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Character Appearance

red lips, bright green eyes, long raven curly/wavy hair that floats around her waist that's either out or braided back, hourglass figure, large chest (roughly DD if you must know) she is normally seen in obvious gypsy clothes. a skirt, shirt, corset and sometimes a shawl around her shoulders, head or small waist. her feet are bare and dirty from walking everywhere and her neck, arms and ankles often have jewellery on that match her outfit for she wouldn't be a true gypsy without some jewellery

Character Personality

she is sensual, playful but can also be very serious. she tries to be friendly but will first assume you hate her because she is a gypsy and that is all she has gotten from strangers.

Character Likes

ale, music, her violin and guitar, dancing, entertaining, expressing herself, being a tease, helping her people, travelling, people who enjoy her music.

Character Dislikes

being insulted, treated like a common whore, treated worse than a dog, assaults, starving, people who hate her music.

Character History/Story

She's a gypsy that wanders the streets with her horse called Stallion and her wagon that he pulls behind him, be careful that she doesn't catch you in her web for she is know for having many lovers and leaving them all behind, she doesn't believe in marriage. when she was young her mother taught her what it was to be a gypsy, her mother was a full bred and born Gypsy while her father was a run away werewolf prince who denounced his claim to the throne and taught Obsidian how to fight, fed for herself, play the violin, guitar and cook. her father was murdered by monster hunters who killed off her gypsy family, she was left scared mentally and physically. now these days she is happy, she spends her time travelling mostly by her self but will always return home for a season to share what she earns, stole and found. at times when she's not around she is off seducing some rich man and when she has his trust she steals from him and runs away into the night.

Character Inventory

some throwing daggers, coins, comb and sometimes a violin

Character Abilites

throwing daggers perfectly, she can fight, healer slightly faster than the normal human, perfect tracking abilities, able to play any song by ear and can be very seductive

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

I write in third person I use ** for actions marks, I like proper spelling and grammar just so it's easy to understand you and what is going on about the roleplay. i've been roleplaying for 6 years. I'm a girl and I live in Australia if you were curious.

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  • *As she took a step back, frowning somewhat as she thought the Lord was attempting to sleep with her already, he continued to stand there, looking at her as he blinked* This is no joke. You must be new to Lustiria. Look around you. I am sure you saw how our women here dress, provocatively, and to show themselves off. It is our culture. The king more then anyone appreciates a gorgeous woman, and even more so one that can dance as well as you. Surely you can appreciate getting 2 bags of gold for entertaining the king, and who knows what else and how much favor you can earn if he finds you irresistible...You may find yourself dancing for him more often, among other things

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  • *as she danced in that exotic outfit, she naturally began to attract attention and people watching her , starting to put down money in front of her. People were clearly enjoying the show as a crowd formed with people clapping along to the music as she danced. It wasn't too long until an adviser to the king came to her. He watched her and when she finished, he came up to her* good evening gypsy. I am Lord Sebastian, advisor to King Daniel McKnight of Lustiria. He would love to see your dancing if you would like the honor, and a tidy sum which comes with the honor of performing for the king* would you accept?
  • *as the gypsy was walking around, looking to see if there somewhere she could play her music and dance, she saw that she would fit in. She saw brothels, bath houses, and women wearing revealing clothing walking around openly, with no judgement or shame being directed at them at all. She had wandered into the capital city of Lustiria, which stood apart from other kingdoms as it was a very sexual culture that embraced it. Women were encouraged to show themselves off, even in pregnancy. As she wanders towards the glittering fortress that marked the royal castle, people greeted her and were friendly to the stranger gypsy*
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