, Sweetie. Better not bring up Amy or I’m gonna cry xp Welcome to the Realm||

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