Remember, folks: I only role play with people that are 18+. I am not into smut. CHECK THE FLAG! I ain't interested in smut. I am here to write and to make friends. Respect that, please. I'm not going to deal with people creeping up into my PM's just for that. I will instantly block you. Thank you for respecting my boundaries. 


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Character Age

Depends on who I am playing.

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Depends on the character I'm playing as.

Character Appearance

Agatha: Long black hair with some greys in it that's tied up in either a bun or a ponytail. Pin-stripe suit and flat dress shoes. She is pale and carries a cane. Her glasses are rectangular framed and black with dark eyes. Simple makeup look. 

Sarah: Long blonde hair. In her mid-20s. She wears a black leather coat, skinny black jeans, a messenger bag, and black flat heeled, ankle high boots. Her makeup is black. She has big green eyes and her appearance can be described as more than human.

Felix: Long black hair that's tied into a ponytail. In his late 20s. He wears a black leather coat, a wife beater, jeans, and sneakers. He has a five o' clock shadow and his appearance is generally clean. He has deep ocean blue eyes and a jaw that can cut marble. His body is muscular and fit. 

Character Personality

Agatha: She's be around for what feels like eons. She has a nonsense approach and will try to strike a profitable deal. She thinks highly of herself and the company she holds close. Once around her crush and in a private setting, she's nothing but putty in his hands.

Sarah: Her personality is erratic. One minute, she is bubbly and happy, and even very hyper. Next minute, she wants you to catch these hands. In another minute, she's laying down on the floor. Her mood just swings at the drop of the hat. She is also very stubborn and very bossy. Her way or the highway. She does her best to be kind and generous as well as patient with everyone around her before her temper gets the better of her.

Felix: He is generally quiet. He tries to be relaxed and cool even when Sarah bugs out. He does his best to be her rock while hiding behind her when things get dicey. Felix is hard worker much like Sarah. He has tendencies to clean a room or even an entire building. If things are too messy, he'll freeze up in his place. Deep down inside, he's a softy and a very loving lover when he wants to be. 

Character Likes

Agatha: She loves textile crafting, romance novels, and having the upper hand. She adores her crush very much. She loves striking a deal that favors her. She also loves order in her life and everyone to fall into rank on command.

Sarah: Just like Agatha, she loves textile crafts as well. A sucker for romance but is more public about it. She loves her man very much. She enjoys her charity work and prizes her humanity above all else even when the cards are stacked against her and her clique. She enjoys being in art galleries and hosting them. When she's not being a socialite, she's also hiding away in the country side to be the farmer to help keep her grounded which is something else she likes most. Sheep and alpacas is what she enjoys raising on farms.

Felix: Cleanseliness and his beloved. He cares about his appearance and things being routine. Felix loves being an athelte and is clearly atheltic. He also enjoys photography and cars. He enjoys order and perfection. 

Character Dislikes

Agatha: Conrad, nonsense, a bad deal, screwed over, sweet things, 

Sarah: Renee, abuse, bullying, being stopped at every turn, Conrad, debased and devalued,

Felix: Abuse, filth, bugs, spiders, cobwebs, death, 

Character History/Story

Agatha: She has a lot of rumors swirling around her. Some say that she has connections to the OG vampires. Others say she has been around for as long as the faction is around. Nobody questions that between her and another kindred that they are the most powerful of all the faction. She starts from simple beginnings. Her and her husband became part of the herd way back in the olden days. While her husband is the breadwinner, she birthed two sons and was knowledgable in all sorts of crafting. She has learned from her sire about how to be a merchant and the ins and outs. Once her husband has died, her sire took in both sons and Agatha herself. She was given a task to prove her worth to the sire once both sons were old enough to be men. After being impressed with this task, Agatha was embraced right on the spot. She has never once failed...

Sarah: Sarah was born in 1969 on Earth in a farm town in Ohio. She is the youngest of three siblings and was born into a middle class farming family. In kindergarten, she met the love her life. For the first few months, Sarah and Felix paralelled play. She thought he was weird. Sarah was invited to a Christmas party and she knitted him a scarf. On the night of the Christmas party, Felix was gifted that very scarf and the two became fast friends. Throughout the years, the duo were never apart. As they reach their teen years, their friendship turned into love. Renee, being jealous of them, tried to kill her with bees in 8th grade and it was something Sarah was allergic to. Felix was taught by Sarah's father to use the epipen. He leapt to action and pulled down her pants to stab it into her thigh to save her, ultimately foiling Renee's plans for now. In high school both suffer a tradegy that made Sarah's mother quietly disown her and mentally abused her to the point where she left for college in Miami. The night she left for Miami, Sarah and Felix had a fight, and blamed Sarah for every thing. Not taking this very well, she left for Miami that night. Once there, her grades declined and her drinking was heavy to the point she almost flunked out on her Senior year. Her professor saw her work and admired it. Professor arranged things to where if they had sex, she will earn the credit needed to pass. She took him up on that offer. In spring of '93, Sarah went to his home for the first time to review her homework and to preform her end of the bargin. Inside was the professor and her sire. Her sire told her what he's going to do to her and he leapt into action. It was natural to Sarah, staring down at the rug below her that's covered in plastic rather than fearing the vampire that is trying to kill her. When she came to, Sarah is what she always had longed to be: A vampire. For the next three years, she has learned the ropes of vampirism and then some. She eventually left Miami after her work for the faction was done. She came back to Ohio on the whim of Felix (see Felix's bio) bringing her back. 


Character Inventory

Agatha: She carries around a bag that has her tablet, notepad, pen, pencil, laptop, and her cane which hides a sword. 

Sarah: Gun with a pink skin, drawing pads, pencils, notebooks, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing kit, first aid kit, extra pairs of clothes for herself and Felix, a coin from Sargoth, 

Felix: He carries his money and cards. He carries his identification as well. He has found a way to hide a very pale and old looking knitted scarf that was hand knitted by Sarah. He also carries hand sanitizer, a couple of pair of vinyl gloves, and a cloth mask that's hand sewn by Sarah herself. 

Character Abilites

Will explore that later. I will not being using any of the listed in role play unless I have permission to control and what not. I am also working out things behidn the scenes. This will be clan by clan basis.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am just a writer. I don't know who to be or what to be yet. I just want to write and make pretty things while making new friends and memories. Just to find some joy in writing again. Call me Sassy though. My profile is being constructed as time goes on and more characters gets established. I identify as a woman. I'm demisexual as suggested above. I only role play with people who are 18+. 

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